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VRM & remote console - PV CT sensor data disappearing & reappearing after a GX reboot

Another issue now, the PV generation data on the VRM portal & the PV 40A addition in the remote console keeps disappearing in both. The only way to get it to come back is to reboot the Multiplus in the remote console (GX side) and wait for it to reappear, only for it to disappear again an hour or so later. One day I might have a fully working system as expected. Please see the below video.


Jason - UK asked
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PV Inverter output CT compatibility

Good day

I was wondering if it would be possible to use a generic CT on the output of a (non-fronius) PV inverter in an AC coupled ESS system.

I do not mean in conjunction with an energy meter. I mean plugged straight into the Aux input 1/2 plug in the Victron Multi/Quattro inverter. Obviously you would have to change the CT ratio in software (whereas with the victron CT you can do that with DIP switches) and you might lose some resolution depending on the ratio of the CT, but ultimately it should be doable, no?

Is my thinking flawed?

Look forward to hearing your answers!


hanno-bisschoff asked

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