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How to deviate the solar exceedance in an off-grid?

I would like to know how to manage the excess PV production once the batteries are full and all electric needs are supplied. I want to send that exceedance to a water heater for an off-grid. Thanks

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Victron Multiplus 2 - bridging the neutral conductor
Hello everybody,

I'm planning a PV system with storage for a buddy and I've run into a problem ...

-Two-family house, two counters
-Common batteries
-Two Multiplus 2 500/70, one for each apartment
-Fronius SYMO 5kVA
-CEEE socket in the garage
-ESS, zero feed

So there is no problem with the independent power distribution to the apartments, but there is a problem with the CEEE socket. Here I would have to bridge N conductors from multiplus input and output.

Is it allowed?

I don't understand why the input and output are separated from N (?)

To understand my problem, I am adding the scheme I have planned so far. There is a mistake. Apartment 2 gets L2 instead of L1 from Fronius. And CEEE doesn't get an L2 from Fronius.



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Victron 75/15 battery setup


Im hoping someone can help.

I have just bought a victron 75/15 MPPT and im looking to setup the battery in the app.

I have a Exide ER650 DUAL Marine Battery but i cant find any of the info the app is asking for,

Can anyone help please.

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Can I connect an ongrid inverter with existing 3 phase victron system?

I have 6 quattro's 10Kva each connected in three phase. It is an off-grid system. Now I want to connect ongrid inverter to this system. Will it be compatible?

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Lastausgang victron 75/15 mppt

Moin Moin, habe heute mein Solar Regler an seinen richtigen Platz angebracht und wollte das erstellst den Lastausgang in Betrieb nehmen. Leider kein Erfolg Brücke war mittig gesteckt.
habe den die Brücke rausgenommen und über die App den Last Ausgang auf immer ein an gestellt und es kommt kein Saft und schaltet ihn auch nicht an.

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What is the Victron policy on providing help to customers by its dealers?

What kind of help can I expect from Victron dealers after buying Victron products?

Is this help free or I have to pay for it?

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3 Inverters or single inverter

Am looking at installing a solar system that uses solar during the day and blend power from the grid and battery bank at night. Looking at 15KWp system. The property is on 3-phase.

1 - Do i need 5kva Victron inverters one for each phase? should these inverters be single phase or 3-phase?

2- Or should i get a 3-phase 15kva inverter to be shared by all three phases?

Power blending for the whole property is key during the day and night with solar being prioritised.

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Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/85-MC4 Not showing panel voltages.

New out of the box. I connected 5 panels in series to the controller. Zero volts show up. Then I connected 1 panel to the controller. Measuring voltage across the MC4 connector is 21.0V as soon as I plug it in? Zero volts. Help?

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Smart inverter 12/3000

Ich habe kürzlich obiges gerät erworben.

Wenn ich einen kleinen fön mit 1200 watt betreibe funktioniert er auf stufe 2 einwandfrei, jedoch wenn ich auf stufe 1 schalte wo er nur die halbe leistung hat macht der transformator des inverters laute geräusche und der inverter geht in überlast.

Wie kann das sein?

Die zuleitung der batterie ist zur zeit noch zu schwach (35mm2), jedoch dürfte das in fiesem fall kein problem sein oder?

Mfg gtgobl

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What is the Maximum Generator kW and Batterie 48V bank size permitted with Victron Quattro 5000 watt?

Hello Victron team,

I am building an off-grid solar system with batteries that has a 25kW generator operating.

Question :

1 - Will the Victron Quattro 5000 Watt inverter/charger work with such a big Generator?

2 - Is there any limitation to how many Lithium-Ion Batteries I can add to the Solar system? (I am aware that these need to be connected in 48V for the Victron inverter to function)

3 - Which MPPT charge controller would you recommend connecting to the system?

Thank you in Advance!

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SOC value during charge

I am relatively new to this and not understanding how the BMV-712 smart can provide a SOC value during charge cycle. During periods when charge input is not available (in my case, night) the unit measures voltage across the shunt, calculates, and provides an estimated SOC value. Under charge however, the voltage across the shunt is high due to charger input. This would seem logical, however, it does not seem to be mentioned anywhere, making me wonder if my understanding of its operation (and interpretation of the provided values) is correct.

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Victron Monitor vs. Built in battery life monitor discrepancy

I have (3) 100 amp Lion energy LiFePO4 batteries on a 12 volt system. Each battery has an on board battery life monitor. There is a wide discrepancy between the read out on the battery itself and the Victron monitor. Today, the batteries all were reading in the 40% capacity range while the Victron monitor was at 64%.

I'm not sure which to believe. Is there a setting update or way to check this?

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Victron Phoenix Compact inverter not working


My Victron Phoenix Compact inverter is showing the perminent red alarm light. Seems like it's not tripping on to charge the batteries. When the batteries are off and it's just the shoreline it's just switches off.

I don't know how old it is or who the original dealer was.

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Easysolar 12/1600 install in a van, panel wiring and LiFeYPO4 settings


Bought into Victrons sales speech for Easysolar 12/1600 product for a van project, but it seems some things still remain unanswered. I've read the manual and done the search. This setup will be used year round in different locations, some shaded some not and temperatures will vary mostly between -5 to +25 celsius. I will be living off-grid full time in the vehicle, so i opted for what i believe is a quality product from a European manufacturer, and i really want to like it.

Being that solar power is somewhat of a new option in the energy market (for the average consumer i mean) and it's popularity will grow together with the advance of battery technology. I find that that the manual and available information for a product labeled as Easysolar is lacking. I really think Victron is on to something here, but the documentation needs to be improved.

Ranting aside, to avoid frying my expensive gear and to get this right the first time, i have come here at the fountain of knowledge to be assisted and educated. So please take time to read this post thoroughly.

My setup will be:

Easysolar 12/1600

3x GWL SunnyPoly 165w panels

12v 260ah LiFeYPO4 winston battery with BMS123Smart for monitoring (link is to 200ah battery, otherwise specs should be similar)

Now for the list of actual questions:

1. Series or parallel panel wiring:

-I am under the assumption that parallel wiring would be better for shaded areas, but series better for more challenging conditions. So far I'm going for parallel wiring, will this work? Do i have enough voltage coming out of the paralleled panels to charge my system when in less optimal conditions? Is there a reason i should consider series?

2. If wired parallel, where to connect:

-there are inputs for 3 strings of panels on the Easysolar, is there a difference whether i connect the panels parallel in the roof and come down with one set of connectors and wires or is it better to wire and connect all 3 panels separately? I am inclined to wire them separately just because it would seem more serviceable and more robust to have less connectors and all 3 panels having their own set of cabling all the way from panel to the CC, this make any sense?

3. Inverter/charger settings

-i do not have any kind of color control monitor or such, i only have one VEdirect to usb -cable which i gather is not compatible with the inverter/charger portion of Easysolar but would need a VEbus to usb cable(?). However, when i check the manual page 16 for the table for dip-switch operable voltage settings - there is no setting for lithium batteries to be found at all? What settings do i NEED and HOW to set them now (with either dip-switches or by acquiring the VEbus-cable)?

4. Charge controller settings:

-now this one seems to have a rotary selector for LiFePO4, so that's something that is finally Easy as the name suggests. Apart from flicking the switch to seven is there any additional settings i NEED to change in order to keep my battery healthy? I quess this would be done with the VEdirect to usb cable and a computer then?

5. Is there anything else i need to reconsider before going with this setup?

-i've already acquired the gear mentioned above and will install these in the coming weeks. This will be the single most important aspect of my van, so i would like it to work since it will be a pain in the ass to redo once the project is finished.

Thank you for reading this far, please reply if you have an answer to one of my questions.


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Inverter for eBike battery charging


I have a Bosch PowerPack 500 Li-ion 36V 13.4Ah 500W battery.

with a Bosch Battery Charger 36-4/230 . Input is 230v 50Hz 1.5A. output is 36V 4A.

Would a 12v 500w Victron Phoenix Inverter meet my needs when charging the battery from my 12V supply in my campervan?


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Ich habe den Solarregler victron 75/15 ..meine Frage wie viele Solarpanele kann ich anschließen würde mich über Hilfe freuen

Abmasse (H x B x T) in mm: 1200mm x 540mm x 35mm

Gewicht in Kg: 7,6

Zellentyp: Monokristallin

Leistung max.: 100 Watt

Leerlaufspannung max.: 19,35 V

Spannung max.: 22,6 Volt

Strom max.: 5,17 A

Kurzschlussstrom max.: 5,53 A

Modulwirkungsgrad: 15,43 %

Modulstecker: MC4

Max. Systemspannung: 1000 V

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Experience of BYD Batteries together with Victron Venus/MPPT/Inverters


Anyone with experience of using BYD batteries with Victron equipment, I'd love to hear your comments.



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ENtstörung Victron 75/15 MPPT

Guten Abend,

ich Betreibe ein 120W Modul und eine 100Ah Solarbatterie gemeinsam mit einem Victron 75/15 SMART Laderegler. Den Lastausgang habe ich auf einen Philipi Sicherungskasten aufgelegt. Hier gehen dann entsprechen die 12V Steckdosen, Lichter, und Autoradio ab. An der Steckdose habe ich heute eine Verstärker (Teufel Rockster) angeschloßen und über diese Verbindung wurden sehr starke Störungen eingeschleift das dieser erst brummte und dann anschließend abschaltete. Gestern bei bedecktem Himmel gab es keinerlei Störungen bei gleicher Konfiguration. Kann es sein das auf dem Lastausgang nicht entstört ist und das pulsen der Batterie hier übertragen wird?

Gestern war die Last höher als die Einspeisung am Solarmodul. Ich überlege gerade hier einen großen Kondensator aufzuschalten um diesen Lastausgang zu entstören. Kennt jemand diese Phänomen oder hat schon einemal jemand den Lastausgang im Oszi betrachtet?

Andere Vorschläge?

Liebe Grüße


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Multiplus compact 24/2000


I am considering the above inverter charger, please have a look at the picture.

I am concerned about the black marks on ribbon cables and parts of the pcb.

Also the battery negative post looks the solder is melted and the 125A fuse is that a original fuse? because I've seen other pictures that has black fuse.

Thanks for your input.


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Can not connect to Victron even after reboot, and PV panels stopped giving voltage.


I cannot connect to the Victron (multiplus II with GX) even after rebooting (tried reset button).

at the same time my solar PV panels stopped giving voltage?!

Can anyone advise?

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Stacking 4 5000 watt quattro inverters

I'm trying to set up 4 5000 watt quattro inverters as a split phase but with 2 stacked on each phase, is this possible,if so how do I go about it?

James@advancedwireless asked
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Victron MPPT 100/50 - Batteriespannung falsch angezeigt


Wir haben einen kleine Inselanlage mit 2x 100A 12V Batterien

Dabei mussten wir nun folgendes feststellen: es wird beim Regler eine viel niedrigere Batteriespannung angezeigt als tatsächlich auf der Batterie gemessen.

Dies hat meiner Meinung zur Folge, dass die Batterie obwohl voll immer weiter geladen wird. Bin ich richtig der annahme? Ausserdem hat die Batterie bereits stark Schwefelig gerochen, weshalb ich nun alles deaktiviert und abgesteckt habe.

Kann mir vielleicht jemand erklären, weshalb dieser wert falsch im Laderegler angezeigt wird? Die Batterien sind mit nem halben Meter Kabel verbunden

Ich sag schonmal danke



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Victron Microgrid for Fronius Systems in case of public grid failure for a long time

Hi, I have these equipments:

Separate Equipments:

- 1 pcs of Victron Quattro 48/15000/200-100/100

- 2 pcs of BlueSolar charge controller MPPT 150/85 CAN-bus

- 1 pcs of Victron CGX color controler

- 16 pcs AGM 12V 240AH Batteries

2 On grid Systems in the same place 2x27 KWh with 2 feed points in the same public grid.

- 2 pcs of Fronius Eco 27.0-3-S

- 192 pcs (2x96) of IPPP280W photovoltaic pannels

Unfortunately in Romania the specialists who know Fronius do not know Victron and viceversa.

Questions: Because we are in one area with a lot of long failure (sometimes days) in the public grid, it is possible to form a local micro-grid, with help of Victron Quattro, in case of public grid failure, in order to use the advantage of our two photovoltaic systems even if the public grid is off?

Actualy the problem that I face is that when the public grid is off, whole the system is off.

The system needs to meet the following:

1. Both on grid system will feed the surplus in public grid when this is on;

2. First priority is to feed the own consumers, then, the public grid (because the compensation with the public grid is 1/3) :(

3. During the public grid failure, it is possible to run on the batteries with small consumers (some TV and Lights) as a small backup system?

Best Regards,

Adrian Bondoc

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MPPT 150/85 shows voltage but doesn't see current / wattage and doesn't charge

I need some advice. I have a MPPT 150/85 MC4 unit. I recently set this up and I have three banks of 4 panels in series (100w / ~18V panels). The charge controller is brand new out of the box (albeit in storage a few months) only opened a few days ago. All functions seem to work on the controller itself.

I've done my due diligence with the wiring, polarity, and confirmed each bank of panels has the expected voltage. Here's the report and I can produce the settings file for anyone if that's useful. VictronConnet_report.log

It's 9am on a sunny Saturday here in Arizona. I'm seeing 73-90 volts and no current or wattage. The batteries are calling for a charge (12VDC, bank of 4 - 6 V flooded batteries wired in series parallel). I've even reset my settings to default and even reset the unit (disconnecting all input, using battery disconnect switch I installed in the battery bay).

Did I miss something? The panels work. The CC works. The batteries are new and working to produce power for the 12V system with no issues. I've scoured the manuals to see if I missed a step but I don't see anything that I missed.

Did I get a dud? If so, how do I get support from Victron?





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Victron Quattro Combined With BYD B Box goes into passthru


We have setup a Victron 10KVA Quattro with BYD B-Box 13.8.

The inverter goes into passthru as soon as PV drops off in the evening.

The battery sometimes discharges for a brief period, about 30 minutes or so.

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Number of Panels for Solar Charge Controller?

I currently have a Voctron MPPT 100/20 with four 100 Watt solar panels. I have four more I would like to hook up. Can the 100/20 handle that and how? Or do I need to get a larger one? Thanks in advance!

Edit* it's a 12v system. We don't get good sun. Really just want to know if I CAN put 8 panels on that controller and if I can, how?

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Is my 2017 Victron 60 amp compatible with 4 Lithium battery bank? Will it charge it?

Is my 2017 Victron 60 amp compatible with 4 Lithium battery bank, also.... What are the best lithium batteries for 4 hours of no generator and swimming. I hate running my generator and inhaling the deisel when swimming.

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Multiplus and Multiplus Compact - Reliability and Bluetooth

Is there any difference in reliability between Victron MultiPlus and Victron MultiPlus Compact? Ive lost the link but read a link where someone had dismantled the newer Victron MultiPlus and said there had been some cost cutting. They're both a similar price. I appreciate this is a victron forum so may get flamed for asking such a question :-)

Can both be monitored using the plugin VE direct bluetooth adapter? inverter voltage/current output, charge output/status? IIRC On the same page I read that the new Victron MultiPlus doesnt display this accurately. Not sure if the Victron MultiPlus Compact allows you to monitor these parameters.

On a side note, would have been nice to name a new product something completely different to reduce the google search confusion.


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EVE LFP Batteries

Has anyone had any experience integrating EVE lithium batteries with Victron inverters?

Thank you

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