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Low Temperature Cutoff not working


I have a Smart Shunt with latest firmware with a ve.smart networking setup to 2 MPPT 100/50 and 4 Ip22 12/30 chargers.

Everything is using the Lifepo4 profile with a low temp cutoff of 5 degrees C

It simply doesnt work with the charging continuing at 4 degrees C

Everythings firmware is up to date and the synchronised charging works perfectly but alas not so the low temperature cut off

Any ideas as to why?

duane asked
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diode bridge necessary with ip22 charger?

I have a starter battery and a service battery on my boat and need to replace the charger. The old charger has a single output. Both batteries are connected to the alternator via a diode bridge. If I connect both batteries separately to the charger, will I still need the diode bridge? How then does the alternator gets connected without messing things up? Here's an image of the current setup:


igor asked

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Ip 22 Blue smart charger charging low amps

I am charging a 300ah Lithium battery using my ip22 charger using the lithium settings.

The problem is the charger starts putting 30 amps into battery ,before it has 200Ah in the battery the charging cuts back to 15-16 amps ,I would have thought it would keep 30 amps going in until the battery was at least 80% charged.

burford asked

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Current at 0.0A

Hello, I am trying to charge an agm battery with ip22 3/15 A chrager but the input stays at 0 A

Does anyone knows why is this happening?


angelos-economides asked
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Blue Smart IP22 repeated 30amp then 0amps?

My IP22 Blue Smart charger is not working properly. It charges in bulk mode at 30amps for around 30secs, then the amps drop to 0 and it switches to absorption for around 30secs. This cycle keeps repeating.

I have tried using a replacement charger and the same thing happened. It has been working fine for around a month but has only recently started doing this.

Any ideas? Thanks

alexgill180 asked
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IP22 - Lead from charger to battery


I was recently gifted a VICTRON Blue Smart Battery Charger 12V 30A IP22 (3) Outputs to replace an old Euro style charger for my caravan.

Unfortunately, the gift did not include a lead to connect from the Charger screw terminal (AwG6) to my battery. I would prefer a lead without clamps.

All I can seem to find is IP65 accessories.

What lead do I need to go from the IP22 to the battery?

caittravels asked
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Which IP22 charger to buy (10A/20A/30A) for two battery sizes?


I plan to buy a Blue Smart IP22 charger for my two cars, but wonder which one is most suitable:

Car 1 has a 95Ah AGM lead acid battery

Varta recommends to charge these with I=0,25C to 0,35C, so between 24A and 33A

Car 2 has a 70Ah flooded (conventional) lead acid battery

Varta recommends to charge these with I=0,1C to 0,15C, so between 7A and 11A

The IP22 12/30 would charge the AGM battery fastest, but is it safe to charge the 70Ah battery in low/night 15A mode? That would equal 0,21C and exceed Varta's recommendation.

I'm a bit puzzled, because the C values in the Victron IP22 manual seem very high:

IP22 12/10A -> minimum battery size = 30Ah (0,33C)

IP22 12/20A -> minimum battery size = 40Ah (0,5C)

IP22 12/30A -> minimum battery size = 60Ah (0,5C)



robin-bloemberg asked

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Requirements for outside cabinet for Multiplus II and SmartSolar

Hi all,

The Multiplus II and other Victron products are IP22, but I would like to place them outside.

I cannot find much examples of people doing that, only some pictures.

My plan now is to find some cabinet/box with waterproof door, and make 2 holes in it for fans to blow in and suck out air. These fans should be temperature controlled (and not running when cold).

I guess the next big topic is condensation. This shouldn't happen when the fans shut off when the cabinet gets below 20 degrees Celcius. And the Mutliplus will almost always be running so there is probably always enough heat to prevent massive condensation.

Anything else that I should think off?

Thank you in advance.

rolandrrr asked
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BSC ip22 showing wrong battery voltage

The BSC ip22 is showing a voltage 0.8 higher than battery. Meaning it goes into absorption way before it should. It also often says status interrupted in history. Fixes?




emmakrieg asked

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Wiring 3 parallel batteries with IP22 w/3 outputs


I have a smaller motorboat with 3 parallel batteries. 1 starter and 2 consumer batteries.
I have bought an IP22 Blue Smart with 3 outputs, and I wonder how to connect them to the charger correctly.

I have made an figure of how I suppose is the correct way, but I am unsure if it really is that simple?
Should I add fuses on any of the wires?

Thanks a lot in advance for your support.

BR - Pjet Barn

pjetbarn asked
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BSC status interrupted ip22


We have a BSC ip22 12/30 set up in our campervan and currently it is charging but going into absorption when it should be in bulk still and then the history says status interrupted and it restarts in bulk. Any idea why? The voltage it is reporting is much higher the the BMV and battery. The BSC also feels quite hot but the rest of the system feels OK. We are charging at a campsite but looking in history it seems it has done it before at other charging spots





emmakrieg asked

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Wiring Blue smart IP22 30 (3) + Orion-Tr Smart Isolated 12/12/30 chargers?

Hi All, My first time here.

I ran the input wires for the Orion-Tr smart DC/DC charger to the start battery and would like to avoid doing the same for the second output of the Blue smart IP22 30(3) charger (to charge start bat.). I assume I cannot just put those wires (output of Blue smart) into the input of the Orion, as start and house batteries would then no longer be separated?

Thank you for your time.

thomasp asked
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VictronConnect On / off control

I am researching the ip22 charger and wonder if it can be turned on and off using the victronConnect App. I could not find a way to do this in the app demo. Thanks - Tim

tim22 asked
lehrling answered ·

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Trouble connecting iPhone 6plus on 14.2 to IP22 smart blue charger

I’m trying to connect via Bluetooth to this Victron smart charger but it won’t find it to pair it any one any idea why

martin13 asked
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IP22 Going Straught to Absorption

I have a Victron BSC IP22 12/30 charger and a 120AH Lithium battery When I connect to 240v power, the charger immediately shows a voltage of 14.2v goes straight to Absorption, irrespective of the actual voltage. The charger is set to the Li-ion profile. Below are screenshots from both the IP22 and Smartshunt.

Can anybody suggest how I can get it to Bulk charge before going to Absorption?



davo00 asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) commented ·

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Why do Blue Smart IP22 chargers have no support for VE.Smart?

I have seen others have asked this question for a long time!

What is happening Victron designers? This appears to be a very big omission from your system thinking!!!

All the other components in my system can talk to each other with VE.smart but not the mains charger. :(

Can you please provide an update.

Thank you.

humax asked
Mark answered ·

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Multiple charge profiles in single smart device?

I was looking at the ip22 3 output charger as a potential solution for my need to charge both a standard lead acid starter battery and a lithium auxiliary battery but have read in other posts that it follows the same charge profile on all outputs. Is there a Victron Smart device that can deal with two battery types in a single unit or should I just get 2 independent chargers?

rich21044 asked
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IP22 Three Outputs - can they all be set to Power supply

Cannot find info how the three outputs work in the Blue Smart IP22 from the manuals or brouchres. I want to charge 3 lithium cells at 3.6 V . Can this be done ?

merlepeter asked
Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

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Dual IP22 30A (3) charging 72 (6x12) V pack


I bought an old electrical vehicle (FAAM Jolly 600, looks like a luggage truck on a airport)

Right now there is 6 12 V car batteries in series powering it. The original charger is old and stupid and feeds the (bad) batteries to high of a current.

I would like to see if I can charge the batteries in a more gentle way with 2 IP22 30A (3) connected.

The chargers will be permanently connected and built in to the vehicle, so the series connection between the 6 12 Vs will remain.

From what I read the terminals is galvanic isolated so that would not be a problem?

This way I would get individual statistics of each battery from the app and be able to replace one battery if it’s worse than any of the other.

yes yes I know I should buy traction batteries but they are very costly and then I will not be able to play around with these fun chargers.

Thanks, please write if I should elaborate on something.

/Markus , Sweden

Markus Dahlberg asked
Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

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Battery charged from multiple sources

Hi I have MPPT charger 150/35 which is Ve.Msart network with Victron battery sense and that was charing until recently one AGV battery 200Ah . Recently I decided to change to LiFePo4 on my boat and after investigation I decided to to order Victron Energy Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A (360W) Isolated DC-DC charger the idea behind it is to protect y not so smart engine alternator. So as far as I can see this is not posible to connect the VE.Smart network so it won't be aware of the there charges on the battery . And then I also want to order the Victron Blue Smart IP22 charger will will allow me to charge the same battery usage shore power . That device is also not Ve.Smart network compatible to it won't be aware of the other two chargers that will charge the same battery. The new battery is 180Ah . So my question is can I connect them all to the same battery . Will they be able to charge simultaneously the same battery do I need some smart device between the chargers and the battery to control the power and the cycles . I can't find that information anywhere on the site . I guess the idea of having the VE.Smart network would of solve this issue as they will start talking to each other but at the moment two of those devices are ot sporting it . .

ppavlov asked
Jason Bolduc answered ·

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Smart Lithium, VE.Bus and IP22 Charger

I've been told by my distributor that I don't need a relay to cut off the charger in the event of low temperature because the battery will do this automatically. All the schematics I've seen show a separate relay switched by charger disconnect.

Is the distributor correct?

ragerty asked
wkirby answered ·

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IP22 12/30 (1) All LED flashing

Whilst plugged into 240v, all of the LED's at top flashing simultaneously. Not charging when in this state.

Night / Bulk / ABS / Float / Storage

Had to turn off power from mains to get it reset and charging again.

Can someone tell me what this means?

I can't find anything on LED codes online or in manuals


brian-smith2 asked
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Blue Smart IP65 and IP22 can be connected in parallel with another charger?

Let's say a 12 V AGM battery bank is charged by a big, powerful but terribly inefficient "BULK" charger that runs for a limited time up to 14.4 V Absorption, but this charger wastes 50W when IDLE / Float, even when the battery current is less than 100 mA. The Bulk charger can be set to turn off at end of Absorption.

Could I use a Blue Smart IP65 (or IP22) set to Power Supply Mode at 13.5 V in parallel with the Bulk Charger, just to provide a more efficient Float stage?

Would the 14.4 V Absorption of the Bulk charger cause damage to the IP65 or IP22 set to 13.5V?


mondeoman asked
wkirby answered ·

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IP22 Charger not restarting cycles


Based on the Manual the charging cycle should be restarted once the charger is in float/storage mode and there is specific power draw, that doesn't always happen to me and sometimes I have to power cycle the charger, is there a workaround for that ?

belgarath-sorceror asked

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Exide ES1350 Charging Specifications for BSC IP22

Hi all,

I’ve bought the BSC IP22 12/30 charger, but can not for the life of me find out what the charging specs are for my GEL batteries. Where do I find this information?

I got two Exide ES1350 120 Ah delivering 12v for house power and a 70 Ah lead-acid battery as starter battery for the engine. Do I need battery presets for both types of batteries?



anders-rasmussen asked
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Blue Smart IP22 Charger bad design? Can't detect missing battery.


We have a boat with 3 batteries installed and are using a Blue smart ip 22, 3 outputs 30 amp for charging the batteries. A few weeks back one of our batteries were dead and could not be fixed. I bought a new and after a while another batteri failed. We then startet looking af batteri draining to understand why the batteries suddently dies. We found out that there was no draing and charger showed all good and did complete steps bulk, abs, flot and storage with no problems and stood in floating mode. Inspecting the charger a bit more i saw that the voltage did change when charging state changes from one to another but amp said 0. I measured this with the Victron app and also with an multimeter. I then tested with another charger which said instantly 25 % battery capacity and started to charge with a lot of amps. So why shows the Victron charger all good despite batteries are nearly dead?. I found out! A fuse near the terminals were blown. After replacing fuse, the charger started to work properly.

My question is therfore, why do the charger show that all is good when i fact its not working?
The problem is when you are on a boat, its very important to be able to trust you charger and batteries or else you could get in serious problems!

Is this really just a bad design or bad luck?



rasmus-christensen asked
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IP22 charger without LEDs

Hi, A friend has asked me to look at an IP22 charger. I've connected it to the power source and it seems to charge 2 batteries that I connected, but there are no indications on the LEDs as to what the unit is doing. Nothing ! Please help...

mutton-blot asked

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How to connect the IP22 15A, three outputs in a camper van


my camper van has three battieres.

Two for the living/appliances, connected in parallel of type Banner 80Ah AGM

One for the vehicle itself, Varta 95Ah AGM.

I have read the manual, but it is unclear for me how to handle the connection of the charger?

One output to the two batteries in parallel? Or two outputs in parallel to the two batteries?

Can the device cope with a different battery connected to the other output, i.e. the vehicle battery?

Because I don't want to charge the vehicle battery all the time connected to external supply, could I connect an additional switch (20A) to separate the connection?

For any hint/help, I would be grateful!

Regards, Tomte

tomte asked

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IP22 as replacement for Schaudt La110


In my Hymer Camp 64 the original Schaudt La110 is used power supply and charger.

My plan is to replace it with the Victron IP22.

This means, the IP22 will no be connected directly to the battery, but indirect by a distributor and a Relais. Therefore, all the consumers (fridge, lights..), get supplied by the IP22 and not by the battery.

But still in parallel it has to load the battery.

Is the IP22 the right device for it?

Thank you in advance.




weissbrot asked

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Blue Smart IP23 12/30-3 how to configure the 3 outputs (diff batt)

My config onboard is: startbattery, 3 100Ah Gel battery, one 70 Ah thruster battery. How does this charger cope with this configuration? How can I configure these 3 different outputs?

I’ve just bought this charger and assistance is highly appreciated.

petter-b asked
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