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Multiplus II 48/5000 fan stuck

Hi folks,

I am having a challenge with charging my battery bank with the Multiplus and a generator. The Multiplus would start off fine, and then throttle down the amps in short order. Today, it shut down the charge with temperature warnings.

After checking the connections I came to the conclusion that it must be the fan not operating properly. Upon further investigation this seems to be the case. I am only noticing this during charging, I suppose my loads are low enough to not trigger the temperature warnings in inverter mode.

I am attaching a video of what is happening when you initiate a charge. Apologies for shaky footage, trying to not electrocute myself in the process. The main connections seem fine, not disconnected, and the blades do spin when I manually turn them, no cables blocking them.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can get this fan to kick in to charge the battery bank?

Firmware is 470.

Serial Number HQ2049PPXSA

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Quattro Fan Airflow Direction

This should be an easy question for anyone with a Quattro - mine will be Quattro 48-5000/120v. When the fans come on, which direction is the airflow? Left side in, right side out - or right side in, left side out? Or is air drawn from the bottom of the unit and expelled from both top sides, where the fan holes are? I'm considering what is nearby when I mount it.

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How much load will a Phoenix inverter take without the fan running?
How much load will a Phoenix inverter take without the fan running?
Will the 375W supply 150W in 25 degree C still air and the fan remain off?

I’m looking to replace another brand 12V 300W inverter that runs it’s fan most of the time, even at <100W load and when air temp is <15 degC

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Cerbo GX Gen / Start Stop for a cooling fan

Hi, I've installed a cooling fan in my camper to cool the Orion TR Smart during the drive. I've connected it successfully to the Cerbo GX relay 1. The relay is set to Gen/Start Stop. I've defined the relay to start when the current that draws in the battery is above 20 A.

Manual Start works but the automation does not close the relay when the Orion TR Smart charges the battery with 30 Amps. Do I have a logical mistake here?

Best Kirsten

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Multiplus II 48/8000 Fan noise

Hi all

does someone know when the fan kicks in on the 8000 MP series? On the 5000 - I don’t know what to do but with 1,5kW it takes a bit and it kicks in so extremely loud …. I can here it up to the living space. With 2kW it takes a few seconds before the disturbance begins.

Does someone know when this happens on the 8000 series?

Thank you

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Victron phoenix inverter fan

Hi. I am using a 375w phoenix inverter and plan on plugging in a 250w heater. It works fine but as the unit is under load the fans come on and stay on as long as the heater I have plugged in is running. Is it going to be bad for the fan if I run the heater overnight so the fan will be run constantly for several hours at a time. With how fast and loud the fan is I feel that running it so hard for so long over a period of time will just kill it. Any advice welcome.

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Easy Solar 5kva fan does not switch off

Hello clever people, I hope you can help. Four weeks ago the fan on our Easy solar system stopped turning off, it runs constantly, even at night. The days have got hot (45 deg C), but night temps are mild (23 deg C). We are off grid. I contacted the installer and they said this is normal cooling, but the unit dosn't feel hot at all during the night. The system is mounted outside our bedroom and its very noisy. Is the installer right, is it normal for the fan to run all night?

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Lüftergeräusch Multiplus II

Der Lüfter meines MP ist seit der Inbetriebnahme im Betrieb (Laden / Wechselrichter aktiv) extrem laut und klingt auch etwas "ungesund" (blechern). Ist das so normal?

Das Geräusch erinnert mich an einen alten PC bzw. Server der seit 5 Jahren durchläuft...

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Offgrid site - Controlling cooling FAN based on temperature


I'm about to install a site that is purely DC - no inverter. We will have these victron devices:

MPPT - 250/60

Venus GX

Smartshunt + temperature sensor

The relay output of the MPPT is already used to control LVD, protecting the batteries from deep discharge.

I'm looking for a way to control a FAN based on the cabinet temperature. It will be very hot in summer, and we do have temperature measurements via smartshunt. However, I can't find an option to control the Venus relay based on this parameter. Is this possible or am I missing something?

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