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Silent Fan mode with total Compensation

Hello everyone,

I am currently testing our ESS, that consists of 3 MP2 3000 24V (3Phase) and that is always connected to the local grid.

My current problem is, that the fan in the Multis are clearly audible at night. I now want to enable the "silent fan" mode at night, but I have a few questions, regading that mode:

On the Victron homepage it just says: "The result is that during invert the product will switch off sooner".

In Offgrid systems, it is obvious to me that this means, the multi will just shut down due to overtemperature. But what happens in a grid tie system? Does it just throttle down and invert less power, getting the rest from the grid? Or does it also just shut down? (This would be kind of dumb...)

Do you know anything more about this mode?

Thanks in advance!

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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ commented ·
@Jannik Steiner

It will most likely derate lile crazy.

You could also just air con the room?

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jannik-steiner avatar image jannik-steiner Alexandra ♦ commented ·
Then I need extra energy for the cooling, so nope... Not an Option.

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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ jannik-steiner commented ·
@Jannik Steiner

If it runs during the day, the room is generally cool during the evening. And the new types dont use much power and dont run all the time.

I have seen more benefits than draw backs.

But silent fans works as well. I assume your loads are way less in the evenings, if you are that serious about power save, so you should be fine.

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ojack avatar image ojack commented ·
That's interesting. Where can I set the "silent fan" mode? Can I configure times when it should use it? For example from 22:00 till 6:30
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jannik-steiner avatar image jannik-steiner ojack commented ·
You have to install it as an Assistent, just like the ess. It has to be configured on All units. One unit can then be controlled with an external Switch, or relay.
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