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Multiplus 3000 / 12 / 120 work temperature and fan.

Hi everyone,

I installed a Multiplus on a small motorhome. it is inside a very small technical compartment (unfortunately I don't have enough space) The first year I didn't notice any particular heating of the device, but this year, after insulating the rear doors of the vehicle, I noticed that the temperatures of the technical compartment (checked with a victron sensor mounted on the top) are on average 7/8 degrees above the inside of the vehicle. Among other things, touching the side plate of the Multiplus feels noticeably hot (not to burn your hands, similar to a very hot radiator).

I installed an air extraction fan from the compartment, but I didn't have any particular reduction in temperature, except in the order of 1/2 degrees.

The Multiplus in question powers a 55w refrigerator day and night and some lights in the evening (10/20w), occasionally a 1200w microwave oven or a 1600w hair dryer.

So I wonder if it's normal that with only 55w of load it can get so hot and why I never hear its fan start, except when it's in charger mode?

Is there any setting I could check?

Thank you all.

I attach photos of the installation.


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