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Connecting old Non VE.Bus Phoenix Multiplus 24/3000/70 to CCGX (or Raspberry pi running Venus)

hello and good morning,

my first Q on this forum!

have a system with a BMV700, a MPPT 100/30, 600W solar and 4XT105RE Τrojans and a 8KW diesel generator all working fine on a motorboat (there's also an alternator as well charging via Sterling advanced regulator).

Last season I replaced my Phoenix charger with a s/h Phoenix Multiplus 24/3000/70 with a firmware 14XXXX (will confirm that later on today and post a pic) and a single RJ45 socket on the PCB saying control (on it's lefthand side)

Anyway, my local installer helped me with a MK2-USB (as it turns out!) and VEConfig to set it up. All working fine, no issues.

Now, bought and setup a Raspberry pi 3B+ and 2 VE.Direct-USB cables, hooked them all up, setup my VRM Portal account and all's fine.

Having forgotten that he'd used a MK2-USB cable and having gone through all the literature on your site, I wrongly assumed I had a newer version VE.Bus compatible Multi and bought a MK3-USB cable wired it all up and unsurprisingly Venus doesn't read/know of the Multi :-(

So, after all this intro my simple Qs are:

A. is it possible to somehow connect this non VE.Bus Multi to Venus and get the proper functionality/reports?

B. what is the protocol used in this "control" RJ45 socket? any info/board/software that I could play with?

C. if there's no luck with A and B, is there any other (cheap) h/w I can add to the system to monitor AC consumption (well preferably generator in, system out)

I don't care about the remote control functionality, and using the boat installed home automation system I do turn off the multi when boat unoccupied for x hours, so I'm fine in this respect. What I want is monitoring AC usage only.

(I understand that the MK3-USB will either go to ebay or kept for my next Victron piece of h/w most likely a BMS for LiFePO4 in 2021 or 2022!)



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