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How to program aux relais on Cerbo GX or Multiplus2 depending on Grid feed

Hello community,

I'm using a ESS with Cerbo GX, Multiplus2 and EM24 Energy Meter. I want to use the relais Output on the Multiplus 2 or Cerbo GX to trigger an external device when the grid feed out exceeds e.g. 2000Watt and stop it when it goes below e.g. 1500Watt. Can someone explain how to do this? I just had a look in the assistants, but found no way to use the feed in/out power from the EM24 as a signal.

Thank you for your help.


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EM24 - confused by the energy fwd/rev values.....

My installation as a Multiplus II that balances out the smart meter to zero by using PV energy from another inverter to charge a Pylontech 48V installation.....single phase.

I now checked the values from the EM24 smart meter that is connected to my VenusGX but i'm not able to make a decent trackable rhime out of this.

That is the values as of today:

Total L1 L2 L3
Forward 461,3 445,3 478,8 156,8
Reverse 260,1 2,86 502,69 336,61

So my naive guess would be that Forward L1+L2+L3 should be Forward Total....but no way. The same for Reverse......So for me it all does not make any sense.

Sure the inverter (if on L2) would compensate (send out Power to L2 to the grid if it takes the same Power on L3)....but still the sum should be ZERO.

What i'm looking for is kWh that really i had to buy and kWh that went out of my network to the energy provider.....but here its very strange and not trackable at all.....

My hope/fear is that the Total values really provide the absolute values....so that if L1 is taking energy and L2 is providing the same energy out of my home it should not count anything as the overall value is Zero.

Thanks a Lot


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EM24 Ethernet - lockup issue

Hi Everyone,

I am running an ESS, everything fine, BUT: My EM24 Ethernet is regularly losing the connection to the LAN. This is not a DHCP issue or such, it clearly hangs.

After disconnecting the EM24 from power (cold restart) it works again, but only for 1-2 weeks.

I would like to update the firmware and then see whether the problem goes away. This is just a way of saving time from further troubleshooting.

My problem is: Nobody will help me to get newer firmware. Victron Dealer says to contact Carlo Gavazzi. They say to contact Victron. And Victron says to contact the Dealer. Stuck in a loop.

Anyone here to help my get new firmware for the EM24 Ethernet?

My Device is a EM24-DIN.AV2.3.X.E1.X


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ABB B23 instead of EM24 with MP II 48/5000 and Cerbo GX

Hi, can I use the ABB B23 312-100 as a replacement for the EM24 when using a Cerbo GX and not a Venus GX?

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Energy Meter EM330AV5

Hi, can anybody tell me if the EM330AV5 Energy meter from Carlo Gavazzi is compatible to Victron. This is apparently the replacement for EM24AV5.


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Is the EM24DINAV53XISPFB compatible to Victron?


I am trying to find an energy meter that is available and compatible with Victron. So, my question is, if the EM24DINAV53XISPFB is compatible with Victron. Or is there another option for more than 65 A, that is available?

Thank you very much for your help



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Siemens PAC2200 as Grid Meter


i've got a Siemens PAC2200 as a Grid Meter ...

The Setpoint for the Multiplus 2 is controlled by a PLC via Modbus Register 37 ... that works perfectly.

But now, i want show the grid in the remote control panel of the cerbo.

That is not working out of the box with the PAC2200

i found some threads like this ( with eastron SDM630 )


my Idea is, to simulate the EM24 with my PLC / Node red or what ever as a Modbus Master

my question is, which registers need the cerbo to work proberly, that the cerbo thinks it is an em24 ?



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Energy Meter required?

In my setup the grid is only connected to my MultiPlus-II's. My house is only connected to the AC Out 1's on the Multis:


In this setup, the readings are inconsistent:


Question: Do I really need the EM24 energy meter? What is it - in my setup - good for? Is it required by german regulations?

I ask because when I set the grid metering in ESS to Inverter/Charger the inconsistent display is gone:


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EM24 Rs485 vs. Ethernet

I‘ve heard that an ESS system with an EM24 RS485 is much slower in comparison with an EM24 Ethernet. I‘ve been told that the RS485 variant needs up to ten times longer for measuring and therefore the complete regulation of the system is quite slow. Is that right?

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We urgently need something we can use now in place of EM24

The Victron Installer community in South Africa is really battling since the EM24 CT version was summarily discontinued and the replacement appears to only be available toward the end of the year.

As we understand it, the EM24DINAV53DISX has been replaced by the EM330DINAV53HS1X27 (emphasis by Victron on the 27 at the end of the model number).

We have scoured the planet in search of remaining EM24 stock, literally from Australia throughout Europe and have come up dry.

What we can get is EM330DINAV53HS1X (missing the "27") which we can bring in the from UK but we need to know whether it will work.

What is the difference between the 27 version and the base product?

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PV input visualisation in VR

we have here a farm with 9KW peak solar distributed on several barns, it is 6 micro inverters from 4 different manufacturers, partly over 500 meters apart,

it is a 3 phase ESS built, to integrate the whole inverter into the VRM would be yes 6 individual ET112 and cable /zigbee connections Nötig.

Would it be possible, (the whole house incl inverters, hangs on ACout1 of the Multis)?

Would it be possible to connect an Em24/ET340 AFTER the multis and configure it as a solar inverter,

Would then only the "minus current" (from the house to the multi) be counted and visualized in the VRM? I know that this way would not take into account the current that is consumed directly in the house.

But any "economical" solution to visualize the PV surplus would not be bad.

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the em 24 doesn't seem to work

Dear, I have 3 multiplus2 as 3 phase system with a digital em24 connected via usb to the gx color device but the digital meter does not work. the em 24 is my grid meter and is also set that way. on the gx color I see no consumption and yet I consume 1 kw. The multiplus is connected parallel with the I do see a consumption of a few watts but that is what the multiplus measures I think because it remains on charge because the grid meter does not work.do I have to set something on the em24 ?IMG20220825074720.jpgIMG20220825074737.jpgIMG20220825074812.jpgIMG20220825080051.jpg

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ESS with EM24 Ethernet


I am trying to setup a ESS system with one Multiplus-2 GX and two Multiplus-2 and one EM24 Ethernet Energy meter. I thought it is a brilliant idea to work with the Ethernet Version of EM24. But I am afraid I failed.;-) The documentation which came along with the product looks like a manual of IKEA to set up a storage rack Billy. On this piece of paper there aren't any information for setting up network details. I would be satisfied to simply change DHCP from OFF to ON or to setup in detail IP-adress, gateway etc. - but nothing at all.

With some research in internet I found a document which gives more in detail information for this. But my brain is to small to get how to manage. I was playing with the menu on the energy meter for more than 90 minutes but no chance to change IP settings or to switch DHCP ON.

Please help! Any hints and recommendation are welcome!


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EM24 Ethernet regularly loses network connection

I have the EM24-E1-AV2 X version with LAN connection and the latest firmware X-1.1. Unfortunately, the meter loses the network connection every few days/weeks so that my ESS system (RaspberryPi 4 with Venus OS 2.89) has no data and switches off.
I have tested the EM24 with and without DHCP, both make no difference. There is a Fritz box in between and the data from the EM24 is only queried by the Venus ESS.

If the connection is lost, I have to deactivate and reactivate DHCP manually on the EM24, then it works immediately. Unfortunately only for a short time until the next failure.

Does anyone have a solution?


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EM24 RS485 über Modbus TCP Server

Hello, I have the following problem: I do not get my second EM24 with RS485 connection displayed in my Cerbo GX.

The first EM24 for the grid I have connected via USB on Modbus port 1, which works fine.

The second EM24 I have connected via RS485 Modbus TCP Server (Waveshare RS485 to ETH (B)). And configured on Modbus port 2. I just don't get it displayed in the Cerbo. The server seems to work because I can access the meter with the USC tool from Carlo Gavazzi via Modbus TCP and read the data.

I have activated Modbus in the Cerbo under the item Services-Modbus.

I get the meter neither with the Modbus scanner nor with manual input displayed. The Cerbo and the Modbus server are in the same IP network and have different adresses .

And I do not know now no more further. Who can help or give advice?

Thanks in advance.

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