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Is their a 3 phase energy meter alternative as there is no em24 availability at the moment
  • I have just installed a 3 phase ESS system with 3 quattro 8000's on a 100 amp supply and found it impossible to get hold of a Em24 or alternative to use with CT clamps.. Carlo Gavazzi UK told me today it would probably be April by time they have the parts and have started shipping them..!(That is a long time to wait!) No one has any thing in stock...Is their an alternative or is it possible to make another meter work for 3 phase victron users?

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EM24: 250mA fuse for neutral connection


for a planned grid-connected PV system with a MultiPlus 2 I am about to install the EM24 Ethernet after the official energy meter.

Now I just found in the EM24 manual, that a 250mA fuse is necessary in the connection to the neutral wire.

I found almost no information about this fuse? What kind of fuse do you normally use that fits on a DIN rail with only 250mA?

Or does nobody use a fuse for the EM24?

Best regards David



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Cerbo GX and Carlo Gavazzi EM24 with CTs communication issue


I am experiencing a problem with my carlo gavazzi EM24 three phase (CTs) and a cerbo gx, that setup used to work for a year but now I cannot get any grid readings from the cerbo gx (remote console) when the 3 CTs are installed. The meter itself has kWh readings but the cerbo gx does not register anything.

Under energy meters the cerbo gx still picks up the serial number of the EM24 but on the cerbo gx dashboard I have no readings.

Modbus TCP is enabled, Modbus TCP devices ip is still the same.

On the EM24 the rs485 is connected as pin 43 Black, pin 42 Orange and pin 41 Yellow and usb is plugged to the cerbo gx usb port, I have also replaced the old existing rs485 to usb cable to a brand new one but I still do not get any readings on the cerbo gx and finally I tried to update the cerbo gx firmware, "error during checking".

Has anybody ever encountered this issue?

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ESS in permanent Pass-Thru after firmware upgrade




Is the Energy Meter Dual Role 'Grid + PV Inverter' missing in CCGX v2.92 firmware?

I have a five-year-old single phase 2.7KW ESS with two Solis-Mini Grid-tie inverters, a MultiPlus Compact 1200, lead acid batteries and a CCGX.

The energy meter is an EM24 with the Grid wired to the phase 1 input (L1) and the PV inverters on phase 2 (L2).

The system pre-dates ESS because there is a 'Hub-4' section in the CCGX settings.

In firmware v1.74 the EM24 could be set within 'Wired AC sensors', to a dual Role 'Grid Meter + PV inverter'

Having upgraded to either v2.18 or v2.92, the EM24 is now in 'Energy meters', but has only a Single Role as Grid Meter or PV inverter.

I have set it as 'Grid Meter' and switched 'PV inverter on phase 2' to ON and 'PV inverter on phase 2 position' to 'AC input 1'

I cannot get the EM24 to appear in the Device List and without any Grid or PV Energy readings, my system is now in permanent 'Pass-Thru' state.

My MultiPlus firmware is still 407, if I upgrade to 422 as recommended in the ESS manual, will the EM24 re-appear in Devices and could it then be set to a dual role?

Why do Victron now recommend using an ET340 rather than an EM24 when selecting a 3-phase meter for a single-phase installation to measure the grid on one input of the meter and the PV inverter output on another input of the energy meter?

Is it because the new firmware will not display a dual Role for the EM24, whereas it will for the ET340? I need to know before I purchase another meter.

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VRM shows 0W PV Power, Grid shows only Critical Load not whole house consumption


In November 2022, VRM started showing ‘AC Loads’ as 0W and ‘Total Consumption’ & ‘Grid’ displayed only the Critical Load, rather than the figures for the whole house.

My Solar PV was fitted 5 years ago by a Victron dealer who has since gone bust and now the only Victron agent in Kent wants £780 to look at it. He told me to update the CCGX firmware from v1.74 to version v2.92 which I did (with trepidation) but I think this has made my situation worse.

Until this week, I knew nothing of PV systems, so please allow a little latitude while I try & explain;-


I believe i have a HUB 4 system, now known as ESS. It comprises: CCGX, MultiPlus Compact 12/1200/50-16, 3 x Lead Acid batteries, 2 x Solis PV Invertors and an EM24 energy meter. The EM24 is linked to the CCGX via Cat5 cable, but I think it is a serial model with an RS485 to USB interface hidden behind the CCGX.

The CCGX Settings (firmware v1.74) contained ‘Wired AC sensors’ and the EM24 appeared as “BQ21600350013” where it was set to ‘Grid meter + PV inverter’.


In firmware v2.92 there is no ‘Wired AC sensors’, but the EM24 appears under ‘Energy Meters’ but can only be set to ‘Grid meter OR ‘PV inverter’ (not both). The Phase type ‘Single Phase’ and ‘PV inverter on phase 2’ with ‘AC Input 1’ have been carried over from the previous firmware.


Whatever I do, I cannot get the EM24 to appear in the CCGX ‘Device List’. I think it is Modbus RTU (different to’ Modbus TCP’) but in desperation I enabled ‘Modbus TCP’ in ‘Services’ and scanned but of course nothing was found. Help! I am really out of my depth.



All I know is that VRM displayed accurate Grid and Solar figures up until November last year and no hardware has been changed. The EM24 local display is still showing the Grid on L1 and the PV Invertors on L2 so my theory is that an automatic CCGX update to v1.74 lost the connection with the energy meter and upgrading to v2.92 has not helped.



I have found that Victron now say “using an EM24 to measure both Grid and Solar PV on a single-phase installation does not work properly”, and they recommend using an ET340 instead. Is that because the firmware does not support the EM24 anymore? If so, what version of firmware will I need to downgrade to, in order to restore VRM back to reading correct Grid and Solar figures?

Lastly, am I doing any harm running the system without a Grid/Solar meter? I know it is still saving me energy because on a recent bright day, my smart meter was showing 0 watts and the EM24 had a negative figure on L1), I don’t think the solar battery was charging.


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EM24 and ET112 on same USB Dongle

I have a EM24 on the USB Dongle and it workes fine. Then i added a ET112 (and changed the Modbus ID of the EM24 from 1 to 2 as described in the manual).

Now no Meter is recognised. If i disconnect one meter (EM24 or ET112) the other one works fine. So both meters are OK (and the cable too).

What can i do?

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EM24 - no data "Energy to net"

First I thought there is a problem with my connection to HomeAssistant when I was not able to receive data for "Energy to net" over modbus.

But in VRM I was also not able to see this data.

I am using the EM24 Ethernet meter. Here are screenshots from VRM. All screens showing December.



From Dash I can see:


As you can see, there was power delivered to the net and VRM recognized it. But in VRM and locally on GX, the gridmeter entries just show zero.

It is a newly installed system, so I may did soemthing wrong in configuration of the EM24? It is running the application "H", which is for my understanding the correct setting.

I used a shelly 3EM before the EM24 was delivered. With that device everything worked fine.

I hope somebody can help :)

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EM24 Ethernet - lockup issue

Hi Everyone,

I am running an ESS, everything fine, BUT: My EM24 Ethernet is regularly losing the connection to the LAN. This is not a DHCP issue or such, it clearly hangs.

After disconnecting the EM24 from power (cold restart) it works again, but only for 1-2 weeks.

I would like to update the firmware and then see whether the problem goes away. This is just a way of saving time from further troubleshooting.

My problem is: Nobody will help me to get newer firmware. Victron Dealer says to contact Carlo Gavazzi. They say to contact Victron. And Victron says to contact the Dealer. Stuck in a loop.

Anyone here to help my get new firmware for the EM24 Ethernet?

My Device is a EM24-DIN.AV2.3.X.E1.X


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Recording the power consumption of different devices using the EM24 / Cerbo GX

Hi everybody,

in the near future I will uprade my existing installation with a battery and victron components.
The system will look like this:
Energy-Meter: Victron EM24 (replaces the exisiting Sunny-Home-Manager 2.0)
System-Controller: Victron Cerbo GX
Battery Inverter: Victron Multiplus 2 48/5000
PV-Inverter: SMA Tripower 15000

Now the question:
Is it possible with this Victron-setup to record the power consumption of single devices (e.g. heat-pump)?
At the moment I'm doing this with the Sunny-Home-Manager, which reads the S0-Signal of a standard DIN-Rail-meter using the Smart-Appliance-Enabler running on a Raspberry PI.
All the data is shown in the SMA Sunny-Portal.

I havent't read anything about reading the S0-Signal with an EM24 or the Cerbo GX.
For sure another option would be to install an additional energy-meter (ET340) just for the heat-pump.
But this would be an expensive solution.
Has anybody another idea how to realize that?

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EM24 RS485 über Modbus TCP Server

Hello, I have the following problem: I do not get my second EM24 with RS485 connection displayed in my Cerbo GX.

The first EM24 for the grid I have connected via USB on Modbus port 1, which works fine.

The second EM24 I have connected via RS485 Modbus TCP Server (Waveshare RS485 to ETH (B)). And configured on Modbus port 2. I just don't get it displayed in the Cerbo. The server seems to work because I can access the meter with the USC tool from Carlo Gavazzi via Modbus TCP and read the data.

I have activated Modbus in the Cerbo under the item Services-Modbus.

I get the meter neither with the Modbus scanner nor with manual input displayed. The Cerbo and the Modbus server are in the same IP network and have different adresses .

And I do not know now no more further. Who can help or give advice?

Thanks in advance.

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Multiplus 2 mit EM 24 - 485 Regelverhalten Inverter extrem schlecht.

Hallo, ich habe seit 2 Wochen einen Multiplus 2 und habe seit Anfang an Probleme mit meiner Grit Funktion.

Ich hatte erst ein EM 24 Ethernet, was nur Problem gemacht hat.

Dieses wurde nach Rat von Nutzern gegen einen EM24 485 getauscht.

Teilweise am Tag funktioniert das System echt gut im ESS betrieb, aber wenn die Lasten ( Strom ) grösser funktioniert die Inverter Funktion sehr mangelhaft.

Habe mal ein Video hochgeladen um es zu verdeutlichen.

Das System ist ein raspberry 3B - mit 2A Netzgerät.

Firmware sind alle Aktuell.

ESS ist eingerichtet ohne irgendwelche extras.

Ladegerät ist im Multiplus 2 deaktiviert.

Angeschlossen ist nur AC1 IN - auf L1 des EM24

EM24 ist auf H eingestellt

Verkabelung habe ich heute neu gemacht - alles IO auch die Schirmung.

DCC ist an, ohne extra Einstellungen.

MPPT´´s sind zwei vorhanden.....

Wie kann ich ausschliessen das der Multiplus 2 einen Fehler / Defekt hat???




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ESS Multiplus with EM24 slow response also on AC-Out?


i am planning for an installation with 3x5kVA Multiplus II with EM24 grid meter and loads on AC-in as well as on AC-out. Like this:


I came across these threads, where users notice quite slow response to loads, if the ET112 grid meter is installed:



I have some questions to this:

One suggested solution was to place the loads behind the Multiplus II at AC-out1 and AC-out2.

OK, thats not a problem. All my loads, that would require fast response would be connected to AC-out anyhow. So.... does it mean, with EM24 connected and set as grid-meter, the loads on AC-in will be handled slower, but the loads on AC-out STILL would be handled fast?

OR.... will all loads be handled slower, once a EM24 grid meter is installed? regardless if connected to AC-out or AC-in??

Some more detail questions:

1. Will the EM24 Ethernet or EM24 RS485 version work better for having faster response? Or is there no difference?

2. Is it better for faster response to have an external Cerbo GX or instead better use a Multiplus II with internal GX?

hope you can help to clarify!

many thanks!!


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How to program aux relais on Cerbo GX or Multiplus2 depending on Grid feed

Hello community,

I'm using a ESS with Cerbo GX, Multiplus2 and EM24 Energy Meter. I want to use the relais Output on the Multiplus 2 or Cerbo GX to trigger an external device when the grid feed out exceeds e.g. 2000Watt and stop it when it goes below e.g. 1500Watt. Can someone explain how to do this? I just had a look in the assistants, but found no way to use the feed in/out power from the EM24 as a signal.

Thank you for your help.


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EM24 - confused by the energy fwd/rev values.....

My installation as a Multiplus II that balances out the smart meter to zero by using PV energy from another inverter to charge a Pylontech 48V installation.....single phase.

I now checked the values from the EM24 smart meter that is connected to my VenusGX but i'm not able to make a decent trackable rhime out of this.

That is the values as of today:

Total L1 L2 L3
Forward 461,3 445,3 478,8 156,8
Reverse 260,1 2,86 502,69 336,61

So my naive guess would be that Forward L1+L2+L3 should be Forward Total....but no way. The same for Reverse......So for me it all does not make any sense.

Sure the inverter (if on L2) would compensate (send out Power to L2 to the grid if it takes the same Power on L3)....but still the sum should be ZERO.

What i'm looking for is kWh that really i had to buy and kWh that went out of my network to the energy provider.....but here its very strange and not trackable at all.....

My hope/fear is that the Total values really provide the absolute values....so that if L1 is taking energy and L2 is providing the same energy out of my home it should not count anything as the overall value is Zero.

Thanks a Lot


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ABB B23 instead of EM24 with MP II 48/5000 and Cerbo GX

Hi, can I use the ABB B23 312-100 as a replacement for the EM24 when using a Cerbo GX and not a Venus GX?

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