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em24 ethernet grid and solar

I've finally got round to installing an EM24 Ethernet version. On L1 I've got grid coming in from the top, out to the CU at the bottom. On L2 I have my AP Systems Solar AC coming in from the top and going to the busbar from the bottom. It's installed and reading values however, not in the way it should. Firstly, the manual says set to multiphase. This doesn't show. So set to 2P it now reads both the grid and the solar, but there is no way of labelling them. Furthermore the displays are all off. AC Input shows L1 is exporting solar to the grid, so that shows a minus. L2 shows a positive, as that's what's being generated, so far so good. The difference is the loads (in the screenshot it's 150w, confirmed by a clamp-meter reading) But then on the AC Loads it just shows the solar input not the loads. As for the 'Pages' view.....

What's up? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



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Energy Meterem24
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Ok... So.... adding some loads I can see that the issue is that the solar is logged as a 'load' as it's exporting. So.... Why can't I choose the 'multiphase' option, which would then let me tell the Cerbo that L2 is in fact solar not another phase?

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Are are you actually a single phase consumer trying to use it in a non standard use? As in use one phase input for grid, one phase for PV measurement, but you are actually on one phase?

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Yes. Single phase installation with an AC solar system. The EM24 is supposed to be able to do what I want.... measure grid, solar and show the pair, but the information is all in the wrong places. Maybe I've misunderstood how it's supposed to work. Seems to me the L1 and L2 are right, but the exporting solar shows as a load (on the right), rather than measuring what's being taken by the house.
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....from the manual....

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Ok. it wil still be L1 and L2. How have you done the config in the GX

Is the front selector not locked?

Do you have a victron inverter? Are you using ESS?

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The front lock is unlocked. I don't have an inverter (on this system) and so no, I don't have an ability to install the ESS assistant. I've tried to set it up in the Cerbo.... it's the Ethernet version so while I can add it manually to the Modbus TCP Device list, it won't appear in the energy meter section.

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