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ESS system 3x230V with EM24 grid meter

Hello all

For a client with grid 3x230V (no Neutral) we are using a setup with an EM24.

In the remote console the meter is configured as 3P (not 3P.n and not 3P.1)

The Multi-II 5KVA is connected on L1 and L2.

I would think that the EM24 data is correct and the PV charger are correct and the AC loads are miscalculated.

Anybody knows why?


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Edit: Setup seems wrong as you should have 230V line voltages and not 140V. Which country and what grid-code you have in use? Multiplus cannot be connected to two different phases and not for Delta-network without Neutral. System is Neutral referenced and even datalines etc are directly connected to Neutral-connector in AC-IN. Hope I missed something as otherwise system is dangerous to touch and/or connect to other peripherals.

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My supplier, official Victron dealer, is officially selling these systems. In Belgium we have this old grid 3x230V without Neutral. To have the correct measurement, we need to work with the EM24 and not the ET340 for example.

They confirmed the MultiPlus can work on a system without the Neutral reference, in a safe manner. So I'm not afraid of that, but would like a correct measurement.

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Okay that's something new. Then your L1 is connected to neutral and L2 to Line in AC-IN. That is some very old standard and you are right that some special setting is needed as you are now calculating double of grid power. Correct figure should be around 1880W as your system is "one phase" even connected between two phases. Your inverter references L1 which should show zero amps and not used for ESS calculation. Only one phase(L2 in example) voltage and current should be used for power calculation.

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What is exact EM24 model version? Can you see is there accurate power shown in EM24 screen? Ask your dealer if they have existing installations what are models and settings as Victron staff have respond similar questions that systems without neutral (delta) are not supported.

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I have a victron installation

Multiplus II 48V 8000VA 110A

Grid meter EM54

Sun meter ET340

Smartshunt 500A/50mV

Venus GX

Now my question is why ac loads are charged so low?

Grid says 28W

And battery discharged at 5812W

But ac load is 3069W

On a delta grid 3x230V (no 400V, no null)

Why does this calculate error?

And this can be adjusted somewhere

I tested the energy meters with the fluvius digital meter

and they indicate the same consumed + 0.5%

the installation has been working since 2019


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