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ET112 Meter Parallel connection


Due to the inability to source Victron compatible meters with CT's, we are looking to use 2 x ET112 meters in parallel. According to the ET112 instructions, this is possible with the following adjustment (2. Installation and configuration (victronenergy.com) )

Please note that you can connect the ET112 in parallel, but need to change the modbus address to another number using the UCS Desktop configuration software from the supplier,

Question - If two ET112 meters are measuring the grid input, each meter communicates to the cerbo, in the cerbo they are each set as "Grid Meter", does the power of each meter sum together for a single reading in the system?

The attached diagram outlines the concept.

Thank you

ET112 Meters in parallel.png

Alternatively, if anyone knows where a EM330DINAV53HS1X27 or CT-compatible victron meter is in stock and available for purchase, the above setup could be avoided.

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Can my ESS produce reactive power to the grid?

I have a ESS with two Quattro and solar power. I have feed in excess power enabled.

This has been operating for two full months and the house meter has

  1. 941 kWh Total Active energy consumed (from grid)
  2. 600 kWh Total Actve enery fed (to the grid)
  3. 40 kVARh Total reactive energy consumed
  4. 330 kVARh Total reactive energy fed

I can understand some consumption of reactive power due to some pump motors we have, but not the export of reactive power.

Any help on this is much appreciated.

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Current Transformer for MultiPlus-II VRM View


Is it possible to see the non-essential loads and essential loads in the VRM portal lay-out?

See pic of ET112 install and Current Transformer.

With ET112 I can see the non-essential loads.




Current Transformer

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks Hugo

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Multiplus II AC current flow meter

Hello friends .. some help please.

Multiplus II 24V 230V. with current sensor installed on grid input and all non critical loads connected upstream and not on AC2 out. Critical loads on AC1 as usual
I Have checked in VEconfigure the famous external current sensor tick.
and the UPS function ticked.
and batteries are fully charged.

Now lets say i have a total of 8A input from the grid with around 2A critical and 6A non critical.
I get the strange flow meter indications AC in 8A , ACout 7.8

Should this be ACin 8A and ACout 2A?
What am i missing?

Is it some detail i missed or some bug?

Thank you.

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Fusible compteur ET112


Sur les schémas de câblage du compteur Victron ET112 un fusible est présent sur le neutre. Est-il obligatoire ? Peux-on mettre un disjoncteur 2A brancher en série sur le neutre ?


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Smart MPPT 75/15 load output incorrect power consumption

Hi all,

I have off-grid system powered by 2x160W monocrystale PVs, Smart MPPT 75/15 and (currently) 12V 74Ah Ca/Ca flooded lead-acid battery.

This system powers one WiFi P2P link, and one CCTV.

I noticed that controller shows consumption around 0.2-0.3A all the time, no matter if CCTV IRs are on or off. How it can be possible?

I measured consumption of CCTV with multimeter, and it is 0.16A without IR, while with IR it is about 0.34A

On top of that, there is WiFi P2P link, by I didn't measure its consumption yet.

My expectation of load during the night is 0.5-0.6A, but controller shows 0.2A only.

What am I missing here?



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ESS during gridmeter being unavailable


I setup ESS


with a self-written python script to get the grid-powermeter via SML/IR-sensor from my gridmeter of the local power-supplier. I will provide this script as soon as the appropriate quality level is achieved.

I have question regarding the best DBUS-behaviour in case on gridmeter-communication failure during normal operation.

I saw that it's dangerous to keep the last known power-value, because ESS will escalate:

  • in case of a last positive power-value, ESS will increasingly discharge the battery
  • in case of a last negative power-value, ESS will increasingly charge the battery via grid-power

So I decided to erase the gridmeter vom DBUS via stoping the script.

But this causes, after about 1 min, the DC-PV-charger (Smartsolar) from producing power. Mulitpus changes to Passthru.


Why this? My understanding is.....
As long as the battery is not fully loaded, DC-PV-charger should load the battery regardless of the unknown AC-power-status. As soon as the battery is charged, the PV-charger-power could be transformed into AC-power, supplying the unknown AD-power-status.

Ater reestablishing the gridmeter-communication, ESS turns to probably behaviour within 30 seconds.

What could be the best behaviour of my gridmeter-script during communication-error?

Could anybody test the system-behaviour in case of an official victron powermeter? Please unplug it from the system and watch dbus-spy on the console.



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AC Load not always showing correct values

Ever since upgrading the Multiplus II to 492 and Venus OS to 2.82 (coming from 2.74), I have noticed that the AC loads are not always showing the correct values.

I often see AC load on phase 1 going to 0W.

It looks like it is cause by delays in reading out consumption values from either the Multiplus or the Grid meter. My battery cells are not well matches, so the BMS will start to constantly decrease and then again increase max charge current. So the Multiplus is constantly dropping and increasing the charge power quite a lot. Seems that, when u sudden increase or decrease occurs, it takes some time for the GX device to correctly recalculate the AC load.

Not sure if this is impacting anything other than the displayed statistics.

Anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

I have made a gif showing the issue. Note that power consumption is actually stable, so the AC load values are definitely incorrect.


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Does GX/VRM support submetering/distinction for AC-Loads, i.e. with using multiple EM24 meters

Hi Folks,

I wonder if I can get more detailed information in VRM portal for my AC-Loads in form a "split up".

My setup:

installed System is a 3ph grid-tied ESS (3xMP2-48/5000, CerboGX, Pylontech Batteries and AC-PV)...all loads and PV are on AC-In

ESS-Grid Meter is an EM24 (RS485 - connected to the Cerbo).

So in the GX Display/VRM I can see one "bucket" of all my AC-Loads.

In Reality, I have different tariffs (and metering) for heat-pump and home.

The metering concept from my utility is a cascade, of two meters.

A: Grid and B: Home

So the Power/Energy used for my heatpump is value of meter A minus value of meter B.

Question is: If I were to deploy another EM24 (LAN version, so no conflict with modbus ID of RS485 ESS-Grid meter) at point A (home), can I have a split/distinct view an AC loads, like total (A), heat-pump(A-B) & home(B)??

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Landis+Gyr E360 meter data connection to GX?


Any idea how to connect to Landis+Gyr E360 meter and maybe it would be possible to get accurate readings to VenusOS through DLMS or USB?

Manufacturer page gives less information that other meter brands:


There seems to exist RJ11 - to - USB cable (P1 cable):


But pulling an usb wire from property border to indoors does not feel feasible.

Some meter brands have RS485 or other screw terminals under the network's seals, I'd like to use the opportunity to get hooked to those before it gets installed. Just in case I need them. Guy doing the installation doesn't know a thing about that.

I see some HomeAssistant people have been wondering the same thing.

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Connect EM24 to local network

Hi @ all

I finally got an electritian with made the changes to my local power system so that I can fire up my victron Quatro II. I am now at the step to setup the two ET340(actually EM24) power meters. They come with default IP set to which will not work as me net is 192.168.0.x.

How do I switch the ET340 to DHCP mode? The menu of the unit is rather odd and a connection via ehternet (UCS7 software) does not work for obvios reasons. Somebody has a manual for the steps in the menu?


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Solar PV generation meter - can this be used with the Multiplus for recording system generation?

I currently have a secondary electric meter on the outlet of the solar PV inverter measuring the amount of generation. As a generalisation, can this meter be used in conjunction with the Multiplus 2 GX for recording the solar PV input into the system as opposed to a 40A current sensor?

Can these meters have an output that can be utilised by the Victron systems for recording power generation and if so does anyone have any experience in making this option work?

My basic understanding is its a no as I think I am correct in saying the meters only have a pulsed output for recording energy consumption in kWh and not power in kW in real time, but thought to ask before dismissing the idea.

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EasySolar-II 48/5000/70-50 MPPT 250/100 GX
I have the EasySolar-II 48/5000/70-50 MPPT 250/100 GX installed on an off grid system.
The input of the public electrical network connects to a differential circuit breaker, from which a cable goes to the inverter.
Then comes an inverter cable that plugs into the main frame of the house.
I have a shelly EM measuring the consumption in the phase cable that comes from the public power grid, but since I installed the inverter, it started to give me strange values, sometimes it gives positive values, sometimes it gives negative values (low values), being which in principle should not give any values, because most of the time I am not consuming energy from the public grid, nor injecting it, because I am in off grid mode.
Is it normal for this to happen?
Thank you!


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Vast difference of solar input power and inverter output power


3x 48/5000 Multi

2x 250/100 MPPT

Venus GX

Batteries in IDLE mode.

No DC consumption at all (off grid installation).

Solar in/power out has a difference of about 800W.

This can't be right..?

A few hundred watts in energy loss OK, but 800??? This gap is constant, even getting bigger with more power out (through)..

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Feeded in Energy does not comply with Venus GX

Sorry if this was asked before. I did a research but did not find helping info.
If I watch on electric meter of my house installation it says, that my system feeded 16 kWh into the grid in nov. + dec. 2021. - fine !!

If I watch my installationsite on internet (Victronenergy.com), it states that my system feeded in 63 kWh on "solar" menu.
When I change to "systemview" it states that it would be 103 kWh.

How do I configure my system correctly ?

I have a 1-phase application. On Phase 1 there is a Multiplus 48-3000 and a SunnyBoy 3.0 from SMA.
I use a ET 340 gridmeter, a Venus GX with Firmware 2.73 and 3 Pylontech 2500 Wh batteries.

Thx for your support.

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