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DVCC compensation du courant des charges CC

bonjour, j'ai une config suivante en site isolé :

MPPT 150/35 pour 1600Wc de PV

Multiplus 1600/48

BMV-712 en contrôleur de batterie

Orion 48/12

des charges en 12v DC et 230v AC

batterie 48v, courant de charge max 19A, donc il peut rester potentiellement 16A a distribuer si la prod solaire le permet.

tout est connecté au Cerbo GX et bien visible

J'ai donc activé le DVCC pour avoir la compensation de la charge AC rapportée par le Multi, mais pour les charges en DC, il faut basculer le BMV-712 en contrôleur de charge CC.

Quid du contrôleur de batterie ? Est ce que j'aurai toujours les infos qui sont rapportée quand il était en contrôleur de batterie ?


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Does BMV-700 charge voltage setpoint allow for bulk and absorption charging?

I want to add a BMV-700 to an off-grid system with another manufacturer's inverter. When the Charge Voltage Setpoint is set, does it compensate for bulk and absorption charging before displaying 100% SOC. In other words, will it display 100% SOC as it passes the Charge Voltage Setpoint while charging, or is it smarter than that. I own another manufacturer's monitor that is not that smart, so I want to make sure.

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BMV-700 settings


can you advise me on the correct settings for the BMV-700, because with these settings it always shows 100%, it doesn't matter if the batteries are at 14V, or at 12V during the winter, when I only have only 2 hours of sun a day.



BMV-700 settings


Battery specifications


MPPT settings


MPPT settings


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BMV-712 and resetting minimum low voltage

In the history of the BMV712 under battery voltage there is a register showing the Min battery voltage.

is there a way to reset that register only, as it would be handy from time to time to see how this progresses.

as currently its showing a stupid low figure and I would like to see the real daily low figure.

or a daily high and low would be nice as well as a feature request in the future.

even a reset on all those history figures under battery voltage would be nice from time to time.

for that matter a deepest discharge reset would also be nice.


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SmartBMV connection to color control gx

Hi there!
I'd like to know if there is a way to connect wirelessly my BMV to the color control GX since passing a wire will be a pain from where they are currently located in my van. Rest of the setup is a Multiplus, smart solar mppt, smartBatterySense.
Plan B would be to place a smartShunt and connect it to the color control gx since this would be closer and easier.
Any help will be appreciated!

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Multiplus Aux inputs

Hi, I've been trying to implement some fancy controls using the virtual switches etc in a multiplus 2 (parralleled to another multiplus). I'm trying to understand how the inputs work, do they just require a switch on the output as they have an internal supply? or do they need a 0v to 5v input? if so, what polarity? I'm trying to get ignore mains input and a load ramp for a generator. Having set up programmable relays etc to do this, at the moment when I short the aux input, nothing happens. I programmed it super simple so when input is v0 (shorted) turn on relay k1....nothing.

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BMV-712 storing trends for all but Consumed Amp Hours

Using VictronConnect on Android updated to the latest version, I'm looking at trends for my BMV-712 and can zoom out in time and see stored history for all of soc, temp, volts, current, and power, but when I select consumed amp hours it only shows the real-time reading plus whatever history is kept as long as the app remains opened and connected to the battery monitor. Is Ah something that is still not kept in the device's history?

An interesting note, probably unrelated, is that there is a blank window of about 17 minutes showing no stored trends at all, of any of the values. That empty window of time coincides with some of the time I was opening and closing the app trying to figure out why no Ah history existed (during the past hour).

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ESS mode - cycle battery

Hello technical specialist,
ESS mode, BMZ-battery, AC-output Fronius Primo, MPPT Smart Solar. All the latest updates.
The system works to offset surpluses and as a backup system with minimal SOC maintenance.
It is normal to see graphs that the battery cycles by +/- 3%.
If I have a minimum SOC of 60%, then the MPPT Solar power goes to the battery at about 63%.
Then the battery will be consumed and again 60% will start again.
Is this a normal system property of the ESS system?

Thank you for your time






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Will Globallink 520 read via BT from BMV-700 with dongle?

Will a Globallink 520 read data via Bluetooth from a BMV-700 equipped with a VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle?



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BMV-712 Smart Bluetooth Missing

My BMV-712 Smart is not showing up in my connection app. Also the Bluetooth setting 71 is missing on the BMV-712 Smart. What’s my next steps?

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Suggestions for improving Victron Connect

hello, after 2 years of use and study I noticed fews things that Victron products can improve a lot with little effort.

1) the count of the cycles of the smartshunt and of the various models of BMV.

A cycle is only counted under 65% ..

This is incorrect in my opinion for lead acid batteries one should count a cycle even at 90% or 85%.

IN my RV the system is correctly sized, the batteries are agm for 178ah, and the photovoltaic of 450 watts.

I live in a pretty good climate and never run out of batteries below 80/85%.

So no cycle counts, apart from synchronizations.

This also leads to an inaccurate reading of the average discharge.

In fact, the average discharge is based on cycles and not on synchronizations.

In fact, I have average discharges of 25/30 ah and this is not detected, since my battery pack is 178ah and I never discharge below 65%. actually never below 80%.

2) it would be nice if the victron Connect app for the smartsolar also displays the internal temperature of the solar controller.

This temperature is certainly detected by the smartsolar but is not displayed.

3) it would be nice in the "trends" section to be able to cross the curves of 3 values and not just 2.

For example "battery voltage + battery current + soc".

it would be nice if the AH count was implemented in the historical trends of the smartshunt. Instead it is the only data that is only available in real time.

4) it is a pity that a small economic accessory is not available that records in a memory all the data of historical trends in CSV format to be exported.

The trend is only available on the App for 46 days and the possibility to save the history every 30 days (but only manually) from the smartsolar.

When I had the Epever-based system, a simple object costing 20 euros would record months of data at a time in. CSV.

I hope these suggestions can be taken into consideration, at least in part… at least the talk of battery monitor cycles.

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BMV-700 keep disconnecting and connecting

I have a color control gx 2 mppts are connected to v direct cable port and the BMV is connected to one of the usb port whit a victron energy v direct cable to USB for some reason I lose my connection of my bmv it comes on then all of a sudden it goes off and then it comes on again and it keeps doing that I have more than one cable they were brand new both new cable do the same thing I even swap a mppt to the usb Victron cable and the issue keeps happening with the USB port. I have two USB port on the ccgx and both of them are doing the same thing. Is there something I can add to have one more v direct connection?

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Length of temperature sensor

What is the length of ASS000100000 which is the temperature sensor for the BMV-712. If I add fuse protection can I use the ASS000001000 or the ASS000020000 for the temperature sensor for the BMV-712?

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Starter battery voltage adjustment for voltage drop

I have the BMV 712 and I’m looking to make the voltage read what the battery actuality is. Is there a way to manually adjust the voltage for the drop I get in the long run of wire I have? The difference is around 1.3 VDC

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Why is my BMV712 smart displaying incorrect low voltage of 'AUX' / starter battery ?

I returned from a weeks holiday, only to be awoken hours after falling asleep by a low voltage alarm.

Having disabled the alarm, a today checked the voltage directly on the starter battery terminals and found it to be fully charged, (13v) as it was still receiving a trickle charge from solar.

connections all seem secure and tight at battery and on shunt, could it be a faulty RJ45?

I have fairly recently replaced the pcb board on the shunt after water came in to contact with the shunt and shorted it, however the new pcb installed and everything has been working fine for a few months, and bo there has not been further water ingress.

any help greatly appreciated.


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