BMV Battery Monitor Image

BMV Battery Monitor

Checking diagram of an 24V 1000Ah Lead-Gel configured as 5x (2x12V 200Ah)


Hi all,

We have the challenge that we need to provide a batterie for a Off Grid open environment (construction site).

We have only control of the battery box (All in the Diagram) the rest like charger & solar panels we have no access and no control of it. So therefore, we would like to protect the Battery at least from deep discharge <= 22V


  • Power Consumption of the Load Mid is 75W/h => Peak 150W/h
  • Power Input from Solar Power is Max 450W for a Very short time.
  • The Capacity is 24V 1000Ah Lead-Gel configured 5x (2x12V 200Ah)

Victron equipment:

  • 1x BMV-712 Smart
  • 1x Smart Battery Protect => I believe this would generate a Problem when Charging::?
  • 1x Battery Balancer

The large size of the battery is because the place (construction site) is in a valley between mountains and therefore the Sun is only a vew hours or sometimes now in the winter no sun for several Days and it is coold +8° to - 20°(extrem at some nights)

Could you check the diagram and guide me to a proper wiring, that would be great

Any help appreciated, thx in advance

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BMV-712 and Cerbo GX

Do I need a BMV-712 to monitor my installation parameters or with the Cerbo GX I will have the same battery information in the VRM Portal?

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Wiring BMV-712 for 24v system?

I need a clear wiring diagram for installation of a BMV-712 (Smart) to a 24v PV system that's using 2- 12v LiFePo batteries in series (Battle Born).

The instructions, while good, aren't clear enough and have me concerned I'll wreck something.

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Resetting pin# on BMV-712 smart

I have lost/forgotten pin for BMV .I have tried to reset using puk mumber from the back of shunt (there is only 1 sticker on it with any letters & numbers ) but it keeps telling me wrong puk number . What is my next step ?

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SmartShunt Weak Bluetooth?

I have a Victron Smart Solar charger (100/30) installed in a basement compartment in my RV and can connect my smart phone and tablet via Bluetooth anywhere in my RV and all around it.

Today I installed a Victron SmartShunt in a basement compartment and have trouble connecting via Bluetooth unless my device is very close to the shunt. In the RV I must be directly above that compartment and outside I must be at the door to the compartment where it's installed.

So, the bluetooth signal seems to be much weaker than the Smart Solar controller. Is this normal? Or so I have some other problem?

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Settings battery voltage with APP for BMV-712 smart

Hi, first - my english is not good but I hope I can describe my problems.

I have the BMV 712 Smart using for a LiFePO4 180AH battery in my caravan. I am not an expert and do not know how I have to choose the settings useful. I use the Victron App. A voltage of 13.27 V is displayed. How do I useful set the values under Alarm for "Soc low", Alarm "Voltage low" and Alarm "voltage high"? Under starter battery a votage of 5.80V is displayed. This value was at beginning of installation by 6,8 V and goes down to 6,32V, now it is to 5.8 V. I have only the one battery, no other battery like a starter battery. where does the value come from and what did it tell me?

Thanks for help! Jochen

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BMV 712-Smart looping "Fetching Data"

On my iPhone my app finds the Smart BMV with good signal strength. Once I tap the only device I have it goes to " connecting " and runs through the % to 100. Then on to fetching data. It tries " fetching data " for about thirty seconds then loops back to " connect "

this becomes an endless loop

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BMV monitor goes from 100% to 0% in a few minutes


My BMV monitor goes from 100% to 0% in a few minutes. I already restore to default settings, then it goes back to 100%, and again it goes back to 0%.

Someone can help?


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BMV 712 Smart History will not reset

I have tried resetting the History on a BMV 712 smart by holding the select button for 5 seconds (and longer) but the history remains. I tried doing this while in the regular menu and also while in the History menu but the history still remains.

I did a full reset by holding the setup and select buttons for 3 seconds and although this removed all of the settings it still did not remove the History.

Please can I get some help with resolving this issue.


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Orion 12v |12V-30A not charging battery correctly

I have an Orion 12v30a isolated charger with an mppt 75/15 along with a BMV-712 Monitor and smart shunt.

I have a fridge connected to it currently and the voltage of the battery has lowered to 74%. When i drive the vehicle the Orion goes to bulk for a few minutes @ approx 22A.

after that few minutes the charge rate drops down to a few amp and even 0 but the charger states it is in BULK.

I have tried various options for engine detection smart alternator, Regular and user defined.

I get various results for both but currently i only have it set to user defined with a start voltage of 13.60.

If I disable engine detection i get 22A charging in bulk BUT it keeps going if I turn the engine off.

input lockdown voltage lock-out is 12.5 - 12.8v.

All negative loads go through the smart shunt on the loads and chargers connection on the shunt

positive goes direct to battery.

Vehicle is a 2016 triton which is a regular alternator though this is the worst profile in my findings.

I tested the input voltage from the alternator/primary battery and it is 13.60 when the engine is started.

Any ideas?

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Is it possible to request a history of daily consumption from the BMV712 as well as the history of the daily charge from the SmartMppt 100/30?

Is it possible to request a history of daily consumption from the BMV712 as well as the history of the daily charge from the SmartMppt 100/30?

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Midpoint deviation rising

Hello Techs,
I have a 24V system, with 2 closed (mainentance free) Lead Acid battery's of 220Ah, charged by a Quattro, CCGX controlled.
Last years my mid point devition stayed around 0,1 - 0,2 %, currently it is rising to 0,4 - 0,5 %, even when the Quattro is in Storage mode.

Do I need to do something already?


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BMV712 Wh question

Surely given the preponderance of PV charging , Victron could update the BMV712 or the Victron connect app to show battery discharge recharge info in Wh as opposed to Ah. For example I can’t immediately reconcile how much of the PV generation ( in Wh) has gone to battery as opposed to the loads. Sure I can do an approximate conversion from Wh to Ah at a nominal system voltage , but it’s not as accurate as the BMV computing Wh based on the actual voltage.

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BVM 712 Aux Battery Voltage error - Displaying 0.3v

Good day,

I have installed the Victron BVM 712 in a Battery box, and it correctly displayed both battery voltages.
I have since rebuilt the battery box with a LiFePo4 battery and have also installed a Orion DC-DC charger, 2 x Busbars (+ and -), as well as a 60A Trip switch inline with the Main battery Positive cables.
Now the AUX battery is displaying 0.3v.

This is the strange part: The 60A trip switch is installed on a plastic case, splitting the Positive cable from the House Battery (LiFePo4) between the battery and the Postiive Bus bar.
When I touch any one of the + points on the inline Trip switch, the voltage jumps from 0.3 v to 19v, depending on how hard I press, and touch on any metal object.

I have checked my wiring and nothing is earthed as all of my Battery Box is Isolated. No Earth points anywhere. I run separate cables for earth. Even die DC-DC charger is the Isolated type.

I did use the Positive (from the AUX battery) at the + INPUT port of the DC-DC charger as a feed into the 1st ferrule port next to the 'network' port.

What am I missing here?

Thanking you in advance!

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BMV712 no historical Trendline anymore

I have a BMV712 battery monitor installed in my camper. Until a few weeks ago, I was shown a historical trend line (approx. 30 days of recording) in the VictronConnect App (Bluetooth-Connection) under Trends. Now I suddenly only see the live trend and no longer a historical trend line. Is this a known problem? What can I do to get the historical, recorded trend line displayed again? Was this feature deleted with the last firmware update? I would be very grateful for your help.

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1 Answer

problem with capacity % and voltage

I have 12V system (closed type acid batteies) 30 days ago left the marina with %100 First 3 days long sail 8h a day so it was always %100 then we stay anchored not always suny .Now my system early morning goes 11.7V- 11.8V and after having october sun end of day reaches 12.6V but system shows %85 Is it normal .Why it does not go %50 % 49 etc since during night voltage is under 12 volt.

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BMV-712 Fuse

What fuse is in the red cable of the BMV-712?

Thank you.


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BMV700 current showing high discharge

This installation is on an electric vehicle. This is the second vehicle built and the first one also had a BMV700 installed.

It has 12 AGM 12 volt batteries arranged in 4 banks of 3 for an output of 48V.

The problems are the voltage reads several volts (around 3 volts) lower than the actual battery voltage, and the current on the monitor read -799A.

The amps will change when I turn on the rest of the system, but it only fluctuates down to about -729 amps.

Battery power goes to an unswitched fuse block, 1 amp fuse to the shunt positive.

Shunt is connected to battery, then out to main contactor.

I am just looking at the system without turning on main contactor.

Battery voltage is 53.8V (read with multimeter), and BMV700 reads 50.6V.

Amps read -799.


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Scuba compressor in campervan, which invertor ? battery ?

Hi everyone, please help ...

We are a van conversion company. One of our next customers is a scuba diver and will be off grid with I suppose 370W solar panel. His Sprinter 2019 doesn't have a smart alternator. He wants to have a compressor in his van to fill the Oxygen tank. He wants Victron material with about 300W solar panel and a relay charger. He will have a hook up possibility but won't have regular access. Traveling in Africa and Scotland ... extreme temperature.

the compressor that would run for about 30min every 2-3 days.

I emailed the company to have more info regarding the starting power, here tare the different answers I received.

“The start up current for the MCH6, 2.2kW 50hZ compressor is approximately 66 Amps

The compressor must be free of residue pressure, the gauge must read 0 bar before start up otherwise AMPS could be more”

“The answer is 83 Amps.

At the start, the electric motors need a variable amount of Ampere from 3 to over 5 times those written on the plate.

It depends on the type of engine and where you get the electrical power from.

I'll give you an example:

3kw 16Ampere in the house and the compressor is able to start and work.

However, if you have to use a power generator, it must be at least 8KVA otherwise it won't start.”

In top of this compressor,

electric induction hob, 12V fridge 100L, lights, laptop 4h/day, phone charging, standard 12v lights.

I don’t know which type of investor /MPPT and batteries he should use ? Plus other useful bits ...

Thanks for advising me. XX



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1 Answer

Feature Request: BMV-712 Hide Relay State

Not a major change but would love to be able to toggle to hide the "relay state: open/closed" on the front view when not used at all on the victron connect app.

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BMV702 - Ah consumption / percentage loading not correct ? loading seems underestimated in

BMV702 - Ah consumption / percentage loading not correct ?
Our BMV shows correct consumption of Ah … BUT when we do load batteries with generator or engine the actual loading seems to be underestimated in Ah and %; after 1-2 hours loading the percentage changes suddenly from one sevond to the next for example from 94% to 100% .

What’s wrong? Can you help ?
Thomas und Gabriela

P.S. displayed battery voltage seems to be correct at all times

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BMV 712 is always showing 100% SOC and not recording any history other than charged energy?

My system consists of Victron Easyplus, Blue solar MPPT, CerboGX, Sterling B to B and BMV 712. Battery bank is a self build Lithium 280ah with Daly BMS. I have checked and double checked my wiring and settings and cant understand why the BMV is not operating as expected. There are no loads connected between the shunt and battery the BMS is on the load side of shunt. The BMV is permanent 100% SOC, does not show any AH Consumed and no discharged energy. The loads are the Easyplus in AES mode with a 240v fridge coming on for approx 3mins per hour with a load of 2.6a. The BMV seems in permanent charge condition with 18a & 250w even though there are no charge sources other the MPPT or Easyplus when on shore. So shows the same situation at night and without EHU hook up. Would appreciate help to sort this out it's driving me nuts.






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Max Length of BMV 712 UTP Cable

What is the max length of the UTP cable for the BMV 712?

Other than having an RJ12 connector with all 6 wires in a straight through configuration, are there any other requirements for this cable?

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BMV-712 running contactor - what am i doing wrong?

I've reviewed all the related posts here I can find but I still cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.
I want the BMV to operate a 12V relay as a low voltage cutoff. I want the relay to be normally open and only close and allow power to pass when the voltage is above cutoff value.
The contactor pulls just shy of 1A when it's closed.
I have a 48 to 12v dc-to-dc converter that i am using to power the contactor. I took the 12V positive with in-line 2A fuse and ran it to the "C" port of the BMV. I ran a wire out of the "NO" port to the plus side of the contactor. Ran a wire from the negative side of the contactor back to the negative bus.
I have also tried using the "NC" port instead.
I can get no response from the BMV. I have it set for Default mode and have toggled between the two "Invert" modes. I can hear something happen in the BMV but the contactor never actuates.
Anybody have an idea what I am doing wrong?

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BMV712 Smart Bricked after firmware update

Everything was fine until the firmware update .The update continues to fail . I have uninstalled the phone app and reinstalled it .I have tried unpairing the phone and monitor as well as unplugging the cord from the back of the monitor for 5 minutes . The update fail is describedas D26 communication lost .Product might be unusable. Any suggestions ? Thanks

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BMV-712 suddenly displaying a wrong voltage of 0.02V

I had my BMV712 running for some weeks now. This weekend during dischcharge, the main battery low voltage alarm suddenly triggered. The main voltage was displayed as 0.02v.

Link to screenshot:

this was during normal operation of our camping car. whilst no change was done to anything...
i checked the "real" battery voltage using a DMO and it was 13.x volt.
i quickly inspected all the cabling, but all seemed correct. (and all other values including current from the shunt looked correct..
I then did a reset to factory settings and the voltage was back to normal display (but it started with 100% capacity..) .
It seems to me like a software problem as the only thing i did to resolve it was a factory reset...

Any ideas or suggestions? or is the unit defective?

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How can I clear the history on my SmartBMV?

Is there any way to clear/reset the history for SmartBMV?

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BMV-712 weird readings and calculations ?

Bought a BMV-712 as an enhancement for my Smart 100/50. My intention is to get a better view on the SoC and remaining capacity of my solar batteries of my cabin. As the 100/50 is very far away in a remote location I prefer to test things prior to go there. So here is what I did.
I took an older 12V / 42A wet battery and connected the BMV-712 and shunt. Configured the 42Ah in the app. Then I charged the battery for 24 hours to be 100% sure it is @100% SoC, charger displayed "float". Then I set the Soc=100% in the app.
Next I connected two 12V/21W bulbs to discharge the battery.

I expected to see correct values for decreasing SoC and remaining battery time after a while.

However the values I see after a few minutes are:
9.87V @ 3A (battery seems to be pretty done), but instead of seeing a low SoC, the SoC still is at 94.6% ! I would expect almost zero when the battery is at 9.87V.
Am I wrong with my setup and expectations? Do I need to repeat some steps to allow the BMV to learn?

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