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BMV-702: how to disable automatic sync

I find the automatic sync function problematic with a system where charging can be from multiple sources (charger, solar, windmill). I also want to monitor the full cycles of discharge/charge myself. So, I want to disable it. With a 12V system I tried to put the charged voltage to 20V, the tail current to 0.5% and the charge detection time to 50 minutes. The 702 still syncs to 100% SOC after getting close to full charge and sometimes earlier.

Does somebody know how to completely disable the auto sync?

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Did the MPPT destroy my batteries because of faulty BMV?

When I came back to my boat after being away for 6 months, the voltage on my lead batteries was about 3V. I could not understand what had caused this, as everything except the BMV and the MPPT with solar panels was disconnected.

I bought new batteries, and then I saw that the BMV displayed 0,2-0,3V lower voltage than the MPPT. The BMV was tested by my dealer with same result, and has now been sent to Victron.

I had set the MPPT to use the voltage from the BMV, as adviced in the manual. I guess this means that the MPPT constantly thought that the batteries was not fully charged, and probably have overcharged them.

Does this seems like a plausible cause for the death of my batteries?

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Multiplus 48/3000 ESS reliability


I'm trying to fix battery issue on an ESS system. The schematic is hereafter:


How it works ?

Normaly Q1 is off and the system is running "off-grid"

Q2 is switched on by the user when U1 shuts down because low voltage is reached (batteries are empty) In winter or because of bad weather, Mains supplies the system.

This was working for 2 years, but recently I was called by the user to check his system because he has to switch Q1 on more and more often ...

First check was the battery capacity. so I measure the C20 capacity of each 2 years old 220Ah Victron AGM battery.


B1 = 212 Ah

B2 = 44 Ah

B3 = 211 Ah

B4 = 207 Ah

Conclusion: B2 is faulty and leads to low batt. state when discharged, limiting the total bank capacity.

I have no idea of the B2 original capacity because il was not measured prior to installation.

So I want to replace B2 by a new one, but I'd like to improve system to avoid a future unbalanced battery pack and of course damaged batteries.

My question: Is it possible to leave Q1 on, and to let the Multiplus choose between mains from Q2, when batterie SOC < 50%, of course Multiplus has to charge batteries lets say up to 80% in the case there is no solar power available from U1.

When battery SOC is > 50% multiplus should not use mains supply but should use the battery to supply system.

I don't want the inverter to inject power in mains.

Is it possible to link components: Multiplus, BMV, and MPPT to exchange temperature, SOC, current, informations in order to drive correctly the system ? (Mplus has only 2xRJ45 I/O connectors)

How to configure the system to do this ?

As BMV 700 doesn't have temperature sensor, I consider to change it by a BMV 712 one.

As VRLA batteries should not be equalized, I consider the use of battery balancers to keep the battery bank balanced

Thanks for your help.

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Globallink 520 Multi Rs Solar Dashboard
Greetings to the community, I have a Globallink 520 and Multi Rs Solar and BMV712 installed, how can I see the overall view from the dashboard the setting with overview disappears immediately and can't see anything as the overall view like in this image?
Thank you



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J'ai une sonde température d'un BMV702 sous la main, puis-je l'utiliser directement sur l'entrée ANALOGIQUE INPUT TEMPERATURE de mon CGX ?!

Alexandre PY BLOUCH asked
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BVM 700 discharge floor %

I have a bmv-700 with a bluetooth dongle monitoring four 64ah lithium iron phosphate house batteries in parallel in my rv. I am trying to find the definition of "discharge floor" in the bmv manual. In the app it is the third item under "battery" which can be changed by the user. 50% is the default. In the 4.2.1 section of the manual it should be listed "03.", but it is not. I can't find it listed anywhere in my physical manual, or the downloadable manual. I assume it is the bottom half of the monitor's way to calculate "state of charge"? But a percentage of what? Battery voltage? Battery ah capacity? Thanks

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probleme sonde temperature BMV


L'option 67 et 68 ne s affiche pas dans le BMV ne pouvais donc pas régler les options en rapport avec la sonde de température.


janis4568 asked
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BMV712 with SmartSolar

I am charging my LFP battery bank from 3 x SmartSolar MPPT controllers (2 x 100/30, 1 x 75/15). They are all set to the standard LFP charge profile of Absorption: 14.2V for 6h and float voltage of 13.5V.

They all receive the same battery voltage information from the BMV712 yet they all go into float at vastly different times. The first of which is before the the BMV712 has reached 90% SOC. I am considering setting up a raspberry pi to act as a Venus Control which i think will give SOC information to the controllers. Is that correct and/or is there anything else i can do to get everything talking to each other better?

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how to integrate the BMV-712 into the Cerbo

Hello I have a setup as follows:

3Ph MP2'+ Solar RS450-100 + Fronius Symo + ~40kW Pylon US3000c' controlled by Cerbo GX /Touch 70 and VRM. All working as expected.

Bought a Hyundai (ITC-Power) 8kVA Genset 3Ph (in Single Ph mode), VE Smart dongel and a Quattro2 48/5000/Charger only. Connected and Setup everything; as per the Manual. Everything works somewhat as expected. I need to adj. AVR /Idler settings abit. Fuel-Level is monitored by the Cerbo.

Keeping the two systems isolated from the other. I managed to get Automatic Gen. Start/Stop function working from the Cerbo. Over the AUX1 input and Relay of the Quattro2, with warmup/cooldown timmers.

Now I wish to install a BMV-712 have it laying around for some time now. To monitor the output of the Genny/Quattro2 in the Cerbo as well the BMV-Relay as a safety device (ex: on AUX2)

The Question is how to integrate the BMV-712 into the Cerbo so oversight can be seen in VRM if possible in the Remote Console as well? If not; are some other viable options avoiding a second GX device.

Edit: Forgot to ask: Pylon. settings for the BMV-712 just as a control. I am getting older... lol

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BMV-712 new setting #72?

I did a firmware update a few months ago and now my BMV-712 has another setting... #72. I can't make out what the display says this setting is, so I looked at the latest online manual from Victron, and there is no #72!!! Not even after 4 months!!! What gives? How can the latest manual not show this after many months? And what is the new setting #72? - Thanks!

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BMV 712 reading the house bank plus two starter batteries


Have a couple of question please:

1. On my Cat I have a house bank batteries and two starters batteries . All different locations. House bank in near galley, and starters batteries (1 next to engine Port 1 next engine STB). My question is:

Would it be possible to obtain reading of those separate systems? I understand is possible with house bank plus one starter battery, but I want make sure that would an extra input connector in the shunt for the second starter battery.

2. I understand the supplied shunt has 500amps capacity, right? My house bank currently hold 7 batteries, that combine can generate 700 amps. I guess that should be problem, correct?

Thank you,


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CHARGER + BMV 700, Disconnect other cables when charging ?


The seller couldn't answer me and i couldn't find any wiring diagram for my current setup, so i'm asking this to you guys:

Here's a diagram of my setup


Question: Do i need to disconnect every other cable on the battery when i want to charge it with the IP67 charger? I'm afraid of damaging the shunt or the inverter if i leave all the cables on while charging, i'm pretty new to this.

I was thinking of using the circuit breaker and then start the charge, but still, i'm not 100% sure that it'll prevent the inverter from being potentially damaged.

(It's obvious but just in case: on the diagram, the negative cable of the IP67 charger is connected on the "LOAD and CHARGER" side of the shunt.)

(I'm only willing to charge the battery when the inverter is off.)

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Cerbo relays verse the 712 relays?

I am curious why the Cerbo relay settings can't be as straight forward as the 712 relay functions? Why can't the Cerbo have a simple low voltage / high voltage relay setting? It just seems like the Cerbo relay settings are needlessly cumbersome.

Am I just not looking in the right place?

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Unable to Change PIN: BMV-712 Smart

My BMV-712 PIN is still set to the factory default '000000' and I am trying to change it to my own PIN. I have unpaired all of my (Android) devices from the Victron controller. When I select PIN code reset in the app and enter the PUK code, I continuously get this message in the app. However, I never have the opportunity to set my desired PIN. When I click OK, the app takes me back to the Device List. What am I doing wrong?


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Does the Multiplus 2 Battery monitor use the Peukert Factor ?


There is no option on the config file of a Multiplus 2 to enter Peukert Factor for the built in battery monitor. Does it base it on a default Peukert value of the type of battery selected, or does it not use Peukert at all for SoC calculations, and the only way i can achieve this is to install a smart shunt / BMV?



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