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Which AC IN side inverters supported by VenusOS?

Dear community!

I am currently using a Quattro II 5000 with a Victron MPPT on the DC, and a Fronius 5.0-1 on the AC-Output side.

Now I am thinking of adding a few more panels, preferably with small modular inverters. Do they need to be explicitly supported by VenusOS (on Cerbo) to be displayed as "AC-IN side PV generators", or can the OS guess this using the meter (as I have no loads on the AC-IN side)? If so, is there a list of supported inverters?

Of course, I know that Fronius inverters do work with VenusOS, but if I understand correctly, AC-IN side should be easier than AC-OUT side, as the PV inverters there will switch off anyway in no-grid situations - so the choice should be broader...

Thank you

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Node red : Multiplus II primary relay

Dear all,

My installation consists of solar panels, Pylontech batteries, a Multiplus II, and a Solar Charger MPPT 450/100. This set is controlled by a CERBO GX. I have installed Venus Large and Node-RED.

I already control a hot water tank from a CERBO GX relay programmed with Node-RED.

I would also like to program the primary relay of the Multiplus II via Node-RED. I can do this with the Relay Assistant but cannot find it with Node-RED. Do you have an idea?


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ESS or MP2 reducing discharge power at 30% and 20%

Hi all,

I am a bit confused because my MP2 reduces the discharge current at 30% and then again at 20%. I cant recall to have configured something like this.

Environment is MP2 48/5000 + Venus OS + 16s DIY System with JK BMS.

Can anyone point me to a possible source?

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Node-Red Webinar

I am in the states and could not participate in the Node-Red Webinar/Zoom event.

Is there a recording of it that I can watch?

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ESS - Multiplus status - VenusOS 2.92

I've just updated my system to Venus OS v2.92 and I've noticed that the status of the Multiplus is now showing "External Control" not "Bulk" as it was on the previous version.

After update I've set the system exactly the same as it used to be. Anyone else have the same issue? Is it a bug or I've missed something?

Any suggestions welcome.


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Victron dbus services -> which one to choose?


I've a small mixed Home Assistent / Victron system and try to integrate everything into VenusOS. Right now I've a Shelly 3 EM as grid meter, 3x shelly 1 PM measuring what my 3x grid-based Inverter (Sun GTIL2 1000, one per phase) produce from a Battery.
This battery is connected to a Victron smart shunt and 3x Victron MPPTs.

The Problem now is that the Shelly 1pm ( is installed as PV Inverter (com.victronenergy.pvinverter). The Sun's are connect to the battery but visualized as PV to AC. I would need battery (DC) to AC...

I'm not really sure which device / service is the right one to choose? Maybe inverters, but they only have L1, I'm using 3x on L1 to L3. I've not found a notice why Invert can't be set to L2 or L3.
Here's a screenshot and a schematic, "PV Wechselrichter" are my Shelly 1PMs:



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how can I force chargeing from PV only / disable feed-in until batteries are full

Hi Folks,

during winter season, daily PV yield is not sufficient to fully recharge the batteries, especialy when direct consumption is also part of the usage.

My DSO does allow PV feed-in but does not allow chargeing from grid.

Using battery life alone, it would take weeks until a SoC of 100% can be reached, because discharging would still be allowed.

I'd rather find a solution to use almost all (and only) PV for chargeing, as well as prevent discharging until a SOC of 100% has been reached.

What would be the best option, given that I have Node-Red and the Cerbo with activated mqtt at hand?

My first guess is, to set the grid-setpoint to the value of the actual grid-consumption (so direct usage of PV will not take place, as all PV will be used for chargeing the batteries) .... do this until SOC of 100% has been reached, then return to a standard grid setpoint.

When minimum SOC has been reached, restart that procedure.

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New fronius Gen24 product support

Does anyone know if victron are supporting the new Symo/Primo Gen24 models?

Anybody know if they are detected and read by the VenusOS?

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2 Answers

Inverter state control doesn’t seem work for “power on” mode from vrm

Multiplus 3K connected to venus os 2.92 on Raspberry Pi


The image above shows the 4 ways that I should be able to control inverter state. If the inverter is on, i can set to the other 3 states (off, charge, invert only). However, if inverter is off, the only way I can turn it on is using the victron connect app (bottom left of image). With any of the other 3 interfaces, the buttons indicate the unit is on after pressing on and then refreshing displays but the inverter remains in the off state.

Michael Ziegler asked a potentially related question on Mar 16 2022 at 8:52 PM under the topic: “Control your devices in VRM showing incorrect inverter state” and i attempted to ask if this had been resolved but there was no response.

I have tried reinstalling venus OS and that did not help. The general settings for remote access/remote control are set to True. I would have to believe this isn’t an issue on a true cerboGX and touch control otherwise it would be a major issue. My reason for implementing venus was to allow my wife (not overly technically inclined) easy control of the inverter. Without this functionality I will just have to depend on Victron connect app as I have for the last year.


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Reduce charge current based on SOC Multiplus

I want to reduce the charge current from the Multiplus II based on SOC from smartshunt using NodeRec via Cerbo.

I have tried in NodeRed but cannot find a setting to change charge current.
Have anyone tried this?
I see that I can reduce charge current via an analog in and use an assistant in the MP, but this is not a desired solution.

Any advice?

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Victron Multi RS Solar 48/6000 connect to VRM (CCGX or RPi)

Hi everyone,

Can someone give a bit more clarity on how to bring the Multi RS in VRM?

The manual is... limited in this regards.

I have a CCGX (on my existing quattro installation) and just bought a RaspberryPi on which I installed VenusOS and I also purchased a MK3 adapter.

From what I can tell, only VECan is available on the Multi RS, but when I connect to CCGX it won't show anything. Do i need the little RJ45 end plugs (which didn't came with any device...) ?

What would I need to connect it to RPi?



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Venus OS v2.92 Bluetooth Missing from Settings Menu and Bluetooth Sensors missing from I/O Menu

I just upgraded to Venus OS v2.92 on my Cerbo GX. When I did, my RUUVI sensors stopped communicating with VRM. I went to the Cerbo settings menu and found Bluetooth was gone from the menu list. I then went to the I/O menu in Settings and found that Bluetooth Sensors was gone from that list. I rebooted the Cerbo, but this did not correct the issue. The menu items are still missing. What happened to Bluetooth and Bluetooth sensors in v2.92? My Ruuvi sensors were functioning perfectly before I updated the Venus OS.

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Controlling a 120V outlet based on temperature using Venus OS on RPi

What's the easiest way to control a 120V outlet, based on outdoor temperature, using the Venus OS running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+?. I've updated the OS to version 2.92, and have ordered several Ruuvi sensors. I also have the Victron Smart Battery Sense module installed.

I store my off-road camping trailer high in the Colorado mountains, where we have many nights with temperatures below the 25F threshold for my LiFePO4 battery. It's plugged-in though when stored, and I have a battery warming wrap -- I just don't want to leave the wrap plugged in all the time.

I'd love to be able to use something like a TP-Link smart outlet (WiFi), or anything Zwave or Zigbee would be fine too. I'd also consider using DuPont wires off of the GPIO pins on the Pi, though that would be my last choice as the length of these control cables seems pretty limited.

For those that have something like this setup -- what are you using, and has it been reliable?

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DC Power shows incorrect consumption on unloaded phoenix inverter

After some time wondering why my "DC Power Consumption" some times report incorrect values in the dashboard i started trying to figure out why.

System components:
* Phoenix Inverter 12V 800VA 230V
* Smartshunt 500A
* EPEver PC charge controller (reporting to venus)
* Pi3 with Venus os
* 100Ah 12v Lifepo4 battery

While running on battery and no or a small load on the inverter, the "DC Power" reports a power consumption of approx. 23w or 46w more than that the actual power used displayed on the battery shunt on the Venus and in VRM.

Display when inverter is loaded with approx 12w(bulb) + 6w of inverter idle consumption:


(The shunt reports correct all the time, checked with a clamp meter)

I've seen the difference between shunt and dc power to been up to 46w when the inverter is completely idle(ON but nothing connected on AC side)

After some peeking into `dbus-spy` i think i've found the issue, and it seams to be that the inverter reports between 0 and -0.2A load on `AC/Out/L1/I` when idling, reporting -0,1A on 230v will report to -23w of usage and shown as 42w( -1*(-19+-23) ) extra ont the "DC Power" block in the UI. This is also the reason why the issue disappears when the inverter is loaded, as this negative reading then will be gone.

As for now it looks like the current reading on my inverter could be out of sync inside the device, or that it just displays incorrect values when idling... Is there a way to get this reading "in-sync" again (a form of calibration?) or something else that could be done to make my reading more exact? eg. ignore current readings bellow zero from the inverter ? as the inverter have no way of generating back power there should never be a negative value reported on the AC side.

Anyone have an advice for this issue?

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SOC fall down over night


In my system (Multiplus 2-48, GWL 4,8 kWh, Venus OS) falls des SOC overnight quickly from 75 % to 10 %, but no big consuption or feed was observed. Battery life was activated.

What can be the reason?

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