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Venus OS is the software that runs on our GX Product range

MPPT isn't putting out the current it could, why?


My setup:

  • 95Ah Sealed Lead Acid battery
  • BeagleBoard Black running Venos OS
  • SmartShunt
  • Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct 800/12
  • MPPT 100/20
  • 4-75 watts panels for a total of 300 watts

When the battery is below 80% I will see the MPPT pulling in over 200 watts, but now it is stopping at 79 watts. If I put some load on the system, the MPPT will put out more power, but on these long sunny days often this little 95Ah battery only gets to 96% to 98%.

I am assuming I have something set wrong. Right now the MPPT has the following settings:

  • Battery: 12v
  • Max charging current: 20A
  • Charger enabled: true
  • Battery preset: user defined
  • Export Mode: off
  • Absorption voltage: 14.4v
  • Float voltage: 13.6v
  • Equalization voltage: 16.1v

Is there something I should be changing here, maybe in the SmartShunt or even in the Venos OS?

sam-carleton asked
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What's going on with VRM?

VRM has not worked properly for weeks and today I've lost my installation from the menu, it's just a blank screen saying Add Installation.

Does anyone at Victron have an idea of timeframe when it will be back or know how I can see my system in the meantime? I guess I do need a backup of some sort.

Does anyone have a Node-RED dashboard showing ESS basics for example.

markess asked

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Updating firmware of Victron devices


I've read many discussions, articles etc regarding firmware updating of Victron devices.

This is what I understood:

  • if it works, don't update it
  • never ever update Multiplus, unless you know how to configure it back since it goes to factory setting after the update (I have 3F system)
  • if needed you can update MPPT and Cerbo GX, it shouldn't delete any settings

Now my questions are:

  • did I understood it correctly?
  • I'd like to install Node-RED on Cerbo GX. If I do that will it preserve the settings if I use the full version of FW? Or will I need to do anything else after the update?
  • there was a new OS v3.00 yesterday. Is it safe to update the FW to the full version of v3.00 with Node-Red if I have v2.92 now?

Thanks a lot.

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Venus OS v3.00 / warm-up and cool-down options

Generator warm-up and cool-down options is great, thanks Victron Energy.

Nevertheless do not forget to update the inverter's MK3 otherwise it will not be possible to enable these options.

yaute asked
mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·

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MultiRS Solar scheduled charging using Node Red

As soon as from 1.12 firmware there is an option for ESS External Control, Im wondering if I can implement the following scenario: charge battery during night time only (except cases when SoC is low). Thats what's my plan:

1. Switch MultiRS Mode to ESS External Control

2. Using integrated Node set ESS State to "10 - Optimized mode w/o BatteryLife: self consumption, SoC at or above minimum SoC"

3. When SoC is down less than 30% change ESS State to "12 - Optimized mode w/o BatteryLife: recharging, SoC dropped by 5% or more below minimum SoC"

4. As soon as night time came (after 23:00 till 7:00) change ESS state to "9 - 'Keep batteries charged' mode is enabled" until full charge

5. As charge is full change it State back to 10.

Is it a good idea overall? Will it work?

Evgeniy Labunskiy asked
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Controlling single phase ESS via nodered

I have set up a single phase ESS (Multiplus2) which is working as expected so far.

I would like to control the charging from the grid flexibly via nodered while relying on the gx ess functionality to provide zero feed-in functionality.

I found that I can control "disable charging" via nodered but that works only during the scheduled charging times. And while a charge is scheduled zero feed-in functionality is not working although charging is disabled.

What is the best way to achieve charging control via nodered while in ess mode?

michael-protogerakis asked
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MultiPlus-II stuck with old max charge current setting

Max charge current is set depending on a variety of factors using NodeRed, and has been working flawlessly for months. I recently noticed that it stopped fluctuating as expected, and checked the code to see if it was still set correctly, as well as whether or not it made it into the "remote console" (in DVCC -> "Maximum charge current"). I also checked that there was no interference from the BMS, and that the current voltage wasn't close to any of the limits either.

When disabling the NodeRed code and setting the charge current manually in remote console, this didn't have an effect either.

Ultimately, since I couldn't make sense of the situation and none of the data I reviewed gave any explanation, I decided to restart the VE.Bus system which - as expected - returned things to normal.

The MPs are running firmware 498, I checked the changelog and it doesn't seem that there have been any changes pointing to what I'm describing above (except maybe for "miscellaneous changes"). Is anyone aware of a firmware change that would fix the issue I have described?

kenzo asked
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1 Answer

Gathering EM24 data via nodered

I have a EM24 Ethernet as part of an ESS. Is it possible to gather data from the EM24 via nodered through one of the Victron nodes?

If not, is there an example anywhere of how to poll data from the EM24 Ethernet in parallel to the GX via Modbus TCP from nodered?

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Venus, VRM, Node-RED - all not working

VRM hasn't connected all afternoon for me. I can't get a remote Console either. I also just noticed Venus is showing as offline by my router.

Unfortunately this means that I can't control my system without being physically present. I have Node-RED code running for example, but can't access it.

Any thoughts on how I might connect? All has worked since install last year.

Is something still going on at Victron to cause this? Why would venus be offline in that case. It's like it doesn't connect to WiFi anymore.

markess asked
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PV Inverter Always Shows 0 Watts on Dashboard

Hello. Attached inverter is a ABB UNO-DM-5.0-TL-PLUS-US on the AC output of two MultiPlus 24/3000/70-50 120V in a split phase configuration. The ABB inverter is communicating via sunspec protocal to Venus OS v2.93. AC totals shows the correct output power but the dashboard always shows zero. Is there a way to fix this? It's been several years and I can't find a solution. Thanks.




BlueTrepidation asked
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Node-RED default dashboard values after Cerbo reset

I have Node-RED running on my Cerbo GX. I have a Node-RED dashboard where I set some numerical parameters for the flows (as flow variables). Recently I had to reboot my GX due to connectivity issues and after rebooting, as you might expect, all the dashboard values change (seem to either not be set or go to their range extremes).

After a GX reset Node-RED appears to come back up, running the flows it did previously, so it's important to make the dashboard values come back set to something sensible.

Is there a way to set a default dashboard value, which it will take after a reset of my GX?

The image shows how I use the function node to set a flow variable from the dashboard. Do I just need to use 'On Start' tab and set a hard value there? e.g.

flow.set("socthreshold_dash", 50);

return msg;



markess asked
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Can not access Cerbo via LAN -IP:1881 any more. Receive 504 Gateway timeout

Cerbo appears to be running. It is on firmware 2.94. Remote Console is running, shows Node Red enabled in venus Large, Ethernet state is connected, IP address is present, as is gateway IP and DNS. VRM portal in Remote Console shows no errors in connect, etc.

VRM Dashboard is also running and updating

Node Red was always accessed vie, with no problem . I had node red running my flows no problem - for weeks now. I added some flows that I was testing - Dashboard buttons, etc, all linked only to debug nodes. When I deployed, the red deploy button became a mobile little bar chart, showing deploy active, and never stopped. 1/2 hour later I exited the browser, and tried to restart node red via - returns 504 Gateway timeout error. Trying to enter node red via Venus OS Large on the VRM portal also just hangs up forever. However, it seems my existing node red flow is still in place and running - I control Cerbo relays with certain temperatures, etc, and that is still happening, but I cannot get into Node red.

I can ping the Cerbo in a cmd window and it returns in 4ms

I have re-booted the cerbo, and turned it off and on again - no change.

Any Ideas?

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start automatique Flow node red after reboot venus os ?


is it possible to start node red flow after reboot raspberry pi venus os large ?

thank you

ro2kpdp asked

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Access to nodered via vrm portal is very slow

Hello, I am trying to develop an application in nodered but access to it is very slow from vrm, sometimes it accesses quickly and most of the time it is too slow that some idea cannot be accessed. Thank you very much for your attention.

I already restarted the cerbogx, but still the problem persists

polonioli68 asked
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Using Nodered without switching off ess an changing to external control


i need nodered for several controling flows, e.g. switching on/off of an big external ventilation for the battery room by the difference of Temperatur between outside/inside temp. Or switching on some heatings when there is too much sun and Soc and so on.

many important things, that can be easy implemented in nodered for a 100kwh battery USV system.

But i don’t want to change from ESS to external control and Programm all the ESS things that are working fine …

thank you

gnagflow asked
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