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Skylla-i Vs Skylla-TG ?

I need to replace a broken Skylla-TG 24/50 charger, and I was planning to upgrade to an 80A one, but I'm not sure whether to get the TG or I version. What's the difference? Is one a newer model? I'm using a Venus to control everything - do either of those chargers have better compatibility?

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When Multiplus change from bulk to absorption?

I have a Multiplus 2 48/500VA with ESS and a Cerbo GX connected to a battery. The ESS is in "Keep battery charged" mode. The Multiplus is always in bulk mode! What is the parameter that cause the change from bulk to absorption? I alredy try to change "absorption voltage" and " State of charge when bulk finished" but it's always bulk. It's supposed to stay this way?. Am i missing something? Thank you

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Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger: SW bug trigger recondition / overcharging?

Have used a IP43 smart charger 12/50 (1+1) and MPPT smart regulator 100/30 several seasons with latest recommended firmwares charging AGM batteries.

Last Monday did i install LFP GBS cells and a BMS, one busbar for load and one for charging, AGM starter battery is directly connected to charge busbar.

Yesterday evening did I stop all charging while I was installing BMV-712.

Afterwards did I connect the new BMV-712 to the virtual network and restarted both solar and shore power charging.

Maybe after an hour did I notice that the starter battery voltage was 16.2 V,

BMS protected LFP cells by disconnecting them.

I expected to see 14.2 or 13.5 volt but this overcharging was a shock.

Created a user profile on IP43 to force a lower voltage.

Recondition has always been disabled.

What can trigger the 16.2 voltage?

Is it me using the Victron features in wrong way:

  • no trickle charging of any battery
  • IP43 connected to charge busbar
  • AGM starter battery connected to charge busbar
  • Service LFP bank charging conrrolled by BMS
  • via the virtual network does IP43 get voltage figures from LFP service bank from the BMV-712

Is the solution to disconnect BMV-712 from virtual network networking

and let Shore power share data with solar regulator via virtual network?

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Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger constantly restarting

I have recently replaced my shore power charger with a new Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger along with three Victron 110ah batteries.

I've updated the firmware and mostly it's all working ok. But sometimes when I switch on the power the controller just constantly resets itself. All the lights come on, the bluetooth connection is there and then all the lights go off and it restarts. This repeats.

I can stop this resetting cycle by catching the bluetooth connection and switching to "power supply" and then returning to "charger".

Could this be a problem with the AC supply?

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Need more watts, Orion DC-DC Charger to EcoFlow Delta Max

Have installed a 12/12 30 Victron Orion isolated DC-DC charger connected to a Delta Max. When I plug the Delta into lighter socket from a Toyota Sienna minivan I get about 99watts charge. When I charge via the Orion, I only manage about 10 more watts at about 111watts. That's a far cry from the 360 watts I thought I would be getting. I did notice that sometimes it will go up to about 165watts for a second or two before resetting back to about 100watts again.

I'm hoping changing some settings in the app can help and looking for advice, tips, thoughts and suggestions please.

Thanks for your time!

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Blue Smart IP67 charger - Lithium-ion voltage

Hi - I just got the Blue Smart IP67 charger. It states that for Lithium-ion batteries, the charging voltage is 14.2V, and float is 13.5V. My batteries are rated differently: 14.6V/13.8V. Is there a way to reconfigure the charger with the proper voltage? I couldn't find such option in the app. Appreciate any help!

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How to change Blue Smart charger advanced settings for Li-on batteries?

I'm using the 24V / 13A Blue Smart IP65 Charger on two 120Ah LiFEPO4 batteries in series. It's working OK but I would really like to tweek the Bulk Absorption up from 28.4V to the 28.8V receommendation from the battery manufacturer. I may also need to change the 2 hour absorption time limit.

However the settings are greyed out (WTF?). Is it possible to chnage these settings somehow?


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Multiplus 24/3000/70 50a charge limit

Hi all! I connected my laptop to the inverter and configured all the parameters for my system and battery type/capacity. However, connecting to the inverter via the Victron Connect app shows that the charge limit is set to 50a. When I try to increase this to 70a in the VC settings, it wont let me go above 50a. What am I missing here? How do I allow the system to fully utilize the 70a that the charger is able to handle?

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go-eCharger integration in Venus OS

Hi community,

I just finalized my integration of the go-eCharger as a evcharger into the Victron OS. You can find my project on github with all you need to setup:




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Schedule charging charge rate


Is there a way to set the charge rate (drawn from grid) in ess schedule charging?

I want to charge eV and recharge batteries during low tarrif at night but don't want to be pushing those numbers from grid all at once on max charge, so want to reduce battery charge rate (lower but longer)

However I also don't want to limit overall charge rates as during the day I have ac coupled Pv charging the batteries through multiplus ii.

Ie max charge during the day from PV with grid setpoint being 0

At night I want schedule charging at Lower charge rate.



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New multiplus vs multipluc compact vs multiplus

Hello all,

I'm in a bit of a dilemma, and do not know which route to go with an inverter/charger.

I'm now confused in what to get.

Multiplus - classic, has all the nice features

Multiplus compact - going to be discontinued, what does it lack next to the multiplus?

New multiplus - this I'm not sure what features it has, I see it has different ac in/out with connectors, not hard wired inside, does it come in the box with cable? I cannot find any information or video footage of the new multiplus, looks like nobody has installed or reviewed this product...

All the help would be appreciated!

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Model Phoenix 12/24. When the power switch is turned on, it lights up (bulk) and after a few seconds goes into (failure + fast blinking Bulk) output voltage = 0V

when trying to configure settings:

Adjusting maximum bulk current.

Adjusting absorption voltage.

Adjusting float voltage.

- the system enters setting mode, but the output voltage remains zero

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100/20 sometimes stops charging and then carrying on again.

Hello together, my 100/20 is charging a 16S-LiFePo4 batterie with 90Ah. It’s running on two 400W modules (mpp at 34V per module) I have seen now for the second time, that the charger just dropped down to 2 ore 3 watt, without a reason. After a wile it starts working again and I am not able to figure it out. I have checked the manual of the charger and made sure, that there is no problem. The settings are right, cable are fine and also not overheating or anything else. Has anyone experienced anything similar and was able to figure it out?




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model phoenix 12/24. when the power switch is turned on, it lights up (bulk) and after a few seconds goes into (failure + fast blinking Bulk) output voltage = 0V

Model phoenix 12/24. When the power switch is turned on, it lights up (bulk) and after a few seconds goes into (failure + fast blinking Bulk) output voltage = 0V.

when trying to configure settings:

Adjusting maximum bulk current.

Adjusting absorption voltage.

Adjusting float voltage.

- the system enters setting mode, but the output voltage remains zero

(Charger is brand new)

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will a 100/20 MPPT controller have a conflict with a bcdc charger

I have a bit of a problem with how I want to connect a new 200w panel.

Background:- My auto electrician found my two existing solar panels [in parallel] are putting out 37volts rather the the max 28 stated by the manufacturer. He could not connect them to the bcdc1250d charger [which also has a 750w MPPT controller but a limit of 32volts] he had just fitted so added a victron 100v/20a MPPT charger... An additional panel on this would be over 20amps, so I wanted to add a new 200 w panel to the redarc bcdc charger to utilise the 'green' function that uses solar before the alternator current. Id prefer not to go to series panel connection due to shading from roof vents and a satellite dish.

Question? Could there be conflict between new 200w panel connected via the bcdc1250D and the 2 old 140w panels connected via the victron 100/20 MPPT charger

Currently while the bcdc is working fully while driving the old solar potential is not being used


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