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Multiplus II GX, MPPT 250/100, Generator, Netztrennschalter, Notstrom einphasig einspeisen...

Hallo zusammen :-)

Ich plane gerade die Elektronik für eine 4,9kWp Solaranlage mit folgender Hardware:

1x Multiplus II GX

2x Pylontech us3000c

1x MPPT 250/100

12x 410W Solarpanele

1x 2100Wp Generator

1x 4 poliger Netztrennschalter 63A mit 0 Stellung.

und Kleinkram, wie Sicherungen...

Im Normalfall soll der MPPT die Akkus laden und der Überschuss wird ins Netz eingespeist. Hier hab ich rausgefunden, dass ich den GRID Code Germany einstellen muss, damit maximal 4,6kVA eingespeist werden. Außerdem muss ich noch die 70% Grenze berücksichtigen, darf also aktuell 3444kVA einstellen (bei 4920Wp gesamt).

Für den normalen USV Betrieb kommen die Server an AC OUT-1, während der Multiplus über AC IN versorgt wird?

Habe ich soweit etwas übersehen?

Den Teil, den ich noch nicht durchblicke ist aber der Notstrom-Fall. Sollte der Strom etwas länger ausfallen, würde ich gerne die Möglichkeit haben vom Multiplus aus einphasig ins Haus einzuspeisen und mit einem Generator die Akkus nachzuladen.

Dazu würde ich manuell das Grid mit einem 4 poligen Netztrennschalter abkoppeln und einen Ausgang vom Multiplus einphasig einspeisen lassen (Also L1,L2,L3 brücken). Wie kann ich das machen? Da der AC IN auf einer der drei Phasen hängt, kann ich AC OUT-1 nicht einfach einphasig einspeisen, weil AC IN und AC OUT-1 dann direkt verbunden würden.

Wäre ein gangbarer Weg, dass ich z.B. L1 über den Multiplus permanent durchschleife, sodass diese Phase ausfallsicher ist und ich bei Bedarf über den Trennschalter das Netz abkoppel und die Phasen überbrücke?

Und für den Fall, dass dann die Akkus leer sind, würde ich gerne den Generator anschließen und PowerAssist und PowerControl nutzen um die Akkus zu laden und die Versorgung sicherzustellen, wobei der Gernerator maximal mit 1000W belastet werden soll. Brauche ich dafür nochmal einen Trennschalter, der L1 zum Victron auf den Generatoreingang umschaltet? Aktiviert der Multiplus PowerAssist und PowerControl dann selbstständig? Ich möchte dann die Einspeiseleistung auch automatisch auf 3600W begrenzen, sodass der Neutralleiter niemals überlastet werden kann.

Geht das und geht das besser?

Schonmal danke.


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Is There A Cable Product Verified to Work for the Console Port on Pylontech US3000?

My distributor and Pylontech themselves couldn't do me the deed of furnishing the debugging cables (the so-called USB- Male rs232 and Female rs232 - RJ11)

So I went ahead and contacted another Pylontech reseller here, and they said to just get those cables from a computer store. So I went on to mercadolibre and bought them. Turns out the female rs232 - RJ11 was the only offering of its kind available online in this country. I don't have the knowledge or gear (or electrical chop shop) to see if my cable(s) is the problem. But everytime I try to connect it has a timeout error. I know I'm using the right COM port. The Pylontech US3000 manual says baud rate for RJ11 needs to be 1200. Really don't know what else to try.

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Batteries Now Only Charge to 88%

I've had my system set up for a year now. No problems. Using CerboGX with Touch50, Smart Solar 250/100, Multiplus 48/5000 and a battery bank of 4 Pylontech US3000.

Looks like I've encountered my first hiccup. I have the touch screen display for my cerboGX, and check it every so often. Today I noticed the MPPT was not sending any more electricity to the batteries. It seemed to be treating 88% charged as if it were 100%. I confirmed this by running a pump in the house. The sun was shining outside. When the pump was on, I could read the (-) amp draw from the battery bank, and when the pump cycled off, the MPPT compensated accordingly and sent an equivalent amount back to the batteries, until it reached a full 88% charge again. Battery health on the monitor states 99%.

I certainly haven't changed any settings lately. Actually, I haven't made any modifications since the installation one year ago. The only thing I can think of that might be causing this is about a week ago, I was moving a floor fan in the room, and the back of it accidentally touched the switch on the inverter, which turned it off. I turned it back on promptly. Maybe I've been having this problem since then, but can't say, because today was the first day I payed attention to the display since then.

What do you think is causing the system to treat 88% charged as if it were 100% charged? It will not go above 88%. The six LED charging indicator lights on the front of the batteries also only show 5/6 lights illuminated.

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Pylontec Color Control Gx Easysolar II GC problems with mppt

Hi together,

I’am searching a solution for my problem. I don’t know what to do anymore.

First our setup:

Pylontec up 2500

Easysolar II GX 24/3000/70

Color control GX

I am unable to control the mppt via the GX panel.

The mppt is also not listet on my device list.

The mppt is connected via The cable must be fine, I tried anot her one. No change.

Somebody a idea what to do?

Thank you


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Cerbo GX MultiplusII wo die Einstellungen von der Pylontech vornehmen

ich weiß für Viele ist das mist was ich Frage

aber ich will sicher gehen

Ich habe einen Cerbo GX

3 Laderegler

1 Victron Multiplus II

4 Pylontech U2000 C

Wo neheme ich die Einstellungen für die Pylontech vor nur am MultiplusII

oder auch am Cerbo GX

und wenn dann wo am Cerbo GX

Wenn am MultiplusII die Batterien sind voll Geladen kann ich die Einstellungen dann auch mache wenn ich das Netz noch nich über den Multiplus geleitet habe.


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Link Me the Warranty Policies Please!

I would like the full, no-nonsense warranty policy in writing from Pylontech. I bought my batteries in 2020. Let's say they update their warranty policy in 2022, would that mean the new warranty policy applies or would it be the old one in my case?

I asked them to send me their warranty policy in writing by email, and they ignored my request.

Same request for the Victron policy please.

I want to read this stuff in writing with all the fine print.

Thanks in advance.

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Building three phase ESS with Multiplus 5kW and Pylontech


I am planning to install a ESS system according to the simplified schematic below combining 3 x Multiplus 5000VA for timeshifting energy and occasional backup duty. I hope I have gotten it right!

So my questions are,

1. What is the minimum battery requirement with Pylontech US2000 Plus batteries for this system? The Victron guide on Pylontech only covers off grid use which is more demanding compared to ESS. A breakdown of the requirement would also really help so I can think for myself next time :) Inrush currents have been mentioned before but I cannot find any numbers to base my decision on.

2. Can I add more US2000 Plus modules several years later even if they have different state of health?

3. Can I add other battery types in the same installation?



Sven F

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Can you connect the Cables in the Pylontech Kit to a Multiplus II 48/5000?


I was just wondering if you were able to use the Cables in Pylontech's Cable Kit and connect it straight to a Multiplus II 48/5000. The Multiplus II recommends the cable to be 70mm^2, while the cables in Pylontech Kit are 25mm^2. Also this might be a dumb question can you cut the Pylontech cables and put them through a dc fuse disconnector and cut it again and place in a Lynx Distributer and then eventually to the inverter charger?
I created a quick diagram of what I am planning to install.


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Multiplus II Settings for Pylontech US3000C 48V

Hi All

Thanks for the great info on the forum, it has helped greatly to setup the system as a DIY install in the UK.

I am having a problem with the setup in VE Configure, just getting confused as the Victron Pylontech doc talks about the US2000C.

On VE Configure > General I have battery capacity as 74Ah and currently do have 25Ah on the charge current. Is this correct? or should I be changing charge current to 35Ah (as I notice 37Ah is not possible)?

To start off I limited the inverter to 1000W this caused a low battery error. I have since lowered it to 500W limit and it worked fine. I do only need a low background output not the full output of the inverter.

I currently only have one US3000C and that was not easy to get hold of in the UK.

Any help would greatly appreciated.



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Pylontech UP5000 not charging to 100%

Good afternoon all,

This is the first time I am using the pylontech UP5000 batteries and I cant get them to charge above 86%, or more specifically 51.53V. The system is a Cerbo, a Quattro, and the pylontech batteries.



This is not my first time setting up a Victron with the Pylontech batteries, and I thought it was pretty straightforward up until now.

I have been through

and all of my settings are exactly as they state here, with the exception of the DVCC.

It looks like the items on the Live page are outdated as the DVCC is now forced on. SVS is forced off, STS is forced off. (I have checked past installations and I see this is now true on all my installations)

In addition to the above the following settings are set:

Limit charge current: Off

Limit managed battery charge voltage: off

SCS : off.


I also have confirmed the battery and the Cerbo are communicating with the parameters coming through as expected. The BMS CAN is set up correctly and I have no errors.


Additionally, I see that the cell data is now available. I don't know if this is just a Cerbo thing or a UP5000 thing. But I think it's cool.



When I first charged the battery it charged to 100%, which was at 51.53V. Over time that 100% has dropped to 86%.

What I suspect is that overtime the cells have balanced, which causes the 51.53V to equal a lower SOC. This is just my opinion and could be incorrect.

I dont know if anyone has any ideas on what I can do differently, or if I am missing anything. as at this point, I don't know how to get it to charge to 100%.

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Victron ESS battery compatibility Pylontech US5000(B)

Hello, I've found some threads regarding compatibility of the Pylontech US5000 battery (not the UP) with the Victron ESS system but a lot of them seem to be mixing up the UP and the US version.

The exact battery type (US5000 or US5000B, see ) is currently not listed on the battery compatibility list of Victron (

At this point, I'm assuming it's compatible, but I'd prefer a formal confirmation of this.

Even better: would it be possible to update the documentation page with compatible battery types? During certification of the electrical system by a notified body, some inspectors are pretty specific about the compatibility, certified by the vendor of the ESS, between a BMS and the ESS system.

At this point, I don't have the documentation (or certificates) ready to back this up.

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Multiplus 2 48/5000 with Pylontech US5000

Hi all

Just looking at getting my ESS project underway and obviously want to get started asap. Just a quick question. The recommended battery for the 48/5000 is 200 to 800 amp. I believe the US5000 is only 100amp but it does meet the requirement for surge current when starting up. Therefore, is it ok to or did anyone else start with just 1 * US5000 on this inverter and build the system up by adding another battery approx. 3 months later. Solar generation is going to reduce in the UK shortly so the single 4.8kw battery would be enough for take the excess solar until the spring



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Pylontech CCL and DCL well below specified maximum Charge Current

I have several Pylontech UP5000 installations, from 5KVAh to 40 KVAh. What I see is that I can never achieve maximum charge/discharge current specified, because CCL and DCL limits them. This happens not only at a certain temperature or when batteries are achieving maximum or minimum SOC%. That could be understandable. But an UP5000 has a 50 Amps standard charging specs and also a 0,7C for 5 minutes, 0,89 C for 60 seconds and a 2C for 15 seconds. Also there is info of lifecycle impact when you charge or discharge batteries to more than 0,5C. Bute I cannot achieve anything more than 0,5C CCL or DSL. I don´t believe BMS is allowing that. At least I coudn´t achieve those specs. Do you know if those limits can be changed? Even at owner decision to reduce SOH of batteries.

Also noticed in in article:
In Hardware protection points states, within 5.3 chapter:
"Over-charge and Over-discharge Current Limit 102A for 15 seconds, 200A for 0.1 seconds and 400A short circuit current." So seems that these limits are able to be achieved. But are they working while CCL and DCL limits far below them.?

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Display of net values not available in Cerbo GX

I have a setup out of:
- 3 MP II 5000 in 3 Phase config
- 8 Pylontech US3000C in ESS config
- DC Coupled PV with 2 Victron MPPTs
- AC Coupled PV with 10 Year old Kostal on the “AC IN” Side of the Multiplus
- Nothing connected on AC Output
- Cerbo GX Device
- Local Monitoring with Influx & Grafana
- EM24 Ethernet as Net Meter

Complete System works as expected. ESS, Feed excess energy, loading, regulating to 0 consumption… everything fine for Month now. But since the beginning, the GX does not show the net values from the net meter. Values in MQTT and the Monitoring are perfectly fine. I always wondered why? See pictures. Any idea why?

Expectation was that is displays the Net values (directly the values from the EM24) in the red box. The "Ac-Load" (Green box) of course is wrong values, because this system does not know what is load and what is from the AC Solar system.




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Pylontech battery cable spec


Can someone please clarify the following:

The Pylontech 2m external power cables (both + and -) is labelled 4AWG. The Pylontech US3000 manual (page 12) rates this as a 120A cable. AWG 4 translates to a 21.2mm2 cable with a current carrying capability of 70A at 60 deg C. (

A Pylontech US3000 battery (page 4 of manual) has recommended charge/discharge capacity of 37 A. This cable should work fine with a single module. However 2 modules in parallel will double the current capacity while voltage remain at 48V. Are we really using a 70A cable on a 74 A supply source? Obviously the max current per single US3000 is much higher.

The Pylontech cables does not appear to be a copper cable. The wire strands are silver.

Thank you


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