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Terugleveren in de avond.

Beste leden,

Ik ben nieuw hier en zou graag hulp krijgen met het volgende. Ik ben bezig met de aanleg van een ESS systeem, welke bijna klaar is. Deze bestaat uit 3 stuks MultiPlus 8000 3 fase. 4 stuks smart solar mppt 250/100 aangesloten op 40x 400 Wp zonnepanelen, 16000Wp totaal. Aangesloten op 18 stuks Pylontech US 5000. Totaal 86kWh.

Verder heb ik 3 stuks SolarEdge omvormers met 84.000 Wp aan panelen op verschillende oriëntaties.

Nu wil ik een klein deel als peakshaving toepassen. Omdat ik nu met een 3x50A aansluiting werk en de Solaredge omvormers begrenst zijn. Als ik de omvormers op vol vermogen kan laten draaien, waarvan overdag een deel in de accu's wordt opgeslagen. En dit later in de middag terug te leveren. Alle overige energie welke met de MPPT's opgewekt worden dan in de avond zoveel mogelijk terugleveren. En natuurlijk het eigen verbruik wat in de winter zal toenemen daarvan afgetrokken.

Heeft iemand ervaring met zo'n situatie?

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PYLONTECH us3000c connection multiple banks

Hi pylontech team i am facing issue in connecting us3000c batteries with lv hub . us3000 were good but 3000c is getting to a point where we cannot connect them all one bank works fine but when we connect multiple bank them it fails.

i need to connect 40 batteries but when i connect to lv hub they gives alarm .

also some time they do 3 beep and some time they don't .but they give red alarm on lv hum

i need dip switch setting and also i need to have step by step guide .

i cant find any manual that shows dip switch setting with lv hub

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How much energy does a pylontech US2000C consume in standby?

I cannot find any information how much energy a Pylontech US2000C needs in standby.

With standby I mean: The battery switch is "ON" and the battery was "started" with the red button. The battery is disconnected to any consumer via battery switch.

Background: The system is installed in a mountain hut. To keep things easy for others I want them to use the battery switch only and not mess with any additional switches in my installation. Sometimes the hut is not used for weeks, even 2 or 3 months maybe.

help very much appreciated. Thanks :)

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MPPT RS 450/200 Tracker shutdown VE.Direct


Is it normal if i connect the VE.Direct Cable to the Cerbo GX Unit that Tracker 3 and 4 out of function, just tracker 1 is working.



And the following is without VE.Direct connection. Why its work before i connect the VE.Direct cable to the CerboGX?


My System:



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Cablage Pylontech

Bonjour tout le monde,

Quel serait votre conseil pour le câblage via un Lynx PowerIn de 8 Pylontech US2000 avec les câbles Pylontech d'origine :

a) une paire de câble pour les 8 unités

b) deux paires de câble pour les 8 (soit une paire pour 4 unités)

c) quatre paires de câble pour les 8 (soit une paire pour 2 unités)

Bien à vous :)

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BMS-CAN zeigt keine Fehler aber es wird kein BMS Device angezeigt


ich habe eine Pylon kompatible Batterie am BMS-CAN angeschlossen.

Der BMS-CAN Netzwerksatus zeigt keine Fehler auf TX und RX und zählt stetig hoch.

Es wird aber weder bei "Device List" noch bei "Batterie Monitor" die Batterie angezeigt.

Was kann ich tun damit das BMS angezeigt wird?

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3.8kw Offgrid: Victron EasySolar 2 48v.35 with mppt 250/70 3000w Design + Fuses

Is the below correct before I go further? Thanks in-advance

PV 3.8kw Offgrid: Victron EasySolar 2 48v.35 with mppt 250/70 3000w

  1. Panels = 10 x JA SOLAR JM60S20 380/MR 380W VOC 41.62 V VMP 34.77 V ISC 11.47 A MP 10.93 A CLASS II MAX SYS 1000V, MAX AMP 20 TOTAL 3,8KW

  2. two strings 5 x 2 in series and wired series parallel, only one mppt and costly for another so all panels same direction height etc.PV Wiring = 6mm x 10m to inverter from shortest end 17m from last panel. 2 shocty diodes inline on each string + 1000v/20a to prevent reverse polarity. Then 32a 1000v disconnect before going to inverter

  3. Storage Pylontech 3000 and 3000c with 2m pylontech victron cables of correct size with 2 x 120a fuses on each pole.

  4. AC As this is not mains connected I am wondering what sort of consumer unit as have a few given to me but only need one ring main - .2 at the most for garden tools, But note easysolar has 2 ac outputs, does this mean no consumer unit is needed?

Does this configuration sound ok?

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Pylontech Internal Failure Alarm (audible)

Hi @ all

Today, I suddenly noticed a pretty nasty loud beep from the basement. One of the Pylontech US2000C batteries beeped loud. The Cerbo GX shows an "internal failure" and the master battery of the set of 8 batteries shows a red light.

Does somebody know what that means? What do I have to do? SOC of the system is 61%. Lowest and highest cell voltare seem fine (3,301V / 3,315V). Not much solar but the system was working well .. active soc is 65% due to bad weather. I saw it reached 65% shortly then went down to 61%.

What am I expected to do? Switch off all batteries and restart them? Will that interrupt the power supply of the inverters? This is a first for me ... the batteries are just 6 months old.

Best Regards

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Pylontech 3000C ohne Kommunikation betreiben

Hallo zusammen,

Ich habe 3 Pylontech 3000c mit Multiplus2/3000 und Cerbo GX in Betrieb.

Soweit als i. O.

Eine vierte 3000c ist defekt! Anscheinend ist das BMS defekt. Die Batterie habe ich im März über EBay gekauft. Trotz vorhandener Rechnung und Garantie bekomme ich weder von Bosswek noch von Pylontech eine Reaktion auf meine Mängelanzeige.

Meine Fragen ins Forum

1. Hat jemand ein Idee wie man da weiterkommen könnte.

2. Wenn eine Reparatur nicht möglich werden sollte, möchte ich die Batterie einfach mit im Verbund betreiben aber ohne Komunikation. Ist das möglich?

Danke voraus

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Victron Multiplus II with Pylontech ESS Installers in Scotland

I'm planning to have a 2nd PV array with a Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 and Pylontech batteries installed. I wondered if anyone could recommend some companies that would carry out this installation in Edinburgh?

lydart asked

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pylontech not reach to 100%

Dear all,

sensed voltage of battery and battery BMS voltage is not same so it doesnot charge the battery to 100%.Battery actual voltage is lesser but multiplus sensed DC voltage is higher so multiplus stop charging the battery.please find the attached screen shots.pylontech US2000 with multiplus II 5kVA UNIT.



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ESS System mit Multiplus 2, 2. Pylontech einbauen


kurze Frage....,

beim Einbau einer 2. Pylontech, reicht es aus nur die erste Pylontech komplett auszuschalten,

oder muss der Multiplus 2 ebenfalls ausgeschaltet werden?



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Visualisierung möglich ?


ich habe ein Pylontech us 3000 zweimal

dazu ein smart solar Mppt 150/35 im einsatz zum laden der Batterie

Entladung Konstant über Wechselrichter Nachteinspeisung.

gibt es eine möglichkeit das ganze Visuell dazustellen ?

ein Multiplus 2 soll ende nächstes jahr das System final fertigstellen.

kann Man da schon etwas machen was sich später erweitern lässt ?

Cebro Gx und Display oder irgendwas Akku und der Mppt würden mir in der Darstellung erstmal reichen


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Big voltage difference between Pylontech BMS and MultiPlus-II GX

Hi all,

ESS-system details are: MP-II GX 3000, Pylontech US2000C and 2 MPPT

Wiring and setup according to pylontech_phantom.

But currently it is not connected to grid because we wait for approval of grid company.

Issue is that MP-II and Pylon BMS are showing constantly different voltages as shown in dashboard

49.78V (BMS) vs. 52.36V (MP):


Impact is that Multi doesn't allow the battery to be charged by MPPTs because it is sharing the wrong voltage with them, and 52.4V is the charge limit. For example 1 MPPT has:


But the battery does actually have only 49.78V


GX-system setup battery monitor is autoselected with Pylontech.


I could not find any hint why this is happening. Does someone had similar results and what could be done to get Multi to use BMS voltage ?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Pylontech battery balancing

Just added to US3000C batteries to an existing pair of US3000C batteries. Started balancing operation all commss cables removed as well as lines to inverter. balancing started as expected but after a few hours the 2 existing batteries continue to show discharging but the new batteries are in standby. Restarting the balancing procedure shows that the new batteries are still on 3 LEDs whereas the old batteries are on 5 LEDS. Balancing continues for a few minutes and then they go into standby again. Is this normal and do I just have to wait overnight for balancing to complete. Or is there something I’ve missed.

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