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battery system voltage

Voltage difference between multiplus and battery voltage

Hello Community, I’ve got a multiplus 12/1600/70 Compact and have difficulty charging to 100% due to the multiplus reading a false voltage value from the battery. The multi is reading 13.83v and at the battery it’s 13.23v, the distance between them is 700mm and connected by 35mm2 with a 250 Mega Fuse, however I’ve check all the connections and have isolated the solar and any other income sources of DC. I believe the issue is that the muliplus thinks the battery is full at 13.82 as defined in the preset, but in true the battery is actually sitting at 13.23 (70%). Thank in advanced!



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Strange voltage curve on battery



First graph is from MPPT and second from monitor. MPPT curve looks normal till float state after battery gets full, but then some weird rise in voltage. Battery load was off the whole time, so only mppt working. Second curve is even weirder, should it be the same as with MPPT? I just installed BMV-712 so maybe it's still calibrating? But what could explain battery voltage rise after float state?

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BYD LVS - Strange increase of "min/max voltage" difference after 100% charge

Hello everybody,

I have an offgrid system, running for 1 year, made of a 8kWh BYD LVS battery, a MPPT RS450-100, and a Multiplus II 5000 VA.
Everyday, after the battery reaches 100%, I observe a strange increase of the max cell voltage, during hours :


Is it normal ? Does anyone have an idea of what happens ? The BMS should be balancing the cell's voltage instead, no ?

Thank you very much for your help

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When using the Victron smart shunt what are my settings for two 6 volt batteries in series?

I think I have it hooked up right but when I look at the app it’s telling me my volts are 6.74. I thought with the two batteries in series this would say 12. Something. what settings should I input so this is correct?

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Lets try a second time. Whats the Voltage accuracy of Victron products?


It seems questions often arise on this forum about the Voltage accuracy of Victron units and variances between voltages measured vs what's displayed on the app.

SINCE there is zero information about the accuracy of the Voltage meters in Victron products, it makes sense that some questions be answered on this community page, which is there to help Victron users!

Elvis, Kevgermany - You didn't like my replies to you and those who commented on my previous question, before you got offended and blocked my account - Maybe go back and read the "so called assistance" that was provided and understand I'm not some completely useless person "like you all suggested" and as a result I gave blunt responses in return showing my appreciation for the RUDE/little assistance and belittlement I received for you.

I fielt my replies were warranted, considering the attitude and belittlement I got from a number of you. All because I don't have access to a "very expensive" FLUKE DMM!

• My questions of how to confirm accuracy of a DMM, fell on deaf ears.

• My questions of the products number/model number of the voltage meters in Victron products, so I could answer the above question, fell on deaf ears.

• My question about how you can all guarantee the accuracy of Victron voltage meters when you all told me that unless a DMM is calibrated every year its not guarantee accurate, so I clearly asked how and why the Victron units can/are still considered accurate when they aren't calibrated every year? This fell on deaf ears.

• How can Victron products be guaranteed to have accurate Voltage if they're not regularly calibrated?

• Exactly what accuracy percentage does a Digital Multimeter need to have to be considered accurate enought to perform testing?

^^^These are SIMPLE QUESTIONS that will help MANY future Victron users and save them from having to create posts/questions when it's already been answered (the whole point of this community according to community guidelines)...

Let's watch you delete my account again for trying a second time to ask BASIC questions all because you assume I'll abuse you - The difference is that if you actually provide clear answers and don't provide VAGUE information, or try to waste my time asking for irrelevant information and/or imply I'm useless, then my replies will be respectful.

If you waste my time again, be rude or vague you will get blunt/rude replies in return - Not sure why you're surprised by this.

* I've been told I'm blunt due to my Autism, but that won't change the sour people who have been offended at my responses to them after they wasted my time, or implied I am useless (which in itself) is very insulting to me!

^^^ You offended me and/or wasted my time first before I gave it in return...

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Multiplus firmware for DVCC

Hi everyone, trying to sync voltages maybe I'm missing something?

Just have a couple of questions is DVCC okay to use with the 415 firmware on the multiplus as it requires 422 firmware I'm trying not to update it unless really have to (the multi is around 8 years old with new chip)

Or, is it best to either use the VE smart network instead it's mostly just to sync voltages

The system spec

Victron multiplus firmware 415

Two Victron smart solar mppts, 150/85 (10 series)which needs the latest Bluetooth dongle for the VE smart network to work and 100/50 (11 series) which has option already.

Victron Smartshunt


Lithium battery bank with heater inbuilt not Victron

Would it just be easier to just buy the BT dongle for the 150/85 mppt so to connect smartshunt/mppts to VE smart network or is there another way to sync voltages

Any ideas would be great thanks

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Setting DVCC volts for LFP 16 cells battery

I have LFP 100Ah 16 cells from "XD battery" and MultiPlus 48/5000. Both connected via Cerbo GX, via VE.Can configured as BMS Can. Related configuration already done in VE Configure.

XD Battery datasheet (got it from the vendor).

I always getting over-voltage error, as on Cerbo GX, as on battery BMS.

I started from 56V and went to 54.9V charging voltage. The last one is not enough to have 100%.

Whole process diagram:


At the point (1:12) where lowest voltage goes down, the inverter stopped charging.



Is there something wrong with BMS or/and VEConfig settings, or anything else?

Why highest voltage raises and lowest goes down after stop charging?

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Set System Voltage (BlueSolar MPPT 150|35) through Cerbo GX

I have a Pyolontech US5000 (48V) battery and a BlueSolar MPPT150|35 connected via ve.Direct to a Cerbo GX (Firmware 2.92).

For testing I first connected the Cerbo and the MPPT (battery side) to a lab power supply at 31V (highest voltage possible). I expected, that I can configure the MPPT through the Cerbo (that was why I invested in the Cerbo).

Especially I relied on this to adjust the battery voltage to 48V after my testing. I have seen somewhere that the BlueSolar MPPT 150|35 may get damaged if it has detected e.g. 24V and is then connected to a 48V battery.

Unfortunately I can not access the battery voltage setting of the MPPT through the Cerbo GX web interface.

Neither am I able to connect to the MPPT via the Victron Connect mobile app. To me the webpage suggested that at least either of the two should be possible (otherwise I would have gotten a SmartSolar).

How can I now safely proceed with connecting my battery (CAN and charger connection) to the BlueSolar MPPT 150|35 that may have auto-configured to 24V?

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Victron Multiplus II GX working with 60v (67.2V)

Hello guys, i'm searching what are limits for Charge voltage 'absorption' to check if Multi II plus GX works with LIpo4 60v(67.2v) battery.

Anyone can help me out?

Tkz in advance.

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Quattro 24/5000 wrong voltage reading

Greetings all,

I have a strange problem with a Quattro-II 24/5000/120-50/50 (new unit).

I did some conditional AC input settings to use AC when the loads exceed 4000W along with using AC on 60% SOC up to 28.00VDC.

It worked fine for two days then suddenly popped a battery low warning and shutoff and was reading 14V while the batteries were still above 25V.

After that moment every time i try to use the conditional AC input settings it tries to 'start' inverting then stops with a low battery error reading random voltages each time bellow 14V despite the batteries being completely charged at 28.8V. If i turn the conditional AC input off it starts reading the correct voltage again and works but the moment i re-enable the conditional AC input it pops wrong again. Does anyone have any idea if it's a faulty unit or any potential issues that could be causing this problem?

The system is paired with two Smartsolar 150/85 MPPT's which read the voltage properly consistently and 10x 200AH AGM 12V batteries making a 1000AH 24V pack.

I did consider the possibility of 1 or more batteries being faulty and dropping voltage immediately when power is being drawn through them however i wasn't able to find any as well as the MPPT's weren't reading a drop either.

P.S i did update the unit to the latest firmware along with restoring all settings to default,still does the same when trying to use conditional AC input.

Thank you in advance.

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Orion t isolated 12/30 outputs doesn't change between different charging phases

Hello Community,

I have posted several questions here lately and the situation is getting weirder and weirder...

My last issue was that my orion stay in 'bulk' phase but input and output both on 13.5v(odd).

today while I was driving and monitoring my app - the charger did move to the other phases but...

absorption mode and float mode both had the same voltage values (input: 13.9 output: 14.2) even though the app settings clearly state the the float voltage should be 13.5v

after coming home I turned off the engine and let the system shut down (the app does say that it shut off due to engine should down), and checked the charge on my battery (my battery has a small screen that will show) - and it was 14.2v while resting.

I am really concern that I am overcharging my batteries and killing them, is my Orion faulty? please can someone shed some light on this weird behavior. thank you

I am attaching some screenshots for better observation





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Battery SOC vs Voltage

I have a small 24v off grid setup (remote monitoring capable) for the last few months and when I checked the VRM this morning I noticed that the battery voltage had dropped down to 23.77 V. However the SOC still shows ~73% capacity on the batteries. I know voltage isn't always accurate especially under a load (currently a 24/7 ~1 A load on the batteries) but was just looking for clarification if I should be concerned regarding the voltage dipping below 24 V even if the SOC still shows 70%. It has been quite cold (-10 C) and snowy here for a few days, so not much charging time for the batteries, and the batteries are stored outdoors. I turned off the inverter remotely and dropped the load down to ~0.5 A (still have some essential DC loads) and the voltage has risen slowly to 23.86 V after about 30 min.

Should I be concerned? Is the smart shunt not reporting SOC acurately due to temp and or drift? (Last 100% sync was 9 days ago before cold temps)

System specs:

Batteries: Rolls FLA 6 FS GC HC (6V x 4 in series for 24 V) C20 Capacity of 235 AH

Smart Shunt monitoring batteries and SOC

~1000 W of panels

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Voltage sense error


Ideas needed, multiplus 12/3000/120A, i got voltage sense error, voltage on main terminals is 12v. V.sense terminal same, v.connect tells that its 4.4v, i have reset system many times, updated latest firmware (v498) inverter side is working, charger is not.


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Lowest operational input voltage for Phoenix inverters

With the ability to change the low voltage settings in the inverter, is it possible to run say a Phoenix 48V 1200 on 24v? If so would it just be at a lower output due to input current limitations?

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Battery voltage dropping with no load

Hello all,

Would be grateful for any help.

Off grid system for my tiny house. I have 2x 380W solar panels in series, 60A Victron MPPT charge controller, and 2x 140ah Sterling AGM deep cycle batteries in parallel.

Its been horrible and misty for weeks now. I moved out a couple of days ago because the charge controller hadn't gotten past Bulk charge for about 5 days. Today I went back at about noon to disconnect the fusebox incase there was any slight power draw. Victron app at this point reported a bulk charge and a battery voltage of about 13.8. I went back just now about about 4 hrs later and now the app reports battery voltage of about 12.8V. Having never left Bulk charge.

Why has the battery voltage dropped when there has been no power draw? It has been a horrible rainy day but I thought it would still manage to put something in the batteries?

Second question. I would like to know how to tell the DOD of my batteries. I came across images like this:


Which I thought might be useful. But then I noticed that when my batteries are being charged to Float state by my panels, the Victron app reports the max voltage as being about 14.5V, and min as 12.7/12.8. Does this mean min voltage is the more useful data point? This makes no sense to me because this is what the victron app is reporting now even though my batteries haven't made it beyond bulk charge for days.

Some screenshots incase this is helpful.



Less miserable weather:


Thank you all for any help offered,


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