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Cerbo GX and multiple relay control

It seems to me that the Cerbo should be able to control the relay's of all the attached Victron devices. In my whole system, I must have 5 unused relays that could controlled and managed from a central device and ruleset. You could do a lot between the data available in the system and a complete integration of all those relays. For example, currently to start an onan genset we need a couple extra timer relays, or a genset control unit. But we have all the data and relay functionality we need in even a small system.

Battery below 20%, trigger Genstart sequence

1. Cerbo, close relay 1 for 10 seconds (prime genset)

2. Cerbo, command Multiplus to close relay for 10 seconds (start genset)

3. Cerbo, does multiplus detect input voltage? If no, repeat 2x.

4. Cerbo, battery 95%, close relay 1 for 3 seconds (stop Genset)

This is a very simplistic operation, but a good example of something the system should be able to do. Integrate other devices like the relay on the solar controller and dc/dc converter and all the other devices in the system, and you could do some wild stuff. Especially with a little program that would let you write and upload rulesets.

Anyone have a hack that will allow me to do this?

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I agree, cerbo do not centralise a lot of informations .. it's pretty deceiving how it is done.

Notr even talking about fallback situations where the cerbo die on site ....

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Hi @mutt2jeff

You mention Multilplus, which has relays too (depends on model how many), and can do lots of things via Assistants. The VE.Bus cable can't transfer their status to/from Cerbo, but separate signal wire pairs can. Take a look at Assistants in there, and let your mind loose..

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