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Smart shunt and Lorawan


I have just bought a Victron Smatt Shunt and noticed the very low bluethooth signal range. So i want to extend that and if possible by connecting the shunt to the internet.

I already use lorawan in my Camper/RV. It has a TTN gateway and a LTE modem. So i would very much like to connect the Smart shunt by the Victron lorawan module. BUT I read the shunt is not supported though it does have a ve.direct port.

Has anyone tried it as suggested in this tread? .https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/79235/smartshunt-vedirect-lorawan-are-compatible-to-send.html

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Smartshunt + VE.Direct LoRaWAN are compatible to send SmartShunt data to VRM Portal?

I think to connect a Smartshunt with a VE Direct LoRaWAN, to read remotely the battery State of Charge and other parameters Smartshunt may send to the VRM Portal.

Is this a legitimate, feasible use case supported by Victron? Anybody tested this configuration?

I read VE Direct LoRaWAN manual but I do not see compatibility with the SmartShunt. Thus my questions above.

Below an excerpt form the VE Direct LORaWAN manual:

Product compatibility

This module has one VE.Direct port and is compatible with:

  • All MPPT Solar Charge Controllers which have a VE.Direct Port
  • BMV Battery Monitor 700 series
  • BMV Battery Monitor 712 Smart series
  • Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct models

The module is not compatible with our Peak Power Packs - even though they have a VE.Direct Port.

More information is also available on our website: https://www.victronenergy.com/panel-systems-remote-monitoring/ve-direct-lorawan

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LoRaWAN stops working after a while

After about 2 days I stop receiving data from the lorawan. No changes to the flashing green light, tried restarting everything (router, gateway lorawan)

Software is updated on all three units,

Was all working perfectly for a few days then dropped out and hasn't worked since.

Any ideas?


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VE.Direct LoRaWan BMV-702 No Data

I have a VE.Direct LoRaWan within TTN coverage (blinking green) connected to a BMV-702 but no data seems to appear on VRM portal.

I've waited 2 days now and still nothing since "Last connection" (when I installed it and added the device on VRM portal).

Last power up or restart and last connection show the same time, 2021-09-25 14:57. No serial number is listed under the device information.

I saw someone with a similar problem on the community and something on the backend had to be corrected? Message/email me and I can share the VRM portal ID, the installation ID is 129941.


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VE.Direct LoRaWAN module connected to which LoRa Network by default?

To which LoRa Network does a "VE.Direct LoRaWAN module" connect by default? TTN? If yes will the devices out in the field switch to cluster V3 automatically?

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LoraWAN VRM data format

I have a proof of concept up and running connecting a 100/20 MPPT to a LoraWAN node (Heltec Cubecell) using VE.direct and sending both data from MPPT to TheThingsNetwork as well as being able to control the MPPT load output from the TTN console.

Next step is to connect the TTN server to the VRM database. I tried to access https://github.com/victronenergy/lorawan-connect to get more info but it gives a 404.

Where can I find documentation on data upload to the VRM database? The VRM JSON API only talks about download.



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VE Direct LoRaWAN - Voltage measuring

Is it possible that a VE Direct LoRaWAN measures the voltage from it's supply? If yes: does it transmit this voltage to the portal? This would allow to use it for remote monitoring the voltage without any other VE.direct capable device.

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LoRaWAN, Bluetooth, Raspberry Pi

I am in country with limited product availablity. I ordered for a client two Victron systems. Two BlueSolar MPPT, Two SmartShunts and two LoRaWAN. I realize now I should have purchased SmartSolar MPPT and BVM-712. I promised the client Bluetooth and Internet connection for their hotel. My distributor doesn’t carry SmartSolar, Bluetooth dongle or BVM-712. They do however have a BVM-702 but, doesn’t solve the Bluetooth and limited VE.Direct. I hope that Raspberry Pi could solve this issue. Any suggestions?

chipster asked

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Future of LoRaWan module

I noticed in the documentation that there was mentioned in the LORAWAN module docs the release of the LTE-M module. Is the long term plan to drop the LORAWAN? I know the TTN network is spotty in places but the technology is sound. The Helium LongFi network uses the same tech and seems to be quickly becoming a dominate player in LORAWAN and I would love to connect my LORAWAN module to that network. Would it be possible for Victron to open source the config to allow for the community to re-program these devices (effectively just a nicely packaged LoPy4) to use whatever network we choose to send data back to your servers?

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LoRaWAN/CCGX Backlog data

I have a CCGX installed on a solar powered vessel in a very remote area. I want to connect a LoRaWAN Module so the CCGX can connect to the VRM when the vessel is docked.

Will the backlog of data, that is logged when the vessel is in remote locations, be sent out when the LoRaWAN connection is re-acquired at docking? The LoRaWAN Module manual says it does not offer this capability, but will the CCGX not automatically transmit this data backlog?

I could use a WiFi connection at berthing but there is large distance from the riverbank to the nearest WiFi router. Therefore a LoRaWAN would be a more reliable option.

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VE Direct LoRaWAN module Questions



1) The VE Direct LoRaWAN module will NOT work without a Gateway?

2) It's meant to sit NEXT to the MPPT? Connected directly to the battery?

3) Is it water/weather proof? What is the IP?

Thanks in advance.

soc asked
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VE.Direct LoRaWAN with Kerlink WMC (Wanesy Management Center) LoRaWAN Network Server

Hi everyone,

We are designing a small portable unit and we have integrated the VE.Direct LoRaWAN – module with the SmartSolar MPPT charge controller in order to monitor remotely our system’s performance.

The system was operating flawlessly with the TTN Network. However, now we have jumped into the Kerlink WMC (Wanesy Management Center) LoRaWAN Network Server and we cannot figure out how to interconnect the VRM Portal with the WMC.

Could you please guide me through the integration procedure?

Thanks in advance


nikosant03 asked
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VE.Direct LoRaWan Modul Device App EUI in TTN


Mein Lorawan Modul ist über mein Gateway (RAK7258) erfolgreich im VRM zu sehen. Daten kommen stündlich an. Aber ist es möglich das Lorawan Modul als Device unter meinen Application im TTN anzumelden? Und wo finde ich die Daten? Ich habe doch nur die Portal-ID. Wie bekomme ich die EUI`s? Ich finde nichts heraus und suche nach der Lösung.

My Lorawan module can be successfully seen in the VRM via my gateway (RAK7258). Data arrives every hour. But is it possible to register the Lorawan module as a device under my application in the TTN? And where can I find the data? I only have the portal ID. How do I get the EUIs?

Maybe someone can give me a tip, Thanks!

comwarenet asked

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Lorawan Portal ID error


the LED of the LoRaWAN module is flashing green, yet I can't add the module in VRM Portal, I always get the error message "The page with the specified VRM Portal ID or IMEI could not be found." I have entered the portal ID correctly. I saw a post here in the forum that the ID that is on the sticker could be wrong, could that be the problem ? If so do I have to send the module back?

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Connecting LoRaWan module to VRM

I have connected my system to the smart MPPT and a SmartShunt. I have my gateway setup and working and the LoRaWan's light is green. Per the description of the LoRaWan module it should do the trick.

I still cannot get it into the VRM.

When I logged in to my VRM portal it wants me to upload a file.

I have looked for tutorials online and can't find one.

How do I get both my smart mppt and shunt onto my VRM portal for remote access?

Please advise.

soc asked
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Lorawan & Cerbo

Are a further lorawan modul in the planning stage, which work with Cerbo (bidirectional)?

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VEDirect Lorawan module keeps trying to join


Our VEDirect Lorawan module keeps blinking blue. I can see Join/Accept requests on the TTN console from/to the device. It's not a coverage issue since SNR is 8-10 dB.

Join Accept:


"gw_id": "eui-7276ff00080e0d4e",

"payload": "IJTO2GyIKJdarLb3TXHTX6dtSFvyIYS+9pVowFRWOBQQ",

"lora": {

"spreading_factor": 7,

"bandwidth": 125,

"air_time": 71936000


"coding_rate": "4/5",

"timestamp": "2020-10-06T04:51:59.014Z",

"frequency": 868100000


Join Request:


"gw_id": "eui-7276ff00080e0d4e",

"payload": "ADRfAPB+1bNww07bm0nVs3Dr22mCD+s=",

"dev_eui": "70B3D5499BDB4EC3",

"lora": {

"spreading_factor": 7,

"bandwidth": 125,

"air_time": 61696000


"coding_rate": "4/5",

"timestamp": "2020-10-06T04:51:55.014Z",

"rssi": -45,

"snr": 10,

"app_eui": "70B3D57EF0005F34",

"frequency": 868100000


Best Regards,

pepips asked
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VE.Direct LoRaWAN LED does not blink / Connection impossible


I bought the LoRaWAN module to be connected with my BMV-700. I put 24VDC voltage (ofcourse the polarity is right) on and connected it with the BMV. The LED still does not blink. Is the module damaged or did I overlook something?

Thank you!

seike asked
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Demande conseils LoRaWan
Bonjour,J'ai une installation solaire autonome sur ma caravane, se composant de:1 Panneau solaire de 190 W, 1 Régulateur solaire Victron MPPT 75/15 (12V) avec Bluetoo, 1 Batterie de 100Ah, 1 Convertisseur Phoenix 12/375, 1 Contrôleur de batterie BMV 712 Smart, 1 Sonde Température de batterie
J'aimerais installé un Module LoRaWAN ou autre , voici ma question:Puis je connecter le régulateur solaire, le convertisseur, le contrôleur de batterie sur ce module, afin de contrôler toute mon installation solaire à distance?

grizzlou asked
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Lorawan Portal ID error for 3 days


I have the green light for 3 days now, reseted the lorawan module as it’s said in the manual some times to make the transmission fast, but I’m still unable to add it to the VRM, it keeps saying that ID is wrong (triple checked and tried it it’s case sensitive)

Any ideas?


llubi asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) commented ·

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Mppt 250-60 no longer works with lorawan

I’m running the latest firmware, I can see the ve direct device in my list but can’t see the mppt in the device list. I’ve waited 4 days, reconnected it a few times and also tried a different ve direct kit- each time nothing comes through from the mppt 250-60 but comes through when using others. 100-30 and the 100-20. Any ideas? Seems that the mppt isn’t sending any info through ?

julianturner asked
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Lorawan not Showing a true representation on site!

One of my sites is comprised of a Ve direct Lorawan module & 100/50 SmartSolar mppt,to monitor the solar output and battery state of the remote location.ive installed my own gateway to communicate with the remote site which is all online,and RSSI of -79db according to the VRM.however when I compare the on-site data locally on the App of the mppt to the VRM, they paint two very different pictures of the solar production being recorded for the same 4 day period!..anyone else had this issue?......



Mark asked
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VE.Direct LoRaWAN on a private network (without TTN)


I need to use a private network to connect the VE.direct module. I'm afraid to see it's only possible to connect on TTN network...

So :

- Can you explain where can I find the OTAA information for the commissioning ?

- Where I have to push the data and wich protocol I need to use ?

In case of it's not possible for you to aswer the question, can send me the datasheet with the codec of the sensor to decode the data myself ?

Thank you for your reply

kevin-haury asked
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Lorawan / VRM / Data / Charts

Hi there..

I have bought a Lowaran module with the view of seeing my charge controller (CC) data remotely in particular: the Solar Yield (KWh) every hour and also Cumulative Yield for each day however, this is not capture and or presented in the VRM portal?? The Dashboard only shows the Wattage (W) Vs the Voltage (V) of the solar panels at the time of the reading is made. Whilst this is OK, the information is not particularly useful as the W Vs V can change from minute-to-minute depending on the weather. Likewise in the 'Advanced' section (in the VRM Portal), the Solar Charger Summary does not provide any yield information at all. I have selected the Solar Charger PV Yield and again, that only logs the solar panel watts at the time of the reading (not the yield in the last hour in KWh). There are also some other widgets but they provide secondary information to Yield (KWh) e.g.: MPPT State, Battery W, W Vs A and, alarm functions and others..

My views so far are that the VRM portal does not provide much more useful information remotely if that is what you want and for the price of £83 for the unit, it is rather a waste of money. Luckily, I already had a gateway and so I didn't have to purchase that otherwise, it would be another £75 meaning that having spent £150+, you're not getting anything useful!!! Please be aware of the limitations of the Lorawan module and the data that is available.

I rebooted the the module and got connected again to the VRM portal just to see if I am able to pull of any other information.

Please can someone let me know if you have the same limitations and or there is something that I have missed.

Many thanks

trungt asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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VE.Direct LoRaWAN module Blinks Red

I have just connected the VE. Direct LoRaWAN module to the Smart MPPT 75/15 following the directions in the manual.

When it's not connected to the MPPT, it blinks yellow (orange really) which, per the manual, means it is reading the Things Network Gateway I have installed.

BUT- when I connect it to the MPPT, it rapidly blinks blue and then Red, then Red...and on and on. Never green.

What is happening? What do I need to do to get to green?

Thanks in advance.

soc asked
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LoRaWan won't add to VRM Portal

Whenever I try to add a LoRaWAN device to the VRM Portal, I get this message:


The site with the specified VRM Portal ID of IMEI could not be found.

This is the first one of theses devices I've tried, and I'm not sure if the LoRaWAN network is even viable in the U.S. However, it seems like I should be able to add the device to the portal regardless.

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Can I use the VE.Direct LoraWan dongle with a BMV connected to a CCGX?

So I have a BMW712 which has a ve.direct cable to my CGGX. The CGGX has a wifi dongle that updates my data to the VRM portal. . I just got a Lorawan module to update data when mobile. . Apparently you cant connect the Loranwan to the CGGX but only the BMV. Well thats fine, but then how do I connect the BMV to share the data to the CGGX ? it doesnt have any other ports, and doesnt have a USB port to allow use of a ve.direct to USB expansion. . is there another method for the lorawan to be connected in this victron ecosystem ? thanks

anthem asked
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LoRaWAN, New Zealand

Has anyone any experience of LoRaWAN in New Zealand?

I'm looking to connect one node, and I'm struggling to find any useful information that relates to New Zealand....

kiwi asked
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LoRaWAN connection

I recently purchased the LoRaWAN dongle for my SmartSolar 100/15. On the TTN map, there was a gateway about 600m away, so I thought I had a decent chance of getting a connection. I wasn't able to get a green light from my house, I had to walk down the block to get a connection, so I decided to run my own gateway. I saw that TTN recently released a low cost, fully compliant gateway for only $69, so I ordered it, but it is currently back-ordered.

For fun, and wanting to get the Victron LoRaWAN node working, I purchased the SparkFun LoRa 1ch Gateway (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/15006) with a 3.5dB antenna. I followed the tutorial and got the gateway running. It initially didn't talk to the Victron module, so I tried manually switching through the different channels (leaving the Channel Activity Detection enabled to scan through the different spreading factors). I saw data coming in when I switched to channel 3, so I left it there.

I added my gateway to The Things Network and checked the TTN Console and can see the Victron node send out a Join Request, and 4 seconds later, a Join Accept (this seems to happens approximately twice every hour). I can see the dev eui hex matches my Victron Portal ID on the side of my dongle, so I'm fairly certain I'm getting close.

However, at this point (it's been about 5 hours since I started seeing the Join Request/Join Accept pairings), I haven't received any other data packets according to the Gateway Traffic screen. In addition, the Portal ID still can't be found through the VRM Portal.

I was hoping to confirm that I am going down the right path. I completely understand if this isn't really a Victron issue, possibly just something wrong with my gateway settings.



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