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sinds een paar dagen valt mijn accuspanning weg tot rond de 10.6 volt. Op de dag laad mijn zonnepaneel hem wel gewoon bij. maar zodra zon weg is of multi plus uit is zakt hij in. Bijgevoegd heb ik 2 foto's waarop meer info is te zien. Hopelijk kan hier iemand iets mee. Vanavond laat ik mijn 2x 180 Ah accu's voor de zekerheid nog even testen.

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Shunt stauts isn't accurate.

I installed a Victron shunt with my new Dakota lithium starting battery. The shunt is wired correctly and I can see draw when I start my engine or when my graphs are on. I can also see the charge when running my engine or charging wit the charger. I've checked status while I am fishing and the draw down and recharge seems fine. The last two trips I check the status before trailering my boat and the shunt showed 92 on one trip and 94 on the other. I check again when I got home and both times the shunt showed 100%. I hooked my charger up yesterday and it charged for about 35 minutes before going into float mode so the battery was not at 100%. When I installed the shunt I charged the battery to 100% and synchronized the shunt. Any ideas?

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Smartshunt accuracy

I have a LIFEPO4 100ah, my manufacturer states it will work between 14.56v and 10v. I know that 10v is not a viable voltage, however at 12.56v its showing as around 15% SOC.

Am I doing something wrong? It's all wired in correctly and seemed to be pretty accurate on my previously lead batteries. All settings change to lipo.


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Inaccurate and poor absorption on SmartSolar: An Update

I'm posting this on behalf of another user, @Solvan.

Solvan recently posted the results of testing his own Smartsolar units, as well a summary of testing other units stocked by his vendor. These tests demonstrated gross inaccuracy in the units measurement of the current, resulting in premature termination of absorption charge, and incomplete daily charging.

The previous relevant threads can be found here and here . Since posting this, two things have happened:

- Multiple other users have reported the same experiences: @bigbillsd (here), @lnanne (here) and @RedRover (here). Note also, that this topic has come up previously, and been sidestepped. Multiple times, in fact.

- Solvan himself has spoken with me, and informed me he has been completely locked out of the forum, following posting this final thread .

Furthermore, he received an email from Guy Stewart, the moderator here, explicitly stating his posts have been "moderated" as a result of exposing the faults in the MPPT units, and instructing him to provide any further information behind closed doors, instead of publicly releasing it for other owners awareness. He has provided this email, and his response, attached below.


Additionally, the vendor, who went out of their way to help Solvan test his, and the other units, is now reportedly unable to return the units, for fear of the same persecution, leaving them thousands of dollars out of pocket.

It is also worth noting that Guy Stewart is part of the management staff at Rainbow Solar - of which a large pat of their business is the sales of Victron equipment.

I am very curious to hear if any others are experiencing the same difficulties with their units accuracy, and whether people think this is an acceptable standard of customer support, considering this overtly suppressing negative feedback in an official support service.


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AC / DC Amps for AC In charge limit ?

ON the Color control settings ( or directly on the Veconfig / mppt settings) , we can limit the ac in current .

I just want to make sure i am not making a mistake.

200 ah at 48 v batteries. I want to limit the charge current to 10% to 15% of my Ah. So 200 ah x 12% = 24A. So i limit my mppt charger to 24 a . These are easy, they are DC Amp.

For the settings of my multi' gia ve config or ccgx color control, i can limit too my charger current limit (ac in). When i am on the color control page of themulti and can set the current limit ( 25 a on the picture), are these DC amps ',hence 25 a is ok, or are they AC amps ? If AC, then I should set a limit of : 25 a x 48 v = 1200 w ÷ 0,85 efficiency = 1411 w ÷ 230 v = 6.13 A AC . Is it this "6" i should enter as the limit ? I do not think so but prefer to check .


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AC loads are constantly off, Quattro, CCGX

When I had my Multi, the indicated AC loads were always within reasonable watts of actual load.

But once I installed my Quattro, I'm noticing a fairly constant difference of around 20%.

I have "has DC system" enabled and it seems to try and fudge that difference mathematically as DC system draw, even though the Quattro is the only consumer in circuit.

The current drawn, as shown on the BMV, is in lockstep with the BMS's reported current draw.

For example, right now the BMV is showing ~300W drawn from the batteries (confirmed by BMS).

The CCGX is showing AC loads of 180W, and a constantly varying number "DC System" of 20-50W, with the rest just... unaccounted for.

With higher loads (>50A 24V DC) the difference is somewhat closer. So a 1800 W draw shows 1200W AC loads, some variation of 100-300 "DC system" with the rest unaccounted.

Again, there is NO other DC consumer other than the Quattro.

Also based on math, that 1200 load is not right at all.

I considered the difference between resistive vs inductive loads -and with the lower draw example that might be true; since we have a lot of "wall-warts" for phone, computer, mifi, and other misc AC/DC converters.

But with the higher example, I simply turned on a 1500W kettle.

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What is the maximum AC current output of Parallel 15kV Quattro Inverters

Good Afternoon, I am currently designing a hybrid battery system across three phase, the phases are unbalanced and can't be fixed due to the sites businesses. I know that the max AC amperage output is 2 x 100 amps, on a 15kVa Quattro. but if I install 2 per phase does that give me a total of 400 amp output per phase or I am miss reading the spec sheet. My Ampage max output is at its highest around 12 midday and i am also installing 100kWh of BYD batteries that will move up 200kWh by mid-year.

Please can someone just confirm what the max AC amperage output is in this situation

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Innacurate SmartSolar current measurement.

Hi everyone,

I've got a SmartSolar 100 | 50 MPPT, and a Bogart Engineering Trimetric battery monitor.

I'm noticing there's a notable difference with the amps the SmartSolar says it is putting out to the battery, vs what the Bogart says is coming in. With all output loads isolated, the SmartSolar seems to over read by 5% ie 5% higher than the value read on the Trimetric.

The Trimetric measures using a precision shunt, with sense wires routed well away from any load lines. It's been checked with two independent instruments and I'm confident of its accuracy.

Is this level of error acceptable in Victron units? Because it's effectively ruining any use of the historical data from the SmartSolar unit, and I have concerns about its implications if I decide to switch the Trimetric with a BMV unit.

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