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Question about accuracy of the Voltage meters in Victron MPPT's and Smart Battery Sense?

Answering these questions should help other Victron users who notice voltage variances on their Victron equipment gauge whether there could be an issue, or whether what they're seeing is considered normal.

1) What is the Volatge metering accuracy of both the internal MPPT and Smart Battery Sense Voltage meters?

2) What is the voltage meter model/part number and manufacturer?

3) How can one be sure they're accurate if they aren't calibrated/checked every year like digital multimerers need to be, especially after 1 year?

4) Testing of equipment is a waste of time if you're not using a guaranteed in spec digital multimeter, Correct?

5) What is the minimum accuracy of a digital multimeter for a reading to be considered "correct" and/or accurate?

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Hi @Hates Spam == @Not a hard question to answer

You came here to be rude and insult us, and you figured changing your name would clear the slate?

Just return your equipment and go away.

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Yay, it seems I can finally reply to you since someone put my account on hold and I couldnt earlier.

Why am I not suprised you're not even going to attempt to answer questions which would help other users of this "community" - This is exactly the sort of help I got int"the other thread" and you wonder why I was blunt in my replies to you and the others, who like to waste peoples time, provide vague information and/or criticise them for the fact they don't have access to a very expensive FLUKE DMM.

Thanks for nothing Elvis!

Luckily, I asked these questions a second time and got actual answers from people willing to help vs those who don't ;-)

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