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24v System: Using Streetlight Function to control 12v LED landscape lighting?

We have a 24v system for our off grid home, and we also have a few strings of LED landscape lights that are 12v hooked up to some car batteries around our property, completely isolated from our 24v main system. I'd like to integrate these strings into the Streetlight Function on our VE components so that these lights can draw 12v from the 24v system with a step-down converter, and be automated with the Streetlight Function.

Can anyone help me clarify how I can do that please?

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Feature Request: MPPT Streetlight but on during the day

After experimenting with the streetlight feature of the smaller MPPT controllers, it's doing exactly the opposite of what we need. We want the load to be on during the day, but not at night. Despite the slightly confusing configuration options which almost seem like it can work, it can't.

My particular use case, I'm controlling daytime only cameras. I can imagine it would be very handy for a lot of remote solar projects.

My request is to add some extra options to the firmware. Something like:
At Sunrise: "Switch on" or "Switch on before sunrise and keep on"
At Sunset: "Switch off" or "Switch off after sunset and keep off"

This would be ideal. Then we can switch on the load an hour before sunrise and turn off an hour after sunset for example.

Previous questions asking how to do it with some answers is here, but none of the answers actually work.
Using the battery voltage isn't an option, because it would be off on non sunny days when the battery isn't full. And the suggested streetlight settings do not work.

Edit: thinking more, one extra option to NOT turn off the load at sunrise would mean the existing 'Switch on before sunrise' and 'Switch on for a fixed time' options combined would do what I want. The only problem is at the moment 'switch on before sunrise' always switches off the load at sunrise. i.e. it is actually 'switch on before sunrise and turn off at sunrise'. I'd like the extra option 'switch on before sunrise and stay on all day'!

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How unreliable is the sunset/sunrise detection delay with the Streetlight function?

UPDATE: The sunrise switch-off delay used to be a bit short but today it was late by an hour! See below.

I use the load output of my BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 to power my anchor light and it is set with a 30 minutes sunrise detection delay using the Streetlight function. It works as expected except for the delay being somewhat short. As can be seen in the screenshots in February 13th the sunrise detection voltage was reached at 06:38:37 and the load output is switched off at 07:06:12.

My questions are by which means are the delays enforced and what accuracy can I expect?


Threshold is reached at 06:38:37 …


… load output is off at 07:06:12


Streetlight function configured values


Streetlight sunrise switch-off overdue by an hour

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Trying to configure streetlight setting to save energy at night

I have a system with a SmartSolar Mppt 100/20 Charger which I would like to configure in way that the refrigerator, connected to "load" turns of for a while at night to save energy.
For that I have configures the "load" setting via the VictronConnect app with ( off < 12.00V on < 17.39V < off )
That works as intendet.
Now I also configured the "streetlight" setting to:

Sunset: Switch on for a fixed time ( 5h )

Sunrise: Switch on before sunrise ( 1h )

Sunset detection: 11.40 V
Delay: 0m
Sunrise detection: 11.9 V
Delay: 0m

Gradual dimming speed: 0s/%
Mid-point shift: 0m

However with these settings the fridge does not turn on.
Current values are
PV Voltage: 16 V
Battery Voltage: 13.5 V

Why is this not working?

Thanks a lot for all help

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Using the streetlight function with a charger that does not have PV attached

I have a MPPT 100/15 mppt charger here that I am using as a backup in case of failure of the other charger ( its on a sail boat used for long passages )
Since I am already using the main charger's load to control the refridgerator, I'd like to use the backup chargers streetlight setting to control the nav lights to turn on at night.
As far as I understand however, the streetlight setting is controlled by the PV load so I guess that is not possible?
Both chargers are connected to a local VE.Smart network though.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

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Lights keep going out

Hi Everyone,

We recently had a system installed, SmartSolar MPPT 100|50 & pure sine wave inverter phoenix 12 | 50, and 4 panels. We have 2 large batteries.

We have 3 cabins that have been connected so that we can have light. We are seeing that the lights keep going off and we need to actually turn the inverter completely off.

Anyone got any suggestions on what could be wrong?

Apologies if I've not included any other relevant details but this really is very new to me and I'm no electrician.

Any help gratefully received.

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MPPT Streetlight and Cerbo

Hi, I have 2 smartSolar MPPT 100/30 and 1 Cerbo gx.

I would like to use the streetlight function to start a LED light at night, but at the same time I have to use the port to connect to the Cerbo. How can I get this to work?

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Is it possible to access the streetlight function on a smart solar via the internet when connected to a cerbo gx

Hi, I have a remote camera operating via a smart solar, cerbo gx battery etc.The camera operates during the day via a relay and the streetlight setting. I monitor the system from home. Am I able to turn the streetlight function on and off from my remote location? If so how? Cheers

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running landscape lights off solar


i am new to solar. started with a renogy controller and 4, 10 year old Brunton solar panels. the renogy could not handle the volts, so sent it back and got the Victron MPPT 100/20 48v. Which was a huge step up in capability and ease of use. For some odd reason the panels say 24 volts on then but output up to 48v.

I have my 4 old Brunton 24v solar panels run in parallel, and an Expert Power Li 12v/20Ah battery hooked up to the Victron. First test charging today in full, but low sun, was a success, giving 15w.

My goal is to hook 7, 10 watt/12v LED landscape lights to the power out on the controller.

Do I need fuses anywhere and what rating?

Any other possible issues?

Using an online calculator, I should be able to run these lights for 3 hours after sunset before depleting the battery, which is perfect. Not sure the battery will be fully charged the next day, even if full sun. Maybe I need a bigger battery or better/newer panels?

Thanks in advance and apologies if these are dumb questions.

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how to enable Streetlights function on Mppt 250/100 using colorgx

Hi all,My system is ESS based on , I have mmpt 250/100 charger together with Quatrro 10kVA and Li battery bank. All of them are connected to Color gx device.2 mppts are connected via port on color gx and 1 mmpt at usb port of it . I am using mmpt relay output to trigger another relay coil for my loads (lamps) and want to have my them on based on:
1- Battery voltages ( to ensure battery life)2- from Sunset time until sunrise

I have turned on street light function on all mppts , I will attach some settings below.
I read the manaul where it says Tx port can have multiple options.


I have chosen Normal Communication since all my devices are connected at color gx and DVCC is enabled on it.


I see external control written inside Victon connect app.


my question is how can I achieve streetlight fn working in this scenario? is there tx pin inside port from mppt end that send signal ot color gx port end to turn off relay based on sunrise/sunset conditon ?

I have tried testing but the relay state only changes (open or closed) based on battery voltage conditon that I have set and not based on street light . I want to take care of both




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Streetlight function on Smartsolar MPPT 250/100

I have a Smart solar 250/100 Charge controller for a 48V battery system . my loads are flood lights which are above 4kW .
since this controller does not have a dedicated load output terminals so I am using external relays . I want to use the relay port on the charger to drive the load external relay. recently I came to know about street light function inside victron app but I am not sure about its real used-case scenario.

Can anyone guide me whether I can use this function to drive the relay port on the charger which can then trigger the external relay that will turn the load circuit on . My aim is drive my 4KW load at night time only and also take care of battery capacity too .

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Load Output on 75/15 turns on and stays on regardless of User def. Algorithm 1 settings



I have an entryway sign light (0.5A waterproof led strip) controlled with the "Streetlight" function consuming between 5Ah to 6.7Ah (60Wh to 80Wh) per night, and then have Load Output - User def Algorithm 1 set to the above settings in the image. The jumper has been removed from the VE Direct port, and Victron Connect has been used to adjust all settings.

The Load Output disconnect rules appear to never override the Streetlight function as the manual states they should.

The light turns on at sunset via the Streetlight function and turns off at sunrise fine. However, if get 2 or 3 cloudy days in a row (which isn't enough for my 45Ah repurposed AGM battery to supply a full night, without going below desired voltage threshold (after second night it is 11.4V,after third night it is 10.5V) it keeps turning on the light via the Streetlight function, even if the battery is below the "on" threshhold of 12.2V and leaves the load connected when it is below the "off" threshhold of 11.5V.

I hate to just assume that Load Output circuitry is damaged, as nothing has happened to the controller that would cause this. Anyone experienced this Load Output behavior on such a small load

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Streetlight Function MPPT 75/10

Hello, I have a setup of a MPPT 75/10, an 12V AGM battery 38Ah, a monocrystalline solar panel 30W/12V and a 12V DC Lamp.

I'm trying to simulate a streetlight system using the MPPT (lights on at night/ lights off at day). I'm using a VE.Direct USB cable to connect to my PC and to change the settings with the VictronConnect app. What I am trying to do now is to understand how the Streetlight function within the VictronConnect app works. I've understood that Load Output function serves as a "Protective Function" for the battery, in case it gets overdischarged or when the voltage goes below a specific value (conv. and user def. algorithms). Also I've read that the "Load Output" function has priority upon the "Street Light" one, which means that if the battery gets overdischarged at night, the lights will still go off and the "Streetlight function" won't work until the next cycle.

I've read the manual: , but there are still things unclear for me.

1) How the MPPT gets the time of the sunset/sunrise if I choose the "Switch on till sunrise" and "Switch off" at sunrise options and what is actually happening behind the Applications Interface? Is the app accessing some API to get the sunrise and sunset time according to my geographical location? What happens if I change the time and geographical position of my PC?

2)How the "Night detection voltage level" and the "Day detection voltage level works"? It sais that it can be used to adjust the detection to match the panel configuration. As I understood it tracks the Solar Panel voltage and it turns on and off the light when the voltage is below or above the inserted values by the user. What I tried was inserting some values in these sections: (11.4V for night detection, 11.9V for day detection). During the day the panel gives apx. 12V so that means that at night the value will decrease below the 11.4V, the MPPT will understand that is night and the lights will turn on. I haven't tried it outside in real conditions, but in the room, if I flip over the solar panel and the voltage gets to 2-3V still nothing happens.

3) How these 2 options stated above work together?

Do they have the same priority in the code or the sunset/sunrise option has priority upon the voltage level detection. Because even if I flip over my panel in the room (trying to simulate night) nothing will happen. I've also tried plugging out the solar panel from MPPT to simulate pitch-black but still nothing happened. Does it mean that I won't be able to simulate the night since the night/day detection isn't working separately from the sunset/sunrise option?

For example I chose these settings:

At sunset: Switch on till sunrise

At sunrise: Switch off

Night detection voltage level: 11.4V (according to the min. detectable value from the manual)

Night detection delay: 0m

Day detection voltage level: 11.9V

Day detection delay: 0m

Gradual dimming speed: 0s/%

Mid-point shift: 0m

Should I expect that with these options, somehow at sunset time the DC lamp wil turn on and at sunset will turn off? What are the night/ day detection voltage level option used for if they can't work separately from the sunset/sunrise function.

Do you have any idea of how can I make it work?

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Bluesolar 75/15 streetlight sunset correct but delay not working?
  1. My bluesolar 75/15 streetlight function correctly turns on the load at the sunset voltage but it seems the delay time I put in is ignored? My load is set to "always on" and streetlight is set to sunrise 26v and sunset 4 volts. Sunset stay on until sunrise with the delay for sunset set for 15 minutes. The load is turned at sunset voltage with no delay when voltage is reached... What am I doing wrong? Thankyou

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Streetlight Function Help

I have a 100/50 Smart controller and am trying to figure out how to use the Streetlight function. The manual does a very poor job explaining how to achieve this. I do have the TX cable as well as LED lights. I understand that I need a "driver?" Can you show me what an appropriate driver would be? Does the Victron unit provide all power for the LED strip or does the driver act as a kind of relay?

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