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dedicated multiplus 3phase config for steering ?

The current setup is 3x5kw quattro to supply an AC bus and a 3phase AC bus ... this is used for many loads (like washer/dryer/fridge/etc AND steering pumps) ... lets call this the MAIN-INVERTER-GROUP.

I would like the steering pumps (which are 3phase AC) to be setup their own inverter group ... lets call this the STEERING-INVERTER-GROUP, this way the critical steering system is isolated from non critical things. I would also like the the option to flip the power source to the MAIN-INVERTER-GROUP in case one of the inverters in this STEERING-GROUP dies.

Basically some isolation and backup for steering.

Is there any issue/advice on setting up a system like this?

I have a few hand sketches which are not very good, but could add if that would help.

-- Thanks !

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3 Phase grid with 1 Phase ESS

Good day,

I'd kindly like to know if its possible to backup L3 with Multi or Quattro and leave L1, L2 without Quattro as shown on the picture. Backfeed is allowed on 3~ 400V 50Hz grid.


Jens T. S. asked

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Phase rotation Issue

We have a three phase system with 3 Quattros 8000. The Inverters/chargers accept the AC supply normally and go to charger mode but there is an alarm of Phase rotation warning raised on CCGX and VRM

"VE.Bus System - Phase rotation: Warning "

Since the system accepts ACin and charges the batteries normally as well as passing this input to loads why we get this alarm on the system. Can this happen? Any ideas?

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Multimeter short betwen (Lines) L1 & L2

Can anyone assist me with this, I think I'm missing something.

We wired and configured successfully a three phase multiplus 5KVA inverter. When it's switched off and using a multimeter reading ACout 2 between L1& L2 (lines) I'm getting a short is this normal?

When we switch it on and reading between L1 & N (phases) I'm getting the 230 which is acceptable.

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ACout Short between lines (ACout 2 L1&L2)

Can anyone assist me with this, I think I'm missing something.

We wired and configured successfully a three phase multiplus 5KVA inverter. When it's switched off and using a multimeter reading ACout 2 between L1& L2 (lines) I'm getting a short is this normal?

When we switch it on and reading between L1 & N (phases) I'm getting the 230 which is acceptable.


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Is it normal for multiplus-II to Beep in the Absorption stage

Is it normal for a 3 phase multiplus-II (specifically the second and third) device to start giving a beeping sound while charging in the absorption stage with only the DC IN acting as the input and that the sound stops during the float stage?


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Beeping Multiplus-II (Three phase)

Can someone assist me please.

i have a 3phase connected, they all have been updated to the latest software. I'm using a Freedom Won 480V battery and the ACIN is not connected. However when i switch them on the the following happens:

First inverter- it switches on indicates inverter on, float, low battery, absorption and bulk LED switches on

Second inverter- it indicates the inverter is on and absorption LED then after a couple seconds it starts to beep

Third Inverter- it does the same as the second inverter

If anyone can any assistance and guidance would be recommended.


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Can Multiplus II GX be mixed with Multiplus II without GX? in 3 phase system?

I assembled a three-phase system with:

Two Multiplus II 48/5000 / 70-50

One Multiplus II GX 48/5000 / 70-50

I don't know why, after the configuration for 3 phases, I have VE.Bus error 3 all the time. I checked the cables dozens of times. I updated the firmware to version 2623498 on all inverters. Also the internal Cerbo in this one inverter has been updated. I disconnected everything except the battery. Despite this, the system still won't work. I suspect you can't mix the regular Multiplus II and the built-in GX.

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Self-consumption on L1 only.

Hi, I have set up my system with 3x Multiplus, 1x MPPT250 and a BYD BBox Battery and use current transformers for measuring input current.


I have seen, that ESS does only work on L1.

In Backup Power (grid switched off) it works fine on all 3 phases from battery and MPPT.

I have configured ESS-Assistend for L1. Is there a trick to make it run in self consumption on all three phases?

Thanks for your support.


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Three Phase System in Panama

The question is actually quite complicate.

Generally I want to know if you can build a system with three phases in America.

My background is former car mechanic (master exam) and later then I studied Information technology. I built in Austria a three phase system (3x Multiplus 5000/48) with success and I am quite familiar with Victron systems.

Now I live in Panama. For my house I will build a system with two Quattros with the 110/220V with LiFePo4 batteries. That should be easy.

But a friend of mine will build a dry chamber for drying wood. This industrial machine (from Italy) has 20kWwith three phases and he will build it offgrid, but maybe later then he will connect it to the grid, if once it is there.

So we could easily build a European system there, but then we can never connect to the local grid.

As far as I know in the US are also three phases possible (attached I found this document). Still I don't know yet what about Panama.
Of course we will contact a local electrician. But in Panama to get a good one is not that easy than in Europe or in the USA.

But generally (neglecting the drychamber): Is it possible to make a three phase system with Victron devices in the USA with the grid there?

Besides that we have the problem with the frequency. In Europe it is 50Hz and in America it is 60Hz. So I still don't know if the dry chamber is working then (but this we will find out if we contact the Italian company).

I am more than happy for any comments,
Thank you in advance!

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is it possible to create a three-phase system based on victron inverters, but of different modules, at different capacities (for example, 2 multiplus and one quattro)?

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Is Sleep mode available in 3 phase config ?

As per the title, does anyone knows if sleep mode is available in a 3 phase configuration ? I know it isn't in parallel ....

The reason is I'm considering getting 3 MPII's instead of a big 10000VA one as that would give me more flexibility to play around with the configuration in the future. Yes, I know a single 10000 unit won't give me 3 phase, but there are ways to convert if to 3 phase (I'm considering a transformer with the added advantage of having the 3 phases balanced perfectly and the disadvantage of some losses and it's size and weight...).

But I don't want lose the option to have sleep mode.

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Confusion Grid Usage

I understand the concept of zero'ing out all 3 phases, but in my current ESS setup (Setpoint 0W), I ran a trial with a 1.5 KW AC Load and a full 48V / 840Ah Battery and a little bit of incoming PV.

My expectation was to see 0W on the AC IN, but also 0W on L1, L2 & L3. Why is it showing the full watts on the different Phases of AC IN, when clearly the battery and the MPPTs took care of handling all the load?

Same goes for the To Grid and From Grid values in the Historical Data, which I thought would be zero.

Is this behavior normal or can this be adjusted somewhere?

Thank you.



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3 phase multi negative grid setpoint

Can someone explain when there is inhouse load on phase 3 why other two multis do not generate more power to get to -8kw grid setpoint. Here is image how my -8000W GridSetpoint is when using oven on Phase 3


And here the same -8000W gridsetpoint when oven turned off.


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1 x Pylontech stack (16 pcs each 5k) and more than 3 Multiplus II possible?


Maybe someone can help me with a check for being possible:

- 25kW MMPT DC Solar Input, charging the batteries

- 3phase system of 3x Multiplus II 48/5000 using direct MPPT DC or battery power with Cerbo GX and Lynx Inputs

- Stack of 16x Pylontech 5000

This is surely possible.

ADDITIONAL for other appartments in the building:

for each appartment (up to 6x):

- 1phase Multitplus 48/3000 with own Cerbo GX using above MPPT DC power, no battery charging, own grid and powermeter

What I will take care of:

1. DC Current of the MPPTs is sufficient for the amount of appartment-Multiplus II

2. Each Multiplus for appartments will have a powermeter for NOT feeding to their own grid

3. The additional appartment-Multiplus will be reduced or disabled (Nodered, homeassistant, other) as soon as there is not enough power from MPTT to inhibit usage of the battery, which shall only support the 3phase-Multipluses

What I do not want:

- one central grid with subcounters (the usual way)

- separating the MPPT string to support appartment-Multipluses directly

- own batteries for the appartment Multipluses

- price and return-on-invest are not the topic here

- I do not want to use other products than Victron (Inverter, Cerbo, MPPT)

I do not see a technical limitation to such a solution, maybe someone can encourage me to go this way. For me the benefit would be the optimum usage of solar power and storage by leveling the power needs over a certain amount of appartments.

Thank you for great technical advise here .

Gerhard (after weeks of night diving into data sheets, youtube and manuals)

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