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Multiplus II 2x120 generator compatibility.

What is the condition that the Multiplus II 2x120 uses to determine whether the AC input is 120v or 120v/240v split phase?

This unit seems to be aimed at the 50amp 120v/240v RV and off grid applications in the US. However, a lot of RV and off grid generators only output 120v. Most of them such as the Onan's have 2 lines of 120v on separate breakers with a comman neutral that each feed one half on the RV panel through an ATS.

In the case of the Multiplus II 2x120, when you connect the inverter in-between the ATS and the RV panel the 50amp 120v/240v shore power connection works as intended and a 30amp 120v shore power connection also works as intended. Unfortunately it seems that the Multiplus does not pass through both lines from the generator, essentially reducing the power output of the generator to half of its rated power. Effectively hadicapping the capabilities that were present before the installation of the Multiplus.

In most cases it is not possible to combine L1 and L2 out of the generator as the two lines are out of phase. Not 180° out but 120°, probably a cost savings thing on the part of the generator manufacturer as they can use the same components across multiple generator configurations.

So my question is, can the Multiplus II 2x120 be configured to detect this power type and passthrough both legs? If the Multiplus is actually detecting the phase and not just 240volts then there should reason to believe victron could remedy this with a firmware update. Right?

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