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ESS (mode 3) - separat control-register for parallel configuration

Hello everyone,

I am using an ESS system in „mode 3“-configuration. The installation and control via Modbus TCP is principially working, but there is an open question regarding the usage of parallel configurations / several inverters on one phase.

From my point of view there are only 3 registers / values - one per phase - in the register-list to control the operating-point of the MP-II inverters. Is there a possibility to set the values independently for multiple devices on one phase or is the sum always splitted automatically?

The efficiency of the MP-II varies widely on the usage and especially in low-load situations it would be very useful to only use one inverter. In ESS (mode 1) the system does it automatically, but in ESS (mode 3) there seems to be a lack of control-registers to achieve this goal.

Has anyone an idea how to realize this functionality? Is it possible to configure the second set of inverters as a seperate ESS (with therefore own modbus-registers)? Can separate ESS exist in parallel and be controlled by the same cerbo, shunt, etc. and use the same battery system? Does it help to configure the MP-IIs to a separate 3-phase input group?

Multiplus-IIESSModbus TCP3 phasemultiplus in parallel
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Inverter/chargers running in parallel must be configured identically with equal length cables. It is not possible to control each of the units separately. They function as a single unit. If you attempted to run multiple units in parallel without them being configured for parallel operation I suspect damage would result.

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