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Using more than one temperature sensor.



In a typical setup, one is allowed to have only one temperature sensor for the battery bank to be charged. All chargers are designed to listen to one single sensor. It makes perfect sense when you have just one battery or two batteries sitting “right next to” each other. But in real life a service/domestic/house bank consists of multiple batteries. In this situation, temperature measurement of all batteries in the bank is not possible. In the attached photo, you see two batteries sitting close to each other. The gap in betwen them is approx 6 cm. While one battery is 87 degrees celcius, the other one is 33. Assume that the temperature sensor was fitted on the one which is 33 degrees. The charger would continue charging without knowing that the other one is 87. This happened to a client of mine which had no temperature sensor and even a charger which has no temperature sensor input. He just had pure lock. I was nearby.

In a lithium setup, bms keeps an eye on each battery’s temperature. So it is obvious that it is possible to handle more than one temperature inputs. But it is not possible to do this in a lead acid setup (or a setup with non-smart batteries).

What can be done so that Victron chargers measure each individual battery in the bank?


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Unable to sync battery monitor

Ok. Quick rundown is my BMV-712 will not reflect the correct percentage based on charge. I have been on tech support with my solar supplier (Battler Born Batteries) for weeks, we tried replacing the BMV (Victron sent a new shunt) but still no go.

My setup is this. I have 8 200W/24V panels going to two 100/50 Victron MPPTs then to a 270aH LiFePO4 from battle born. From there I have a Victron 1000w/12V Phoenix inverter going to a tiny load (a small 1A fridge and my laptop). The panels are grouped in parallel/series split between the controllers - so 400W/48V each - they don't see a lot of sun except midday (forest) but I am able to get a 14.60 voltage daily.

I am attaching screenshots of my MPPT/Inverter/BMV settings. As you can see my percentage and voltage don't lineup. I am also attaching a movie that captures the battery topping up during midday sun and showing no changes to %.

There thing that I notices that my be of importance is this - if I disconnect the inverter for the day then it will go to 100%. I did that early on thinking I had a dying battery (before I started looking at voltage) so would disconnect my offgrid setup and use my camper van fridge. Did that 3 times or so and coming back to my place noticed 100%. That was with 800W panels that have since doubled.

Here's a video:

And pics:





So summary is that the battery monitor will not sync while under load from inverter. What should I do?

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VE.Smart Orion-Tr Smart networking

Any update on VE.Smart networking for the Orion Smart Tr DC to DC chargers? I'll have an MPPT and two 30A DC to DC chargers and it would be excellent if they all knew each other on the same battery bank.

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Defining seperate charging currents for MPPT & MP2

Hi there;

I have just added a Plyontech US2000C (total of 3 now) and I want to charge them with 75A.

I have a MP2 GX-Version that can charge with 35A, a Victron Smartsolar 250/60 MPPT attached to 4KW of solar and a solar inverter parallel to the MP with 2KW of solar attached.

At the moment the charge current in the MPPT is still set to 50A, which was ok for the two US2000C, but now I'd like to charge the three US2000C with 75A....BUT, I don't want the MPPT to charge with more than 50A since it already gets pretty hot at times.

As far as I understand, it should be possible that 50A come from the MPPT and the rest (25A) will come from the MP if enough solar energie is present.

At the moment the system (MPPT & MP) only charges with a max. of 50A.

Funny enough that if there's not enough solar energy, the MPPT & MP charger work together to achieve the 50A but won't exceed that current.

So how can I set the system to charge at 75A???

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[Answer] charging details for a Hankook XV110 110AH leisure battery

Hi All,

I googled this extensively and found no answer, so I contacted the manufacturer and spoke to some suppliers.

Fortunately, all the answers came back the same, so my confidence in their accuracy is

So, when setting up your B2B for the Hankook XV110 Battery:

Bulk charge = 14.6-14.8v

Absorption = bulk charge

Float charge would be 13.4v - 13.8v

Hope this helps someone else out there.



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Mismatched Battery Voltages; MPPT 75/15 vs Storage

BattVoltage_AtBatts.jpgBattVoltage_ExCtrller.PNGPhantomLoadOutput_ExCtrller.PNGMPPT 75/15, VE.Direct Smart, 1 x 250W 24v Panel, 3 x 12v Gel Batteries

Although I've been running this set up for many years, I've only recently reverted to cross-checking outputs with a volt meter, as I've trusted the VE output figures. I have two questions for anyone interested in humouring me:

1. Why don't the voltages at VE Batt and Battery terminals match? Surely they're the same thing. Lately (possibly always!) I see a ~2.0v difference, with the VE 'output', and Bluetooth readout, being higher than the 'battery' voltage. Is this due to drop-off created by the attached inverter? I ask because I seem to be reaching 'Float' level rather quickly, and when the system goes nigh-nighs my VE voltage readout is dropping to sub-12v. Is this due to a 'tired' battery (sorry, a third question)?

2. Like many others, I have never attached a 'Load' to my system. Nevertheless, the VE readout often shows a 'phantom load'. Why is this? I haven't been able to find out why in any of the Victron literature.

Thanking You in Advance, SS

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Multi rs solar online settings access


I’m using multi rs solar 48/6000 with pylontech batteries and a cerbo gx all connected with ve can.

I want to know if there is a way to access to my multi rs settings with wifi, (online) n’es cause sometimes I want to charge my batteries with grid.

Without changing from « optimised » to « maintain charged batteries » I can’t charge batteries from grid. So I want to be able to change it from anywhere, but I can’t without being at 5m range in Bluetooth.

One more question, is there a way to charge an ESS configuration in multi rs to be able to feed info grid?

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MultiPlus Settings for LiFePO4 2x 200ah Ampere Time Battery Bank


I have just purchased all the parts for a Victron branded solar setup on my motorhome.

Im using two Ampere Time 200ah LiFePO4 batteries in paralell for my bank. What should I set the absorption, float and bulk to when I set up my MultiPlus 3000VA 12v inverter?

I've read a few similar posts and they all sound very forign to me. This is my first solar setup.

If you dont mind... please explain to me like im 5.

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Confusion on SmartShunt values

Hey all, I’ve recently installed my first Victron system on an RV. Components in question here are the MultiPlus II 2x120 24V, SmartShunt, and Cerbo GX. The way I’ve set everything up, I thought should be correct, but I’m getting some odd behavior. Because it’s an RV, there is a 12V DC system in addition to the MultiPlus outputs. I have 2 batteries wired to the battery side of the shunt, and system side of the shunt goes to the MultiPlus, DC system, and all the Victron components; that is to say, absolutely no load bypasses the shunt, it should see everything. Because of the DC loads, I have the Cerbo set to “has DC system”.

When the MultiPlus is off, it appears that the shunt registers DC loads as charging the battery, not drawing from it. The little dots on the overview graphic appear moving towards the battery, and the amperage readout on the battery shows positive while on the “DC system” amps show negative.

When the generator is running and the MultiPlus is charging the battery, it seems to mostly behave normally, but the DC system amp readout will bounce between positive and negative.

I’m not sure if this is the root cause or not, but the State of Charge readout is entirely inaccurate, too. I’ve just done my first trip with this system. I had the batteries fully charged before leaving, sync’d the shunt to 100%, and left for the trip. My first night, batteries completely died, to the point nothing would power on even briefly, the 24V battery bank was registering under 10V, yet the shunt still read 82% SoC. Throughout the rest of the trip, I had low batteries at various times, setting off the alarm on the MultiPlus, etc. And the shunt would read <20V while still showing 100% SoC. It also appears this is impacting charging, as the batteries were under 20V and yet the MultiPlus was showing the charging state as “float” within 10 minutes of starting the generator.

Needless to say, I’m rather confused. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

EDIT: Pictures of installation for wiring purposed added below, thanks @Matthias Lange - DE



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Blue smart ip22 charger 12/30(3)
  • Hi I’m a noob so be gentle. I’m building a camper. Can I use the Blue smart ip22 charger 12/30(3) to charge my agm living battery and my starter battery at the same time to top up and when on hook up to support the living battery . Also the van might sit in winter for weeks can it keep both topped up.
  • Thanks in advance

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Connecting Victron blue smart charger to 1 or 2 batteries

Iam using Victron Blue smart charger 12v and Cyrix-ct. The charger can charge 3 batteries. I have connected as on the picture (just without 85 start assist). Shall I also connect the charger (+) direct to the starter battery? Will I then get fully information of both batteries via bluetooth?


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Lifep04 idle charge


Newbie question .

I have a 100ah 12v lithium battery to run a fridge in the back of my car. It is used infrequently and taken out of the car when not in use. It can charge in the car with a DC-DC charger and I have a 15A Victron Blue smart charger at home.

I’ve read that lithium batteries, including LFP, last longer if stored and about 50% charge.

Does the charger/app have a profile to keep the battery at, say, 60-70% while not being used, then change the profile to full charge a day or two before being used?

Is that something that is practical or desirable?



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Charger and SmartShunt and Inverter current going the wrong way and miss representing SOC

I have a need to keep 120V maximum 50W of load powered in the case of a power outage and to be able to remotely monitor the SOC of the batteries. The configuration runs off of 2 x AGM 12V 100Ah batteries connected in series with a SmartShunt 500A, a Phoenix Inverter 24V 250VA 120V, a Blue Smart IP65 24V 8A charger all connected to a Raspberry Pi acting as a CerboGX.


Both the SmartShunt and the Inverter are connected to the Pi via the to USB cable and are visible via the VictronConnect Application and VRM.

Since the Charger only has Bluetooth capability, we can not manage it remotely, but only locally which is fine. But non of the devices talk to each other over a virtual Victron wireless network like a SmartShunt can with an MPPT for example.


The problems that I am seeing are the following:

  1. When looking at the inverter, it only show 0% load. That value never changes.
  2. When looking at the SOC on the SmartShunt for the batteries, they are continuously reporting as discharging even though the Charger is permanently connected and charging the batteries.
  3. In the VRM portal, the current flow is going from the batteries to the Inverter and not from the Inverter to the batteries as I would have expected it since the inverter is supposed to keep the batteries topped off when AC power is usually available.

Is this configuration simply not possible because each element do not have a way of communicating to each other?

Or is the Charger not to be connected to the negative terminal of the battery bank but needs to go through the system Negative of the SmartShunt? (I have tried that but to no difference).


The setup is available at

Thank you for any help anyone can provide.

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2009 Skylla-TG 24-100 G Universal - Upgrade??

Hi - I have a 2009 Skylla-TG 24-100 G Universal. As far as I can tell this unit does not have the ability to set the Boost voltage, Float voltage, or Absorption time. Is there any way to upgrade/update it, or do I have to buy the new version??

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