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Multiplus-II 8kVA and 10kVA in parallel

I believe the 8kVA and 10kVA Multiplus-II's cannot be paralleled. Will this be fixed with a future software upgrade or never?

If it will be possible in future, then when?

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will a 100/20 MPPT controller have a conflict with a bcdc charger

I have a bit of a problem with how I want to connect a new 200w panel.

Background:- My auto electrician found my two existing solar panels [in parallel] are putting out 37volts rather the the max 28 stated by the manufacturer. He could not connect them to the bcdc1250d charger [which also has a 750w MPPT controller but a limit of 32volts] he had just fitted so added a victron 100v/20a MPPT charger... An additional panel on this would be over 20amps, so I wanted to add a new 200 w panel to the redarc bcdc charger to utilise the 'green' function that uses solar before the alternator current. Id prefer not to go to series panel connection due to shading from roof vents and a satellite dish.

Question? Could there be conflict between new 200w panel connected via the bcdc1250D and the 2 old 140w panels connected via the victron 100/20 MPPT charger

Currently while the bcdc is working fully while driving the old solar potential is not being used


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Solar Design- Inverter and MPPT on bus bar

I was looking at the Victron Wiring Diagram.pngfor the 24v 3000w Multiplus and noticed that they have both the MPPT and inverter connected to ->busbar->battery bank. In my setup (Solar System Design (24v).jpg) I am using 4 batteries, 206ah @ 12v, 10.5kwh. The batteries are in 2S2P, so an effective 24v @ 416AH. I think this means I can discharge 200a? In my diagram you'll see that I have the 2 MPPTs on busbars, and those busbars are on the outer battery terminals. My inverter is connected to the inner terminals of the paralleled batteries. Which configuration is better and allows for more even charging and discharging?

(Note, the 300a fuse will actually be a 300a ANL fuse)

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Two inverters in 12v van system / paralleling batteries

Hi all, I have a 12v 600ah lifepo4 setup in my van, ~300 amp max discharge. Not Victron batteries, but all other components are. My main inverter is a Multiplus 3000. I am planning to add a Phoenix 500 watt inverter to use for small loads, mainly laptop charging, so that I do not have to always fire up the Multi. I plan on running them both to my Lynx Distributor separately and fusing them appropriately. The Multi will power my AC breaker panel, the Phoenix will just run one plug via the outlet on the unit. I do not plan on running them in tandem, but it may occasionally happen unintentionally.

Does this all sound good/acceptable? I believe it should be fine, but I'd like to tap into all the knowledge of this community.

Another question that maybe should be its own post, but my bank is two 300ah batteries. They will be paralleled, but I am going to fuse them separately and have a Blue Sea switch for each individual battery. From there they will go to the Lynx distributor. I am contemplating whether they should be paralleled at the distributor, or beforehand, which would allow me to also have a master switch, in addition to the two individual battery switches. Redundant, I know, but still thinking about doing it.

What are your opinions? Each to its own position on the Lynx, or paralleled beforehand and share a position on the Lynx? I know I can just parallel at the battery, but I prefer to fuse and switch each individually and parallel downstream. If paralleled before the Lynx, suggestions on what busbar would be best suited for that? This may be stupid, but could I just run each battery cable (after fuse and switch) to the same post on an appropriately rated master switch, then to the Lynx?

Thanks much for any and all opinions/suggestions.

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Strange DC at MPPT input at night

My 150/70 is having a strange DC at its input during some nights, not all. Here's an example:


Almost 18V at input. Suddenly around 23.56 it has gone to zero but it came again as you can see.

This MPPT is a part of a bluetooth parallel network, with 2 more 250/60 in which none of them shows this behavior.

What could be this about? It is connected to 3 strings, it's chassis is grounded, as well as the panels frames.

Running fw version 1.54.

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Phoenix Compact 800/12 and EasySolar in parallel. Possible?

I have invertor Victron Phoenix Compact 12/800. Now I bought a new EasySolar 12v. Could I install them in parallel? I cannot find the solution.

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Connecting same capacity, different discharge rate Lithiums in parallel


I’ve installed a phoenix inverter 12/3000 that is connected to a 100ah lithium superpack in my RV.

I would like to connect a 2nd 100ah lithium superpack in parallel, but this one has a max discharge rate of 50ah instead of 100ah max discharge as on the first battery.

Would that be a problem, as the 2nd battery will discharge much faster & they will have two very different voltages for charging?

Is there a way to mitigate this problem by adding a standalone charger to the 2nd battery or is there another solution I haven’t thought of?

I realize I need to charge both batteries to the fullest before connecting them in parallel so that they will have minimal difference between their voltage.

Thanks in advance!


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remove/reset vebus system config to normal

Hi all,

I know how to set up a VEBUS parallel or 3 phase system without problem. I also know how to reset the system to default using the VE.Bus Quick Configure tool when onsite.

How do I reset the config back to standalone with the system configure tool?
Now disclaimer, I am not onsite so I am looking at the remote system file in VE.Bus System Configurator. Surely there is a way to do this. I have tried dragging the failed unit out of the phse to unconfigured devices but the software doesn't accept the config as there are unconfigured devices.

One of the quattro's has failed so the system is down.

The master is working fine but the slave has failed.

Can the system be reset remotely? Is there a reset method via the dip switched on the quattro.

There are people onsite but they do not have a MK3 dongle.

It's easter and this install is on an island. There has to be a way to remove the parallel config.

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Redundancy in a 3 Phase Parallel system


I have been asked by a customer to provide an off-grid system using 6 x Quattro 15000/48 inverters, parallel, 3 phase, connected to a common battery, common AC output and a common gen-set connected to the AC input. He would like redundancy so if one inverter were to fail it only takes out a group of 3 and not all 6. That way he still has 1/2 power to get by with in the event of a single inverter failure. With the typical configuration, this is not possible, however I ask the community, does anyone have any ideas if this can be achieved?


Wes Corbet

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Can Current Transformer replace Energy meter

Hi Victron Community,

I am currently setting up a grid parallel ESS with a Multiplus 2, a Venus GX and two 5KWh Tesla Modules. I already have the Current Transformer/sensor ( ) for the Multiplus but no Energy Meter ET112.

Is my understanding correct, that

1. AC-In on the multiplus is bi-directional and can import to charge the batteries and export to power loads (I do not have any loads connected to AC-Out 1 or 2.)

2. I do not need to install the Energy Meter if I have the current transformer connected to the grid connection? (see picture below)

What changes to I have to make in my VE Config and ESS controls on the Venus to tell the Multiplus/Venus that the Current sensor is supposed to measure the import/export at the grid connection? I cannot see any options here apart from the tick-box in VE Config.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Phil

Schematics of my setup are below (except for the "No break loads, which I do not have):


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Quattro Parallel Deconstruction

My boat has two Quattro 24V/5000 units from 2009. They are installed to invert only, no charging. They are configured in parallel. There are three remote on/off switches around the boat that are each in parallel to both units. Each unit has its own DC source twin circuit breaker. Each unit has a single pole circuit breaker on the AC out Line between the unit and the parallel connection. My boat no longer has the high wattage consumers that would require parallel operation. I would prefer to have each unit operate in standalone mode so that I have two redundant duplicate inverters which will only be operated one unit at a time - never both. I have read the manual and I understand how to remove the RJ45 UTP cable between the two units and use the dip switches to reprogram back to standalone configuration. For the DC source twin circuit breakers I can buy an $18 lockout slide which allows only one unit at a time to have those breakers on. I'm assuming I can leave the remote on/off switches as they are - the inactive unit won't switch on with its DC source circuit breakers off. My question is on the AC out side. I can buy a toggle cover to prevent inadvertent switching of the AC out Line circuit breakers - but is it sufficient to switch off the single pole Line circuit breaker of the inactive unit? Is there any risk from having Neutral still in parallel? Is there some issue in my plan that I'm overlooking? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Parallel Quattros split phase ground relay setting

I have an off-grid system (in US) using (2) Quattros (48/5000/70-100/100 120V) configured for split phase parallel operation. Hence, each Quattro is providing a 120V leg which creates a 240V system.

My question concerns the NEC (National Electric Code) requirement for bonding the ground and neutral. NEC requires the ground and neutral to be bonded at the "service entrance" and that this bonding should only be done in 1 place. Each Quattro contains a relay that bonds the ground and neutral by default. If both Quattros are configured to enable the relay (i.e. the "Ground relay" box is checked) this would seem to bond the ground and neutral in 2 places. Should I enable the Ground Relay on both Quattro's or only on 1 Quattro?

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Strange oscillation from 2 parallel Multiplus-II 48/5000 when negative setpoint in ESS mode

Hi all,

I've recently added a second Multiplus-II 48/5000 unit in parallel to one that's successfully been running for nearly 2 years, in ESS mode.

I've read through the guide (, ensuring the wiring for each unit was the same length. They both have the same firmware (updated to latest version, 494), and have successfully been configured in parallel mode by VE Quick Configure. They also both have the same settings (through VEConfig), including the same ESS assistant.

ESS mode is set to "external control", like it was for the 2 years running on the single unit.

The system works well to charge (can get the full charge current), as well as power loads. The slave unit is showing as slave (correct LED codes).

However, the problem is when I try and set the grid setpoint to negative: after a while (timing of how long it takes is random, but a few minutes is the best I've had) I get a strange oscillating behaviour. Within about 0.8 seconds, the power draw from the battery can spike to a few kW, both positive and negative (and lights flicker accordingly on AC out). The transformers within both Multiplus units also emit a very noticeable crescendoing buzz. This keeps cycling, until the minute timeout of sending a grid setpoint.

Even applying a grid set point set to a value within what the single Multiplus unit was able to achieve before exhibits the behaviour.

Any idea what could be causing this issue?

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Safety parallel charging via MultiPlus, MPPT and Orion-tr

Hi Everyone,

I have battery: 160ah AGM with max load 45Ah.
And charging by 3 devices:

1. Victron multiplus compact 12/1600/70ah
2. MPPT smart 75/15ah
3. Orion-tr smart 12/12/30ah

Orion-tr and MultiPlus charger in general will not working in same time.

I read tons of documentation. 
And I know that:
a) Smart Dongle for MultiPlus do not communicate via Network with other devices.

b) I will need separate temperature and voltage sensor for MultiPlus and MPPT / Orion-tr.
c) Orion-tr do not supported temp. sensor but could working via VE. Smart network.
d) Via Victron connect I could set max load for multiPlus.
e) I do not want to invest too much money to another extra devices.

1. How to safely configure devices to run in parallel, bearing in mind the sensors and maximum current for the battery?

- I should use normal sensor for Multiplus.
- I should use bluetooth battery sensor and connect with Orion and MPPT.
- I should change max load for Multiplus into 30 Ah.
- And at the end I should configure the same parameters for charging like type battery, voltage etc…

2. Do I need smart dongle if I have external ammeter and will have basic parameters from other smart devices (Simple switch button is enough for me).

3. What else should I know?


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