ess grid setpoint not reached Image

ess grid setpoint not reached

ESS ou HUB2 sur EasySolar 48/5000/70-100 MPPT150/100

Question 1/ le colorcontrol est-il GX sur ce modèle ?

Voici le schéma simplifié actuel de l’installation (voir photo)


Cette installation a été installé en début d’été 2022 sans problèmes car 0 injection réseau, le temps ensoleillé a pourvu aux charges de la maison sans problèmes, seulement avec l’arrivée de l’hiver et le manque de soleil, les tracas arrivent.

La config dans VECONFIG actuelle :

Grid : None

Convertisseur : activé avec powerassist Pas d’AES

Chargeur : activé courbe de charge : adaptative + batterysafe

Inter virtuel : pas utilisé

Assitants : pas utilisé (par faut HUB1 dansl'Easysolar vu sur le Controlcolor)

Je précise est c’est important, que la connexion Edf dans AC-in vient d’être mise en place il y a 3 semaines et que c’est a partir de ce moment-là que les choses doivent être modifiées.

Actuellement l’Easysolar est fonctionnel, la config sur le controlcolor est en HUB1.

Le problème : avec cette config HUB1, quand les batteries ne sont pas chargées complétement, c’est le réseau qui charge les batteries et qui alimente la maison, normal je dirai, sauf que ça coupe la charge avec les panneaux solaire !

J’envisage de mettre en place un système ESS sans réinjection du surplus dans le réseau mais avant ça n’y aurait-il pas une façon de avec les assistants de modifier ce problème ? L’assistant HUB2 ?

Le but est :

Si pas de soleil, alors utilisation de Edf depuis AC-in pour les charges de la maison sans utiliser le parc batterie et recharge batterie modérée. (Priorité à la charge des batteries par les PV quand il y a un peu de soleil)

J’espère avoir été clair dans mes propos.

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ESS system is pushing back to the grid after adding a second MP2

Good day,

I had an ess installation working perfectly fine. It was set to 10W grid set point and we had no issues.

We now added a 2nd MP2 in parallel to the same system.

When doing that we had to clear all ESS assistants on the BUS and then re-configure them.

According to the docs we had to go and add ESS assistant onto each inverter on the system. This we did.

However now that the 2nd inverter is installed and up and running I have noticed that we are now pushing ~370W back into the grid, this is even at night when there is no Solar and the battery is low. This is obviously not an ideal situation.


I have tried increasing the grid set point to 100W and that didnt help either?

What settings could I have wrong here?

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How do I set three-phase grid setpoint ESS mode 2 through pymodbus?

How do I set three-phase grid setpoint ESS mode 2 through pymodbus? the only register at the site is 2700, only this register is necessary to limit the gird?

I set the setpoint with this register but the grid was not limited

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Grid Setpoint not working on parallel 2x Multiplus II 3000-48-230-35-32? How can I fix?



ESS Grid Setpoint feature not working. Inverters consuming grid unnecessarily, costing me money.


2x parallel Multiplus II 3000/230/48/35-32 firmware 2629-497, ESS, Venus GX on ver2.89, bluesolar mppt 150/45, bluesolar mppt 150/35, 4x pylontech us3000 min SoC set at 30%.

Installed a parallel inverter 6 days ago and immediately the grid consumption tracks above the grid setpoint. It worked perfectly when I had 1 inverter.

I have redone setup with QuickConfigure and added the assistants on each inverter. This has not helpled.

The problem gets worse when in Power Assist mode via AC-In, even with enough PV Solar and battery, at this stage, grid consumption increases to hundreds.

Please assist with a solution if you have thanks in advance. Haven’t found a solution on the community pages.

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Issue with ESS taking power from Grid


I am an installer who has installed THIS system more than 30 times. Total of about 60 installs on VRM.

The problem is ESS keeps on taking power from grid instead of DC/battery/PV. Day and night. It also does not export power to 'non-essential' loads ("AC Loads" as per VRM).


We have:

  • MultiPlus II 48/5000/70
  • Smart Solar 250/70
  • Lynx Distributor
  • Cerbo GX + Touch
  • ET112
  • Freedom Won 5/4 battery


  • See attached VE.Config file.20220106 MPII 48-5000-70
  • ESS as per manual for Freedom Won, set to 35% SoC in 'with battery life'
  • DVCC as per manual (I will gladly give access to VRM if needed)
  • NRS097 country code selected
  • Victron cables, no crimped cables

What I have done so far:

  • All items display 100% correct on Cerbo (MultiPlus, MTTP and Battery)
  • Contacted 2 Victron distributors, neither can help me (one who I bought the inverter from, and the other the battery);
  • We had the latest firmware on inverter, but distributor recommended to roll back to 481 (last stable version) to test, not difference;
  • Check all AC cables one by one;
  • System work 100% when AC is disconnected;
  • If I discharge batteries, and chage ESS to 'keep batteries charged' it works 100% to charge from grid;
  • Tried it both with and without 'battery life';
  • I checked all RJ45 cables with a tester, even tried a new cable between inverter and Cerbo;
  • exchanged the Cerbo;
  • I have bought another MPII, but distributor told me I would waste my time, try the community first;

I understand the normally way for anyone to help me is to check basics, and I know I might have not given all info one might need to check all this. I will gladly comply, pictures, just ask. However, have spend 2 days checking everything over and over. I am convinced it is something else I might have missed. I hope another installer of someone from Victron has come across this, as both my distributors who is massive in RSA, is stumped.

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Multiplus II ESS / 400W Restriction


Is there any update /plan on making the 400w ramp-up-speed restriction of ESS configurable (i.E. deactivate or make it changable)?


There are multiple factors that determine the response time to a (digital-) command to feed in: [..]

  1. Hard coded rate limiting in the inverter/charger firmware: as per ESS version 162 it is set to 400W per second. The reason for this rate limiter is that without that there are regulation problems (overloads and such) when the mains is weak (long cables and such resulting in a relatively high impedance). More information on that here, as well as in the main ESS manual.

Not really my top priority, but it would still be nice to be able to react faster.


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Grid Setpoint not tracking very well when running Parallel Multiplus

Started with a single MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48 and would maintain fairly well desired grid draw of about 50W with a steady load.

I now have two unit's in parallel, build dates are within about a week of each other (2022) and running 497 firmware.

Overall it seems to work and is stable apart from the grid setpoint tracking. With it set to 10W it will vary between 50-100W when the general draw is about 1000W. With a 4000W draw it will bounce around between 100-300W and so on with higher loads.

Are the unit's fighting each other to balance the load?

  • Running in ESS mode,
  • 6 x Pylon 3k Batteries
  • Smartsolar MPPT VE.Can 150/82 rev2
  • ET112 Grid Energy Meter before consumer unit
  • 240V single phase.
  • AC input is 20A MCB via 2.5mm2 cable to each inverter
  • AC Out 1 on both units connected together but not used which leads to an emergency outlet.
  • AC Out 2 are not connected at-all
  • DC side is 70mm2 cable, identical lengths.

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Feed fronius output to quattro output 2

Hello, when we have an ac coupling system, it is possible to feed grid tie inverter to the Quattro output 2? And not feed it in the network.?

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VRM and local Dashboard show incorrect wiring after install AC current sensor on Multiplus 2


i'm just finish to install my Victron system based with this devices :

- Smartsolar MPTT, VE-can ,

- smart shunt, Ve-direct,

- Cerbo GX,

- Multiplus II -

This morning i installed an AC current sensor to my multiplus II in order to prevent power feedback to the grid.

..but after that, the power in/out measured to the grid is correct but the wiring on dashboard appare incorrect.

Now i'm draw zero power to critical load ( AC out disconnencted ) but in dashboar all power coming to the grid ,are considered draw for critical load.

In real this power are loaded only by AC load.

I'm not discovering what is wrong in my configuration... i'm load ESS assist .

Someone can help me ?

Thanks in advance,


( the wrong wiring is visible also in VRM : )


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Question lors de la perte réseau

Bonjour, j'ai une question. j'ai un multiplus II avec du photovoltaïque connecté sur ac out 1 et des batteries pylontech. il y a fréquemment des coupures très rapides sur le réseaux EDF. on note une légère fluctuation de tension dans la maison mais à part l'onduleur du iMac personne ne voit rien sauf que les onduleurs du photovoltaïque se coupent (ne produisent plus ) puis redémarrent au bout de quelques instants.

je précise c'est une installation en ESS.

est ce normal ou dois je modifier des réglages avec ve configure 3?

merci par avance


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2 x Multiplus 2 48/3000 (parallel on phase 1) in ESS: grid setpoint not reached


I am using 2 x Multiplus 2 48/3000 (parallel on phase 1) in an ESS configuration with a Pylontech Battery US2000b+ (9.6kwh total) and a Venus device with EM24DIN. There also is a Fronius Symo 15-M AC coupled inverter with 10kwp PV connected.

All this in Germany on a 3Phase grid ("Schieflast" is avoided by other measures).

The second Multiplus was only installed yesterday, since then I observe that the grid-setpoint is never reached, there is, especially on battery, always a much greater consumption from the grid than set.

Grid Setpoint is set to 10W, true average consumption from the grid is almost 200W all through the night. As I stated: this is only true since the installation of the second multi.

If I adjust the setpoint to -200W, consumption drops but as soon as the solar kicks in during daytime I am exporting more than I want.

What could be the reason?

Thank you very much!


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ESS using Grid for no reason?

Hi my ESS uses Grid for no reason. Someone has an idea?


My system:

1x MP2 24/5000
8S3P custom Lifepo4 Pack with jkbms

My Grid setpoint is 80W

The room temp where the MP2 is is 27C

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"Grid Setpoint" does not work as expected

Hi and hi @Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff)

we have a combined setup consisting of 3xVictron MP5000 (12kWp Panels) and Fronius (15kWp).

The Grid Setpoint does not work as expected (any maybe intended).

Grid Setpoint is set to -22500, the minimum SOC is set to 20%


Although the SOC is 40%+ and the total power would be sufficient (21+ kw) the given Setpoint parameter is not fulfilled.

Only 16 kw are sent to the grid and we have no idea how this can happen.

Maybe one strange observation: the voltage on L1, L2 and L3 against the grid is above 245V. Looks a bit too much, but honestly I have no idea ...

Does anyone have any idea how this behaviour can happen ?



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multiplus 2 ESS Grid Feed limit doesn't work




I have 2 multiples-2 5Kv units working parallel and 10kW Frounious Inverters L1 output-side of the Victron. Grid meter counts grid feed. We are only allowed to feed 5kW and in configured ESS Grid Feed limit as 2500W.

Still, the system feeds the grid more than 5Kw

Anybody assist with my problem. attached is my Victron configuration file (zip) file for reference.

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Quattro 48/8000/110-100/100 220v

Once you disconnect the mains voltage the converter outputs is 144v instead of 220 v what could be the reason

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