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Please explain me the effect of limits on the power grid - Quattro

I have a Quattro 15000/48 in a three-phase system (45 kVA), connected Cerbo GX and energy storage 35 kW, 70 kWh. In addition, on AC IN2 I have a power grid with a power limit of up to 35 kW. I also have AC OUT1 with loads up to 30 kW and AC OUT2 with loads up to 22 kW (EV chargers).

1. Please help me clarify, what if it will be with the loads (AC OUT1 + AC OUT2 = 52 kW) coming up to the limit of the power grid (AC IN2)?

How will the loads be restricted? Will Victron cut off AC OUT2 first?

2. What happens if I have a current limit set on AC IN2 (power grid), and AC OUT1 and AC OUT2 are momentary above the battery power coverage capability + AC IN2 input limit?

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Chargerac out 2feed-in limit
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This will rather depends on your battery. And if you have ESS which I assume you do.

52kwh is under the peak of the inverters. So shut down will not happen. it will instead power assist your incoming with battery power if the loads are above your incoming amps set.

Unless you program AC2 to shut off loads it will not load shed. In its default state nothing happens it runs the load when grid is present.

If your battery cannot do the inrush, then the system could trip. But some system it pulls from grid above the limit. That is also affected by set up. I have seen various when there is a high load - grid rejection on high load, battery trip on high load and also excess pulled from grid in high load. But then also solar can assist if available.

Other settings that affects the behaviour are inverter limits and if you have peaks shaving above min SOC to name just 2.

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