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ESS System Phase Compensation Help

i installed 3x MP2 3000VA /48V. Updated Firmware to 2629474. made ve quick config, setted all settings. made the ess assistant in each MP. Now i try everything but the whole system acts like phase compensation is disabled although it is enabled. each inverter does only deliver so much power as required on the specific phase according to the grid meter. No idea why the compensation setting in the venus gx is not working. Please help!!

AC L1,L2,L3 is connected to MPNr.1-ACIN, MPNr2-ACIN, MPNr3-ACIN. The system is useless. If the electric car is plugged in on one phase with 7kW it only delivers max. 2.4kW from one inverter, if no other loads are switched on. If someone cooks on L2, i only get 2.4kW from the inverter on Nr.2.

I read all installation manuals, the training video on the Victron professional side, there is no hint what is wrong, looks like a software bug on the Venus gx!



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Question lors de la perte réseau

Bonjour, j'ai une question. j'ai un multiplus II avec du photovoltaïque connecté sur ac out 1 et des batteries pylontech. il y a fréquemment des coupures très rapides sur le réseaux EDF. on note une légère fluctuation de tension dans la maison mais à part l'onduleur du iMac personne ne voit rien sauf que les onduleurs du photovoltaïque se coupent (ne produisent plus ) puis redémarrent au bout de quelques instants.

je précise c'est une installation en ESS.

est ce normal ou dois je modifier des réglages avec ve configure 3?

merci par avance


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Grid consumption/injection through Modbus or MQTT

I just bought a MultiPlus II, a Cerbo GX and a battery with the objective to charge the battery during off peak hours and use it on peak hours.

I do not have the EM24, but as I'm a Home Assistant user, how can I supply to my Victron the grid consumption / injection through Modbus or MQTT? On the end my idea is to emulate the an EM24 through Home Assistant

Thanks for your support

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Multiplus-II GX throttling down PV inverter on grid loss

Hello all,

I have a grid-tied home ESS system with a MultiPlus-II GX, a PV array with a Fronius Primo inverter on AC OUT, and a BYD battery connected to the Multiplus.

Each time there's a grid loss (happens very often over here) all the PV power from the Fronius inverter is instantly throttled down to zero, even in case of full sun exposure. Consequently, for all the duration of the grid loss, all the backup power is provided by the battery only.

I have the feeling it's just a waste of solar power. Why can't the Multiplus allow the Fronius inverter to continue its operation in case of grid loss ? Its power added to the battery power could sustain much more loads than just the battery alone.

Is that a bug, is there a reason, or am I missing a hidden setting somewhere ?

Thanks everybody for your insights.

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ESS using Grid for no reason?

Hi my ESS uses Grid for no reason. Someone has an idea?


My system:

1x MP2 24/5000
8S3P custom Lifepo4 Pack with jkbms

My Grid setpoint is 80W

The room temp where the MP2 is is 27C

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Guest Cabin gets all the solar

Hello! I am building a small guest house (195 square feet / 18 sq meters) behind my home, and want to add a system like this:

*Tied to grid via 30 amp shore power plug-in similar to an RV, but don't want to feed the grid

*Guests can stay and enjoy life 'off grid' using solar and battery, and if battery gets low or there is a need to use appliance that requires more than batteries can provide, just plug in shore power

*If my home loses electrical power temporarily this is a type of backup shelter

I'd like to use Victron components. Based on my initial research is this ok?

1/ two solar panels on roof

2/ Victron MPPT 100/30 charge controller

3/ Victron Multi Plus Compact 12/2000

4/ Victron’s Venus GX

5/ Victron's BMV-700

What kind of AC/DC panel (fuse box) is appropriate? Any suggestions regarding the specific type of batteries to use for this?

Thank you for any advice!

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Grid Loss even thou the grid is available (Multiplus(s) in parallel)

Good Day,

I have an issue with my setup going into inverting mode even thou the grid is available , i also noticed that even if the is no ac loads the vrm reads a value between 30W and 40W, using ve config the units have no errors:

My setup overview :

3 Multiplus in parallel

FW version : 497

1 250/100 MPPT

6 Victron 220ah gel batteries .

GX Color control .

Im using an assistant HUB-1 keep batteries charged feed surplus back to grid.

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) please can you advise.






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VRM Portal, Anzeige Netzbezug, Einspeisung ... stimmen überhaupt nicht


Die im VRM Portal angezeigten Daten zum Netzbezug / Einspeisung stimmen nicht wirklich.

Ein Vergleich mit den Werten des Zählers (Netzbetreiber) sowie die meines SmartMeters vor dem Eingang (AC-IN) ergeben erhebliche Abweichungen.

Hier die korrekten Daten (abgeglichen mit dem Zähler des Netzbetreibers):


Das sagt das Portal dazu:


Ansicht ist das schon vergleichbar ... aber das Portal oder das GX rechnet eben falsch.

Im Grundsatz ist es so, das über eine Zeiteinheit die Last gemessen wird, dieser dann als Verbrauch gespeichert. In einem 3 phasigem System (L1,L2,L3) wird das genau so gemacht .... nur dann eben die Phasen summiert...

und jetzt kommt der Fehler den das GX (oder das Portal macht):

Summieren ist Schwachsinn (zumindest in Deutschland). Denn die Zähler nach dem Ferraris Prinzip summieren nicht sie Saldieren !!!

Bedeutet z.Bsp:

über eine Zeiteinheit von 10s liegen folgende Werte an:
L1: 1000W
L2: -600W
L3: -600W

GX oder VRM:
Export: 1200W
Import: 1000W
also flux auf den Importzähler 2,8 Wh dazu und auf den Exportzähler 3,3 Wh dazu ...
... leider falsch, denn das ist das Prinzip des Summieren's

Die Zähler in Deutschland Saldieren aber !
somit wird real gerechnet:
1000W + -600W + -600W = -200W
also auf den Importzähler 0Wh dazu und der Exportzähler bekommt 0,6Wh dazu ...

Bitte eine entsprechende Einstellmöglichkeit dafür schaffen, Summierend oder Saldierend !

Ist nur ein Schönheitsfehler, aber wäre super wenn die Anzeigen mit dem Meter des Netzbetreibers übereinstimmen ....

Achtung mein System verwendet kein externes SmartMeter, es ist 3Phasig mit 3x Multipus II (48/3000). Das Netz hängt am Eingang (AC-IN) und alles andere am Ausgang (AC-OUT1), zwischen Zähler des Netzbetreibers und dem Eingang (AC-IN) Multipus gibt es KEINE Verbraucher !

Wer ist dafür ansprechbar, diese Rechenformel einzubauen ?

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Solution: Three Phase Quattro System does not accept Generator on AC2 in while AC1 grid is present

I write this not as a question but as as a guide how to handle a three phase rotataion problem which occured at our three phase quattro system in Africa:

The system is based on 6 Quattros configured as "big three phase UPS", a large battery bank and a backup Diesel generator.

Normal Operation:

Occasionally the grid on AC1 IN fails, the systems switches over to the battery bank and as last action, a backup Diesel generator on AC2 IN is automatically started in case the grid failure is too long and the batteries are getting empty.

What happened?

Suddenly, the grid showed correct voltages on all three phases on AC1 inputs (!) but the inverters did not accept the input power and switched to inverter mode and kept draining the batteries.

Upon reaching the defined low level value in the GX the backup Diesel generator was correctly started but the Quattros did not measure any input voltages from the generator and thus did continue to drain the batteries until they were empty and all shutdown.


Upon disconnecting the grid by opening the circuit breakers, the AC1 IN voltages went down to 0V and after restart of the whole system the Diesel generator was correctly detected on AC2 IN and system went up again.

Root Cause

After investing the case the following root cause was found: The grid operator has changed two phases by mistake during maintenance (=opposite three phase turn direction).

This leads to the situation that the Quattros "see" all three correct input voltages on all three phases on AC1 IN but all currents remain at zero because input not usable. System remains in inverter mode. At the same time, a started generator input power on AC2 is not detected by the Quattros because reasonable voltages from the grid on AC1 IN are present (but not usable!)

How to identify such a case:

If all three input voltages are present and in a reasonable range check first the voltages between all three phases. It must be in the 400V range, otherwise you don't have a correct three phase grid input.
If the voltages between all phases are correct then it is likely the wrong rotation direction not matching to your three phase system programming! --> Exchange two phases!

Emergeny Workaround

In order to enable the Quattro to use an alternative three phase power source like a Diesel generator on the other AC input while such a special grid rotation error exists, cut off the unaccepted power input source then restart the whole system and it will accept power on the alternative source.

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ESS System not feeding in grid :-(

I got a 5k MultiPlus II running with a set of 10kWh BYD LiFePo4 batteries (with their own BYD BMS) en two DC-connected MPPT's with a total PV-capacity of around 2400Wp and a Cerbo "running things"..
The Cerbo is updated to the latest firmware (automagically through the internet). The MultiPlus II is on firmware 2623470 and runs the ESS-assistant more or less with the default values of the German gridcode with internal NS protection.
The only thing I didn't let the assistant change, is the type of battery (because of the BYD-specific settings for Absorption and Float).
This time of year I have quite a surplus of PV-energy so I started experimenting with ESS (Optimized with BatteryLife).
For some reason the system is NOT feeding the surplus of PV back to the grid :-(
Only if I set the grid setpoint to a negative value, the system starts to feed back the PV to the grid at the height I set the negative grid setpoint to....
Otherwise, the BMS (I think) switches off the MPPT's so they don't deliver any PV anymore :-(
For some reason it does that when the BMS says (at VRM and in Remote Console) that the batteries are at 99% instead of 100%. I have no idea why it does that but this doesn't bother me too much ;-).
I set the minimum SOC (unless grid fails) at 95% otherwise apparently the system thinks it should feed the loads from the grid, even when there's still enough PV to do that and even enough to charge the batteries.
So not the actual surplus of PV energy is fed into the grid, but the value set with the negative grid setpoint...
So when there's a cloud before the sun and the batteries are still above the minimum SOC (unless grid fails) then the system feeds the grid from the batteries if the PV drops below the value set in the negative grid setpoint....
I probably have some setting "wrong" to get this result, but I can't seem to think of what could be wrong....
If someone has suggestions..... they are more then welcome.

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Would this system be viable?

I want to buy a 5kW Multiplus-II and I have solar panels with a 6kW inverter (I do reach more than 5kW production). I read that according to the FACTOR 1.0 RULE the inverter of the solar panels should be smaller or with the same power as the battery inverter. Couldn't I do something like in the picture? (I am not sure how I would tell the Victron inverter not to get more than 5kW but If I could, this should work, right?)


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ESS draws from Grid at 100% Battery with Absorption

I recently returned from a holiday and noticed that my layout of my display had changed.
I can no longer see AC and Essential AC loads separately.
Further, as you can see, I am drawing from the grid when I have 100% battery available and have been in absorption for some time.

New to this so not sure what settings to check.




There is an update to v2.89 available but waiting before randomly doing that.



Thanks in advance.

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Victron ESS + ET112 = slow response


Recently I've installed ET112 grid meter on my system (which was using CT sensor previously) and I've noticed that the Multi is very slow on response to load. Currently my system looks like this:


The grid set point is set to -10W. The multi needs a good 15-18 seconds to stabilize after large load kicks in and another approx 15s to stabilize after load drops off. Check the video from VenusGX (the load is switched on at about 16s of the clip and switched of at 43s of the clip):

Is that how it should be? The difference in the load is just about 1.4kW, why is it taking so long to handle that?

Previously I was using CT Sensor extended with Cat5e cable to over 25m long, the system looked like this:


The response to load was pretty much instant. I've recorder video using the same load as on the previous one (load switched on at about 10s and switched off at 23s of the video):

The system need seconds to stabilize

Also you can see a clear difference on the Grid use graph from VRM portal:



As you can see, with CT sensor the system is very close to grid set point, with ET112 grid meter it is way off and hardly ever stay close to set point. The situation is even worst during cloudy day when PV power is fluctuating (you cen see it on my other youtube video).

Is it normal behavior? It looks like Multi can handle this load easily, the problem seems to be in the feedback from the grid meter (or algorithm when ET112 is in use). Is there anything I can do to improve this reaction time??? Please advice.

Kind Regards

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ESS Feed-in Limiting causes MPPT to be erratic. Is it Normal?

Multiplus II 12/3000/120-50 2X-120V

SmartSolar Charger 150/35 (4 100W panels in series)

SmartSolar Charger 100/20 (Single 250W panel)

BMV 712

400Ah LifePO4 Batteries (X2 200AH in parallel)



ESS Feed-in Limiting causes MPPT to be erratic.

Battery charging MPPT's are pretty smooth and maxed out.

As soon as the battery is full, Feed-in is active and the MPPT's become erratic.

Is it normal? Maybe the inverter trying to calculate proper sync values?


Here is another example with limiting turned on


Example with limiting turned off


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Mppt dc export, grid limit, is this normal normal behaviour


When dc export enabled (with grid limit of 2.5kw) and a fully battery (absorbtion or float). The mppt acts not how I expected.

It goes to 0 output when grid limit is hit, battery then begins to discharge slightly and the the mppt goes back to full power. This causes voltage in battery to spike even in absorption/float stage.

I thought the mppt would slowly scale not go 0 to max and then keep repeating said process.

Is that the correct way the mppt should perform or am I missing a setting somewhere?

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