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Limit Feed-in Not Checked but Feed-in is Limited

Limit Feed-in Not Checked but Feed-in is Limited.

I dont recall what it was before I selected a Feed-in limit but now it it seems it cant be turned off.

How can these two options be opposite each other?

Shouldn't Feed-in Limiting active be "NO" if "Limit system Feed-in" is turned off?



Sorry, apparently this is a problem with Venus firmware beta 2.90

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How to connect MPPT 450/100 + LG Resu + Cerbo GX + Multiplus 2

I am trying to create a system that will save energy from solarpanels to my battery and also sell the energy from battery to the grid. I have followed the instructions regarding installing the LG Resu battery to the Cerbo GX. But when doing so, the MPPT "disconnected" (both the battery and the MPPT was connected to the VE.Can bus on the Cerbo GX). I have read the ESS instructions and other blog post. But I cannot get it to work. My questions are:

- Where do i connect the RJ45 cable from MPPT in the Cerbo GX? The instruction for the LG Resu battery tells me that I have to connect it to the VE. Can bus and then the MPTT "is disconnected".

- Which settings do I have to change to make it work?

Here is a picture of the current status of the installation.



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Can Multi-plus II be used to energy shift when grid-tied?

Hi: Can the Multi-plus II be used to shift solar energy captured in batteries to a different time of day when it is grid-tied?

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Akku hat 95 % und trotzdem wird Strom aus dem Netz gezogen warum?

20220524_141947.jpgHallo zusammen,

kann mir einer erklären, warum ich Strom ausm Netz beziehen muss, wenn der Akku fast voll ist und die PV Anlage liefert??

Gruß Martin

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ESS Feed-in causes MPPT to be erratic. Is it Normal?

Multiplus II 12/3000/120-50 2X-120V

SmartSolar Charger 150/35 (4 100W panels in series)

SmartSolar Charger 100/20 (Single 250W panel)

BMV 712

400Ah LifePO4 Batteries (X2 200AH in parallel)



ESS Feed-in causes MPPT to be erratic.

Battery charging MPPT's are pretty smooth and maxed out.

As soon as the battery is full Feed-in is active and the MPPT's become erratic.

Is it normal? Maybe the inverter trying to calculate proper sync values?


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Victron ESS + ET112 = slow response


Recently I've installed ET112 grid meter on my system (which was using CT sensor previously) and I've noticed that the Multi is very slow on response to load. Currently my system looks like this:


The grid set point is set to -10W. The multi needs a good 15-18 seconds to stabilize after large load kicks in and another approx 15s to stabilize after load drops off. Check the video from VenusGX (the load is switched on at about 16s of the clip and switched of at 43s of the clip):

Is that how it should be? The difference in the load is just about 1.4kW, why is it taking so long to handle that?

Previously I was using CT Sensor extended with Cat5e cable to over 25m long, the system looked like this:


The response to load was pretty much instant. I've recorder video using the same load as on the previous one (load switched on at about 10s and switched off at 23s of the video):

The system need seconds to stabilize

Also you can see a clear difference on the Grid use graph from VRM portal:



As you can see, with CT sensor the system is very close to grid set point, with ET112 grid meter it is way off and hardly ever stay close to set point. The situation is even worst during cloudy day when PV power is fluctuating (you cen see it on my other youtube video).

Is it normal behavior? It looks like Multi can handle this load easily, the problem seems to be in the feedback from the grid meter (or algorithm when ET112 is in use). Is there anything I can do to improve this reaction time??? Please advice.

Kind Regards

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Restrat when battery is fully charged with grid without grid feed-in

Hello. I have problem with this. (three phase) Configuration is 3x Multiplus II 3000W 48V, GX modul, 1x MPPT regultor 150V/85 and 1x MPPT regulator 150/70, 1x VictronSMARTHUNT 500A with 16x lifepo4 battery 300Ah. BMS is JIKONG B2A24S150 and current senzor. With ESS configure. When battery is fully charged and connect with GRID system fall down and multiplus II is restart When enegry is in FV panels. I disabled feed-in is disabled. Grid metering is "Inverter/Chrarger" If I use off-grid everything is corect don´t resatart. Have you ever solved this problem.

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How to limit power/amperage export to the grid?

I have a EasySolar-II with 1.8 kW PV panels and 4.8 kWh pylontech batteries.

It's grid connected in a camping site, so as soon as my batteries are charged and the PVs starts to export to the grid, whenever it reaches ~ 1300 W, I hear some noises in my EasySolar, then it disarms something and I got off grid, but not without electricity in my tiny-house, thanks to the inverter/batteries/PVs.

Why does it happens? It does not seem to disarm the camping circuit breaker which, I think, is limited to 6A.

Is there a way to limit the export to, say, 1000 W?

Am I suppose to set it here? I can't change 'Feed-in limiting active' to 'Yes'


I played with "Maximum feed-in" but I am not sure of any apparent effect.

If this is alright, what that means exactly? That if I my batteries are depleted and I truly need the grid than I'd be limited to 1000W from the grid?

During my attempts to set up the system, besides the "usual" MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 Alarm Grid lost

I've seen:

Pylontech battery Warning High Voltage 53.63V

Are these issues somehow related?

Many thanks in advance.

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How can I get a shore-power-tied DC-coupled Quattro to use available solar power?

I'm an electrical / embedded systems engineer. I spent the entire day today (unsuccessfully) trying to get VE config to consume available solar power while also being grid tied and at a full SOC. I've read probably 10-15 posts on the topic and read the ESS manual (along with other support docs). I'm very frustrated.

Inverter: Quattro 5k, 48V, 120v

MPPT: SmartSolar 150/35

Control: Cerbo

BMS: Orion (CAN)

Battery: 48V, 300AH

Mains: 20A circuit current limited to 13A for 15A cord.

Connection: USB MK3

I updated VE Config. I installed Victron Connect. I updated the firmware on the Cerbo. I updated the firmware on the Quattro.

I tried dedicated Ignore AC input based on SOC, the inverter would not turn on or would turn on and off repeatedly.

I tried self-consumption hub 1, connected to mains, no feedback. The inverter would not turn on. I suspect this is because I have a CAN based BMS and there is no option in the hub setup for a CAN BMS?

I tried the ESS hub. Again, either the inverter would not turn on or would turn on and off repeatedly (mains contactors opening and closing).

Yes DVCC is enabled.

None of the instructions posted on Victron's website give a walk-through of the proper settings of VE Config while also using VE Config's terminology. I'm flabbergasted and exhausted at even trying to write down all the different things I tried to get this to work. Each one of them requiring an inverter reset thereby resetting my interenet, appliances, etc. My starlink had to be reconfigured because there were so many resets. I feel like this should be a single checkbox somewhere--"prioritize solar when on shore power".

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Powercontrol prioritization

I'm about to get AC current sensors for grid (Victron external sensor) and for AC PV (Victron ac sensor) next week.

If I've understood correctly, this makes my Easysolar 2 GX aware of AC PV grid feed and I can utilize it to charge my batteries or power my "critical loads" or AC loads that are in my ACout (I've just now come to assume that without a "real" grid meter I cant really see them separately?).

However, I'm not sure if this will lead to also battery power being expended for my non-critical ac loads where I wanted to only use excess solar for them? Is there another measurement for ACout or how will this work out after all? Is it in any way possible to use both the external AC sensor (as "grid meter") and the internal one in ACin (critical loads)?

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When BMS Switch DC off and grid is available, why Multiplus Switch off the Full House (AC)?

I still cannot understand, why Victron switch off the AC Output, if the Batterie has problem, but still the Grid is available?
My full house is connected to an 3-Phase system and the full house run over the 3 Multiplus. If the DC Bus has some Problem, the full House will switch off because of the Voltage Ripple or Voltage minimum. This can happen at the beginning of an system to see how it works with the batteries!

So maybe BMS will switch off the DC Voltage!
BUT if there is an AC Input available, why the Multiplus cannot switch to the AC-Mode and just switch to the passthrough mode?

So house is off in this situation and grid is available make no sense for me!

Thank you!

Best regards

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Ground Relay Error 8 with Fronius IG Plus when switching back to grid

Hy All,

we deliverd a new Installation (Number 8) to an "existing" Farm House with a 3 - Phase ESS 15 kVA - Multiplus II System.

There is a Fronius IG-Plus 120-3 running for more than 12 years. So good for now.

Everything is working fine except we start the system in "Island" Mode with an Active IG-Plus. When AC Mains is connected, the System performs its Relais Test and after about 5 Minutes it is going to switch back to grid. Immediately, when switching back we get an Ground Relais Test Error 8.

When starting in Island Mode with a disconnected IG Plus everything is working fine.. after switching back to grid and connecting the IG Plus everything is working like a charm.

When coming from Grid with a GridLost, we also encounter the same problem when switching back to grid.
To make a conclusion.. When the Fronius IG-Plus is "Connected" (we switched off the system, because it starts working after 30 seconds.. so we could not test, if its a problem when standing by connected and producing), we get an Ground Relais Test Error when switching back to grid. (Always)

Whats wrong...

There is no mixed Ground and Netral (We have controlled that several times)

The Multis are showing those ERRORS:

Phase L1, device 1 (0) #44 0x820002
Phase L2, device 1 (0) #15 0x800024
Phase L3, device 1 (0) #19 0x800024

From the wiring...

AcMainSwitch - SwitchOverToGenerator - 100 mA 3 Phase FI - MulitplusII - FI-s to different Loads

the IG Plus is connected:
IG-Plus - LS 16A - FI- 003 A -To The MulitplusII Ac Out

As talking to Fronius Service Personal the have no Idea what s going on, because they say they do not connect Neutral to Ground ... so do we have issues with the 100 mA 3 Phase FI, or the FI 003A connected to the IG Plus?

The System is running the latest Firmware 487.

Unfortunately there is no Support from our Dealer, because they do not have the knowledge.

Have a nice day, always Sun and I hope to get some good feedback...

thank s in advance


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GridAssist only


I am using a SmartSolar 48/3000/35 and 10kWh LiFePo4 batteries.

How can I use GridAssist as it is described in HUB2v3 without using that assistant?

The assistant doesn`t work. I think because I have a stand alone BMS. With that assistant you can`t choose "any LiFePo4 battery with own BMS" as in ESS assistants.


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Can any Victron Inverters push power back to the grid at 60Hz (USA)?

Can any Victron Inverters push power back to the grid at 60Hz (USA)? I have solar on a camper and what excess power to push back to the grid when it is parked at my house.

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How to ajust energy feeding to grid to keep grid voltage below 253V?

Is there a way for the system to adjust grid feeding per phase in such a way that the amount of energy fed to the grid be controlled by the grid voltage on each phase?

The more my system feeds the grid the higher the grid voltage gets.

When 253V is reached PV inverter turns off and waits for the grid voltage to drop below 253V. It is enough for one phase to reach 253V for the all phases to turn off.

Can the system redirect power from phase with the highest voltage to the phase with the lowest and this way avoid turning PV inverter off. If transferring power is not enough to avoid grid over-voltage, freqency shifting could be used to lower the PV power.

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