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-48v Compatibility

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking at using Polarium Lithium Batteries in my system but notice they are -48v. Is there any way they could be used with a MultiPlus? Would I need to wire them in a different way, add some kind of converter or are -48v batteries not at all compatible with Victron equipment?

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MultiPlus-II 10 kVA cannot connect to the grid

Hello dear colleagues. Yesterday I put into operation a system with a MultiPlus-II 10 kVA inverter with the latest firmware 497. In standalone mode, the inverter works stably, but when connected to the grid at the AC input, it behaves very strange. As soon as the inverter is connected to the grid, its transformer begins to hum, as if the load has increased dramatically, after which the Multi returns to inverter mode (no errors or notifications appear). Then he tries to connect to the grid again, and sometimes he still succeeds. In this case, a strange undulating sound of the transformer may occur, as if there is a frequency desynchronization, the cooling fans turn on. The voltage in the grid is about 235 volts, the frequency is 50 hertz. So the inverter can work for several minutes, but then everything repeats again.

I have over 30 stable running systems with Multi and Quattro and all the basic configuration settings are the same. I usually choose "Other" as the grid standard as Bulgaria is not on the list and we do not export energy to the grid. Faced with this problem, I decided to do some experiments with different standards. When I chose "Germany" - the problem disappeared, even the sound of the transformer became quieter. But the inverter began to react extremely slowly to switching on/off the loads: when a 3-kilowatt water heater is turned on, it first takes all this power from the grid, gradually transferring it to the battery, and this “transfer” can last about 5 minutes. When the water heater is turned off, the Multi starts to return 3 kW to the grid, and it also takes a few minutes to return to zero. In "Romania" mode, the Multi didn't even try to connect to the grid, and just continued to work offline. Then I decided to return the "Other" mode, but disable the UPS function. At first it worked well, but later the problem still happened again. As a result, while I left the system to work off-grid and went home.

In general, this is the first time I have encountered such a problem. Even systems with generators at the input work stably for me. I think that this is either a defect of a particular instance of the inverter, or there is some kind of problem in the firmware that gives such an effect in the 10 kVA modification (all my other Multis are 3, 5 and 8 kVA). I have 3 more 10 kVA Multis in stock and I could change and test them, but before that I want to know your opinion. What could be the reason for such strange behaviour? I also really hope for a response from Victron Energy employees.



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2 x Fronius inverter setup with 15kW panels, 10,000VA MultiPlus II and 48V battery on single phase in NZ

Hello folks.

I am looking at setting up solar pv system with off grid capability in extended downtime at our home in New Zealand that is grid tied. We have 2 phases at home but 95% of the load is on single phase currently and I am hoping I can keep the setup on single phase for solar PV as well. I don't care about the remaining 5% load on 2nd phase, and it using grid power when needed. We are currently consuming on average 40kWh per day.

Gear I am looking at purchasing

The plan is to put between 10kW to 11kW of panels on North West to capture afternoon and evening sun as this will generate the most amount of solar energy and put between 4kW to 5kW of panels on South East to capture early morning to late morning sun.

What I want to achieve

  • Ability to power home during extended grid downtime capability where if grid is down for a week for e.g and when the battery storage runs out eventually, the sun continues to provide AC power to home while it's there in the sky or charge the battery and battery continues to provide AC power to running load at same time.
  • Ability to run our 14kW peak power ducted aircon overnight on battery and in event of a grid outage. Aircon usually uses between 5kWh to 7kWH. I will be gradually adding more battery storage every year so I understand that for now 25kWH of battery storage will not last me days or even hours.
  • Ability to export power back to grid while grid is online. I understand power cannot be sent back to grid when it's down for safety reasons.
  • I don't want to setup anything like critical load circuit? I am happy to manually switch off things around the house that we do not need running in the event of grid outage and to conserve battery power.

Is the above hardware I am looking at purchasing through an electrician/pv installer, correct? Is there $ that can be saved? For e.g, Is purchasing 2 x Multiplus II 5VA 48/5000/70-50 better than a single Multiplus II 48/10000/ 140-100 if it can work in my single phase environment and be parallel connected together? Multiplus II 5VA 48/5000/70-50 is $3k each in NZ so $6k total while Multiplus II 48/10000/ 140-100 is $7k for 1 unit. Is Quattro the better solution here? I will never plug a diesel generator as we live in suburbia so due to noise it is out of the equation.

Is it also possible to use the same 15kW PV array that will be connected between the 2 x Fronius AC inverters to bunch of solar chargers/mppt at same time which then connect to the 48V battery directly so I have best of both AC coupled and DC coupled world?


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What overvoltage situations on input (grid) MultiPlusII can handle ?

I understand that I would find this info in norms listed in device specification but maybe someone knows it from top of the head ? Thanks.

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Mit Multiplus (NICHT 2) einspeisen

Hallo liebes Forum, ich bearbeite zur Zeit ein Hochschulprojekt, in dem wir ein Modelkraftwerk bauen. Wir haben eine Windanlage, zugehöriger Gleichrichter, Batterie und Multiplus. Ziel wäre es aus dem 24 V Netz über den Wechselrichter einspeisen zu können. Welche Einstellungen muss ich dabei beachten?

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Time delay grid sync

I am needing to add a time delay for a MPii to sync and accept grid power. The scenario is that some gated estates in South Africa require 15-20min delay before inverters are allowed to sync to the grid after a grid failure to stagger and limit power draw on the infrastructure.

I know this is possible and there are a couple of other threads out there but the instructions are not very clear on how to setup the assistants and in what order. We also use ESS and South Africa Grid code.


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Specifications in grid code standard not respected - agreement problem

i try to force 300 sec delay between grid restore power and ESS commutation relay :

i use "connection time" i find in the gris code Europe EN.. but no luck (60sec changed to 300 sec), the ESS commute grid after 20 sec.

Is there a bug???

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Failed ESS grid set point following


I using 2 multiplus ii 5000/48 in parallel and i disabled the grid feed-in from Ess and i set the grid setpoint 0 ..But he continues to have grid feed-in 30-200w...IS NOT ARROUND SET POINT.

With an single multiplus with the grid setpoint 0, feed-in it was accepatable 0.1-0.2kw per day , but with both multiplus in parallel is more than 1kw per day !!! i don't want this.

I found a temporary solution with setpoint at 100w+. But I don't want to take it 100w from grid when it's sunny outside or when I'm using the batteries.

My System: 2 x Multiplus II 5000/48 (paralell), 1 x Smartsolar Mppt 150/100, 1 x Smartsolar Mppt 150/70 Tr, Bmv-712, Venus Os 2.90, 3x battery balancer, battery bank 500Ah at 48v, 7.2kw solar panels.

Please help me to solve this problem. Thank you!



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Can the Multi RS Solar operate in Battery Priority Mode

What I'm after is operating the Multi RS Solar as follows:

1) Use batteries first then grid if batteries are flat

2) supplement the inverter output with grid under high load

3) charge batteries with solar when available

4) Charge batteries from grid between certain hours at night

5) NO grid feed in

If the Multi RS Solar won't do this, should I be using the MultiPlus-II instead?

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Multi RS Solar uses Grid instead of PylonTech and Solar panel

Hello Everyone,

in my father's house I have installed the Multi RS solar on PylonTech barltteries. thanks to other users in the forum I have managed it to make it running. if there is consumption on the deducted AC output, unfortunately the system prefers to switch directly to the grid and ignores the full batteries. only if ACin is switched off and the system is disconnected from the grid, it switches to the batteries.

I can imagine that this mode makes sense in mobile homes or in a boat. In my parents house it makes no sense this way and I have to put down the fire manually each time I want to use the batteries.

is there a setting that I haven't seen in the software? can someone please give me a hint?

thanks again to the community!



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Victron Quattro-II 48/5000/70-50-50 QUA482504010 certifications for german grid?


as the Multiplus-II does not accept generators if configured for the german grid we need to use Victron Quattros-II 48/5000/70-50-50 QUA482504010. They can be bought in Germany but seem to lack certifications for the german grid.

When will the certifications for the german grid be available?

It would be sad if we have to switch to another manufacturer than Victron because of the lack of generator-support/certifications.

Thanx for any hint! :-)

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System Alarm Grid Lost

For a few days now we've been getting a system alarm that says "Grid Lost." I can highlight it on our CCGX screen, but it doesn't go away. (I.E. The warning triangle in the top of the screen keeps flashing no matter what I do.) It also does not register on the VRM site under Alarm Logs...

We have not lost grid power once in this time period.

I do however use the CCGX's relay and it's automatic Generator on/off rules to tell the Quattro when to pull power from the grid. (I do this so we can use the energy stored in our batteries first.) So while the Shorepower meter shows zero, we are still connected to the grid.

We also have a PV inverter connected to our Quattro's 230v output, which gave me a grid error once, but I've not seen that happen again. (Meaning it might have but then went away before I noticed it...)

Did something change in the firmware to cause us to get this alarm?

We were running 2.51 but it also happened when I updated it to 2.52.

Thanks to anyone that can help!


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Grid Code

Guten Tag

Ich bin am konfigurieren meines MULTIPLUS 2. Welchen GRID CODE brauche ich für die SCHWEIZ?

Freundliche Grüsse

Jürg Ledergerber

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Grid Assist without ESS with only HUB-1

I have several 5kVA and 3kVA inverters all of them standalone. How can I setup grid assist without having to shell out a lot of money for ESS? HUB-1 should be able to do exactly what I want to do but I can't seem to be able to force grid assist to work. Do I need external HW even with a simple HUB-1 assistant?

I know HUB-1 is "depreciated" and I don't really care.

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Generator to DC side of 3-phase grid connected system

Hi dear Victron community!

I have a grid connected three phase AC-out-coupled system with Multiplus-II, CerboGX, SmartShunt, Lynx distributor and battery balancers. Battery pack is 48V 600Ah made from 12 pcs of 12V lead acid GEL batteries (picture below).


I would like to connect a back-up generator for the wintertime to help the batteries when the electricity price is really high and the SOC is getting low. There is three possible solutions in my mind.

1. Generator and changover switch to AC in of MPII. That needs a very powerful 3-phase generator which is expensive and there are troubles with feed-in.

2. Generator and Skylla charger to the DC side. Not a big generator needed but there is no VE.bus communication with the system.

3. Generator and another Multiplus (preferred). This way I could have intelligent communication, more flexibility and even one extra 1 phase output from the extra Multiplus. Is it possible and logical this way? Red colour is for new equipment. Is there anything else I should add (generator auto start for sure)?


Any ideas, suggestions or examples are welcome...


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