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GX 50 Touch Screen not responding

I recently bought a GX 50 touch and Cerbo GX.

The GX 50 touch screen won't respond to touch inputs. I can adjust the screen display and settings using the VRM portal and it displays correct data but I'm unable to interface with the GX touch without using another device to access the VRM portal.

Am i missing a setting somewhere to enable the screen?

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Remote shutdown of cerbo gx ?

Hi all, couple of questions please 1. possible to hook a 12v hotspot router to the cerbo unit ? get the power from it ? 2. is it possible to remotely shut down the cerbo unit and thus the router that is plugged into it ? the backstory - my boat has a multiplus 1600 + cerbo GX , i only need to charge the boat when i come back from sea, it will be connected to shore power for a few hours, when its full someone at the marina will unhook the shore power cable and load the boat into a drystack which doesnt have power socket on it so i want everything off to kill off any consumption. what will be left consuming is the router, the cerbo and the bmv 712, will check it more in depth tomorrow but from what we seen they all take about 1.2A when running, which means it will eat up my 180AH house battery in well for the sake of argument 180hours - about a week , which is not a lot of time, TIA.

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Cerbo GX Sensor Recommendations

I'm super excited to find that Cerbo GX can monitor my batteries, solar, AND tanks. My stock KIB sensors are nearly useless, reading 2/3 full until gray water starts coming up my drain, signaling 100% full. It's pathetic.

Does anyone know what sensors I can use that will give accurate level readings and work with Cerbo GX / GX Touch? I would like fresh, gray, black, and propane sensors that work with Cerbo GX.

Will this work? Do I really need 4 sensors for just the black tank?!? https://www.etrailer.com/dept-pg-RV_Sewer-pt-Probe_Sensors.aspx

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Lorawan & Cerbo

Are a further lorawan modul in the planning stage, which work with Cerbo (bidirectional)?

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DMC needed with Cerbo GX, Gx Touch 50 with Multiplus 12/2000???

As the title says, everytime i chop and change my equipment selections for my upcoming RV build, im presented with more confusing aspects.

Do i need the DMC with the above mentioned components if im using a VE.Bus BMS or has that been removed now? Can i control the Charger only/On/Off portions with the GX Touch 50 or will i be required to install another component, that being the DMC???

System will also have MPPT, smartshunt, 2/3 x lifepo4, smart battery protect

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Cerbo GX Plug Wiring? Also, Ambient Temp Sensors?

Hi All

Wiring up a new 4x4 RV Camper Thing I am building.

Got the Cerbo GX and will be monitoring my fresh water tank and am also trying to monitor interior and exterior ambient temps, and maybe a fridge temp.

I have the plugs that came with it, and have read the manual 6 ways to sunday and cant figure out for the life of me how to insert wires into those plugs, what size they should be, etc... Are there any instructions I am not seeing anywhere?

Also, any recommendation on sensors for a 16" deep water tank and ambient temp sensors? The ones listed in the manual don't appear to be available in the US. I am guessing folks have found simpler solutions?



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Cerbo GX not sharing Multiplus info over bluetooth

My new Cerbo GX is not sharing the Multiplus status overview via the VictronConnect phone app.

My setup is as follows: Cerbo GX (with updated firmware version 2.54) is connected to a Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120-50/120 (with firmware version 430). They are connected by a ethernet cable (RJ-45) pre-existing from a prior inverter install. I have plugged the cable into the Cerbo VE.Bus port as required and attached it to the Multiplus port on the other end.

My issue: I'm using VictronConnect phone app (Android version 5.25) and have paired the devices on bluetooth. When I open the app, I only see the Cerbo GX, it will not allow me to see the Multiplus.

Attempts to troubleshoot: I thought maybe it was a cabling issue, but If I attached a MK3-USB device to the other Cerbo GX VE.Bus port and then connect it to my phone via the USB cable, I am able to see both the Multiplus and the Cerbo GX on the VictronConnect phone app. This implies that the Cerbo GX is seeing the Multiplus through a proper RJ45 cable connection, it just wont share that info over bluetooth for some reason.

I've spent hours going through all the manuals and hoping to find some type of setting issue, but to no avail. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you for your time.

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Monitor for shore disconnect doesn't work on Cerbo

Hello all,

I have a Multiplus (V476) connected on a Cerbo (V2.6)

No alarm after 5 seconds of loss of shore power

But if I configure the AC input for Grid, it works!



Thank you for your help

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Load Disconnect with Cerbo GX


I'm looking to use a Cerbo GX with a battery with inbuilt BMS. I understand that the battery BMS logic will pass through the Cerbo and essentially disable the connected inverter from discharging when required on low SOC. How can DC loads also be disconnected in this instance when they are supplied via a Smart Battery Protect or Orion?

One option I have thought of is setting up one of the relay outputs on the Cerbo as generator start/stop dependant on low SOC, and wiring this to the control input on the Smart Battery Protect/Orion.

Any other ideas would be appreciated.

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Smart Solar MPPT 150/70 TR VE.Can in parallel. How to change data instancing PGN 127750

Hi to all,

I'm in the progress to iron out all instance errors on my NMEA 2000 network.

It is a large network split in two and bridged with a NBE100 from Maretron due to it size and voltage requirements. The Victron side consists out of 2x Quatro 8000 24V in parallel + DMC, 1x Skylla-i + DMC, 2x Smart Solar MPPT 150/70 TR VE.Can in parallel. The batteries are Winston cells in 2 banks of 1000Ah each at 24V controlled by Rec BMS in master slave configuration all items are connected to a Cerbo GX with NMEA2000 out activated. My NMEA2000 network did run fine till I connected the Victron network to NMEA cable into the the backbone. Very quickly I found out that changing device instances will break the communication between the Victron units and after reading all I could get my hands on I found an article from Mathijs Vader about not changing device instances but to change data instances instead. With Actisense NMEA reader I was able to clear 12 instance errors on the network but I'm left with 1 error. The Smart Solar MPPT 150/70 TR VE.Can both give out PGN 127750 (Converter/Invertor/Charger Status) and with Actisense NMEA Reader I can't change that PGN's data instance. This PGN is causing between 4% and 14% network error issues on my NMEA2000 analyzer meter from Maretron. Does anybody have an idea how to change this data instance without breaking the parallel operation of the MPPT's?



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Getting data from BMV-702 and SmartSolar MPPT 150/60-Tr into Cerbo GX

Hello fellow Victron enthusiasts!

I need to confirm a few details hot to set up my Cerbo GX to pull data from BMV-702 and 2 Smart Solar controllers.

This is what I have:

2 battery banks. One primary bank and a smaller secondary that I will use to power the 4 G router and Cerbo GX for remote monitoring purpose only.

BMV-702 monitor - connected to a shunt (Not the Bluetooth smart shunt).

SmartSolar MPPT 150/60-Tr - charges my main battery bank from 8 solar panels on the roof.

SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 (MC4 connections) - Charging my small secondary battery bank from 2 solar panels on my wall.

Phoenix Inverter 48 Volt - 3000 VA

This is what i want to accomplish:

I want to be able to monitor and control my system remotely when I'm not living in my cabin at winter. I need to be able to monitor my two battery banks, turn on or off my Phoenix inverter to conserve power on my primary battery bank when the solar panels get covered by snow.

The idea is to power my 4G broadband router, Cerbo GX from by secondary battery bank only that gets charged by 2 solar panels mounted on the wall to prevent them from being covered by snow.

The question is how to set up my Cerbo GX so it can pull data from the BMV-702 that is connected to my primary battery bank and also pulling data from the two SmartSolar MPPT controllers?

As i see it I connect the BMV-702 to my SmartSolar MPPT 150/60-Tr using a 10 meter VE direct cable. But this will use the only VE connection available on the controller. How do i connect the SmartSolar MPPT 150/60-Tr to my Cerbo GX? as well as pulling data from the smaller SmartSolar MPPT 75/15.

Must i use other cables/adapters? Or will it connect automatically via Bluetooth?

I hope I explain the situation well, let me know if anything seems unclear.

journeyman asked
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CERBO GX and 4 x SmartSolar via BT


Does anyone know if I can connect 4 x SmartSolars to the CERBO via BT?

Or is there an alternative multi BT to WiFi adapter/transmitter to my "home" network?

johnmh asked
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tank sensor display on touch 50

I installed a couple of the KUS liquid sensors. 240 - 30 ohm. At 240 ohm, it shows empty, at 145 ohms still shows empty, at 140 it shows 45% full and works great from there too full. I can see the resistance going down as liquid is added to the tank but the touch 50 shows zero until 45%. Based on the crappy RV sensors, I show 1/3 full at the same time. When the touch 50 shows 65 - 70 %, the stock RV sensor goes to 2/3. If I adjust the empty resistance to 250 ohm, the touch 50 screen shows 7% but it sits there until 45%. Does this on 2 different sensors. Any ideas?

lspangler asked
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Can I use the temperature information that is shown by my Smart Lithium Batteries in a VE-Network (Cerbo)?

Hi all!

I installed two brand-new 200ah 12V Lithium Smart Batteries from Victron in my van. Those new one come with Bluetooth connection. Via the Victron smartphone app, I can check the temperature of each battery. Now I was wondering if it is possible to provide this information to my Cerbo GX or Smart MPPT. I know that the Cerbo has several temperature sensor inputs for cable sensors. But hopefully, there is a way to use the information that is already there :)

Any suggestions? :)

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Cerbo GX reboot when going to the "Pages" Screen

Hi everyone ,

I have the issue where the Cerbo reboot as soon as one exit to the Pages screen, I can navigate through all the settings pages and return to the main menu , it stays on. But, as soon as one go to the Overview page , the Cerbo reboot.

What can one check to fix this issue ?

Kind regards

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CerboGX, Android-Device (no Data/Internet), VictronConnect


I have an off-grid-setup (no Internet), where I want to use an Android device to connect to my CerboGX and monitor my Setup.

When I bought the Cerbo, I was under the impression, that I can access the Cerbo by Bluetooth to basically see everything on the Android device, what otherwise only could be seen by the GX touch 50.

When I use VictronConnect (v5.33), connect to the Cerbo by Bluetooth, I can hardly do anything on the Cerbo, but setting WiFi-parameters, and open a browser interface to the Cerbo. Really?

When connection to the Cerbo, using the Cerbo AP, VictronConnect does not show the device (as Local or anywhere), even though the WiFi-connection shows as being established on the Android-Device.

Can anybody tell me, what I am missing here? I assu

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Cerbo GX bluetooth connection lost.

Hi all,

I accidentally hit "forget this device" for the bluetooth connection to my Cerbo GX and from that point i am not able to find Cerbo GX in my bluetooth list on an iphone running the latest OS version.

I tried restarting both Cerbo and the iphone with no luck. I also tried to change the Cerbo GX name but again this failed although i am able to connect to it using bleutooth using another phone or any other bleutooth device (i.e. my laptop).

It seems that resetting my network settings on the iphone will fix this issue but it will also delete all my wi-fi settings which i want to avoid.

Anyone had this issue before?

Thank you in advance.

nicholas-gouloussis asked

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MultiPlus-II with AC-Coupled Inverter and Cerbo-GX not showing negative load on AC output for AC PV Inverter

I have a MultiPlus-II 5kVA running in an offgrid system with all Loads connected to AC Out 1
The batteries (Pylontech) are mainly charged by a victron Mppt, but in addition I have an AC-Coupled PV Inverter (Solax X1-Mini) connected to AC-Out2.

In the MultiPlus-II I have an assistant installed which switchs AC-Out2 on and off by the current state of charge, because the very simple inverter has no options to reduce power output (e.g. by changing the grid frequency).

Later I've installed a Cerbo gx and enabled DVCC, from that moment on, the MultiPlus-II didn't light up the Charging LED's anymore and on the Cerbo GX I only see 0W power consumption on the AC side, when the MultiPlus-II is charging the batteries.

With ve.configure or with the Grafana-Dashboard soultion instead I can see e negative value for the AC-Out power.

Is there an option to show up these negative values on the cerbo-gx as well?

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Older Phoenix multiplus 12/2500/120 with Cerbo GX


On my ship there are 3 Phoenix multiplus 12/2500/120 without the orange line. Installed somewhere between 2004 en 2010. There are 8 victron deepcycle battery's. I want to upgrade to lithum, Cerbo GX en Cerbo screen, add solar. There is a 12volt dc charger )Fisher Panda AGT and want this to auto start/stop between 40% and 90%.

Do I need to replace the Phoenix charger / invertors in order to hook them up to Cerbo GX with VeBus or are the still usable / compatible?


Gert Jan

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Is it possible for a fuse to half-blow? [Answered]

In the interest of furthering the knowledge base this Community provides, I'm asking a question here -and will post the answer below- that I receive not infrequently when assisting Victron (and other) customers with troubleshooting their various devices and ask them to check the fuse to ensure that it's not blown or half-blown:

"Is it really possible for a fuse to half-blow? I've never heard of that!"

Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA asked
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My first off-grid system design. Would appreciate feedback & critique

Hello all,

After many months of learning, I have decided to take a stab at designing the electrical power system for our off-grid van. I have a diagram of the system attached to this post below (Also hosted on imgur for high-res).

I have labeled everything except for fuse and wire sizes as I'd like to get some feedback on the general connections before I get into wire/fuse sizing.

A few extra questions/concerns I have:

- I have seen similar systems with 2 POS and 2 NEG cables feeding into the MultiPlus after the Class-T fuse following the positive bus bar. I have also seen systems with just 1 set of cables. For this system, which one would suffice?

- I have seen similar systems with 150A fuses coming directly out of each battery before they join at the positive bus bar. Would I benefit from this or is a 500A fuse sufficient coming out of a parallel battery arrangement.

- What type of solar panel arrangement would you recommend for this system (S/P/S-P)? I mislabeled the diagram (I named it Parallel but it's wired in Series)

This has been an amazing experience immersing myself into an area I knew nothing about just a year ago! This community has been awesome, can't wait to hear back!




manny-martinez asked
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Cerbo GX - tank sensor 0-180 Ohm issue

I have just installed Touch 50 and Cerbo GX and a few other Victron products. But I can't understand why Victron have limited the tank level sensor inputs to 0-180 Ohm (Europe) or 240-30 Ohm (US). This is all wrong since newer tank sensors in Europe actually have 0-190 Ohm and like explained by Wema:



What's the difference between the European and American resistance specifications?

  • European spec. products work on a variable resistance from 0 ohms at empty to 190 ohms at full.
  • American spec. products work on a variable resistance form 240 ohms at empty to 30 ohms at full.

Wema, KUS and many other manufacturers are today distributing only 0-190 Ohm sensors across the European markets so this makes the Cerbo GX unable to accurately display the tank level in newer installations / boats.

Could this be added to the Cerbo GX in an upcoming firmware release ?


panterlo asked
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How to use both Cerbo GX relays?

Hello everyone.

I need to use one relay for the Genset to switch ON when the battery bank (Pylontech) SOC goes down to 20% (lets say). and stop when the batteries get charged.

I also need a second relay for a device that needs to know the battery charge, ie that it will turn ON only when the batteries are full.It just needs the signal. How do I program this? In the comparisson table (https://www.victronenergy.com/live/venus-os:start#comparison_table) it says that the Cerbo has 2 x NO/NC.

Is this enough for what I need? (genset+the other device)

Thanks a lot

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New VRM bug - solar value stuck when there is no sun ?

Hi everybody ! Thanks ro the developpers for the new VRM presentation, it is very interesting. I may have found some bugs related to the power. At around 06h00 there is NO SUN, so no solar power available. Here we can see that the Total Solar and PV Inverter (ET112) have the same values.



And the OFF status of the MPPT & Power produced :


Thanks, Michel

michelg asked
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Can I use Cerbo GX 2.57 USB ports for powering a USB hub?

I am currently using firmware 2.54 and using all USB ports for MPPT controllers. I understand 2.57 will make one of the USB ports power-only.

I have a USB hub that can be powered from a USB port. Does the power-only port provide enough power to connect the hub and then use the HUB to connect two of the MPPT controllers to it?

svsimple asked
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Use Realy 2 to start Diesel heater on Cerbo GX

I can seem to figure out how i setup the second relay on the Cerbo GX. I want to use it to start my diesel heater in my boat. Is that possible to have.a custom button in the Venus interface that can name diesel heater ?

Jimmy Bergetun asked
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How to wire my Cerbo GX to the rest of my Victron components

Hello all,

I'm a bit confused with how to wire my Cerbo GX to the rest of my components in the most optimal way. I'd like to be able to view the status of my system on a mobile device via bluetooth and also view the Cerbo GX web application from that same mobile device.

I have the following components:

- Victron SmartShunt

- Victron 12/3000 MultiPlus

- Victron SmartSolar MPPT Charge Controller

- Victron Orion Tr Smart DC/DC charger

- 1 VE.Direct Cable

The obvious connections to me are:

* MultiPlus -> RJ45 -> Cerbo GX

* SmartShunt -> VE.Direct Cable -> Cerbo GX

* SmartSolar Charge Controller -> VE.Direct Cable -> CerboGX

Here are a few questions:

1. Do I still need a VE.Direct Cable for the SmartShunt and SmartSolar Charge controller since they're bluetooth? Or is the bluetooth only so I can see them within the VictronConnect app via bluetooth?

2. Is it possible to monitor the Orion Tr DC/DC in the Cerbo GX?

3. What are the main differences between what you can view from the Cerbo GX versus what you can view within the Victron Connect app?

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Cerbo not seeing Smart solar MPPT100/250 connected via VE.CAN (fixed)

Connected my Smart solar MPPT today and Cerbo does not connect to it

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cerbo doesn't show generator input

The pic shows the Generator as N/A but when it is running it shows up as AC Input and not Generator Input, Why?

In Pic #2 on the bottom left it's always blank no matter if on Shore Power or Generator, Why?

What am I doing wrong here? Thanks for any and all input.

My set up is Quattro 5000/24 using the K1 and K2 relays with a Onan 5500. I am using a Cerbo GX Aux input to trigger the generator to start stop, etc and it works great but why isn't the Cerbo recognizing the generator input vs the AC input.



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GX 50 Touch Won’t Turn Off (fixed)

I seem to be having an issue with GX 50 Touch where the screen just stays on, regardless of which setting I change it to under the display options. The brightness adjust or also doesn’t seem to be working at all. Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be the cause and how to fix it?


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