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Can I add both a 110v Multi and 220v Quattro to my Cerbo GX?

I'm installing my Cerbo GX now, and when I connect just my 110v Multi or my 220v Quatro individually, it works fine. The moment I connect both at once, both units shut down and won't reboot until I have only one connected to the Cerbo GX. Is there settings like master/slave I need to set on the two inverters, or is this impossible altogether?

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CERBO GX and VE. Smart Networking overlap


If I have the Cerbo GX plugged into my BMV-712, MPPT 250/100 charge controller, and MultiPlus 24/3000/70. Do I still want to run VE. Smart Networking between the BMV-712 & Solar Charge Controller?

I could not find a callout for the Cerbo GX. In some manuals, it states ' if you have an GX device that isn't just logging, such as Venus GX etc, disable VE. Smart Networking, Due to possible conflict'

1. Does Cerbo GX interconnect devices and passes telemetry superseding the need for the bluetooth PAN/ VE. Smart Networking ?

2. If #1 is Yes, do I disable VE. Smart Networking due to telemetry conflict?

Thank you.

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Conecting wind turbine two “Cerbo GX” and displaying in “VRM

Hi I'm adding a wind turbine to my setup. And I would like to measure the power coming from the wind turbine. I have a remote system and I'm using “Cerbo GX” and “VRM”.

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Cerbo Networking issue with USB->Victron Direct Cable

Hello All,

My Cerbo is in up and running and I am learning how to use it. I have one problem that I think is really odd.

My very basic learning setup: Cerbo, Solar MPPT, 24v Battery, Load, USB -> victron direct cable. (I have a victron direct->victron direct cable coming this week, but want to test with what I will actually be using)

Problem: The Cerbo will not transmit any data over wifi only when a USB->victron direct cable is plugged in.

Everything is setup and working fine on the cerbo side, I have VRM, I have access to the menus, life is good. Then I plug in my USB cable which goes to the solar MPPT and everything is bad. I instantly lose all VRM connection including local LAN remote console via IP. I still have bluetooth, and it still shows in the networking menu that all networking is connected, it provides an IP address.

I unplug the usb cable and like magic, everything instantly works. Plug back into another usb outlet, bam no worky. Unplug. Work.

Some more info:

SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 - Frimware V1.50 / Bluetooth Interface V1.11

Cerbo GX - Firmware v2.57

Everything is new out of box. Voltages are good. SmartSolar has been working for a couple of months as I waited for the Cerbo.


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Cerbo device list detail

The SmartSolar MPPT250/60 in one of my installations appears 100% under Device List on the VRM Portal. Same on the VictronConnect mobile app. In the Remote Console however it is listed as BlueSolar Charger only with no further product details. I'm using a Cerbo GX (my first). What am I doing wrong? Other than the product name it is working fine, shows that it is a VEDirect connected device and no errors.

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Multiplus II + Cerbo GX + MPPT 250/100 or Easysolar II GX?

Hello, this is my first post in Victron community, I'm very happy to find a space like this.

Now, the question:

30 feet sailboat,

-48v electric motor (diesel engine is gone). I use the motor barely, it's a sailboat!

-110v marine AC 1085 watt

-Induction stove 110v, 1800watt (max) 15 minutes/day

-Freezer 110v, 1700watt, working all day.

Four solar panels, and 12v 100Amp lithium battery (4)

I need inverter, charger, MPPT and GX, my first option of course is Easysolar II GX, but after read the Cerbo GX specs and know the integration in MNEA2000 net...

Now the answer is Multiplus II + Cerbo GX + MPPT 250/100 or Easysolar II GX?

Any different idea for this installation? all advices are wellcome!!!

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Cerbo GX, can all features of MPPT & battery monitor be used from it, etc?

In my boat I have BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 and battery monitor BMV-702, both with VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle. I am considering getting Cerbo GX, especially to be able to remotely monitor the electrical status of the boat (and to read some data from the MFD of the boat, maybe connect a temperature sensor, etc).

Both my above devices can only connect to (Cerbo) GX from their single VE.Direct port using a cable, so the BT dongles would become useless. So all Input & Output would have to go through the Cerbo GX device, be it done remotely (VRM) or when in the boat (Remote Console).

Q1: Now my question is that can I

a) read all the different data produced by my devices?

b) input all the settings of my above devices (for MPPT no other I/O would remain!)

Is there any difference in the available features in a) & b) above when using Remote Console, or VRM?

I have read most of the Cerbo GX manual, and some other material, but found no real answers!?! That was a surprise :-(

On Bluetooth connection, the manual says under 4.1, Using VictronConnect via BT:

  • From the main device screen it is possible to change the networking settings, view the system on VRM, or open the Remote Console (screenshot of VictronConnet App has both Remote Console & VRM active)
  • It (BT) is intended to be used to assist with initial connection and networking configuration.

Q2: So which one of these two de facto contradictory statements is true?

In my usage pattern, I would prefer using VictronConnect via BT, rather than via WiFi, to access the Remote Console when in boat.

But in reality, is that possible now, or with forthcoming fw versions?

Q3: Power consumption of Cerbo GX? No manufacturer's data is available :-(

- One kind user of this forum had measured it to be ca. 0.3 A @12 V, under unknown use conditions.

All-in-all, I must say that the documentation and data is quite disappointing when it comes to the real beef :-( One Youtube video on real-world usage could be extremely informative...

PS. When trying to post this, I learned that the platform does not allow for smiley non-ascii symbols, the msgs resulted in "Internal error..." :-(

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Cerbo not uploading data after internet outage

Client has a Cerbo installed with over 1GB free space. During tree trimming to improve solar yields, overhead fibre line was broken and internet outage occurred for a week. After restoring the link, we expected the missing and cached data to be uploaded but there is a gap.

We did not add an SD because the Cerbo has a lot of free space.


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Wiring BMV-712 to autostart a NextGen generator

I'd like to use my BMV-712 (Or my CerboGX) to autostart my NextGen Generator but I can't find wiring schematics to help me on the NextGen panel side. I understand the app settings and wiring on the BMV/Cerbo - but how to properly connect at the remote panel for the generator is where I need help.

The start "button" is a rocker switch. Hold it in the "up" position until it starts, then release and the button returns to neutral position. Then to stop the generator, you press the same toggle switch "down" a few seconds until it stops.

Image attached, anyone have suggestions or wiring diagrams to suggest?

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Easysolar 12/1600-70 Remote Inverter Control


I’m looking at getting an Easysolar 12/1600-70 system for my van with a Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50 to streamline the installation. Can anyone tell me if the inverter in this system can be controlled (on-off) using the Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50? Or will I need a separate 3 way switch to control this?

Thanks very much,

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Cerbo GX - Temperature activation of relay.

Greetings All , Question is . When using a Venus GX or Curbo GX . I need to activate one of the relays based off one of the Temp Sensors plugged in to the Venus or Curbo . I can get an alarm via the VRM as well as an email notification and that works fine but I need the relay on the Curbo to be activated . This is to enable a backup system for the refrigerator . Any advice would be great if this can be setup .

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Problem showing Phoenix Smart 12|50 data in System status in VRM

Hi in my setup I have “Phoenix Smart 12/50” connect to “Cerbo GX” using “VE.Direct cable”.

The problem is in “VRM” “Dashboard” “System status” The tile for “Generator” is shown but there's no data “N/A”.

If I select "Grid" or "Shore power" no tile is shown in “VRM System status”

I can see data in the “VRM” under “advanced” coming from the Phoenix.

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Smart Solar and Multiplus with Cerbo or Color Control in an RV?

I'm looking for help building an integrated solution that will not overcharge the batteries in my RV.
I have: 3 panels of solar for 1020 watts, connected to a Smartsolar 150/85. I also have the VE.Direct Bluetooth b/c of where this unit is positioned relative to where I prefer to monitor b/c of bluetooth range.
Magnum Magnasine 2812 inverter charger
Magnum battery monitor
Onan QD7500 diesel generator
8 GC2 golf cart batteries set up as a 12V array - Because this is an RV, this MUST remain a 12V system.

My issue: With near continuous 4-5 amp load out of the batteries, I'm not sure that the Magnasine is charging properly with the generator running, or that the solar is not overcharging the batteries at the same time b/c it only has the voltage to monitor - no battery monitor (yet?) on the Victron side. During a 2 week period with the generator running 24/7, the batteries used a total of about 2 ounces of water per week each, or about a quart for the array over 2 weeks. To me, this seems excessive.

I'm thinking about a complete system with the Multiplus 2000 or 3000, the new Cerbo or Color Control.... What I would like is a centrally controlled system where ONE device knows everything going into or out of the batteries and manages the needs with monitoring. Is this possible? Do I need a BMV for that? Does the Cerbo or Color Connect do this with the added benefit of internet / remote monitoring possible?

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Power Pi 3B+ from Cerbo GX USB Port?

Hi All

Is it possible to power a Pi 3B+ from Cerbo GX USB Port (maybe the Touch 50 port)?

I am keen to get rid of the Pi power supply and use the Cerbo for this. Is there enough power available (2A).




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Cerbo GX temperature input To monitor Battery temperature for multiple lithium chargers (MPPT, AC, buck-boost)

Hi. I’m building a system around Cerbo GX and want to monitor the battery temperature of my lithium batteries to switch off the MPPT or AC chargers when the temp is too low. Can I use the simple Victron temperature lead connected to the Cerbo GX temp input to disable charging? Or do I need to get the Smart temp sensor and create a VE Smart network to achieve this? and can I use one temperature sensor to switch off AC and Solar chargers, or do I need separate temp sensor for each charger? I also plan to add a DC-DC buck boost charger, and need this to also switch off on low temp. How can I also achieve this through the Cerbo GX or do I need the Ve Can temp sensor?

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SeeLevel II Cerbo GX Connection

I reached out to Garnet to understand which kit I would need to utilize the NMEA2k capabilities of the Cerbo GX. They told me to look at this version: 709-N2K NLP and they would sell it to me directly. I want the Cerbo GX/Touch 50 to be able to monitor the tank levels using this system. I want fresh, black, grey and propane monitored. How does this need to be setup so I can use the Cerbo GX/Touch 50 to display the information vs the display that Garnet has that comes with the kit?

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What Temperature sensor can I use with the Cerbo?
  • Hi, is there available information on what type of temperature sensor can be used on Cerbo? Thanks Knut

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Cerbo Gx or CCGX Auto Gen Start for Onan QG 4000

I have ordered a 2021 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 26T and it comes with the Onan QG 4000. It does have a remote switch in the coach to turn on the generator.

I would like a wiring diagram to both the CCGX and to the new Cerbo GX. I am looking at the Cerbo/ Touch GX combination as an alternative to the CCGX. Ultimately I will go the direction of which one serves my purposes better and works easier with the Onan Auto Gen Start.

I will be using all Victron components:

150/100 MPPT VE. Can Solar Charger

10x95 Zamp Solar Panels

4x200ah Smart Lithium Batteries

Victron Battery Monitor

Either the 12/3000 Multi-plus Inverter charger or the 12/5000 Quatro

I am also looking at adding the SeaLevel II tank monitoring system. (if I go the Cerbo GX route I would like to use in in connection to this system using the NMEA2k connection)

This would all be connected to either the CCGX or the Cerbo/Touch GX.

Please advise on the wiring diagram for both and what parts are necessary to make this work. I will want to have the generator start and stop based on the state of charge parameters I set as well as time blocks during quite hours.

Thank you for anyone who can help me sort this all out.

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Voltage and Temp monitor options

What’s the order of preference for voltage and temp monitoring? I just finished setting up my Victron solar generator for my off-grid cabin which is inclusive of a multi-plus 3000, Solar charger 100/30, BVM-712 and Cerbo GX. I have everything set up and working and trying to optimize my settings and limits but unsure which devices is best to handle monitoring or if the Cerbo GX is sharing it all either way.

Technically three of the devices are capable of the temp and voltage monitoring so should I just use one for each function or tie everything to the Cerbo since it will act as the hub? Or should I try to get each device to read as much data as possible?

An example is the temp compensation. The Multiplus has this input along with the BVM and Cerbo but since multi will charge battery when generator is running I assume it’s better to have multi manage directly. I’m hoping that the info is shared with MPPT for compensation as well through the Cerbo.

The multi also can measure voltage at the battery and compensate but then seems to make the BVM midpoint measure redundant. I only have 2 batteries in series so there isn’t much of a midpoint.

Perhaps I’m overthinking it but wanted to see if anyone else had similar thoughts.

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Cerbo GX keyboard is missing the % symbol

Has anybody noticed that there is no % symbol on the Cerbo GX keybaord? We noticed this when we tried to enter the password for our Wi Fi.

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Cerbo GX Sensor Recommendations

I'm super excited to find that Cerbo GX can monitor my batteries, solar, AND tanks. My stock KIB sensors are nearly useless, reading 2/3 full until gray water starts coming up my drain, signaling 100% full. It's pathetic.

Does anyone know what sensors I can use that will give accurate level readings and work with Cerbo GX / GX Touch? I would like fresh, gray, black, and propane sensors that work with Cerbo GX.

Will this work? Do I really need 4 sensors for just the black tank?!? https://www.etrailer.com/dept-pg-RV_Sewer-pt-Probe_Sensors.aspx

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What mppt should I use

We are building a off grid system with solar panels in four different directions.. System use 48v Pylontech batteries, Cerbo CX, MultiPlus-II 5000VA, generator, + some mppt, but what MPPTs should I use?

The first Building has four solar panels on the roof and two upright on the wall. The second building has nine panels on the roof and three solar panels upright on the wall.

Cabin is located so north that the roof is covered with snow for four months. That is why we also install panels on the wall.

Solar panels 285w, Voc 39,0V, Isc 9,48A

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Cerbo GX & BMV-712

I am just setting up a system in a self-build camper/RV. I have a Multiplus (12/2000/80) with DMC, Smartsolar 100/20 and BMV-712, all of which I want to connect to the Cerbo GX. I hadn't planned on the Cerbo GX initially, but the dealer told me about it when I was buying the other kit so I added it in without much research. When I started to research it came to light that I no longer needed the DMC for the Multi plus, and in fact if you connect it in you lose the option of setting current limits or switching the MP to 'Charger Only' mode via the Cerbo screen. I also thought that I didnt need the BMV-712 screen and that I could just conncet the shunt directly into the Cerbo GX, however it seems the shunt has an RJ12 connection and it is looking like I will have to wire the shunt to the BMV-712 screen and then back with a VE.direct cable to the Cerbo GX - is this correct? It seems a little silly to be wiring in the BMV screen when all the information will be on the Cerbo GX screen.

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Cerbo inputs for Dummies - Digital Inputs, Relays, Temperature Sensor, Pump, etc

Hello Everyone,

I just got a Cerbo up and running and the thing is so fun and I can't stop wanting to hook up things to it. The problem is I dont really know enough about things to feel confident in hooking everything up. I have read a lot of posts about digital inputs and sensors and it seems like they either arent answered or the answers are rocket science. So I'm hoping this post will be a dummies guide to everything. We all have these questions and so lets all make a resource thats easy to understand.

I currently have 3 MPPT systems, 150/70, 100/50 and 100/30, connected via VE Direct and a BMV-712 connected via VE Direct to USB.

I added a GPS via USB, GlobalSat BU-353-S4 USB GPS Receiver and that was plug and play and showed right up.

I've ordered three Victron temperature sensors, Victron Energy ASS000001000 Temperature sensor QUA/PMP/Venus GX. I'll be using one for the battery, one for room temp and one for outside temp. Those look to be plug and play but get mixed reviews. Does anyone know what other temperature sensors could used instead of the Victron? Are there better ways to get room and outside temp? Can I extend the temperature sensor leads by soldering on longer wire? Will that kill whatever resistance or whatever its using to get the signal.

I've also researched tank level sensors and the only ones I can find are the resistive level senders that mount from the top of the tank. I ordered a KUS Boat Fuel/Water level Tank sensor for the water tank and a Kus Boat Black Water Level Sensor / Holding Tank Sending for the grey tank. Are there any better options that you guys have found? There doesnt seem to be much out there for resistive sensors.

Here is where I'm stuck. I'd like to be able to control my water pump from the Cerbo. Theres a place on the display where I can turn the pump on and off. I think this is the tank pump function in the settings. All I can figure out is that I can use the Relay 1 for this but I dont know what kind of relay to buy or how to wire it properly so that it doesn't cause problems. I already have the pump wired separately to the battery bank but theres no switch so I would like to cut in the relay and send it a signal. The pump uses 7.5A 12v and its a 12v system.

Ok now Digital inputs. How do a set up a smoke alarm, CO2 alarm or a door alarm? How do I control the bilge pump? I dont understand how the digital inputs works. What sensors work for these? What should I be searching for to find sensors that work? I dont want to use NMEA or Modbus.

Thanks for any help you can provide. Hopefully we can all figure out the best ways to set these up.

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Cerbo GX Stock Availability in USA

Is anyone aware of USA stock of the Cerbo GX at all ? Seems Victron is way behind on manufacturing.

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Connecting 3 paralleled/networked SmartSolar 100/30 to Cerbo GX.

Would I need to connect each of the MPPT controllers to the Cerbo GX using a VE.Direct cable per unit or will all 3 communicate via the one connection due to being networked?

Also should I expect to see the 3 MPPT controllers individually on the Touch 50 screen or just 1 with a combined total?

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Cerbo GX for system monitoring require VAC shore power x2 (125amp 63amp) Onan generator x2 ( 220VAC single phase)

Is it possible to connect any Victron or third party products to the Cerbo GX to monitor the following for trending and remote monitoring.

Shore connections x2 220VAC 125amp and 63amp

Generators Onan x 2 220VAC 50Hz

Was hoping for a simple option and direct connection.

only other options maybe 4 x CT 112 but this is only temporary

Currently have 3 x inverters installed on clients vessel no Quattros which is the long term aim pending future upgrades.


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What screens are compatible with Cerbo GX?

hi i have the CanGX display can i use this with the Cerbo GX or do i need to get the GX touch 50

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Cerbo GX and Touch Screen not showing Victron charger.

I have just installed a Cerbo GX and touch screen. I have a Smartsolar 100/50 via VE cable, BMV712 via VE cable, Phoenix Smart 12/50 charger via VE cable and a ET112 via USB for inverter. On the main screen I cant see the charger. How do I select devices to see on the screen. In the menu I can see the charger and its output but it does not show on the main screen. I also don't need to see shore power.

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CerboGX does not display battery percentage using the Lynx ion BMS


The GX touch50 main screen does not display battery charge status information, the battery is connected to Lynx ion bms, bms is connected to CerboGX. I would be grateful for your help.


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