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Cerbo GX Water Tank Level Sensor Recommendations Needed

Hi Folks,

I am excited about the tank monitoring capabilities of the Cerbo GX but I see so many different and highly technical posts. I really am hoping that by now there is a "plug and play" recommendation. I have three fresh water tanks and would prefer outside sensor install but whatever is proven and most accurate. I have access to all tanks from the top and sides. I also have the Cerbo connected to a BMV-712 and a Multi-plus inverter by the appropriate wire cables and then on to the Raymarine Axiom Pro(where I will hope to read the water levels in addition to the phone app or VRM).

Appreciate your recommendations.


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Cerbo GX - Temperature activation of relay.

Greetings All , Question is . When using a Venus GX or Curbo GX . I need to activate one of the relays based off one of the Temp Sensors plugged in to the Venus or Curbo . I can get an alarm via the VRM as well as an email notification and that works fine but I need the relay on the Curbo to be activated . This is to enable a backup system for the refrigerator . Any advice would be great if this can be setup .

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Cerbo Reading Input Power different to Input Voltage and Current

In Advanced on VRM, I have put Input Power from the VE Bus System and Input Voltage/Current ontop of each other to check this over time. The Grid Setpoint is 0W and the input current is bouncing between -1.2 and +2.2 amps. The Input Power is however referencing a Power that is about 2kw lower than the AC Loads (Upto .

Site Info
The is no meter on site. The site is set up of 3 x Multiplus II inverters setup as a single phase. The GX is a Cerbo. All Firmware is latest firmware. The Cerbo Touch Display shows the Power reading. ESS is set to 40% without battery life.

Below are three different readings I have pulled from VRM.
Time/ Input Power/ Input Current/ Output Power
02:06/ 4248/ -1.5/ 7127
10:07/ 1827/ -1.4/ 2820
11:27/ 3023/ 1.8/ 4550

For all three of the above, the battery SOC was above the 40%.

The Current Values seem correct, and the input power values seem incorrect, however I will check the current values with a Clamp meter on site tomorrow.

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VRM Online Portal #153 Connection Error

Been offline for 12 days. None of the other articles describe how to fix the issue. An answer that describes how to fix this issue would be helpful, and appreciated.


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Temperature Sensor with Cerbo GX and touch 50

Hi, I'm using a temperature sensor (ASS000001000) connected to the Victron Cerbo GX to measure the ambient temperature in one of the cargo bays in my vehicle. Two questions:

1) How do I configure the Victron Cerbo GX to show Fahrenheit instead of Celsius on the Touch 50?

2) The sensor is showing about 5 degrees higher than measured with other temperature devices. Probably because of its placement. Is there a way to adjust the display so it will display the actual ambient temperature? I would like to keep the sensor it its current place.

Thank you!


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Cerbo losing connection to LTE modem

I've got a cerbo (with 2.60 f/w) and the newer LTE modem but the cerbo seems to lose the connectivity with the modem itself every day or so. When I look at the console, the message in the GSM page is "No GSM modem connected".

A reboot of the cerbo always restores the connection, so this isn't an electrical issue (USB plug being disconnected etc).

There doesn't appear to be any firmware update available/necessary for the modem.

Is it possible (I have root access enabled on the cerbo) to look at more detailed logs to help determine what the problem is?

Is this a known bug in 2.60?

Thanks for any advice.

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How to display battery voltage from two BMV-700s on Raymarine Axiom 7?

I have two BMV-700s hooked up via VE.direct to a Cerbo GX. I have the Cerbo GX integrated with a Raymarine Axiom 7 via the network port AND VE.can. I can access both BMV-700s via the Victron App on the Axiom. I can get only one of the BMV-700s to populate the Battery 1 data box on the Axiom. I can't get either BMV-700 to populate the Battery 2 data box on the Axiom. I read the instructions and can change the data instance of each BMV-700, but I can't change the instance to 1. I can change the instance to 2,3,9, or 0, but I can't change it to 1. I used Actisence NMEA Reader and a NGT-1 to change data instances. All equipment and software has been updated to the latest rev.

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12V Marine system help


I will do my best to keep this short:

I have a 26ft. Sailboat on the Ossiachersee in Austria.

Because of weight, I want to switch from Lead Acid to Lithium. Because Lithium is so expensive, I want to switch from PWM to Victron MPPT for max battery protection (and max batt/solar efficiency.)

Unfortunately, due to different solar panel sizes, I can't have the PVs in series (see diagram).

Is my diagram here correct, or do I need less or more components?

Any info is greatly appreciated!




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Pinout of resistive tank inputs of a Cerbo GX

Does anyone know, if some of the Pins of the four resistive tank inputs are connected to GND or 5V?

I‘m asking if I have to wire all eight pins for four sensors or if it‘s enought to wire one GND and four signal pins from the sensors...



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Cerbo Gx stuck in ‘fetching data’ Bluetooth.

Stuck in ‘fetching data’ when using Bluetooth. Wifi and the vrm connection works fine. New installation today. I am using an iPhone. Tried to remove power for a couple of minutes. Restarted the app, on and off with Bluetooth... works fine with my mppt, Orion charger and the bmv712.

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Cerbo GX Wifi access point connectivity issues

Hi all,

I installed an off grid system in my home last April which has been running fine with no issues.

Set-up: Cerbo GX (firmware 2.60 - no touch screen), Smartsolar MPPT150/60, MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100, 4x pylontech US2000

No AC input from grid or generator.

Mostly it is connected to the house wifi with no issues - in fact I didn't need to touch it until December.

During the middle part of December and up to the present I have been shutting down the Multiplus over night to conserve the batteries due to overcast days and/or thick frozen snow on the panels reducing production.

The problem: Connecting to the wifi access point after several hours. More precisely if I use the reset button on the Cerbo I can connect using an iphone or ipad, but after some time (variable between 2 and 12 hours) it seems impossible to reconnect without recourse to the reset button. I get a message that connection is impossible, or the password is incorrect etc.

I've tried using the "forget network" on the iphone and trying to reconnect, a la Blue tooth etc, but no joy. The only solution seems to be to physically reset on the Cerbo. This is somewhat inconvenient as access to the Cerbo is difficult.

I've also tried connecting with a Linux laptop with the same symptoms.

Question: Is there something I am missing in the network setups - I haven't changed any settings form the defaults. Networking is a bit of a dark art to me! Any ideas????

Thanks in advance


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Ich habe mit meinem Energieversorger wegen der 70% Regelung gesprochen. Der sehr nette Ansprechpartner hat gemeint, ich soll mir doch ein Rundsteuerempfänger einbauen, der eh ab 25 kVA jetzt vorgeschrieben ist. Dadurch kann ich die maximal Leistung von 30kVA einspeisen. Bisher wäre auch noch nie runtergeregelt worden.


Jetzt habe ich gesehen, dass der TRE einfach 4 Relais Ausgänge hat.


Da ich noch andere Solarwechselrichter habe, würde ich in der 1. Stufe diese einfach per Schütz trennen.

Die Frage ist, kann ich beim Cerbo GX einen Eingang so belegen, dass er dem GX sagt, dass er den Schalter "Übersch. Solarladegerät-Leistung einspeisen" Je nach Eingangszustand Ein oder Aus schalten soll?


Kann man es Alternativ über Mod Bus machen?

Liebe grüße aus der Pfalz

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Cerbo GX Possibilities Schematic

I am starting out a design for an RV that will have a Cerbo GX in it. In one of the videos there is a quick shot of a schematic that shows all the possibilities on how it can be hooked up to other Victron components. Where is that pdf?? I can't find it on the site but they said it was on the product page...



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Cerbo GX Bluetooth connectivity limits

Hi I’m planning to get Cerbo GX and a GX Touch 50. Installation will be on a Sailing boat.

I already have an MPPT Snartsolar 100/20. I am planning to get also a smart shunt and use it to monitor two different battery packs.

First question: I want to connect the MPPT and the shunt using their Bluetooth capabilities. Is there some limitation in terms of functionalities compared to the cable option?

Se con question: I mentioned that the smart shunt should monitor two battery packs (two batteries for “house load”, one to start engine). I would like also to have a temperature sensors. Is there any Victron products that can use Bluetooth to share the data with the Cerbo GX? Or would be better to get two shunts and use the port for the temperature sensor? In this case I would have more questions to understand if temperature info is shared to the Cerbo and how the two shunts are displayed.

Thanks a lot!

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Can I connect 2 SMART SHUNTS to a CERBO GX?

Hi there,

I have a CERBO GX installed on my boat with a SMART SHUNT connected on Ve-Direct port 1 to monitor both start and service battery which are both 12V AGM.

I want to add a second smartshunt to monitor the battery used for the trolling motor which is a 24V LiFePo4 battery. Is there any particular issue in connecting this second SMART SHUNT to the Ve-Direct port 2 on the same CERBO ?

Thanks for you reply.


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US Certification (UL/CSA) for GX Devices (Venus, Cerbo....)


I would like to know if there is any plan from Victron to certify the GX range or any specific product of the GX family to be certified in North America, such us UL or CSA certification as this is something that our clients are demanding more and more.

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GX Tank 140

Good morning,

I read a lot about the GX Tank 140 converter box which could be used to read voltage or current sensors at the Cerbo GX. This box has been announced by YE 2020.

Any update on the availability of the converter box?


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Newbie does not understand the visu!



I am completely new to Victron. I want to upgrade our motorhome and at the moment I have done everything as a test setup.

Cerbo GX

MPTT Smart Solar 150/45

Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger 12 | 30

SmartShunt 500A

Now I see AC input on the VISU. When is something displayed there? I was of the opinion that if the charger is charging then I will see it there.

What is the blue box in the middle? It always says OFF there. Do I still need a device or is it a matter of settings?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Cerbo GX temperature input

I have 2 temp sensor connected to my Cerbo GX. Input nr2 is unstable, and suddenly goes from ok to "reverse polarity".I have changed the sensors, but it still happens. Get -22 degrees.

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Cerbo GX with 4 ve direct connections?


I have a job existing with 3 MPPTs connected with a Cerbo GX and need to add in a shunt.

Reading the online manual for the Cerbo GX it only supports 3 ve.direct devices due to cpu power limitaions, but my supplier said a 4th one running off the usb to ve direct will work.

The lynx shunt is too exspensive and not practical here. Should I get the depricated vbc ve.net shunt or go for the 4th ve.direct to usb connection?

"The listed maximum on the `Performance` section in above table is the total connected VE.Direct devices such as MPPT Solar Charge controllers. Total means all directly connected devices plus the devices connected over USB. The limit is mostly bound by CPU processing power. Note that there is also a limit to the other type of devices of which often multiple are connected: PV Inverters. Up to three or four three phase inverters can typically be monitored on a CCGX. Higher power CPU devices can monitor more. "

Or am I interpreting this note incorrectly?

Isaac Shannos asked
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1 Answer

Pair of VE.Can Enabled and Connected Smart Solar MPPT

I have a Cerbo and 2 x VECan enabled Smart Solar controllers. I expected these two be working a s network pair, but they do not seem to be. They each report their own System Yield and not a combined yield for system, see attached,



Should the system yield actually be the combination of the Total from each unit? How does one tell if they are working as a synchronised network pair. I have been unable to find any detail on the web or gain access to the Cerbo itself to look at the dBus data elements to see how they are interacting with the system.

Any guidance.

Many Thanks

bathnm asked

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Genset idetified as GPS in VRM

I have a Honda genset connected to a Cerbo on digital input 1 to detect run status.

In the VRM portal, under Device List it seems to be detected as a NMEA GPS. It also is reported as being running, allthough it is off. Any clues to where the mismatch occurs and solutions?


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Cerbo GX best connection to an old ESP DC link box shunt with Ve.net battery controller

On a motorhome I have an old ESP dc link box with ve.net shunt connected to a Ve.net battery controller to a Blu Power Panel, controlling a Multi 24/3000. Now I installed a Cerbo GX but I cannot view the Ve.net battery controller. I thought I could see it through the Ve.bus interface but I don’t.

As a solution I could install a smart shunt but I find it difficult to replace the ve.net shunt inside the ESP Dc box. Or I need to install a Bmv battery monitor and try to connect his shunt electronic to my old shunt on the ESP DC box? I do not like this solution as I have no panel space for the BMV display so I would prefer to have a smart shunt in the old ESP Dc link box to communicate via ve.direct with the Cerbo gx. Or a could replace my Blue power panel with a BPP2 that should have a ve.net to ve.bus converter so I should connect the Cerbo to the ve.net VBController ?

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VRM monitoring site shows wrong data when bulk loading battery

I have a multiplus 12/1600/70, a battery, a smartshunt and a cerbo.
All connected the way they should be, the smartshunt directly at the - of the battery, no mistake there.
When unloading, the vrm portal shows correct data.

However, when loading the batteries with the multiplus, I get the following data


This is not correct.
The only DC consumption I have is the shunt itself and the cerbo and that should be no more than 4W.
There is no AC consumption AT ALL, ie : nothing is connected on the AC-side of the inverter.

Any ideas for this?

ps : latest firmware on all devices

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Victron connect not responsive

Hi all new here, happy new year

I have a new system, victron MultiPlus-II 48/5000

28.8kw batteries, and was all connected via raspberry gx. I decided to upgrade 2days ago to the cerbo gx and touch 50gx. Now i have a problem. On my Samsung s20ultra , when i go to victron connect app, it starts, fine, problem is when i try to go to settings, its non responsive. I tried uninstall app , still no good, any ideas why, Samsung was working fine with raspberry gx

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MultiPlusII Overreading Grid Power Value

I have a single phase 15kw system with three MultiPlusII inverters in parallel. There is no grid meter. The system is linked to four 150/100 MPPTS, with ESS set with battery life. I have noticed that recently the VRM Portal and the Cerbo shows that the incoming grid power (AC-In L1 Watts is in the region of 1.4-1.7kw, but the AC Input is 222Vx-3,5A (-777W) and the Wattage on AC-In L1 is showing 1755W, which is way higher. The Same is true for the output. What is causing this completely incorrect reading on the Power?

I have ESS set with a GridPoint of -200W, but the system continually shows a draw of around 1.4kw.

I have attached images from the Cerbo GX.


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Best way to connect 4 MPPT controllers to Cerbo GX 6 meters away

Question regarding the wiring of 4 Victron SmartSolar MPPT controllers and the Cerbo GX. The Cerbo GX has only 3 VE direct ports. The controllers will be mounted about 6 meters from the Cerbo GX. Should I keep all the controllers together and use a USB hub with a single VE Direct cable to a single port on the Cerbo GX? Alternatively, I would need to run 3 VE Direct cables to the 3 VE Direct ports (once again, 6 meters away) and one VE Direct to USB cable (6 meters) to one of the USB ports on the Cerbo GX. Appreciate your thoughts re: this. Thanks.

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Monitor su cerbo gx

Buongiorno, è possibile vedere la schermata della consolle remota su tablet o schermo smartphone a pieno schermo ? Grazie.

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Phoenix Smart Charger IP43 with Cerbo GX

I have a Phoenix Smart Charger IP43 and have connected it via VE.Direct to the Cerbo GX. How can i get the screen to say i have AC connected as currently it says nothing. It does show up in the Settings that its connected. I have the Battery monitor/shunt installed and it does show amps going in through the shunt part but would be good if it shows on the screen as AC input.

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VE.Bus hotplug-fähig - also Geräte im laufenden Betrieb mit Bus verbinden/trennen?


Habe hier den Cerbo GX, den MPII über VE.Bus damit verbunden, und zur Programmierung des MPII einen MK3-USB.

Kann ich im Betrieb den VE.Vus-Anschluß des beispielsweise MPII aus dem Cerbo ziehen und in den MK3-USB stecken?

Vermutlich gibt es hier zwei Gedanken: Technische Möglichkeit - ja/nein, und Sinnhaftigkeit unter Beachtung der Steuerung, da der Cerbo ggf ohne die Verbindung diverse Parameter nicht mehr kontrollieren kann und es dementsprechend zu Störungen kommt...?

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