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VE.Bus Smart Dongle

Do I need more than one Smart Dongle

I have two Multiplus 12/3000 inverters do I need a Smart Dongle for each inverter or do I daisy chain the VE Bus from one inverter to the second. Also Can I update firmware via it or do I need the USB MK3 in addition

dvcpro50 asked

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Can the Multiplus Temperature Sensor be attached to the VE.Bus Smart Dongle

I am wondering if I need to purchase a different temperature sensor to attach to the smart dongle or can I use the one that came supplied with my Mutliplus 3000?

Yes, I know you don't have to attach a temp sensor to the smart dongle, but I want accurate temperature of the batteries and am intentionally adding a sensor to the smart dongle.


kafolske asked
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Where/how do I connect the Ve.Bus Smart dongle to the 24/1200 Phoenix inverter?



I am finally installing my solar setup. I am running 2 inverters. One 24/3000/70-50/120v multiplus for heavy loads kitchen and tools. Also a Phoenix inverter ve.dirrect 24/1200 for security cameras, minisplit and laptops.

On victron a website it shows the Ve.Bus Smart dongle as options for both units so I bought 2.

Where/how do you make the rj45 connection on each unit?

(Side questions: the multiplus came with a tsense cable. Can I instal that to its ve.bus instead?

How many temperature sense cables would you run? I can buy more. I have the option from the Ve.bus x2, the bmv712smart and the 24/300.)

Thank you al very much.

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Victron Phoenix Inverter Compact (VE.Bus - old microprocessor, 230VAC) and VE.Bus Smart dongle

I'll keep this short. My Victron Phoenix Inverter Compact 12 | 2000 230V (an old microprocessor 230VAC inverter on firmware 1908209) is not compatible with the VE.Bus Smart Dongle and will never be, corrrect?

rudykruger asked
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Is it possible to update the firmware with ve.bus smart dongle feom my multiplus compact
I bought victron Energy ve.bus smart dongle. Can I use it to update the firmware of the multiplus compact and make settings

Ich habe victron Energy ve.bus smart dongle gekauft. Kann ich damit die Firmware des multiplus compact updaten und Einstellungen vornehmen

Leeman29 asked
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VE.BUS Smart dongle + Venus GX temperature sensing

Hi Victron,

I just want to make sure I'm understanding this correct. I have a Multiplus 2 which appears to be the unit without the temperature sensor inputs. For temperature sensing to be incorporated with the Multiplus 2 you would require the VE.BUS smart dongle. I also have a Venus GX device with additional temperature probes.

On the VE.BUS smart dongle manual however it states the following:

"In systems with a GX device, and another source of temperature and voltage data (eg from a CANbus battery), the CCGX data will override temperature and voltage information from the dongle."

Based on the above explanation it seems that the dongle is not required anymore if you want temperature compensation to happen as the Venus GX uses its temperature probe values? Previous older posts it states that the dongle is needed.

Could some light be shed on this please so that I can make the correct decisions?


casper asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Multi Control Panel (VE..BUS) - glitch/loosing contact with MultiPlus Compact

I have a Multiplus Compatc 12|1600|70 that is controlled by a VE. BUS MULTI CONTROL. When removing the panel and adding som pressure to the CAT5 ethernet cable the Panel starts. Any one experienced this behavior, and have you found the root cause?
If i´m to change panel, can I upgrade to something better?

Rickard asked
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VE-Bus Smart Dongle in Smart Network

I am setting up my MultiPlus C12 to be monitored via Victron Connect on my iPhone via the VE.Bus Smart dongle. Will also have BMV712 and BlueSmart MPPT 100/50. The latter two I will have talking in a Smart Network as per std guidelines. Somewhere in Victron chatI noted that the VE-Bus Smart Dongle could also be included in this Smart Network.

Is this true? Does it mean you can have a Smart Network using the VE.bus dongle and a BlueSmart MPPT and the latter will use the voltage & temp info. Would the three Smart products in the network result in conflicts perhaps?

John Schmidt asked
Wiking answered ·

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VE.Bus Smart Dongle conflicting wih remote switch

I have just added a VE.Bus Smart Dongle to my MutliPlus Compact in my caravan, and the remote switch (simple 3-way toggle) will not work (ie won't turn the MultiPlus off) while the dongle is connected. If I remove the RJ45 from the dongle it works correctly.

It seems the Smart Dongle is over-riding the remote input. I know I can do remote control from VictronConnect but that's not as convenient as flicking a switch.

DS1 and DS2 are off (as they should be for the remote switch to work). Firmware is 2606430.

Am I missing something?

Will this still be an issue if I replace the 3-way switch with a Digital Multi Control?

Any help appreciated.


dunnp asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) commented ·

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VE.Bus Smart Dongle / ambient temperature

What are the ambient temperature limits for the VE.Bus Smart Dongle?

Cannot find any data here:

Please help.

Ralf asked
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Multiplus 3000VA and VE.Bus Smart dongle installation


If I install VE.Bus Smart dongle to the Multiplus 12/3000/120 (16A), do I need to install T-sense and/or V-Sense cables directly to Multiplus? I guess not, but I wan to be shure.

Thank you

JooMies asked
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RJ45 cable splitter on multiplus 12/1200/50

Is it ok to connect both ve.bus smart dongle and mk3 via a cable splitter to my multiplus 12/1200/50

Is there any issuses to this?

Sten asked
Martijn Coster (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Installing VE. Bus smart dongle

I just installed new smart dongle to my system, but multiplus compact 12/800 is not working with it. Dongle makes bluetooth connection and shows me battery voltage and temperature but when i connect rj45-cable to my multiplus and switch it on, only inverter green light will blink very slowly, and no ac output power. Victron connect app wont notice Multi either, only dongle.

If i remove rj45-cable, inverter works fine.

What i supposed to do?

Nitrolite asked
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VE.Bus Smart dongle temperature data to Smartsolar Mppt

I just installed new 100/20 Smartsolar charger and Multiplus compact 12/800-35 to my offgrid cottage. My electronic devices is inside and batteries is outside so i need temperature sensors for my Victron products. Now i´m wondering if i buy Ve.Bus smart dongle to my Multiplus to add Bluetooth for it and maybe using it temperature sensor for Mppt and Multiplus?

Is it supposed to work together?

Nitrolite asked
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Can the VE Bus Smart Dongle replace a BMV for a Small installation?

I have a Multiplus 24/3000 and a Lithium battery, and would like to add basic battery monitoring (Voltage, Ah remaining, SOC) and display this in the Victron Connect app.

This is in a camper van, so there will be house DC loads outside of the Multiplus.

Will the VE Bus Smart Dongle work for this (and thus not requiring a BMV for my small setup) ??

johannes.hovda asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) edited ·

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VE Bus smart Dongle issues

Can I plug the smart dongle into the BMS (remote rj45 socket) to get functionality when using the App on my phone, switch on/off etc.

Big Ste asked
Paul B answered ·

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Ve bus smart dongle issues with multiplus compact 12/1600

Since adding an lithium battery and installing the VE assistance, the smart dongle isn't switching the multiplus! I have the functionality on the app, but the actual multiplus isn't switching.

The only actual thing I have done is switch the dip switches as per the instructions, (DIP 1 on DIP 2 off) when adding the assistance. this was working perfect before with lead acid batteries, but I'm being told that because I now have a Victron lithium battery with a VE Bus, the dongle will now not work!! This doesn't seem right to me. help please?

Big Ste asked
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VE.Bus Smart Dongle Relay and CD Ports?

It looks like the smart dongle has a relay, but I see no mention in the manual about it. I'd like to see about triggering the relay based on temp conditions. I also see there is a CD port, is that for Charge Disconnect? Are these feature sets going to be released in the future? If so, is there information you can provide? I'd like to use this to disconnect the charge through a battery protect when it's 5 degrees C.

nebulight asked
Martijn Coster (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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VE.Bus Smart dongle together with Multiplus C remote switch

I have installed a VE.Bus smart dongle as voltage sens to a Multiplus C 12/1600/70 and I want at the same time to use an external switch to operate the Multiplus.

When I read the manual for Multiplus C about settings for the DIP switch (DS1&2) I mistakenly assumed that these settings were valid but this is not the case.

In the manual for Multiplus it says

Default setting: to operate the product with the “On/Off/Charger Only” switch

ds 1: “off” ds 2: “on”

Setting for remote operation with a Multi Control Panel:
ds 1: “on” ds 2: “off”

Setting for remote operation with a 3-way switch:
ds 1: “off” ds 2: “off”

Now I read in another thread that it is not possible to use an external switch at the same time as VE.Bus smart dongle since it also controls Multiplus on / off and it then becomes a conflict.

I am in great need of a voltage sens to Multiplus C while I need an remot switch for on/off.

Is there anyone who can help me find a solution with a configuration that solves my needs?


Lars Uthberg asked
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VE.Bus Smart Dongle temperature sense


VE.Bus Smart Dongle produce page states:

Secondly it can work as a Voltage- and Temperature-sense device for the inverter/charger. This works with all models, and is especially useful in combination with the MultiPlus-II, as it does not have on-board terminals for Voltage- and Temperature sense wiring

... on-line manual:

On MultiPlus-II models the dongle is, at present, the only way to add an “on-battery” sensing capability.


Likewise, the dongle also monitors VE.Bus communication in order to discover if a Venus-device is supplying the Multi with battery voltage and temperature data. It takes around 4 minutes after power on, or reset, before the dongle decides whether or not to transmit the battery voltage and temperature.

Now, I have MultiPlus II (that is without battery temperature sense capability) and GCCX Venus device. From what I read, I expect that dongle would provide battery temperature data (since there is none present on the bus), but it seems that it does not! When I do dbus-spy there is no signs of battery temperature at all.

I am confused. It seems that VE.Bus Smart Dongle is practically useless (it just provides battery voltage and temperature over bluetooth) when there is GCCX Venus device is present on the bus... or am I wrong. My plan was that VE.Bus Smart Dongle would provide battery temperature to the system.



matejS asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) commented ·

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VE.Bus Smart dongle connection

Can VE.Bus Smart dongle be connected to GCCX VE.Bus or it must be connection to one of the Multi's VE.Bus. If VE.Bus is really a bus, it should not matter, right?

matejS asked
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VE.BUS Bluetooth Smart dongle capabilities

Does this device offer all of the programming functionality of the MK3 to USB cable when used with a Quattro unit?

antiguasky asked
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VE Bus Smart Dongle manual or me missing something?


Trying to set up a VE Bus Smart Dongle with a temperature sensor cable on a Quattro. I have a CCGX and understand the priorities and have disconnected to initiate the Smart Dongle, but the manual seems to be missing something or I'm missing something.

Does the red connection wire have to go into the same B+ terminal of the connection block as the temperature sensor's red connection wire together?

I have tried 4 wires in 3 holes to power up the Smart dongle with temperature sensor, but no temperature read out for the dongle independently and no data for the Quattro (both showing in VictronConnect app).

Any help greatly appreciated.


victronguy asked
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