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2 phase 2 of Solaredge, 1 Multiplus Modbus TCP?


I have 2 of S/E SE5000 on 2 phase rural grid (180 degree phase). one SE5000 is connected to a Multiplus 2 with an 8Kw Zenaji battery, as UPS also. Solaredge recomended separating the linking in this configuration. (System working fine)

I have an Emoncms server that has data from an IoTaWatt monitor. I want to read the battery state off the CCGX, & have already enabled Sunspec on the 2 of SE5000 (currently both on ID 126). The CCGX sees both of the SE5000´s, & lists their network addresses. Modbus is enabled on the CCGX, as werll as Auto scan. No Modbus devices are listed, however. I need to get this working so I can get the battery status (& info from the SE5000´s too if possible: would love access to the Optimiser data for instance, but first the battery status!

Emoncms has this assistance:

but of course no data until the CCGX sees the Modbus devices (Emoncms is configured as recommended)

One issue I may find is from my reading, only one SE5000 can be accessed on dev 126.

Thanks, Doug

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Temperature reading from where?


Equipment installed:

1x Quattro 24/5000/120-2x100

2x SmartSolar MPPT Charger (150/85 rev2)

1x CCGX firmware v2.60

12x AGM batteries

12x PV panels

I want to capture temperature readings for the building where the equipment above is installed and since I already use Modbus to enable/disable the Quattro charger I looked for a suitable Modbus register to query. This would avoid having to get a separate sensor and could integrate with my existing scripts pretty easily.

The only obvious setting in the Modbus register list XLSX that returns anything is Modbus ID 246 Addr 61 ("Battery temperature") and since the value increases quickly by up to 7 when the batteries are being charged, I am guessing a temperature sensor is being heated by the Quattro charger which operates between 0030 and 0430 every night. There is no sensor or BMS on the batteries themselves so it is not related to the temperature of the batteries. For some reason the returned value takes much longer to drop down again once the charger is off.

The reading seems to give me what I want, so I think I am happy with it but it niggles that I don't know exactly where it comes from. Can anyone confirm that Modbus ID 246 Addr 61 is returning temperature from a sensor in the Quattro located above the charger? Or is it returning something completely different?

Many thanks,


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EM24 Smart Meter read out over Modbus TCP/IP


the Smart Meter connection to the Victron controller via Modbus RTU (RS485) is only wisely in case you have a short Way between the Smart Meter and the Victron Controller.

In case you have a long way or different buildings the connection over TCP/IP is required.

To prevent to install a separate RS485 Bus Cable. (using structured cabling !)

Installation Example:

#######Buildings-A############ ###Buildings-B###

EM24 -->RS485-->Modbus TCP Gateway---------TCP/IP---------------->CerboGX

Now the Question:

How can i add the Smart Meter Connection via Modbus TCP/IP to my Cerbo GX?

(FW 2.60)

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Modbus-TCP Easy Solar II GX


Can Modbus-TCP be accessed for the GX part of a Easy Solar II GX via the Ethernet port?

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ESS Mode 2 settings


I refer to a comment from Daniël Boekel in an earlier post:

"generally: mode3 = external control,

mode2 = optimized, and you set the grid-setpoint and charge / discharge enable."

My questions is:

For Mode 2, can I chose between "optimized (with Battery Life)" and "optimized (without Battery life)"?

Thx a lot,


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multiple solaredge inverters with multiplus 2

Good Morning,

I have a system with 1 Solarege 3,5kW and Multiplus 2 with battery. All works well together. I read the solaredge PV data into the Victron VRM (Solaredge Register 811) with TCP Modbus like explained by Victron.

But now I want to install a second Solaredge Inverter (3 Phase). How can I get the second PV production value into my Victron sytem, either the sum of both, or each one?

Victron installation manual only offers to read out the device ID 126. Is it possible to add addtional pv production systems? I think this option will be interesting for many people.

thank you.


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Scheduled charging without ESS

Hi, I just switched on my installation of 2 Multiplus 3000s and a Venus GX and am now looking at scheduling power draw from the grid. I'm in the US and have a grid tied SMA inverter in parallel with the Multiplus. Since I can't set a grid code here I can't use ESS.

I'm able to handle turning on and off AC input with modbus but couldn't find a way to disable charging without using one of the relays which I'd prefer to avoid just to keep wiring nicer. It looks like there's no way to disable charging or set the DVCC limit to 0 over modbus without ESS, is that correct? Any workarounds?

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Freedom Won battery data visible in CCGX but not via Modbus

Hello to all. We have an installation of two Freedom Won batteries connected in parallel as master and slave. Our SCADA system is connecting to a CCGX via Modbus, and we need to know whether both batteries are online. On the CCGX, the parameters "Battery modules" and "Installed capacity" are displaying correctly, but I cannot read these values via Modbus. See the screenshots below. "Minimum cell voltage" and "Maximum cell voltage" (Modbus 1290 and 1291) can be read, but both "Capacity" (309) and "System; number of batteries" (1286) give zeroes. Any suggestions?




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Venus GX - Modbus TCP - incorrect values for "User yield"?


I am connecting via Modbus TCP to a local Venus GX.
Everything works fine except for the readout value of Register 790 - "User Yield"

The "Victron Connect" app shows the CORRECT values and the readout works as expected
BUT the
2nd MPPT charger connected to VE.Direct 2 port. show different value.

According to the "CCGX-Modbus-TCP-register-list.xlsx"

Unit ID /DeviceInstance Remark
245 258 CCGX VE.Direct 2 port, Venus GX VE.Direct 1 port (ttyO2)
243 260 Venus GX VE.Direct 2 port (ttyO4)

I compared the readout via QMod Master and here are the results .
the first charger shows the correct value via Modbus:


The 2nd one shows different values:


According to the register list:

Address Type Scalefactor Range
790 uint16
10 0 to 6533.6

The readout value is at least 1 digit to short!
The value should have been ~ 72670 or so

This is not critical
but I was wondering if this is just a "small bug" in the
ModBus TCP mapping on the "Venus GX" ?

As far as I can tell, all the other values seem to give the correct values!

Can anyone confirm this behavior or am I wrong here?

Best regards

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Multiplus-II loud humming without load, Error 8/11 when set to charger/inverter mode - dead ?

this is kind of a simplified question of my previous post, after some investigations.

I have a 3-phase ESS with 3x Multiplus-II 5kVA, no loads connected, external control, pylontech battery set.I use it to store excess solar produe and do grid assist. Main grid is always connected and able to provide 20kVA total (3 phases). I use an ET-340 to measure net grid in/outflow and command the ESS via Modbus/TCP as needed.

Very simple installation - connected to my internal grid for grid assist only on AC-In. to say that again, nothing connected to AC out.

The system only worked for a few days (less than 30 days definitely). Now it is dead.
Here is the sequence of events:
- overload error on one inverter (L1) (how can that happen, with connected grid)
few days later,
- "BMS Internal Error Alarm: Alarm" (and batteries dont charge any more)
persistent, followed by
- Low Battery Alarm (no wonder, batteries are eventually depleted)
followed by
- VE.Bus Error: VE.Bus Error 8: Ground relay test failed

and since, the system is in error state, and not working.
Batteries eventually switched off, unpowering their hub (as it is run from the 48V), so now, no battery pack any more (but that can be seen as normal and to be solved separately)

When set to "on", the Multiplusses try to connect to the Grid, but give up immediately and show a blink code (one different than the two others) which is not explained in the victron app.

I assume that one or two of the Multiplus-II 5kVA devices are broken, but as my provider wants to be paid to check them i rather ask community here for your opinion :)

.. if i set the multiplus-II switch to "I" (charge only), they engage with the grid (you can hear the relay) but then one hums very loud and agressively.
.. if i set the multiplus-II switch to "II", they try to engage with the grid but switch off more or less immediately, i assume with that error 8, and they disturb the grid enough to kick the SMA inverter connected before them off the grid.

Here are 3 short video clips (sorry for the moving camera in video 2, i tried to capture the sound/humming better).

Video 1: Behavior when starting up as charger only: (waiting form mains, should be ok)
Video 2: Behavior/humming when connected as charger: (only #1 is humming)
Video 3: Behavior when having tried to connect in switch setting "On"

Anyone able to diagnose this ?

Thanks for your assistance


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ESS Modbus TCP AcPowerSetpoint, why is needed to be written every 60 seconds?

Currently, I have a Multi, Venus and BMV, I am controlling the ACpowersetpoint with Modbus TCP. I am working with ESS mode 2. Is it necessary to write the power set point every minute? why?

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Multiplus - modbus - grid tie solar 3ph - use spare energy

Hi, I have a house with a 4kW GT system on FIT on phase A

I have added a 12kW array which I am planning to split over phase B and C.

I want to use a multiplus II as a smart inverter/charger from a lithium battery to store excess energy from any phase.

My supplier meter is net metering (non smart). So what I (think I) need is my own net metering meter which talks to the Multiplus and tells it to charge or discharge the battery to keep the import/export at zero. However this will only be pulling off one phase. This is why I need the external meter. If I am exporting 1kW on phase B and C (for example), with no import, but the Multiplus is on phase A, it can still import 2kW on phase A with no supplier charges.

I have researched Modbus meters but I just wondered if anyone had done anything similar - presumably I need an interface between the Modbus and the Multiplus to convert Net Export Power into Victron charge now Power.

I will have a zappi car charger and a DHW store system to soak up the excess energy. Ideally this would be priority order

1. Car (if present)

2. House batt

3. DHW cylinder

4. Export.

Although I would be willing to always do House first if that is less complicated (the zappi and DHW system will communicate internally but I don't know if they would communicate with the Victron).

I believe delays can be programmed such that the Victron could have a shorter delay on start up than the Zappi which would ensure the house batt gets priority over the car.

Of course as the car isn't always there I thought that would be best if the car got first dibs as hopefully if its a sunny day the house would get a chance later after the car leaves.

I should be good for producing approaching 16000kWh per year with this system (the 1year old original 4kW array made close to 4000 in a year and the 12kW array is less shaded)

My background is Marine - off grid so use a lot of Victron products. I have used R pi a bit so I guess this or Arduino could maybe be a useful interface if there isn't a premade solution available.

Thanks in advance


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ET340 via Modbus/TCP ?

Hello, i am new to Victron and want to set up a larger battery system 3 phase etc.
ET340 is already installed, but it is far away from the battery location, unsuitable to run long 485 connections.

Is there a way, has someone experience, to convince the GX controller to use Modbus/TCP to talk with the ET340 (via a modbus/TCP to RTU bridge of course),

Has anyone experience in or tried to bridge Modbus/RTU over IP (wifi, ethernet etc) ?


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Venus GX Modbus TCP forwarding Solaredge PV production?

Hi !

I'm using openWB to charge my EV. Unfortunately the Solaredge PV inverter allows only one concurrent TCP connection.

That means if the GX device is talking to the Solaredge the communication to the openWB is blocked.

But I've seen in the Modbus TCP menu of the (Venus-)GX that there is an entry for the SE PV inverter. I checked so far the documentation of the GX but without success.

Can anybody explain me what this means? May be I can use it to retrieve the production of the SE via the GX device.


Thanks !


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Can I use the command "Input Power 1" for apparent power AND active power?

Hello Victron users and experts,

I hope you have some experiences in using Modbus-TCP commands. Perhaps my question is very simple to you. I found command "Input power 1" in the Modbus-TCP Register list and have to know something about the dbus-unit "VA or Watts". Do you know if I can request both types of power (apparent / active) ?

Thank you for your answer, because I'm not sure.

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Venus GX - GPS Speed Units


I have changed the units used for GPS speed to mph from m/s using Remote Console. It still shows as m/s when viewing from the VRM dashboard and the ModbusTCP states that the units are m/s in the spreadsheet. Does this unit change not transmit through to VRM and ModbusTCP?

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Use the "feedin excess solarcharger power" button with modbus?

I will find it clever to be able to switch the "feedin excess solarcharger power" button through modbus TCP to manage network injection from home automation.
Of course this will mean integrating it into the excel modbus table.
Is it possible to consider it?
Thank you in advance.



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Multiplus II and Fronius Symo 10.3 - Modbus Questions.

I am designing a 10 kW PV no break supply system including 3 x MP II's (ESS AC PV on ACout 1), whereby I will have extra PV available at times. I have the availability to thermally bank any excess, when certain conditions are met, through my home automation system.

I have looked at the MODBUS map but cannot determine which of the fields will give me total PV output from the Fronius.

Any help on which fields I require to initiate a control command when PV output is greater than total load requirements, would be greatly appreciated.

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Venus GX and Modbus

Hi all,

I'm trying to use Venus GX to communicate with my Siemens PLC. At Venus GX I am using VE. Direct 1 and VE. Direct 2. At Siemens' TIA PORTAL, we established the Data type, Start Address and UNIT. However, I couldn't establish the connection. So I used a Modbus Scanner to see if I was really getting the information from Venus yet I can't access any modbus messages from the device. I used the data as Holding Register, I have already activated the Modbus function of the device and I don't know what is missing.

Thank you in advance

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Janitza UMG604E connected by modbus to 6 Quattro48/8000 for self-consumption system


This is the setup I am thinking of for a costumer running several PV plants. We want to add batteries for pure self consumption and charge only when PV is feeding to the grid. For that reason we want to get the current of every line from a already existing Janitza UMG 604 E via modbus TCP. Is this working? Where to read about the setup? Thanks in advance! Answers in German also welcome

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MPPT to Venus GX Using USB

Hi, have just connected an MPPT to a Venus GX, using USB, to then read across ModbusTCP, but the device instance reports as 288 (258 if connected to VE.Direct 1). This instance isn't referenced in the Modbus mapping table. Can it still be read using Modbus? It shows up fine in VRM.



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modbus TCP & multiplus-ii GX

I want to take control of my multiplus-ii GX in ESS mode 3

The usage is througth the MOdbus TCP protocol on LAN

Does LAN refer to Ethernet input, Wifi input or both

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EM24 via Modbus - understanding the energy values

I started to use Modbus to read some data from EM24 and am little bit confused about the numbers. Maybe someone can help me to interpret them.

When looking at the display of EM24 or alternatively on CCGX a see an "AC total" of 3775.8 kWh. In which modbus register can I find this value ?

I'm asking because when I read the modbus registers 2622 through 2626 ('Energy from net' for L1,L2,L3) I get a total of 6832 kWh. The total of 'Energy to net' is 6646 kWh

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Start generator via ModBusTCP on Quattro


Is it possible to start/stop the generator on a Quattro using ModbusTCP? It looks like this is register 3223 from the spreadsheet (CCGX-Modbus-TCP-register-list-2.23.xlsx) , but I have no idea which id this corresponds to and they all fail. It is listed as com.victronenergy.genset in the dbus-service-name.

I am using ModbusTcpClient on a local Raspberry Pi to do this from Python.



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Connect Venus GX to PRTG(Paessler AG)

Hello all,

Is there a way to connect my Venus GX to my PRTG using MIB? Or any other way?

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Control the Venus GX controller true Modbus tcp/ip with commands like charge/discharge


We are working on a project to charge/discharge a battery by using a PLC. We have seen that the Venus GX supports Modbus tcp/ip but it is not clear to us whether it is possible to control the controller via this protocol. Here we think of for example:

- Charging the battery

- Discharging the battery

- Charging speed of the battery

- Battery Discharge Rate

So we want to get the intelligence out of the controller and control it from the PLC. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance for your efforts!

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How to view Color Controller data on VRM portal and also collect data on an external device via modbus?

Is it possible to view inverter data on vrm portal and also have the color controller send data to another external device via modbus. The color controller only seems to have one ethernet port. If I use this ethernet port to send data to the external device, is there a way to also view this data on vrm portal (say via wifi or some other way?)

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DVCC charge current limit - Compensating for DC loads

I have an off-grid system with a 24v 90Ah battery bank, a 1600VA multi plus, 2 100/50 MPPTs, a BMV, a CCGX and a large DC load (up to 90A). I want to limit the charge current to 45A. In the CCGX manual the DVCC section states that the DVCC current limit doesn't account for DC loads. I was wondering if there is any work around for this. The system will also have a PLC with capabilities to communicate using Modbus TCP and I open to implementing a custom control algorithm on the PLC if needed.

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Modbus TCP unit ID Multiplus II GX

What is the Modbus TCP unit ID for the Multiplus II GX ?



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MPPT with modbus


I got a MPPT 150/85 MC4 hooked up, and I want to get data from it with modbus TCP.
My modbus connection works, as I can get other data, like register 840 etc,
but nothing from the PV system.

I tried registers:
- pv voltage (776)
- yield today (784)

But empty response. Am i missing something?

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