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dbus-modbus-client / ET24 registers mismatch

I was looking at the source code of dbus-modbus-client and there's one thing I don't understand.

In the code, there's this line:

def phase_regs(self, n):
        s = 2 * (n - 1)
        return [
            Reg_s32l(0x0040 + s, '/Ac/L%d/Energy/Forward' % n, 10, '%.1f kWh'),

where n 1-3 and `s` can be from 0 to 2, and therefore it will read registers 0x40, 0x42, 0x44.

But according to the device documentation, these are:

300065 0040h 2 kvarh(+) TOT INT32 Value weight: kvarh*10
300067 0042h 2 KWh(+) PAR INT32 Value weight: kWh*10
300069 0044h 2 kvarh(+) PAR INT32 Value weight: kvarh*10

And the values we need are in:

300071 0046h 2 kWh(+) L1 INT32 Value weight: kWh*10
300073 0048h 2 kWh(+) L2 INT32 Value weight: kWh*10
300075 004Ah 2 kWh(+) L3 INT32 Value weight: kWh*10

Am I misunderstanding something or this is bug ?

Thank you.

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