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waiting for sun #207

hello, i read all threads here and added gx device and modbus corect. i can see the ev charger in my cerbo, i can charge the car manual mode. in auto mode it allwys says waiting for sun no matter how much sun, today 15000+ watt and still waiting for sun...

please help

peter35 asked
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Victron EV charging station Need advice


I have a hybrid grid setup, I can pull from the grid but do not feed power out to the grid. I want to install a EV charger for my EV and I am undecided between a Zappi or the Victron charging station.

I am considering the Victron Charging station as ,in theory, it should link in well with my Victron Quattros and GX but I am having trouble getting any details as to the functions it will provide but see plenty of posts here about issues.

I have 30kw batteries and do not want the EV charger to drain these, also i want to be able to schedule charging times at night and sync this with a pull from the grid. I can see that I can setup schedules with the Zappi for night time charging but this would still drain my batteries during the day. Does anyone have any insight into whether the Victron charging station can be configured in this setup to:

  1. Not drain batteries for house.
  2. Only charge when solar generation is high
  3. schedule charging at set times to sync with grid pull OR be set to trigger a grid pull

Thank you in advance

alator asked
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Victron ESS with a non Victron EV charger

After a Victron ESS installation at home, I am trying to find a solution to use my non-Victron EV charger normally. My new installation has a system configuration that includes a Fronius with a string of solar panels and a Victron (Multiplus + Cerbo + mppt) with a second string + batteries (2 x dyness A48100).

My EV charger (brand Policharger) has 2 AC amperimetric clamps, for dynamic charging according to home loads and PV surplus.


Since the Victron installation the clamps do not measure correctly when the battery is charging or discharging. However, if the batteries are idle the clamps and the EV charger work fine.

As of today, to use the EV charger, I need to manually play and activate the “keep batteries charged” mode or set the SOC target above the current value. Doing this manually every day is not very convenient, so I am looking for a better solution:

  • Should my EV charger be connected in a different way to the Victron ESS?
  • Is there any configuration to automatically detect a high load (EV charger) and then put the battery into idle mode?
  • Any other option?

I got an interesting suggestion to install and use Node-Red, however since I read Node-Red is not supported by Victron, I would like to find other ways. I am assuming the solution to my challenge would be very useful to other new Victron installations where there is a non-Victron EV charger.

Thank you!

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EV Charging Station modes limitations


I want to share a few considerations about the EV Charging Station integrated into an ESS (*) Victron system:

- In some specific situations the Manual and Automatic mode are not enough open to manage the charge according to the user needs, especially in partly cloudy days.

  • In Automatic mode there must be options to choose which should be the priority for the solar production, for example:
  1. Charge first the ESS battery or EV battery.
  2. Charge the ESS battery first, until a certain % of SOC, then charge the EV battery.
  3. Charge botch batteries at the same time, using a certain % of the solar production (adjustable by the end user) to charge the EV battery and the rest to charge the ESS battery.

  • A new Semi-Automatic mode, should be implemented, for the situation that you want to charge the car with the surplus solar production, but you want to charge the car anyway, could be something like this:
  1. Once it has started to charge, if the clouds appear and there is no surplus power, the charge is limited to 6A or more (adjustable by the end user), with a timer limit (also adjustable by the end user) if the sun doesn’t come back to really shut it down.
  2. In this mode the priority should be to charge the EV battery.
  3. The ESS battery should never be used to charge the EV battery.

- The communication between the EV Charger and the Cerbo GX is non reliable despite the wifi signal is strong, sometimes work, sometime doesn’t.

Furthermore, If the router is reset, both the EV charger and the GX reconnect to the wifi, but the EV Charger usually doesn’t reconnect with the GX. Before setting static IPs to both, the EV Charger never reconnected to the GX, with static IPs it seldom (randomly) reconnected.

Could be great to allow a RJ45 data connection for the charger (or via VE direct), selling a hardware upgrade to who already owns the EV Charging Station, and adding it to future batches.

- The screen is very unresponsive.

Does anyone know if the Victron development team is working to make some of these improvements?

Thanks for reading.

* The ESS system consist in a Huawei Sun2000 5kW inverter in AC coupling, Multiplus II 8000, Pylontech battery, Cerbo GX (v2.92) and EV Charging Station (1.23).

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EV charging station - possible to change from automatic to manual mode with a clock?


I will soon finalize the addition of a Multiplus-II, a Cerbo gx, a victron Ev-Charging station and a static Battery to my existing Solar set-up (24 panels, Solaredge inverter). Victron systems already here, Battery will be delivered next week.

I read the manuals and saw that the EV charger can be set up to Auto (use of extra solar power to charge the car) or manual (don't care about solar power, just charge at a defined power).

My need is :

During the day: I use the automatic mode to maximise my solar power use.

In the evening: switch to manual mode. If the car did not reach the required SOC (defined in the car) during the day with solar power, then i use the grid during the night to complete the charge and ensure that I get the morning after the required SOC.

I did not see in the parameter a way to say "Automatic mode from 8am to 7pm / Manual mode from 7pm to 8am".

Do you have a solution? Is this feature planned with an update?

Many thanks for your help and best regards,


cyril-normandie asked
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Gestion borne de recharge véhicule en site isolé


Je souhaite acheter la borne de recharge EV Victron pour ma voiture.

Je me permets de vous envoyer ce message avant, afin de savoir si cette borne correspond à mes besoins, pour optimiser le fonctionnement de mon installation.

Mon installation comprend :

1 Cerbo,

1 multiplus2 / 48 / 10 000 (8kw utile)

10Kwc de pannneaux (tous sur la partie DC),

2MPPT 250/100,

1 parc 48v de 4 batteries UNITECK 220A qui est bridé à 55A de recharge (paramètre DVCC).

Cette installation est monophasé et fonctionne en UPS : « site isolé ».

Mais, le générateur sur AC IN : c’est le réseau de distribution public EDF.

C’est le Cerbo qui défini : démarrer/arrêter un générateur.

Voici mes interrogations sur le fonctionnement de cette borne qui sera relié sur AC OUT 1 :

Lorsqu’elle est connectée en wifi au Cerbo, en mode automatique :

  1. Comment va t’elle fonctionner ?

1.1) modulation de la production photovoltaïque = modulation automatique et instantanée de l’intensité de la borne EV ?

Exemple : lorsqu’il y a quelque nuages dans le ciel.

1.2) Augmentation des charges sur AC OUT 1 = diminution de l’intensité de la borne EV ?

Exemple : la maison consomme 5kw / la production solaire et de 8kwc / la SOC du parc est de 100% : il reste 3kw de libre. La borne va t’ elle se régler automatiquement et instantanément à 13 ampères ? (13x230=3kw), puis revenir à 32A lorsque les charges auront disparu ?

2. Peut-on interdire à la borne EV d’utiliser l’énergie du parc de batteries 48v ? Ou définir un seuil à partir du quelle la borne peux utiliser les batteries ?

Exemple recharge du véhicule uniquement si la SOC>90% ?

3. Peut-on paramétrer la borne EV pour recharger le véhicule à la puissance maximum (32A) lorsque le générateur est allumé ? Sur mon installation, au moment où le multiplus2 bascule sur le réseau de distribution public EDF.

Exemple : Terminer la recharge de la voiture la nuit

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Features v1.24 EV charging Station

Finally an new firmware, can me anybody explain the Victron connect integration, i cant find the EVCS anywhere. How or where can i schedule the charging?

Thank in advance!


solarmax-canarias asked
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ev charger only grid use

Hello Victron Community,

I am new to the forum and would like to build my own ess system from victron with a multiplus 2 and pylontech batteries.

my question is i have an ev from my employer that i would like it to not use the batteries. I get paid the kw/h price immediately and the car consumes 60kw per day. I can't put that much solar panel on my house ;). therefore want to use the ess system only for my own consumption. is it possible to use a 2nd energy meter for only the charging station, which calculates the difference so that charging only takes place via the grid.

I would like to hear what you think about it, I can't really find a solution on the internet and whether it is possible via ess from victron

Kind regards

Menno van Ninhuijs from the Netherlands

p.s. charging station is an Alfen eve with load balancing via P1 port on the grid meter

mvanninhuys asked
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EV Charger low SOC

Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 8.45.01 am.pngI'm pretty sure they're linked up alright but not sure why the SOC isn't being reported. Just noticed the DNS details don't match up on the EV Charger and the Venus GX. All latest firmware..

Any ideas?

Edit: When trying to charge in Auto or Manual, charging does not start. It says car connected, 'low soc'

Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 8.34.26 am.pngScreenshot 2023-01-27 at 8.33.13 am.pngScreenshot 2023-01-27 at 8.32.03 am.pngScreenshot 2023-01-27 at 8.28.54 am.pngScreenshot 2023-01-27 at 8.28.21 am.png

Isaac Shannos asked
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Problem with EV Charging Station controls in VRM

After several days using the charger I see that the controls to turn charging on or off and change the charging power are very unstable from the VRM portal.

On many occasions, when trying to activate or deactivate the vehicle's charge, the controls do not respond, having to do it directly from the charger screen.

Another thing I've noticed is that the charger screen sometimes gets stuck and unresponsive when changing the charging power from the VRM portal. It only responds again when charging is stopped and the cable is removed from the car.

Another problem that has happened to me is that when I entered the web portal of the charger I found that all the parameters were empty and that no configuration could be saved. The only solution to this problem was to completely turn off the charger and restart it. After this it returned to normal and the parameters were the same as at the beginning.

I see that this system is still very unstable compared to my other charger which is less than half the price of this one.

I trust that Victron fixes these issues soon as all this makes it almost unusable.



Javier Pardo asked
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EV charging station - Historical Overview on loaded Power per day


EV Charging Station
Currently only 2 widgets are available:

  • EV Charger Summary
  • EV Charge Power (graph)

Currently in Widget EV Charger Summary 'Charging Time' is available.
When will 'Charged Power' become available?

Also you can define a "Energy price per kWh (€)" in the settings of EV charging station, but this not used anywhere.

When will there be a widget available so that you can easily create an overview on 'charged power' and the cost of this (taking the energy price per kWh into account) on daily / weekly / yearly basis?

Thanks in advance for your feedback on this



tim-heirman asked
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Solution for weak wifi signal EV Charging Station?

I have the following problem when setting up the Victron EV Charging Station:

When scanning for Wif-Fi networks, the EV Charger sees the Cerbo. When I want to connect to it, the message "An error occured during applying of new settings!" appears.

I think the problem is that the EV charger has a very weak wifi signal. At more than a meter away there is already almost no signal. If I stand behind the wall where the charger is hanging, there is already no signal at all.

It seems to me that the charger's wifi signal cannot possibly reach the Cerbo (about 4 meters away).

Is there a solution?

zw01 asked
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Victron EV charger does not work off-grid?

After testing and reading through Victron documentation, it appears the Victron EV charger does not function as an off-grid EV charger. This is a little disappointing as one would assume the charger could function in auto mode, as indicated in the product description, to prevent the battery from being discharged below a certain SOC, when used off-grid. It appears the auto function is only operational when the system is used in AC-coupled ESS configuration (grid-connected).

System specs:

- Multiplus2 5KVA, 7.4kW DC-coupled solar, 16kWh self-managed LFP

- Victron EV charger - Firmware version 1.23


Unless I have somehow configured it incorrectly, it appears a regular EV charger could do a similar job. I have read that Victron is working on an improved algorithm, and I'm assuming this would address the lack of off-grid functionality.

As indicated in the attached photo, the EV charger will not function in auto mode even when the batteries are full, and there is ample generation. It just indicates "waiting sun"


jasonsparky asked
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Bug report: Victron EV charger unreachable at times


I have been using the Victron EV Charging station for two months now and it is installed close to an Wifi Access point. My problem is, that the unit becomes unresponsive over the network at times and the solution is to reboot it. Now for example, the dashboard looks like this in my browser. It never finishes loading the page. When the problem occurs it is sometimes possible to ping the unit.

Installed fw is 1.23.


On my Gx device screen the following is shown, where it says that the EV charger is not currently connected:


I hope that this is resolved in the coming firmware, something is making the unit really sluggish!

//Sven F

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Scheduled charging with Victron Smart EV Charger


Can any of you clever people tell me when scheduled charging for the EV charger it is likely to become available please?

I have just had a brand-new Victron system installed which I’m very happy with, but am left a little bit underwhelmed by the EV charger side of things considering how much it cost. It was sold to me as the best available in terms of integration, but I’m wondering if I should have gone with the Zappi? I understand that it is a relatively new product. It’s software is clunky by today’s standards and the lack of scheduling seems like a fairly basic function to be missing. It means that I can’t switch to a cheap overnight electricity tariff which was half the point of getting batteries in the first place!

Thanks in advance


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