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Phoenix Smart Charger ip43

Phoenix Smart IP43 relay be controlled from Cerbo GX?

I currently have a Cerbo GX setup in my network. I am looking to install one of the new Phoenix Smart IP43 and see that it has a programmable relay. I would like to control the Phoenix programmable relay from the Cerbo. Checking to see first if the support is there for:

Q1: Does VE. Direct even support the ability to program the Phoenix relay?

Q2: If yes to Q1. Does the Venus OS for Cerbo support the ability to control the Phoenix relay remotely (on/off)?

Q3: If yes to Q2: Does the Node-Red plugin for Venus support the capability in Q2?

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Vehicle setup with comms

Is there a simple way to get information from the following components in a vehicle installation which is then easy to visualize?

- Starter battery with house battery

- MPPT for solar charging

- AC charger (is Phoenix Smart better then BlueSmart)

- Orion DC-DC for charging from starter

- ONLY DC loads - no inverter

So how do we go about assisting the client in understanding where and how their charging is coming from and what their loads are?

The Cerbo makes sense, but both Phoenix Smart and Orion don't have comms to the Cerbo

Would a Smart Shunt positioned a) between batteries and b) on the house battery help? But then can they both relay info the Cerbo screen?

While the Cerbo works well with larger systems with inverters and generators / grid, is there something similar for smaller vehicle installations?

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BMS+ CCGX+ Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger the DVCC won’t work?


I have a system that consists of REC BMS + CCGX and Phoenix smart charger IP43. The BMS and Charger is connected to CCGX through CAN and VE.Direct. I have activated DVCC and defined the limit (CVL, CCL, DCL). When I then want to charge the batteries, the Charger will not follow the limit set in DVCC. CCGX ends up giving Alarms (high voltage, high current, etc.).

Is Phoenix Smart charger compatible with DVCC??

IS there any settings I have not activated? Is there any settings I have overlooked?

How does Phoenix Charger charge the batteries when DVCC is activated?


Phoenix smart Charger 12 | 30 (1 + 1) fv v3.31

CCGX fv v2.87

REC BMS v2.6


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Right 230V charger for Lithium battery with BMS


I’m currently planning the electrical design for my camper van and it looks as follows:

  • My battery is a 12V 100Ah Lithium Smart battery (LiFePO4)
  • Orion DC-DC charger is used to charge the battery from the alternator
  • MPPT 75/15 is used to charge the battery from the solar panel
  • Battery protect is used to disconnect DC Loads
  • Phoenix inverter is used for 230V loads
  • smallBMS should disconnect chargers or loads independently

Now there are two 230V chargers i could use. I already got the Phoenix IP43 230V charger, because it has an remote on/off switch which can be connected to the BMS. There is also the Blue Smart charger which can also revive dead batteries, but it has no remote on/off connection. So it would require a Cyrix-Li, if I got it right?

The question now is if my setup in general looks ok and which 230V charger fits better. I don’t really understand the differences between them except IP rating and the ability to revive dead batteries.

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Phoenix Smart Charger restarts continuously without battery


I use the smart charger to charge different batteries, to achieve this i code a program to manage the charger via VE.Direct HEX protocol.

When im not detecting current or the cahrger charger or status is in Storage mode i deactivate the charger via SoftSwitch.

The issue is when the Smart Charger is OFF via SoftSwitch or via Remote wire and doesnt have a battery plugged, the Smart Charger restarts itself continuously, i can observ this in the leds on the charger that blink all at once and in the VE.Direct comms i see an unresponsive behaviour, the HEX protocol commands doesnt get responded and text messages doesnt show in about 5 seconds.

I see other post with similar issue

Any idea of what happens?

Maybe the charger doesnt work well without a battery permanently conected?

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48V version of Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger

Any rumours of a 48V version of the Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger in the pipeline? Looks like it would be ideal, and there is a real market gap there for boats travelling between 110v/60 and 220/50 countries.

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Phoenix Smart charger vs Blue Smart charger

I want to install a dedicated 12v charger on my boat. There are three battery banks, Bow Thruster, Service and start accu.

Can someone tell me what the difference is between the Phoenix Smart(3) and the Blue Smart(3), it look likes both can do the same, but it has a very different price.


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IP43 phoenix 230V fault 27


I have a few of these units in parallel (was told it was okay from communication with victron staff). Anyways, today I'm getting an fault #27 on one of the chargers. When I did a search, I see that some of devices firmware were updated due to a false-positive fault #27. I don't see any short. I have a 2ft 8 awg cable from the charger to the busbar. Any ideas?

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Which charger will talk to a cerbo gx?

Hi all,

Looking for a charger that

- will talk to a cerbo gx and accept commands to throttle down/stop charge

- failing that one that will take voltage from a BMV and can completely stop charging at a certain voltage

- is 110v

- not really bothered about a small charge amount, even 30amps would probably be fine. Most important to me is the ability of the cerbo to control it.

Thanks! (Also please don't suggest a multiplus, it won't really work for me)

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IP43 Cables

Thinking of buying a v-Victron IP43 battery charger but the cost is high so want to make sure it willdo the job and reduce costs where i can .The mains cable is an extra cos but looks like a standard 3 pin plug , can i buy one at local electrical wholesaler and add my own cable to it or is it a special one unique to Victron to make sure you pay for theirs .

What do cables do i need to connect it to my Laptop to monitor it when its operating . One article says just a One the Go to Usb cable or adaptor and available anywhere .Another article says i need a specials VE cable , both articles are from Victron sources so im confused .

Any assistance to guide me in the right direction would be very much appreciated

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Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger 12V/50A (1+1) in parallel ?


Can you put 2 Phoenix Smart IP43 chargers (12/50-2) in parallel ?

One battery bank with 2 12V 460AH Lifo4 batteries in parallel.


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