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Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger with Honda EU2000i Portable Generator?

I am trying to determine if the Honda EU2000i Portable Generator will work with my Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger and I can't interpret the specifications of the charger. Does anyone know if that 2000 watt generator will work with the Phoenix?

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Phoenix Smart IP43 and DC-DC charger on same bank

Hi all.

I currently have a Phoenix IP43 Smart charger for 3 battery starting banks on my boat.

One of those banks is the starbord engine start battery, also charged from that engine's alternator when running.

I want to install a 30amp Smart isolated DC-DC charger to charge the house bank from the starboard starter battery when that engine is running.

My question is - when the Phoenix smart charger is running when connected to shore power, will the DC-DC charger also turn on to charge the house bank?

I don't want that to happen as I have a seperate inverter/charger for the house bank when on shore power.

Can I program the DC-DC charger not to run if the Phoenix is, maybe?

I hope that makes sense



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Can I connect my old phoenix charger control (RJ45) to my new smart IP charger 43 ?

Can I connect my old phoenix charger control (RJ45) to my new smart IP charger 43 ?

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RJ45 to VE direct


How can I connect the RJ45 of my phoenix charger control to the VE direct of my new Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger?

Thank in advance!


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Phoenix Smart IP43 voltage too high for my AGM?


I have my Phoenix Smart IP43 charger setup to load my Varta Professional AGM 95ah battery.

I set the setting to AGM spiral cell, the values match w/my battery. A shame that there is no general AGM setting :(

I also have a smart sense temperature sensor linked in the smart network.

What I noticed though was that the charger at some point had 14.9-15.0 V. That is too high for the battery? I wonder because the setting AGM Spiral says 14.8 max.

Any ideas?

neothehacker asked
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Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger Instant Readout / GlobalLink 520

I purchased a Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger, and connected it to my smart Bluetooth network. It communicates w/the temperature sensor, smart shunt, mppt etc.

But it does not have instant readout, thus not compatible with a GlobalLink 520 via Bluetooth. Why? @Victron will this come in the future over Bluetooth? Very hard for me to connect the devices with a VE direct cable.

neothehacker asked

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Bulk Time Protection Phoenix IP43 110v

Hello, newbie here.

I just plugged in to 110v through an extension cord. Upon turning on the battery charger (Phoenix IP43 Smart Charger) it immediately gave the Bulk Time Protection fault. Turning it off and on again did not help. What could be happening here and how do I fix it?

I appreciate any help that comes. Thank you!


Sean O'Reilly asked

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Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger - all LED's blinking with no AC power applied

LEDs on Phoenix Smart IP43 charger blinking when no AC power is applied to the unit. Unit charges normally when AC power applied. See attached video for behaviour.

Wondering what might cause this behaviour?


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Phoenix smart charger IP43 12/30 1+1 charge with 47A

My Phoenix smart charges suddenly jumped from charging with expected 30A to charging with 47A. Everything looks normal but both my smartshunt and the charger is showing the same current. Max current is set to 30A in the Victron Connect app. Charger is in Li-ion mode.

Apsorbtion voltage is set to 14.2 volt, but the BMS stopped the charger when the voltage reached 14.4V Not sure what would have happened if i had continued to charge.

Charger is just one month old and has been workin fine until now.

Whats going on here?



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Phoenix Smart IP43 Breaker Size

Can I run two 120v Phoenix Smart IP43 12v/50a 1+1 chargers off a single 15 amp AC circuit breaker?

crayiii asked
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Turn on a second Phoenix Smart IP43 from the relay of another

I have two 50 amp Phoenix smart IP43 chargers that I’m going to use to replace two smaller chargers installed on our boat. The current chargers are controlled by a single 15amp (120v) breaker/switch on our panel.

I believe a 15 amp breaker may be too small for to 50 amp chargers but I still want to maintain the use of the switch.

Can I wire one of the smart IP43 chargers to the breaker/switch and have the second charger connected to its own breaker (remotely mounted) but have the relay of charger 1 connected to the remote on/off input of charger 2 so that charger 2 turns on/off when I turn power off for charger 1?

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Has anyone used two Phoenix Smart IP43 Chargers?

I have two 12 volt batteries in series for 540 Ah. And, I have two more that will be connected all in parallel, but these two are not in use yet.

I am currently using the Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger, but it takes a long time to get over the curve on charging.

The parallel batteries are being charged with approximately 44 to 46 Amps from the single Phoenix IP43. A 12 volt (low power) blower fan is cooling the Phoenix when charging the batteries. 6 AWG welding cable connects the charger to the buss bar, shunt, buss bar, batteries.

Has anyone used two Phoenix Smart IP43 Chargers on a large battery bank?

Thank you.

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Smart Battery Sense and IP43 (Charger does not follow the reference value from sense sensor)


I have now installed Smart Battery Sense and connected it to the IP43 through VE.Smart Networking. Yes, I can connect with IP43, but the charger does not follow the reference value set on the absorption stage and far exceeds what is sent from Smart Battery sense!? Is there any solution or experience with this?

Example: The absorption stage starts at 16.8V, but the charger keeps charging even when the value from the Sense sensor is on the reference value, so I get an overcharge warning from the BMS!


Phoenix smart Charger 12 | 30 (1 + 1) fv v3.31

REC BMS v2.8

Battery ( 4S5P) 17,5Ah (16.8V) (Cell 4.2 V)

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Victron quality goes down and flaws…the whole new line gets extremely hot….

Get really frustrated with Victron lately, new products have flaws and don’t deliver what promised, especially the new smart line. They are all maxed out to deliver the rating at 20 degrees running extremely hot in the 60 till 80 degrees Celsius range but if it’s summer with 30+ throttles down means no reserves,common features for top of line products missing…

the Phoenix 50/1/1 Smart charger gets extremely hot above 70 degrees Celsius when charging LI with 50A and the surrounded electric cables are only rate 60 degrees Celsius which is the norm and common if not engine room, normal due to Victron…returned it as not acceptable and nowhere documented. 2nd how long will the electronic inside survive this longthermed???

So only solution was to get a Multiplus…I wanted to have charge and inverter separately, well not possible in a location with 60 degrees rated cable other then using a MP.

ThevDC2DC Orion Smart is already very expensive for a 30A but in reality throttles back to 25A (I have a very well ventilated location, coolest on the catamaran) after over 30min runtime and gets very hot too, you cannot limit the output current and the app also just shows just the voltage. Not acceptable for this price Victron, these are basic features for top of the line product, would not buy again…in expect to have the promised rating In typical all year round climate from 0 in winter to 40 in Summer is common for boats, RVs and off grid in Western Europe, I only get the rating when 20 degrees….means in low temp range I expect it to overperform like before Software throttling in 2020 to 39A, so it does 30A in 40 degrees longer then 30min and only throttle if I am above 50degrees. Like Winston cells, you always get the rated capacity, mostly 15-20% more but even the worst cell in the whole batch is 5% above rating, that’s what I expect from Victron too or lower your price on the new products…

Multiplus 2: derating and cheaper design through Backdoor then MP1 for just 100Euro less you get rusting steel case, 2 lower quality Transformators compared to a top notch ring one in MP1, 600W less peak, double sides SMD layout , lower spec semi conductors and values, smaller form=less cooling…again lower spec maxed out….wrong direction Victron…

MPPT 50/100 if remote controlled via BMS if remote cable gets disconnected MPPT switches on and potentially overload the bank. Charge is steered via BMS who shuts on/off the MPPT.very bad design if a remote functionality gets accidentally disconnected that the unit switches on, the industry standard is switch off…

Remote functionality is really badly documented in all products except of the DC2DC, spec, how to, range, adjustments (eg switch off hi/low)…gets more and more important with BMS and lithium. No adjustment of remote functionality possible. Spend days to figure the specs in several forums like DIY solar, Electroducus…the Phönix smart charger nowhere any information about remote functionality and specs.

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Repeat Absorption Fail

I have searched all the literature and also the Victron Community, but I can't seem to find anything that explains why I am not seeing the charger perform the 7 day repeat absorption after being in storage for more than the 7 day setting.

The current cycle has been in storage for over 10 days. I would have expected that either a new charging cycle would have started at day 7 or there would be an indication somewhere in History indicated that it performed a repeat absorption cycle.

Can anyone shed any light on this issue?





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