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SmartShunt buzzing noise? Is this normal?

I just picked up a SmartShunt to act as a DC monitor since I already have a BMV712 for the main monitor. However upon installing it on my test bench, I found that there is a buzzing noise coming from the PCB. I did a quick search and found a few other users that reported this. Is this a common issue with these smartshunts? I'm mild OCD so I know when it's really quiet and I can hear it it'll drive me nuts. If I can get a warranty swap it might be worth it if it's not a common issue.


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MultiPlus II 12/3000/120-50, 4 Smart Solar 100/30 MPPT, CerboGX and 800A LiFePO

I am building a RV system with:

  • 4-440W LG NeON R solar panels
  • 4- SmartSolar 100/30 MPPT into Lynx Power In w/fuses
  • 8-100A LiFePO batteries into 2-Lynx Power In w/fuses
  • Smart Shunt 500A
  • MultiPlus II 12/3000/120-50
  • CerboGX/Touch 50
  • Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A Non-isolated DC-DC charger

My main question is regarding connections to the CerboGX. The Smart Shunt and 4-SmartSolar = 5 VE.Direct. Does it make any difference which units are connected via USB-VE.Direct? The Solar panels are on slides and 2 are exposed at all times, the other 2, only when opened.

Is it best to put the 2 panels on slides on the USB to VE.Direct?

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PUK code format for smart shunt

I am trying to reset the Bluetooth code. This is what's printed on the back of my Smartshunt:

E4 (circled) 10R-064694

I've tried entering all and parts of this, to no avail, always "wrong PUK code"

What part of this is the PUK? case-sensitive? dash included?

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Consumed Ah trending down over weeks

A few months ago I swapped out my AGM batteries for LiFePO4, and set the initial battery settings to those recommended by the manufacturer and Victron. After a couple weeks, I left on a trip that got extended for a couple months. My rig was parked in the sun, with minimal loads, so the solar was hitting float quickly every day. But checking VRM, I noticed a trend where the Ah consumed (and therefore SOC calculations) were trending down never showing a full recharge.


My assumption is that this is an issue with calibration and SmartShunt settings, because the low voltage was not also trending down - never dropping below ~13.28V daily.


Would the community agree this is a SmartShunt settings "issue," and if so, which values would you recommend I try adjusting?


Thank you for any suggestions!

Follow up question for bonus points... :) What do most people do with LiFePO4 batteries when leaving for some time, while small loads will still need to access the power? I assume I'll hear some people concerned about keeping these batteries so close to 100% all the time?

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Shunt cover

Hello, is there a cover available for the shunt so as to avoid any accidental short with the large exposed bolts of the shunt? Mine is mounted near 12v batteries as well as a positive bus terminal.


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Where’s the puk

Where do find the PUK CODE on the SmartShunt? I see a SN, and a PN. On smartshunt.

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Clarity on BMV-712 connectivity parallel battery bank

Hello Everyone,

sorry if this question is somewhat amateur however could somebody please check my wiring intentions regarding BMV-712 Smart?

I have two 12 V | C20 | 200 Ah lead acid batteries connected in parallel via a busbar (cables of equal length to balance resistance).

If I've understood correctly, the shunt 'Battery -In' should connect to the negative busbar whilst B1 should connect to the positive busbar.

The battery capacity should be set to 400 Ah in the App.

If my understanding is correct B2 (Aux) can't be used to measure the Midpoint as my battery bank is 12 V; could however the temperature probe could be used to measure the batteries via the positive busbar?

Below is a sketch of my intended set-up.

Best regards


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Where do I hook up the Red wire from the aux terminal to monitor mid point voltage on a 48v LiPo battery 8X12v in series parallel?

There are 4 batteries per bank hooked up with bussbars one positive and one negative, the shunt is in the negative side of the banks where do I connect the wire for midpoint voltage? The batteries are hooke up in series parallel in 2 banks of 4 each, they are joined by a positive and a negative bussbars and a cable from each bussbar pos and neg go to the all in one inverter. The shunt is in the negative side right before the negative bussbar, I understand that is supposed to go on the positive terminal closer to the negative bussbar? Or in other words from left to right left being the positive bussbar and right being the negative bussbar, the wire should go to battery number 4 on the positive terminal of that battery? What about the other battery bank? Will that work with the wire connected to just one battery on just one of the banks?


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Discharge floor generator autostart

When i set my discharge floor on 50%

And the geneator autostart stop on 0%- 100%.

Will the 0% actual be 50% or would i completly discharge my battery bank to 0%?

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Prozentanzeige im Venus OS stimmt nicht


Kann mir jemand sagen wie ich meine Prozentanzeige im Venus OS soo Einstellen kam, das es tatsächlich zum Strand der Akku Packs passt?

So sieht es zur Zeit aus. Venus sagt 42% und der Akku hat tatsächlich nur 2 %

. Ich habe kein shunt verbaut


Image Caption

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Where is my Alternator DCDC Shunt?

My system consist of Raspi, MPPT’s and Shunt.

Every unit show up in Victron Connect local and VRM . All the numbers from shunt and MPPT’s making life pretty awsome.

I bought another SmartShunt 500 and defined this as a DC Energy Meter - DCDC Charger. Also tried defing as Alternator. I was hoping the unit would show up in VRM as a separate unit, showing the A’s flowing from Alternator.

It show up in the Victron Connect bluetooth and VRM, but not in the VRM portal diagrams.


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Voltage difference between Multiplus V-sense and battery shunt


I have a Quattro V-sense connected directly to my battery bank and two Victron 1000A shunts connected to a BMV each. (One measuring charge coming from a Schneider charge controller, one to measure current from/to the battery bank)

I also have a REC BMS connected to the battery bank and one of the 1000A shunts.

The REC and the 2 BMVs agree on the system voltage being 45.45-45.47v. Even the Schneider tells me it's 45.5v although it has a longer lead to the system. The cables between the battery bank and the shunt are 120mm2 and less than a meter long.

Even while the system is almost idle (no power in/out), and the V-sense is connected directly to the battery bank, the Quattro measures 0.4v lower than all the other equipment.

Manually measuring the voltage everywhere in the system tells me the voltage has no significant difference between measuring at the battery bank, the shunt or at the Quattro.

I can see the lower voltage at the V-sense at any time whether the batteries are under heavy load or not.

Any idea why this lower voltage is measured?


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Shunt Wiring Diagram

Hi have never installed any solar work or any kind of wiring for that matter, so I am wondering if my wiring schematic with a shunt is correct. Or, is therer anything else that I should include in the layout.

None of the Victron schematics show a ground, so I was not sure if I need to ground the system. I am more concerned with small charges that might harm sensitive equipment than I am with electrocution.

It is a 24V system with some devices running at 5V after a step down buck. None of the individual connected devices will be pulling more than +/- 0.2 amp. Do I need to ground any specific devices, or install any fuses? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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Smartshunt Trends data


When I try to look at Trends historical data the screen say that it is downloading in background but data does not appear.
I have tried this on a Cat S61 / S60, Samasung S6 Edge phone, as well as Google tablet.
From this I can only deduce that the feature does not work.

I can add that using Trends with the Smart Solar Controller works perfectly.


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MultiPlus Compact and MPPT non agreeing on Bulk/Float


I have a 200Ah LiFeP04 battery being charged by both MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70-16 and by SmartSolar MPPT 75/15

When the system is attached to the mains, I have seen situations (i.e. early morning) when the MPPT start charging in Bulk mode while the Multiplus is in Float mode. why is this happening?

The MultiPlus is connected to the same VE.Smart network as the MPPT using the VE.Bus SmartDongle. In the system, we also have a SmartShunt 500a

VE.Smart Network details:

  • MultiPlus (SmartDongle): transmits battery voltage and battery temperature
  • SmartShunt: transmits battery voltage and battery current
  • MPPT: reads battery voltage and current from SmartShunt and BatteryTemperature from SmartDongle

Any suggestion? Thanks

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