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Safety parallel charging via MultiPlus, MPPT and Orion-tr

Hi Everyone,

I have battery: 160ah AGM with max load 45Ah.
And charging by 3 devices:

1. Victron multiplus compact 12/1600/70ah
2. MPPT smart 75/15ah
3. Orion-tr smart 12/12/30ah

Orion-tr and MultiPlus charger in general will not working in same time.

I read tons of documentation. 
And I know that:
a) Smart Dongle for MultiPlus do not communicate via Network with other devices.

b) I will need separate temperature and voltage sensor for MultiPlus and MPPT / Orion-tr.
c) Orion-tr do not supported temp. sensor but could working via VE. Smart network.
d) Via Victron connect I could set max load for multiPlus.
e) I do not want to invest too much money to another extra devices.

1. How to safely configure devices to run in parallel, bearing in mind the sensors and maximum current for the battery?

- I should use normal sensor for Multiplus.
- I should use bluetooth battery sensor and connect with Orion and MPPT.
- I should change max load for Multiplus into 30 Ah.
- And at the end I should configure the same parameters for charging like type battery, voltage etc…

2. Do I need smart dongle if I have external ammeter and will have basic parameters from other smart devices (Simple switch button is enough for me).

3. What else should I know?


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1 Answer

VRM doesn't show voltage if Multiplus is off.

The Multiplus is connected to the Cerbo via VE bus utp. The BMV712 Smart is connected to the Cerbo via VE-direct. BMV712 is connected with the householdbattery and also via the auxiliaryport with the vehicle-batteries.

On the advanced tab of VRM i can see both voltages all the time and also on the dashboard but i can only see the voltage of the householdbattery in the box below when the multiplus is on. If the multiplus is off the box is blank. The question is what connection or setting do i have to make to see the householdvoltage all the time in the box below on the dashboard?


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Multiplus Compact 12/1600/70 auf LiFePo umstellen


mein Name ist Frank und ich bin neu hier.

Wir haben uns ein gebrauchtes Wohnmobil gekauft, in dem ein Multiplus Compact 12/1600/70 inklusive Digital Multicontrol verbaut ist. Nun möchten wir die AMG Batterien in LiFePo4 Batterien austauschen. Hierzu müssen ja auch die Ladeeinstellungen des Multiplus angepasst werden. Zu den Möglichkeiten, wie ich das durchführen kann, habe ich unterschiedliche (widersprüchliche) Infos gefunden. Es gibt ja zwei Anbindungen: MK-3 USB oder VE.Bus smart Dongle - letzteres wäre mir lieber, da ich damit den aktuellen Status des Multiplus auch über mein Android-Handy anstehen kann. Ich habe aber auch gelesen, dass über Bluetooth nur Werte aus dem Multiplus ausgelesen, aber nicht Einstellungen verändert werden können. Die sei nur über die USB-Anbindung (MK-3) möglich. Stimmt das?

Im DEMO-Modus der Victron Android App sehe ich jedoch unter "Ladegerät" den Umstellschalter für "Lithiumbatterien". Reicht diese Einstellung aus oder müssen noch weitere Parameter umgestellt werden, die nur über den MK-3 Anschluss möglich sind?

Bei den neuen LiFePo4 Batterien handelt es sich um Batterien mit eingebautem BMS und Zellheizung - das heißt es sollte vom Multiplus keine Ladebeschränkung oder gar Abschaltung bei geringen Temperaturen erfolgen, da sonst die Zellheizung nicht funktioniert.

Frage: Reicht es aus, über die Android-App unter "Ladegerät" den Umstellschalter für "Lithiumbatterien" zu aktivieren oder müssen/sollten weitere Parameter umgestellt werden, welche nur über dem MK-3 USB Anschluss zugänglich sind?

Vielen Dank im Voraus!

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2 Answers

Blue Smart IP67 and a Phoenix Inverter vs MULTIPLUS12/500/20.

I need to install some batteries that work as ups. As input, we have the AC grid and as load, we power some communication antennas. The battery pack is 12V. My question is if it is possible to use a charger Blue Smart IP67 and a Phoenix Inverter for this case which is simple or it is better to use a MULTIPLUS12/500/20.

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1 Answer

Error Message: 'No VE.Bus product was found' Error: mk2vsc-33 and then Error: 1391

having major issues trying to update my multiplus 122/3000/120.

im getting an error No VE.Bus product was found' Error: mk2vsc-33 and then i get error 1391.

I have a

Product Cerbo GX

Firmware version v2.73

and ALSO

MultiPlus 12/3000/120-16

Firmware version 430

Last connection 2022-01-22 20:41:52

Product id 2609

VE.Bus connection VE.Bus

Hardware configuration Single unit

VRM instance 276


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1 Answer

VE.Bus BMS with non VE.Bus Phoenix Multiplus

I have a VE.Bus BMS and a very old Phoenix Multiplus inverter charger that doesn't have VE.Bus.

My concern is:

- how can the VE.Bus turn off the charger to protect the batteries against overvoltage when charging?

- Can I put a battery-protect in-between the phoenix and the batteries?

- Will the charger be damaged if the BMS disconnects the batteries via the battery-protect mid-charge?

- Are there any other options?

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Multiplus Temperature Probe Reading 30 deg-C when Temperature is 24 deg-C

My multiplus is reading 30-32 C when the actual temperature at the terminal is 23-24 C. How do I calibrate it? Do I just go into VE Config and change the compensation?

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1 Answer

BMV-712 smart and Multiplus 24/5000

Hi Folks,

I have an off grid setup with a Multiplus 24/5000, my battery performance is relatively poor so bought the BMV-712 smart to monitor usage as have been relying on my solar controller and a big chunk of guesswork to work out where my power is going. So the BMV is installed on the negative side of the consumers, but the Multiplus needs to be connected directly to the battery, which means that my BMV will only monitor the consumers and not the inverter, how do I monitor total usage? Can I run the negative from the inverter to the bus bar and have the shunt between that and the battery, if not, can the BMV harvest the usage from the Multiplus? At present I don't have a way to store historic data from the Multiplus and don't really have time to sit and watch what it's consuming. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Many thanks

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1 Answer

Multplus (s) rejecting AC Current, not allowing Bulk Charge

I have a 10 LG PV Panel, 385-415W, solar array, set up as 2s2p x 2, and 2s,. Each array has its own charge controllers, Victron MPPT 250.100, MPPT 150/100, and MPPT 150/35.

I also have 8 SOK LFP 12.8v/100Ah batteries, set up as 2s2p x 2, for a 24v / 400Ah system

The above feed in through a Lynx Power in, Lynx Shunt and Lynx Distributor.

I have the system monitored through a Cerbo GX and a VRM account on the internet.

Originally, I had one 24/3000/50-70 Victron Multiplus, supplying power to a subpanel that normally draws about 500-600W. On sunny days, this system runs without needing to use AC bulk charging from the mains to charge up the batteries.

I also had assistants running on the Multplus to start charging at 20% to 25% SOC during daytime, 7am to 7pm; At nights, it would start charging at 30% to 40% SOC. The charging worked perfectly and I could also manually turn it on, when needed via the VRM app on the phone or Internet

I had been able to run my pool pump during the days when it was sunny, to use up surplus energy. I am planning to add another 6 panels next summer and another 8 batteries. My hope is to be able to run the pool and home air conditioning on hot sunny days. Thus, I needed to add a split phase system to run the air conditioner. (It uses 1600W to run, so 800W per leg of the subpanel)

I bought the 2nd Multiplus (24/3000/50-70) last week, and hooked it up Tuesday to Thursday. During the setup process, both Multplus’s need to be upgraded to the newest firmware, 4.90. After the firmware upgraded, I set it up in split phase, tested it, it worked fine and saved the settings. I set it up in parallel phase, tested it, it wonted fine as well, and saved the settings.

I loaded the split phase settings and let it run. Then I went to test the bulk charging, and this is where it did not work as expected.

After reloading the assistants to allow to SOC monitoring of charging, I manually tried to charge the batteries. I heard the usual ‘clunk’ but the system did not start charging. I thought maybe this was because the assistants were not on the 2nd Multiplus, so I loaded assistants on that, and it still did not charge.

I spent all day Saturday going over all the wiring, testing the voltages and phases. The voltage from the battery terminals, matches the DC wiring to the Lynx, and the Lynx voltage matches the same.

On the AC side, the 120v from the main panel is consistent from the panel bus, through the breaker, through the cable right to the AC in of the Multipluses.

The inverting continues to work fine. MY only regret is not to have tested my Multplus, that has been working fine for a year, to see if the new firmware had stopped it from working (ie. a firmware bug?)

I even reset both Multiplus to default factory mode, and tried to use my original Multplus the same as I haven the last year, and it refused to bulk charge .

Manually switching the Multiplus to charge only mode, does nothing.

I have attached a short video, showing VE Config, and the blue line that runs along the monitor window, as it reaches the end, you can heard the 'clunk' of the Charger starting up..then it just stops, and the process bar goes back to start again. This is one clue.

The next photos show the Victron Connect app snapshot of the system, then some VE Config snaps shots, the first series on the Main, L1, Master, Multiplus and the next series, the Second, L2, Slave Multplus.

My subpanel is basically off lien from the solar an batteries and running off my mains until I can fix this. thank-you

This appars to be a similar problem, without a solution:








this next set is of Multiplus L2






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6 Answers

Multiplus continues to charge even if disconnected from Cerbo GX

Hello everyone!

I have a REC BMS Q connected to my Cerbo GX, which is also connected to a Multiplus 3000. I have enabled DVCC/SVS/STS like the REC BMS manual suggests and I am running an unexpected problem: when I disconnect the BMS from the Cerbo, or when I disconnect the Multiplus from the Cerbo, the Multiplus continues charging.

I would've expected that if there is loss of communication the Multiplus will abort charging. Going over an Orion BMS manual, which is also Victron-CAN compatible, they do indicate that loss of communication should prevent the Multiplus from turning on.

The Cerbo GX manual also indicates that should be the case - in the section where they describe what happens if you power up the CerboGX from the Multiplus AC ouput. But in my setup for whatever reason if I power up the Multiplus with the Cerbo turned off, it is still happy to charge - which is unacceptable for safety reasons...

Does anyone have any idea what I am missing?

I'm attaching some photos of the information displayed on the Cerbo.

Thank you!






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1 Answer

Lithium / Multiplus - Allow to Charge (low Temp)

Hi All

Set.up (all Victron)-

  • Lithium Batteries
  • Multiplus
  • Venus GX
  • VE.Bus BMS

Situation -

  • temperate on yacht, for days, has beeb above 5c
  • the multiplus was in FLOAT and was keeping batteries at 13.5v
  • temperate on yacht, yesterday morning, dropped below 5c
  • at this time the multiplus stopped charging (in float) and now show BULK on VRM
  • Venus GX is showing in VE.Bus that ATC is NO - makes sense at temp has been <5c
  • the temp inside yacht is now >5c
  • but the ATC is still NO
  • I was expecting the multiplus to start a charging cycle

Questions -

  • is it normal when ATC becomes NO due to <5c for multiplus state to show as BULK even thought is not charging and current to batteries ?
  • I am right to expect the ATC to change to YES - when the temp becomes >5c ?

Thanks all and happy Xmas !


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1 Answer

Multiplus Compact Firmware Update Failure

While trying to complete a firmware update to a new Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80/120 via VictronConnect (laptop connection via MK3-USB) the update failed (no error code given). Now the unit shows a rapid blinking yellow "charger" light. The MK3-USB device cannot establish a connect through any of the toolkit software (VEFlash, etc.). Not sure where to go from here to troubleshoot the issue further. Submitted a help request for distributor support but hoping the group here has more ideas.

jackson510 asked
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1 Answer

Multiplus 12/3000 shows as "initialising" when connected to VictronConnect via MK3-USB


My Victron Multiplus 12/3000va will connect properly via bluetooth when connected to my bluetooth dongle, but when I try to connect to my Mac laptop via the MK3-USB, it shows as "initialising" and I can't change any of the settings as a result. I've tried to download the VE Configuration tools to see if that would help, but i get an error message that states "invalid format" when my Mac tries to extract the zip file. I assume this is because these files are made for Windows?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

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Temp comp settings on older multiplus?

I have a multiples with 2002202 firmware, older microprocessor.....

the charger page on veconfigure doesn’t have any facility for setting compensation, as documented in the VeConfig 3 manual.....

is this not an option available to the older processors? Looks like I can go up to .209 firmware wise, but the change log doesn’t mention that feature.



mlydon63 asked

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MultiPlus not showing up in Victron Connect

Finally got the MultiPlus 2k Compact wired up to AC power and charging my two SOK 206 ah batteries @ 67amps. Yay!

Previously I had the MultiPlus powered up from the batteries for programming... first I set up the VE.bus Smart Dongle, updated the firmware, joined it to the same network as the Smart Shunt and 100/50 SCC. Then unplugged it from the Smart Dongle, and hooked it up to the laptop via the Mk3 USB adapter, and adjusted some parameters there and reset/rebooted the MultiPlus. Unplugged the USB adapter, and plugged the cable from the Smart Dongle back in.

The problem is that now that everything is powered up... I'm only seeing the shunt, 100/50 and the dongle - not the MultiPlus.

I thought that was the point of having the dongle, to be able to 'see' and control the MultiPlus? I realize that adjusting the settings requires the Mk3, but shouldn't I be able to 'see' it and do limited controls (turn on/off, set max AC current, etc,) via BT?

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1 Answer

more output power needed for off-grid system with a multiplus

Hello, I am a leader of a boy scouts group in Belgium and last year I got the chance to build a portable solar energy unit which will be used for our summer camps to power fridges, lights and charge electronics.

This unit consists of solar panels, a smartsolar MPPT, a lead-gel battery bank and a victron multiplus 48/1200/13-16 inverter. I also added a raspberry pi running the venus os software to amulate a GX device. This raspberry pi is connected to the MPPT and the Multiplus using a and ve.bus cable.

The setup works great, but there is a problem of having only limited output power and peak power (1000W and 2000Wp) because of the relatively small multiplus choice. This caused the inverter to sometimes turn off when too much power was drawn from it, for example when turning on multiple fridges at once. To remedy this, we are looking to upgrade the output side of our setup by adding an additional inverter. What I currently see as possibilities and their limitations:

- Adding another multiplus 48/1200/13-16 in parallel. This would be the cheapest option and would double the output power and peak power. However, as these small multiplus devices have only 1 ve.bus port, I would be unable to daisy chain both inverters together and to the raspberry pi, so I don't think this would be an option unless if I step away from the GX functionality.

-Adding a Phoenix inverter to the battery bank: As this would lead to a totally separate operation from the multiplus, this would lead to 2 separate AC output: one high power from the Phoenix and one lower power from the original Multiplus. This is quite confusing for people not familiar with power electronics who will be operating the mobile energy unit in the future. It also makes the original Multiplus quite redundant as the phoenix inverter will probably be capable of running the whole all the loads. This would make the Multiplus into an overqualified battery charger, only used to charge the batteries before we leave for the camp using the grid. This would also be more expensive than the other option.

-Not sure about this one, but I read about cascading inverters and I am wondering if I could cascade two multipluses together without linking them with a ve.bus cable. The first multiplus would take power from the battery bank and supply it to the second multiplus. The second multiplus would however have to be configured to not charge the batteries and only discharge them, because otherwise it would create a loop of charging and discharging the same battery bank. I'm also wondering if the output power of the second multiplus is limited to 1000W continuous, or if this 1000W is only the power it can draw from the batteries and, once supplied with input power, the total power it can deliver increases by the input power amount.

As you can see, all of these options have their downsides and I would like to know the thoughts of some people more familiar with Victron products on them, as well as maybe some other suggestions?

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2 Answers

Multiplus wont turn on when using VictronConnect and bluetooth dongle

I have a 12V/3000W/120A Multiplus connected to a VE.Bus Smart dongle. I also have a BMV-712 and a 150/100 MPPT charge controller. I can interact with all of them via the Bluetooth app and have used them for several months without any problems. Recently, I returned to the location and when I went to turn on the Multiplus using the bluetooth app, it would crash when I selected any function (On/Inverter only/Charger only). Sometimes when I held the app 'button' it wouldn't crash as fast. It did this repeatedly. I was able to disconnect the Ethernet cable to the dongle, then use the manual switch on the front of the Multi, to turn it on, then plug the cable back in. When I switched off the Multi using bluetooth, the same problem repeated.

I was able to turn on and off the Multi using bluetooth previously without issues. Is there a setting I should be checking in the Multi's setup? I have a MK3-USB.

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2 Answers

MultiPlus Compact firmware - Non assistant or Assistant?


I have just helped a friend to configure a MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80-30. Target was to change settings to use it with LiFePo4 batteries with VE configure software with the Victron MK3 - USB Interface. Configuration was applied as expected.

Then we tried the Victron Connect app on PC, and it tried to connect to the MultiPlus over MK3 USB interface. After a while it stated that the firmware was outdated, and needed to be upgraded to 2xx or above. So we started to see if there where any options to upgrade the firmware on the older MultiPlus.

Found the current version 1908129 and after reading up on the firmware documentation. Then I found out that I can select from 2 versions of firmware:

Non assistant firmware: 1908159

Assistant firmware: 1908209

What are the differences of Assistant and Non assistant, and are both compatible with the MultiPlus? I assume that only the assistant version will work with the Victron Connect software?


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2 Answers

CerboGX and VE.Bus BMS with single multiplus VE.Bus port

Hi there.

I've a system with a 12/800/35 multiplus and Cerbo GX. I want to install the VE.Bus BMS and lithium. In this system, wired as below, how do I connect two devices (AC detector and Cerbo GX) to the single VE.Bus port on the multiplus? Can I use an RJ45 splitter?


TLDR, in the diagram above, where/how to connect a Cerbo GX?

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1 Answer

Warranty Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120-16 230V VE.Bus - failure, installer / seller will not respond.

Is it of use writing to Victron B.V in The Netherlands directly re failure of a Victron Multiplus less than 2 years old. Seller refusing to even acknowledge any form of request for return or help. Seller also initially configured the unit for installation, and then a month ago supposedly corrected a fault code, following that within 12 hours of plugging into shore power unit overheated and failed. Have also tried to contact Victron UK with no response. This has been going on for 6 weeks now.

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2 Answers

VE.Bus System [261] - Low battery: Warning but does not find the reason


I switched over to ESS today and get flooded with Low Battery alarm even when I have charged it to 100% this afternoon.

Main components:

  • Smartlithium 160AH - Fw v1.06
  • BMV-712 - Fw v4.08
  • SmartSolar MPPT 150/35 - Fw v1.59
  • Multiplus Compact 12/800/35 - Fw 489
  • Venus GX - Fw v2.80~24




Based on another post to lower the DC low input but it is already low enough. Below teh configuration file.



So no idea where I can still check it or what can be the issue.

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3 Answers

AES search mode mode not starting in low watt settings, why?

Hi guys,

When I configure my new Multiplus 12/1600/70 with AES Search Mode enabled to start saving below 12W and stop saving above 44W - the lowest permitted values by Victron Connect (see the screenshot below), the AES actually never starts, despite Victron Connect showing consumption under 10W. When I increase start to about 22W it will properly switch to AES mode, but I would like to go as low as possible. There is nothing connected to AC OUT at this moment.


What could be the explanation for this?



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5 Answers

Multiplus 12/1600/70 negative AC Out power consumption

Hi guys,

one more puzzling question about my new Multiplus 12/1600/70.

if you look closely at the Victron Connect screenshot below, the AC out is drawing -4W, that is minus four wats. This is without any AC load. If I turn on the coffee maker, the Victron Connect correctly reports around 1000W, that is plus thousand watts.

But sitting idle, there is minus 4 watts.

that sounds like nonsense, right? Firmware 485. Possibly related to my other question here


Any idea what is going on? How could this even happen?



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1 Answer

Resetting a multiplus completely to factory defaults

I bought a secondhand Multiplus 24/1200 some months ago off ebay and had it shipped out to Spain. It has been working fine on PV, however I now want to run it linked to a genset to charge the batteries. Unbeknown to me, the Multiplus was previously set to UK grid in the grid options by the previous user so I cannot reset it to None for genset using VEConfigure without the installer password which I do not have.

The original distributor is a UK company that sells to other UK companies - I am neither a company nor UK based, so I don't expect any help from them (although I have submitted a support request).

What are my options for doing a complete factory reset to the default of None in the grid settings? I have already tried flashing the latest firmware with VEFlash (I have a MK2), but that did not change the grid setting back to None.

I would rather not ditch this used Victron device just because I cannot make it work as intended as a secondhand buyer.

On another note, why cannot understand why a password is need to reset to factory defaults if a grid option has been selected - that defeats the purpose of a factory reset option!

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Multiplus connect up to 3 VE.Bus devices

Hi all,

I have a few questions about using the VE.Bus Smart dongle.

I have the following devices:

- MultiPlus 24/5000/120-100

- VE.Bus Smart dongle

- Victron Digital Multi Control 200/200A

- Cerbo GX

(The last 2 devices I basically got for free in a deal at my local store which is why I'm questioning if I can combine them both.)

Currently the MultiPlus is connected to the Cerbo an the Digital multi control so both VE. Bus ports are used. My questions are:

1) Can I connect the Smart dongle to the Multiplus as well using a splitter?

2) Or can I connect the Smart dongle directly into the Cerbo?

3) Is there any benefit of using the Smart dongle and how can I check if it is being used? I disconnected the digital multi control and connected the smart dongle and honestly I'm just not sure what it does apart from me beging able to see the battery temperature (which I can already do using the (non Victron) BMS I use.

Any reply is appreciated. Many thanks.

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1 Answer

2 x MP2 mit RJ45 VeBus Problem

Hallo an Alle,

ich habe ein seltsames Problem, sobald ich meine beiden MP2 mit dem RJ45 verbinde, schalten sie aus und diverse LEDs fangen an zu blinken. Was mache ich falsch? Nur an AC1 in liegt Netzstrom an.

Danke und viele Grüße

Helmut :-)

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2 Answers

Multiplus II AC1 in relay will not close to allow grid power in

Hi, when connecting to the grid I can see from Victron Connect that the AC1 in relay/gate is open and will not allow grid power in. Is there a setting in Victron connect to cure this?

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1 Answer

Charging power not balanced between 3-phase Multipluses


Three Multiplus 5000 form a three phase system. When running the generator we observe that basically only L3 is doing the charging. But I expect to see the charging current somehow evenly distributed between the phases.

We are running CCGX 2.66 and VE.Bus 482.

DVCC is on with current limit of 200A.

The same config settings were sent to all Multipluses.

Any idea how to solve this? I appreciate any hint. Thank you


Kind regards

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1 Answer

Force multi to charge, although AC input control is activated

Hi there,

In my campervan, I use a Multiplus Compact 2K, and a Buckboost connected to a Cerbo.

Normally I have set the AC input control in the multi on, that it will only load the lithium, when SOC goes < 60%. And it should stop after "end of absorption". So far so good.

Is it possible, to force the multi to charge anyway (no matter what SOC) in special situations, e.g. if I want to start to a camping tour with full battery?

another question: The multi get's its SOC for AC input control over the cerbo (VE.Bus)?, but the SOC for "switch off - condition" must be calculated internal?

Why is it not possible to configure the multi completely over the cerbo? It's a little cumbersome to use MK3/usb interface for the multi ;-)

Thanks for your help!

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