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Problems connecting Lorawan VE.Direct

I have spent some time getting the VE.Direct Lorawan module to connect


From the manual:

Assembly instructions

  1. Screw the antenna onto the LoRaWAN Module
  2. Mount the LoRaWAN Module close to the device you wish to monitor
  3. Connect the VE.Direct cable between devices
  4. Connect the DC Power (8V - 68V, looking to the module with green connector below of the module, the positive is on the left)
  5. After a short wait the LED will blink green indicating that all is OK
  6. Go to the VRM Portal to add your installation

I have powered the device with a 12V powersupply

I just keeps flashing red/blue, steady read, blue/red flash

It never blinks green.

I have setup a TheThingsnetwork gateway (Microtik Knot) and I have place the device within 20meter and over 100meters and 2 concrete walls away:

The Mirotik router has been setup accordingly to the documentation (

I can see from the TTN interfacet its running (see below)

Do you have any hints on what could cause this?

If I try to claim the device on the VRM portal it will not let me do so (and I would suspect because it has not reached out to the VRM portal yet with the green led)


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