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Hello Victron please help us with ESS Phase compensation!

Hi Victron, we are discussing in several threads a nearly similar question without an expert comment by victron-staff:

This main problem of an „symmetrical“ or „balanced“ ESS in a three phase grid-parallel setup is absolutely essential for the German and Austrian market. Please let us know what you think about it! Thank you very much!

woliver asked
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AC Current limit, Multiplus

Dear Community,

I had a Automated Current limit flow set up on Node red with CCgx last year, this flow would subtract the Amps from 2 circuits that are directly connect to our generator , from the current limit so that we are able to get quickest charge times possible, while not over loading the generator when say ( oven , hob, dishwasher, 2x clothes washer , drier ) are on , in there various states of consumption.

My Question , can anyone please tell be the topic for Current limit on the Cerbo ? we have recently upgraded from CCgx, ( on the ccgx the topic was something like W/506583dbfda4/vebus/276/Ac/ActiveIn/CurrentLimit ) open to ideas ...

Many thanks

all the best


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Multiplus Battery temperature in Node-RED

I am sure I am overlooking something here,

I can't seem to find the Multiplus read battery temperature in any of the Node-RED nodes. It certainly shows on my console so the data is there, and in VRM, and I can easily access the battery temperature sensors directly connected to the Cerbo, and the one connected to the BMV, but link to the Multiplus message containing battery temperature, I can not find...

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