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Solution Victron & Dynamic Energy pricing

How to Control dynamic energy contract with Quattro II, Cerbo, Node Red, Ecoswitch, 15 Kw Lifepo4 and JK BMS = sharing knowlegde.

For those that don’t know yet. A Dynamic energy contract charges you per Kwh for a particular day / hour. Prices are updated daily. Price can change dramatically during peak or low hours.

I have tried different ways to control my Quattro to adapt to my dynamic energie contract, but simply using: Charge only, Inverter only and “ON” buttons in Venus don’t really work.
Sometimes when switching, it cuts of the power to the loads, and it wont let you shift loads and generated power.

Also, I did not want to spend hours writing code to read the daily prices, so I used a small hardware gadged that reads it for me and sets a relay depending on a preset max. price per Kw limit.

The following example is one that works. ( for me anyhow )
For those that are not allowed to feed back into the grid a couple of things should be configured different.
In my case, I am working with a grid fuse of single phase 25 Amps, and I am allowed to feed back into the grid. And sporadically I am using more than 25 Amp.

For Node red, I used 4 functions:

#1) Grid price low = AC-in set to High, will allow max usage from/to grid and solar, and will also allow charging at high current.
#2) Grid price high = AC-in set to low, will suppress charging and usage from grid but not from solar or batteries, thus prevent buying expensive power. This option has a manual override in case more power needs to be used in expensive hours during morning or evening.
#3) Set grid to allow excess power frrom solar to grid. I have it set just above what my PV panels would produce at max.
#4) Set grid when batteries empty and no solar to charge.


P.s. Set AC-In current 1Amp below maximum input from grid. Max draw from grid cannot be “zero”, will always jump back to 1 Amp.
Looks like a safety feature so Victron has always some power from the grid to function if battery and solar
are down.

Cheers, Marc

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