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Dual MPPT connected to Cerbo GX via VE.Can results in almost zero output from second MPPT

My system consists of a Multiplus II, two MPPT 250/100, SmartShunt 500A and a Cerbo GX. The MPII is connected to Cerbo via VE.Bus. The SmartShunt is connected to Cerbo via VE.Direct. The two MPPT are daisy chained to the Cerbo via VE.Can with terminators at each end.

My problem is that when the two MPPT are connected to the Cerbo, only one of them produces normal output and the other one is near-zero output. As soon as I disconnect the VE.Can, both MPPT produce normally as confirmed via VictronConnect. Plug VE.Can back in and it goes back to near-zero. This happens whether VE.Smart networking is configured or removed.

I have tried every possible combination of wiring and configuration and the end result is always the same. Is this a bug in the software or am I missing some fundamental configuration problem? If I switch to using VE.Direct connections to the Cerbo will I still have the same problem?

akbast asked
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Problème de charge avec MPPT 75/15

Bonjour à tous,

Mon installation qui comprend un MPPT bluesolar 75/15 + un PV 12v 100w + une batterie LiFePO4 50Ah fonctionnait à merveille jusqu'à aujourd'hui. Lorsque je consulte l'application je constate que la batterie est en mode bulk ( tension de 13,05v ) c'est à dire partiellement déchargée. La tension de mon panneau est de 22v mais il ne débite aucuns courant ( puissance de 0w ) alors qu'il fait grand soleil. Pareil lorsque je tire sur la batterie. J'ai testé avec un autre panneau et le problème est toujours là. J'ai essayé de débrancher l'installation puis de rebrancher mais ça ne change rien... Auriez vous quelques pistes pour m'aider s'il vous plaît ?

pablodurand asked
Thierry Cortassa (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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VE Direct Networks Functionality.

Hello, so I have the 150/35 charge controller and a smart shunt from Victron, I have created a network, can someone explain how does each of these 2 components affect each other?

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MPPT Sizing / Cabling help

Hi all,

I need little help for the expansion of my current PV installation.

We want to add 14 x 395W modules and I am unsure on how to interpret the Victron calculator-result:

According to manual calulation we think the 85A version would also be feasible, but to have some spare, 100A is ok. (Flat installation, not iin a 3x° angle.

BUT: how to pair the modules?

It allows me 3x5 or 4x4, but the device has 3 strings only.

How to physically pair them?

5*45,6V = 228V

Can we put

5 x 1 = 228V

5 x 1 = 228V

4 x 1 = 182V

on one device, meaning one string has only 182V or is it better to go with 2 smaller MPPTs?

Any help is appreciated as I need to order ASAP ;)

Thanks in advance!

jochen-k asked
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MPPT 250 BMS control


I urgently need help as my MPPT is going to blow my Batteries.

My MPPT is set to BMS controlled = NO.

How can this be changed? I've asked the shop I've bought it and they checked internally with some Victron colleagues and all refer me to this forum

Is there a way, even it means to send the MPPT to Victron.

But actually I hope that a setting in a commen menu (Cerbo GX) can be set back back.

Many thanks in advance.

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Do I have to configure MPPT if battery has BMS?

I have just installed a MPPT 150/45, multiplus II, Blue Nova 52V 77 Ah connected via a Colour control. The BlueNova has a BMS and connected via Ve. Can port and is recognised.

1. Do I have to configure the MPPT with the same BlueNova parameters as the Multiplus for float, Lithium etc. or can it pick it up from the Colour Contro/lMPPT?

2. Which device controls/should control the charging overall? MPPT, Cololor GX or Blue Nova BMS?

3. I understand the MPPT cannot be managed remotely? Is this correct and I will need someone to do it as I am now 8000 miles away?

Some guidance will be appreciated.


ejrossouw asked
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Smartsolar MPPT 150/85 VE.Can rev2

Guten Abend,

über mein Cerbo GX wird der tägliche Verlauf nur für heute und gestern angezeigt. In der App direkt mit dem MPPT verbunden sind alle Tage seit Inbetriebnahme vorhanden. Firmware v3.10


dirkvongracefacrory asked

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PV-Sizing für MPPT 150/45 + 6 x Trina Solar Vertex S 400Wp


es gibt bereits viele Threads zum Sizing der MPPTs aber keiner gibt mir "wirklich" eine belastbare Aussage.

Warum werden beim MPPT Calculator keine Warnungen ausgegeben, dass man die Nenn-PV-Leistung aufgrund der System-Voltage-Beschränkung gar nicht richtig ausfahren kann ? Oder verstehe ich da etwas falsch ?

Die TSM-400 DE09.08 haben folgende Daten

Power Tolerance-PMAX (W) 0/+5

Maximum Power Voltage-VMPP (V) 34.2

Maximum Power Current-IMPP (A) 11.70

Open Circuit Voltage-VOC (V) 41.2

Short Circuit Current-ISC (A) 12.28

Module Efficiency η m (%) 20.8


NOCT(Nominal Operating Cell Temperature) 43 °C (±2 K)

Temperature Coefficient of PMAX -0.34 %/K

Temperature Coefficient of VOC -0.25 %/K

Temperature Coefficient of ISC 0.04 %/K


Der MPPT Calculator spuckt mir für eine bspw. 3P2S Config unter STC eine Stringspannung von 102,6 @ STC aus. Wenn´s heiß / kalt ist beim Strom / bei der Spannung genug "Luft" für den Regler.

Allerdings - so verstehe ich es - muss ich nun die Systemspannung von 48 Volt (MP-II + Pylontech Akku Pack) x Strom der 3S2P Config nehmen ??? (48V x 23,4 A = 1.123,2 Watt) , welche der Laderegler "vom Dach holen" kann ? Also gehen 50 % der möglichen 2.4 kWp der 6 Stk. Trina´s ins Nirvana bzw. können nicht "verarbeitet" werden ?

Bitte klärt mich auf - scheine hier ein Brett vorm Kopf zu haben ... vielen Dank !

pv-willi87 asked
lifeingalicia answered ·

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Smartsolar is stuck in bulk charge

I've read through some of the forms, but I can't figure out why my solar stays in bulk charge mode. I read some stuff about this maybe being normal, but wanted to see if anyone could take a look at my settings and let me know if they noticed an issue. I included screenshots of my settings and also for the battery that I'm using.







ray07 asked
adam-schwarz published ·

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MPPT 100/20 very low voltage

My MPPT 100/20 suddenly only sees less than 1v on the battery. I’ve checked all connections. The wires into the MPPT when disconnected show a normal 12.2v, but once I connect this up the screws in the MPPT show a voltage of about 0.74V. The fuse is fine, the firmware is up to date. So not sure what to do here. Any ideas?


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2x blue solar MPPT 150/35 for 1 battery

Can i use 2 Blue solar MPPT 150/35 to load 1 battery ?

Or do i have to use a different model for this ?



dieter asked
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charge battery with mppt or with Multiplus ii

I am looking into a new ESS with 48V battery and Multiplus ii 48/5000.
I have a spare solar inverter to use.
Would it be better to charge the battery directly with a MPPT, without the seperate solar inverter ?


dieter asked
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MPPT 75|10: Should I rather connect my devices to "Load" output or to a Bus-Bar together with Battery to "Battery" output?

Hi there, I am setting up my MPPT 75|10 SmartSolar charge controller for use together with a 12V Battery and two devices that work on 12V and require about 50W in total. I am furthermore using a 110W Solar Panel (max. Voltage: 18.27V, max. current: 6.03A). Let's get to my question.

I was advised to connect my devices and the battery to the charge controller by connecting two bus bars (for + and -) to the battery output of the controller and all devices and the battery onto these bus bars. I am however now realizing that there is a Load output where I could connect my devices to. So I am wondering if I should rather connect my devices directly to "Load"? What is the advantage and disadvantage of each method? Is it safer to connect directly to Load?

An insight to this would be very much apprechiated, thanks in advance!

PS: I also understand German ;)

smartsolar-usr asked
wildebus answered ·

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Two SmartSolar 75/15 to the same battery: Should I connect BOTH load outputs or just one?

I am planning to have two SmartSolar 75/15s charging the same battery bank to help with partial shading issues on my sailboat. But I do not know if I should connect BOTH of the load outputs to my DC panel or just one of them.

Please advise.

allen-goldstein asked
Mike Dorsett answered ·

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MPPT fails to find MPP after partial shading

Hi all,

I have a problem with my bluesolar mppt. It's connected to a single 100Wp panel, gives good power until the panel becomes partially shaded.

When the panel is partially shaded the mppt loses the VMPP (17,5V) and starts hunting around 21-22V which is the VOC of the panel. This behaviour continues when there is no shading anymore, leaving the production to only a few watts. The next morning it starts all over again, good production until the first shadow hits the panel.


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