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Why shows Smart Solar mppt 100/15 Zero PV voltage?

Installed MPPT 100/15; connected to battery; made Firmware update; connected to solar panel;

all seems to be ok ; except mppt not working and not showing any Pv Voltage inspite of me measuring about 22Volts on an sunny day ; What’s the problem?

thanks for your help!






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Connection more MPPT 450/100 with Ve.Can occupied by Pylontech

Hello, considering extension of system composed from MPPT 450/100, Multiplus II GX 5000 and Pylontech US5000. Due to Pylontech I need run Ve.CAN bus at 500kb/s which pushes me to connect MPPT by VE.Direct.

Speciffic matters of my instalation are requirement to avoid to distribution to grid (AC ignore on virtual switch), keeping Pylontech waranty (system is driven by Pylontech BMS).

1.) Lets consider I want to add some more MPPT 450/100 .. is it possible just to connect MPPTs together by VE.Can and let one of them connected to GX by VE.Direct or I shall use VE.Direct-USB cable for each such MPPT? If the second option is only suitable, how many additional MPPTs can I connect by USB adaptors?

2.) For purpose of additional Multiplus II (no GX) units I suppose connectivity by VE.Bus, right?

3.) Is that possible to run two Multiplus II with different phases on AC in with decoupled AC out? Nothing like rotating electric field on the output required.. only AC ignore on virtual switch (it s AC IN phases load optimisation).

Tq for resposne, Jakub

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Smart Solar MPPT 100/20

XI have just purchased a smart solar mppt 100/20 and i have 2 x 100ah lithium batteries with built in bms. The batteries are 12.8 volts . Charge voltage on the batteries is 14.4 volts and cutoff voltage is about 10 volts. My question is can i use the Victron default for LiFePO4 or do i have to change the default settings. The batteries are LiFePO4

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MPPT 30% over panelling rule or can we go higher?

Dear All

I would like to know if the 30% over panelling is "set in stone".

Lets say I use a 150/45 MPPT. If I install six (6) 600W, the total will be 3600W.

The spec from Victron is 2600W, however, the VOC will be +- 120V.

Will this be OK i.e. the MPPT will clip the amps during summer, but in winter, I will benefit of the over panelling?

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MP100/20 connection - do I need to use the load output ?

Hi all, am sure I am missing the obvious here but as I am a first timer to this I thought I would ask the community.

I have an MPPT 100/20 with a PV input, battery output and a load output. I also have a Victron B to B charger. Both units are connected through positive and negative busbars which then link through a battery protector to the fuse board for loads. I was planning to just connect the MPPT battery output to the positive and negative busbars. Is there a reason for also connecting the load output from the MPPT and if so where do I connect that to (there seems little value in also connecting this to the busbars where the battery output is connected). Should I connect my positive from my BMV to the MPPT load rather than to the leisure battery positive terminal ?

I have included a circuit diagram to help clarify the question.

many thanks in anticipation

MPPT 100_20.pdf

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MPPT doesn't connect

I have installed a MultiPlus II GX and a MPPT 450/100, the issue is that i can't find the MPPT in the victron software and i want to configure it. I have a LAN cable that is connecting the MPPT with the MultiPlus, is it right? Or should i use another cable? The MPPT is on and connected correctly with the battery. Thanks, Manuele.

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When the batteries are full, the electricity production drops.

Problem: When the batteries are full, the electricity production drops.

Location: Costa Blanca, Spain.

Large house in a rural area connected to the electricity grid.
Purpose: use the solar/battery setup with the electrical grid as backup, usually on short or cloudy days.
Battery minimum set to 20% for lifespan.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I have a contract with the electricity company (Iberdola) to send my excess power to the grid.

I searched the forum for similar problems, but non I could find for my setup.

System setup:

20 x Solar Panels Longi LR5-72HPH-535M

2 x Victron Energy SmartSolar charge controller, MPPT 250 | 100 - Tr VE.Can

(10 panels into 1 MPPT, twice)

1 x Victron Energy MultiPlus-II 48V | 10000 VA | 140 AMP, AC transfer capacity 100 A, Inverter 230 V

1 x Victron Energy Venus GX

8 x Battery PylonTech US3000C

The system works as advertised until the batteries are full., usually around 13:00 - 14:00 hr, on a sunny day.

- Then, when the sun is very bright, I receive emails from the VRM notifier:
High voltage alarm: Alarm

High discharge current alarm: Alarm

After 1 to 2 minutes:
High voltage alarm changed from 'Alarm' to 'No alarm'

High discharge current alarm changed from 'Alarm' to 'No alarm'

This cycles for a couple of minutes, and then I receive this email:

The installation “my-name” has generated a high volume of alarms. Suspending alarm notifications for 24 hours.

  • Or, when the sun is less bright, I don’t receive warning email.

- Then, from the moment the batteries are fully charged, I see yield dropping on the charge controllers, sometimes up to zero, like this at 14:08 hr on a sunny day:


Also, the APC BX1400U-GR UPS I have installed in my office makes a lot of clicking noises during this ‘low yield’ period.

A typical sunny day, no clouds, looks like this:
Sunrise 07:30, sunset 19:00
EDIT: new screenshot with to to/from grid numbers:


The moment the batteries are full, the chargers, or something else, starts to play up, and the yield drops significantly.

I think it should look like this:


Screenshot from 15:55 hr that same afternoon (sunny day, no clouds):
(PV charger can be as high as 10400 W)


Can anybody help me find out what is going on?

My Spanish dealer keeps telling me everything is fine, but now he starts to recognize there is a problem.

My electrical knowledge is limited, but I have a feeling something is not adjusted right?

Please let me know what further information you need.

Many thanks in advance for all the help guys!

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Can the MPPT 250/100 VE.Can fail in such a way as to pass PV voltage to battery?

I understand it's non-isolated and the PV (-) and battery (-) are at the same potential. This begs the question:

Can the MPPT 250/100 VE.Can fail in such a way that that PV voltage could be passed directly to battery?

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MP 2 ac coupled with solax inverter

Is it possible to ac couple the solax pv inverter to MP II

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MPPT power is limited for DC feed in if battery is full


MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 / FW: v501
BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/35 rev3 / FW: 1.61 with 2kWp solar panels
GX Device / FW 2.92
48V CAN Battery connected to the GX device
EM24 Ethernet smart meter
PV inverter at AC IN

I have configured ESS with DVCC for the system. As long as the battery is charging, the MPPT provides full power (even if battery takes less power than the MPPT provides). But as soon as the battery is full and the excess power shall be feed in to the grid, the power of the MPTT is limited (about the half of the theoretical available PV power.

Battery is charging (MPPT DC power is 1021 W):


Battery is no longer charing (MPPT DC power is limited to 602W)


Do you have any suggestions?

Best regards


This is my configuration:








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MPPT drop-outs every 10 minutes


MPPTs: 2x Bluesolar VE.Can 250/70

I've had my solar system for a week now and have noticed this strange behaviour on one of my MPPTs.

The drops occur metronomically every 10 minutes. There are no overhead blockages. Does anyone have an idea what's going on?

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MPPTs no longer connected to CCGX

I have 2 MPPT 250/100 solar chargers that have been connected to our CCGX for 2 years. Yesterday, they suddenly were "unconnected." They're still working and charging batteries and I can connect to them via VictronConnect over Bluetooth. Both MPPTs were "last seen" at the same time which implies a common cause.

I've tried unplugging and re-plugging the VE Direct cables on the CCGX and the MPPTs but didn't help.

I don't have any way to get a new cable (if that's the issue) for a couple months. Thought I should check here to see if anyone has any other ideas?

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Smart Solar Regulators Excel Calculator SpreadSheet with 450/100/200???

Has anyone got the code to unprotect the VE MPPT Calc - Smart Solar Regulators Excel Calculator Spread Sheet so I can add in the 450/100/200???

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Are you adding fans to your MPPT Controllers ?

Hi All,

If you have a Victron MPPT Charge Controller you most probably noticed it can get very hot to the touch. I have seen some guys add fans to the unit like below.

I have checked my 250/100 MPPT controllers with Thermal imager and I have recorded +- 56 degrees at times.

Victron says there units can run "Operating temperature -30 to +60 °C (full rated output up to 40 °C)" .

Are you cooling your units down and how?


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overpowered mppt - bad or not

I got an 250/100 on our modules on the north-side of the roof.
The modules only make 1500w peak, and i assume that they'll do only 3500 in Summer

Does it make sense to switch to 250/70 or doesn't it matter?

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