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Problème BMS pour lancer utilisation batterie lithium-fer


J'ai une installation autonome composée de :

- panneaux solaires

- batterie lithium-fer phosphate avec BMS 24V

- Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/50

- Victron Multiplus 24/3000/70

La journée tout est OK : courant depuis les panneaux, Inverter ON, SmartSolar Float.

Le soir quand le soleil se couche : plus de courant, Inverter sans voyant, SmartSolar en Bulk.

Pour lancer les batteries, je dois court-circuiter le BMS avec un câble directement sur la batterie.

Je cherche de l'aide pour un diagnostic / ou une intervention (à 72130 Moulins-le-Carbonnel). L'installateur n'est pas en France (réalisée par un distributeur à l'étranger sur une tiny house livrée en France).


Merci par avance,


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2 Laderegler gleichzeitig betreiben?

Hallo, ich hab auf mein Boot zwei Solarplatten in Reihe geschalten und somit also 24 Volt die an den beiden Regler Anliegen. Die beiden Laderegler (identisch) mppt 75/15. einer der beiden läuft auf 12v (Versorger Batterie) und der andere auf 24 volt (Batteriebank E-Motor ), daher meine Frage an euch, kann ich beide gleichzeitig laufen lassen, oder behindern sie sich in ihrer Berechnung? Danke im Voraus

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60A 58vdc (48vdc) MEGA Fuse. Do they exist??

Need a 60a mega fuse for 48vdc system but can find them anywhere. Meant for Victron SSCC 150/45. Can't find any 70Vdc ones either. Anyone know where in the US these unicorns can be procured?

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MPPT tracking drops to 0 watts at full sunshine after connecting to Global Link 500

When I connect my Global link 500 to the Victron 150/35 mppt controler , tracking becomes unstable and after a minute or less the power drops to 0 Watts, even in full sunshine. A minute or so later it recovers, starts tracking again only to repeat te same pattern after a short time. The global link works perfectly and I don't see anything wrong with the smartshunt either. When I disconnect the mppt from the global link tracking returns to its normal operation. Any ideas what this may be?

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how to activate grayed out equalization voltage on MPPT 100-20

The equalization voltage Mode on my mppt 100-20 is grayed out. I can not do a reset even if I select the factory setting.

Thanks for any hint.


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ESS Feed-in causes MPPT to be erratic. Is it Normal?

Multiplus II 12/3000/120-50 2X-120V

SmartSolar Charger 150/35 (4 100W panels in series)

SmartSolar Charger 100/20 (Single 250W panel)

BMV 712

400Ah LifePO4 Batteries (X2 200AH in parallel)



ESS Feed-in causes MPPT to be erratic.

Battery charging MPPT's are pretty smooth and maxed out.

As soon as the battery is full Feed-in is active and the MPPT's become erratic.

Is it normal? Maybe the inverter trying to calculate proper sync values?


elvis asked
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MPPT intermittent charging



I have a bank of four Victron solar panels connected to a 150/70 MPPT.

Sometimes it charges fine then a few minutes later it stops but still shows voltage

By switching off the main breaker between panels and MPPT and back on again the panels start charging, 30A+ but then stop again after a while. Is there a setting I’m missing somewhere?

Many thanks


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SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 fuse replaceable? reversed polarity and doesnt charge

Is the 20 amp fuse on the Smart Solar Mppt 75/15 replaceable?

I cannot seem to be able to remove it, even though it looks accessible.

I reversed polarity to the battery and now the unit is not accepting charge from my solar panel - doh! Assume the fuse is fried. Unit is powering up and i can see it in the Connect app, but no charge is going to the battery.

I’m ready to buy a new unit but want to be able salvage the old unit if possible

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MPPT 100/30 suddenly allows battery to be charged to only around 50 %


i have approximately 6 months old solar system on a camper consisting of these components: Victron mppt 100/30, LIONTRON Lithium LiFePO4 LX Smart 12,8V 100Ah, three solar panels 12V/100W, Converter SINUS Victron Energy Phoenix VE.Direct 800VA 12V, Cyrix-ct 12-24V 120A connection to alternator.

Everything was working perfectly until recently. Suddenly im no longer able to fully charge my battery. I can usually get it to around 50 % and then mppt turns to float. I think it shows absorption point has been reached [14.20V], which should indicate battery is full [unless im mistaken], however that is definitely not the case. If a turn solar panels on/off, it goes back to bulk, but only for a couple of minutes. Adding screenshots of mppt history and battery overview. Im somewhat suspicious its connected to the firmware update a while ago, however im by no means certain as i dont check it that regularly and therefore only noticed the issue with a delay.

Thank you for any suggestions,

Petr K.








Screenshot_20220521-205312_LIONTRON Multi.jpg

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MPPT RS 450/100 off during sunny day, error code 27 during power up

I've 3 MPPT RS 450/100 which I installed 2 weeks ago. One of them had a problem during firmware update using Victron Connect and Bluetooth. Further updates in Victron Connect weren't possible because the device always reported firmware up2date (1.09).

But after startup of the Cerbo GX this device reported an error on the MPPT RS, error code 117, incompatible firmware error. Then I was able to update the firmware again and this time successfully, it seems.

And this device stopped working, produced no energy today. It was off most of the time.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-11 um 00.25.24.png

In the evening I switched off the device. After powering it up again the Cerbo GX reported an error 27, Charger short circuit until I heared a clicking in the MPPT RS device.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-11 um 00.27.55.png

Is the device faulty, or any suggestions what to do?


bruno-o asked
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Mppt 100/30


Is this normal? Float 6 days?? Yesterday I was using about 40ah during night with no charge from solar panels according to my bmw700. This is from the log of the mppt 100/30. Got all the new firmware

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Breaker & Fuse sizing Multiplus II 48/3000 35

A bit new to this so apologies in advance.


MultiPlus II 48/3000 35 120v

SSCC MPPT 150/45

Lynx Dist


4 x 12v 200ah lead acid bats (48v)

Solar array output 1480w 96v 20amp

So I thought I had fusing with the lynx distributor and breaker sizing for the Multiplus all figured out, but doubting myself again.

First, fuse sizing the battery, charge controller and inverter at the lynx distributor.... I figured if the inverter with power assist runs at the full 3000w off my 48v batteries it draws approx 62 Amps. So, I'm thinking 60+ amp fuse is correct for the battery, CC and inverter??? The inverter manual states that the max charging current is 35 Amps. Consequently, on the AC side, I have a 60amp breaker for both the AC IN and AC OUT in the service panel. But after reading endless posts I'm doubting myself. Anyone see anything off here?

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BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 showing 0 amps solar

I have a bank of 6 AGMs each over 100 Ah. The bank is charged by x8 145W flexible panels. Each panel has a Bluesolar MPPT 75/15 with identical settings. Two of my MPPTs show 0 amps from solar, the voltage from solar looks fine (19v) and from batteries between 12v - 13v. Each MPPT has the same settings. And can see solar, and battery, volts and amps. I have checked the fuses.

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Mon MPPT ne fourni plus de puissance

Bonjour la communauté,

Je suis perplexe... mon MPPT ne fourni plus de puissance depuis plus de 2 h, alors que le soleil est bien présent et que le quattro décharge les batteries pour fournir l'énergie nécessaire à l'installation.


Merci pour votre aide.


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How to connect both virtual load and mppt control to smartsolar TX port?

Good morning. Is it possible to modify the ve direct cable to connect both the mppt control monitor and a solid state relay to control the virtual load to the smartsolar?

Because in the manual it is written that the tx port continues to be able to manage the virtual load even in "normal communication" mode.

"Normal communication" mode is used for connecting mppt control. But how to connect even a virtual load together?

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