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ESS/DVCC MPPT not charging when CVL is reached


following Setup

-3ph Multiplus 2 5000 v494

- Cerbo GX v2.85

- AC coupled PV Fronius Symo

- MPPT RS 450/100 v1.09

- LFP with REC BMS

- ESS and DVCC enabled

- REC is providing the charge parameters

- MPPT und Multi on external control

I am observing the following behaviour that when the battery voltage reaches the CCL, the MPPTs stops charging and only the AC coupled PV Inverter provides charging via the MPs.

But this is most inefficient, there is enough sun available for the MPPT to charge.

Any ideas or advices?

Many thx!


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Kein vernetzter Betrieb 100/50

Guten Tag

Ich habe dvcc aktiviert und mein Mppt regler per VE direkt Kabel am Cerbo angeschlossen. Nur wird er nicht erkannt und erscheint als stand alone. Woran kann das liegen?
Setup : multiplus 2000 12 v
Cerbo gx
Smart Mppt 100/50
Toch gx 50
Multi control
Victron 200 A smart battery
Smart BMS victron
Smart shunt 500A
Alle aktuellen Firmware Versionen, nur der multi hat noch 430.


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Mppt smart solar vernetzter Betrieb?

Guten Abend

Wenn ich im cerbo auf meinen mppt regler gehe kommt folgendes, obwohl das dvcc aktiviert ist. Ve bus bms läuft auch ohne Probleme. Woran kann es liegen?


200 Ah lifepo4 smart victron

Ve bus bms

Multiplus 12 V 2000

Cerbo GX

100/30 smart


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DVCC Charge Mode


Hi there. I have 3 x MPPTs connected to VenusOS on a Pi. DVCC is enabled.

Not a massive issue but today, I had an issue where my smallest panel (Portable Array, 100W) was on Float but my other 2 sets were on Absorption (Aft and Coachroof 275W total). All were unshaded. This meant that the portable wasn’t providing any power output to help Absorption phase. Any idea what’s going on?


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What networking to use with Cerbo GX + MMPT + DC to DC + Multiplus II

So confusing. Simple question. If I have a Cerbo GX plus all other Victron components: Smart MPPT, Smart DC to DC and a Multiplus II.

WHICH networking do I use so they all talk to each other and so Cerbo GX controls them all ??

VE. BUS ? DVCC ? or other ?


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Pylontech UP5000 not charging to 100%

Good afternoon all,

This is the first time I am using the pylontech UP5000 batteries and I cant get them to charge above 86%, or more specifically 51.53V. The system is a Cerbo, a Quattro, and the pylontech batteries.



This is not my first time setting up a Victron with the Pylontech batteries, and I thought it was pretty straightforward up until now.

I have been through https://www.victronenergy.com/live/battery_compatibility:pylontech_phantom

and all of my settings are exactly as they state here, with the exception of the DVCC.

It looks like the items on the Live page are outdated as the DVCC is now forced on. SVS is forced off, STS is forced off. (I have checked past installations and I see this is now true on all my installations)

In addition to the above the following settings are set:

Limit charge current: Off

Limit managed battery charge voltage: off

SCS : off.


I also have confirmed the battery and the Cerbo are communicating with the parameters coming through as expected. The BMS CAN is set up correctly and I have no errors.


Additionally, I see that the cell data is now available. I don't know if this is just a Cerbo thing or a UP5000 thing. But I think it's cool.



When I first charged the battery it charged to 100%, which was at 51.53V. Over time that 100% has dropped to 86%.

What I suspect is that overtime the cells have balanced, which causes the 51.53V to equal a lower SOC. This is just my opinion and could be incorrect.

I dont know if anyone has any ideas on what I can do differently, or if I am missing anything. as at this point, I don't know how to get it to charge to 100%.

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BMS+ CCGX+ Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger the DVCC won’t work?


I have a system that consists of REC BMS + CCGX and Phoenix smart charger IP43. The BMS and Charger is connected to CCGX through CAN and VE.Direct. I have activated DVCC and defined the limit (CVL, CCL, DCL). When I then want to charge the batteries, the Charger will not follow the limit set in DVCC. CCGX ends up giving Alarms (high voltage, high current, etc.).

Is Phoenix Smart charger compatible with DVCC??

IS there any settings I have not activated? Is there any settings I have overlooked?

How does Phoenix Charger charge the batteries when DVCC is activated?


Phoenix smart Charger 12 | 30 (1 + 1) fv v3.31

CCGX fv v2.87

REC BMS v2.6


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MPPT not charging during Multiplus absorption (DVCC)

Should DVCC allow the MPPT to charge when sun is available, even when the Multiplus starts a charge due to low SOC early on a sunny day?

I've found the Multi will still be in absorption and the MPPT will go to float, but decides not to bother with any output, even though it could.

If i turn the MPPT charge off and on (in Victron Connect) it will try to charge for a few seconds but quickly cycle through Bulk-Absorption to float and give no output.. Only when the Multi goes to float does the MPPT start charging.

I'm using DVCC, + Ignore AC, both MPPT absorption and float voltages are higher than the Multi's

Could it be overheating? Today was hot and the batteries showed a peak of 37 Deg C, or maybe an incorrect setting, I.e. reduce the Ignore AC charge to end after bulk, but that's not ideal until we have more solar?

Or a symptom of the MPPT adaptive charge, either way i thought DVCC should tell them both what to do, as the Multi decided to use the AC In mains to charge when there was enough sun to cover the end of the absorption phase :( ..?


VRM link:



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CCGX - DVCC -> How to Limit Charge Voltage using ModBus-TCP

I've noticed the addition in DVCC the ability to limit the managed battery charge voltage to a value of my liking. I am very happy, that this is finally possible now.
Now, I would like to set this maximum charge voltage using Home Assistant.

Inside my Modbus TCP services, I have access to com.victronenergy.systems.
According to CCGX-Modbus-TCP Register-list.xlsx, the only writing-enabled registers com.victronenergy.systems are the CCGX-relay-states.

Is there any possibility set the Maximum Charge Voltage per Modbus TCP from Home Assistant? If yes, what is the register of this service?

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Last Full Charge Unknown

My Victron Smart Lithium 200Ah 12v battery says “Last Full Charge Unknown” and “Cell Status Unknown”

My whole system is new, and I’m not convinced it has correct SOC. The system from first connection believed the battery is at 100% extremely quickly.

It is DVCC.

Lynx Smart BMS and Distributer, Multiplus 12/800/35, MPPTs, CerboGX, Orion DC DC,

The Multiplus goes into Absorbtion very quickly, but then never goes to float.

Any ideas?


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1 Answer

Multiplus SOC

My Multiplus never leaves absorbtion stage and shows blank in the SOC section.

My system is a Victron Smart 200Ah LiFePo4, CerboGX, Multiplus 12/800/35, Lynx SmartBMS and Distributer, Orion DC DC Charger, Smart MPPTs

It is set up as DVCC.

How do I get the Multiplus to see the SOC?

On another question, when I start the engine, the DC DC Charger goes to BULK initially even if other chargers are at Absorbtion. Am I missing something to make the parts all play nice together?



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Smart solar MPPT 150/85 Tr VE.CAN and DVCC participation

I have 4 MMPTs 2 are USB connected to a CCGX and 2 are newer VE.CAN. The older non- CAN are running firmware 1.59. The newer CAN are running firmware 3.10. I have DVCC enabled. The newer CAN devices do not appear to be using DVCC. On the CCGX if I select Networked Operation on a CAN device I see 2 items listed:

* Network Status - Group & Instance Master

* BMS controlled - No.

On the older MPPTs Networked Operation has 4 items

* Networked - Yes

* Network Status - Standalone

* Mode setting - External Controll

* BMS controlled - No.

I have victron smart lithium batteries, a Lynx 1000 VE.CAN Shunt, VE.Bus BMS, a Quattro 5000, and CCGX.

The CAN MPPTs go to float too early and they don't appear to be participating in DVCC. What am I missing in my config?


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1 Answer

Why are some MPPTs in Stand Alone when DVCC is active

We have the following set-up:

Cerbo GX v2.89

Batteries: 2 x MG Energy masters V1.30 with Combined Master app (phyton3)

8 x MPPT250/100 Ve can V3.1 networked via can

3 x quattro on Ve.bus paralleled v497

1x quatro Via MK3 usb link v430

DVCC is set-up to follow MG Combined master charge reference

2 / 8 MPPT are in External control like they should

5 / 8 MPPT report being in Stand alone mode and do not follow BMS

1 / 8 MPPT does not appear to communicate. Still investigating

7 out of the 8 Unit are being reported by the Cerbo and are visible via VRM.

Why are 5 units not in external mode like they should. What can we/should we do to have them go to that mode?

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Multiplus II and Cerbo GX and DVCC strange behavior

New installation, details of the system:

Cerbo GX
Multiplus II 48/5000 connected via VE.bus
Pylontech batteries connected to the Cerbo via BMS-can
DVCC enabled

Multiplus is behaving strangely...
Multiplus goes from inverting to off and then back again to inverting in intervals of 7-15 seconds ...
Cerbo GX shows multiplus status and it goes from inverting to unknown then back again to inverting and back to unknown. There is nothing connected to the AC out except one lightbulb I connected for testing, and there is no AC in.

I tried different UTP patch cable, both are premade patch cables, same brand different lengths. Multiplus continued to go on and off.

When disconnected from Cerbo GX Multiplus works normally (inverting).
I also connected to the Multiplus through the MK3 interface from my android phone, It also continued to work normally.

In the end I connected MK3 interface directly to the Cerbo via USB and the Multiplus works normally, and also is shown in the Cerbos interface. I used the third patch cable (different brand) with MK3 interface. This patch cable was too short to reach Cerbo directly.

Could this be because of the faulty patch cable? Or is there something else that I am missing?

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1 Answer

DVCC limit charge current does not work

I installed a new Mulitplus 2 48/5000. DVCC limit charge current does not work. With the old Quattro, DVCC worked without any problems. Did I make a mistake somewhere? 

System setup: 
ESS with Cerbo 
MPPT chargers show "external control".




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