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DVCC for DC charge current control from node red - Unintended effects?

Hi Folks,

I currently have a Multiplus and Smart Shunt hooked up, standard fission, to a Cerbo GX.
My batteries do not communicate, although they do have internal BMS's. The need to be handled like any other dumb battery, settings not withstanding.

For, non standard / unsupported, reasons I need to be able to control Charge current without limiting AC input. I am using the charge current control assistant, right now, which works well.
The above is set to disable the charger when I set 0 current and that results in a Passthru state leaving Assist enabled and ready... Which is great.

The analogue input associated with the CC assistant is currently physically connected to a voltage reference circuit, just a few diodes essentially, which in turn is driven by the Cerbo GX relays.

It works but is admittedly a messy solution. So...

Dose anyone know...

If enabling DVCC, which I should probably do anyway, will allow me to control charge current, with the Node Red node, and still have the Multi go into Passthrough, as opposed to Bulk/Float with 0 current?

Are there any red flags or DVCC setup, particularly when manipulating it that I should be aware of for my simple setup? Still reading the manual but so far all the complication seem to be around ESS and/or more complicated integrated stuff.

Will DVCC and the charge current assistant conflict with each other or is the current setpoint common? (Mainly asking so I know which order to do/test things)

lastly, if I haven't asked something I should have when considering this stuff.

Any and all comments welcome,

Cheers folks.

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Writing DVCC parameters from Node-Red

Hi there...

I'm trying to communicate a BMS (from a HydraRedox flow battery) with a CCGX, in order to allow the BMS manage battery charge an discharge using DVCC.
The system is off-grid, so I've discarded using ESS.

The BMS includes a PLC which can communicate through Modbus TCP, and optionally using CAN bus (CANOpen).

One of the most interesting options for me is to communicate them through Node-Red, using the "node-red-contrib-modbus" and "node-red-contrib-victron" nodes. I'd install Node-Red in a computer in the same local network, as CCGX doesn't seem to support Node-Red.

I have no problem with the Modbus part, as I've used it in other projects, but have some questions about communication with the CCGX:

Is it possible to write the DVCC parameters needed (CVL, CCL and DCL) from Node-Red?

As it seems "node-red-contrib-victron" nodes use internally D-Bus, this question could also be asked like this:

Is it possible to write the DVCC parameters needed (CVL, CCL and DCL) using D-Bus?

And, if it's possible, where can I find the D-Bus paths to these parameters?

Just in case somebody suggest using Modbus to write these parameters, I cannot find some of them in the Modbus register list cor CCGX, and some other are just not writable.

My other preferred option is to communicate both systems using CAN Bus (Ve.Can/NMEA2000/CANOpen), but I also have some questions about that and will ask them in another thread.

I've posted this same question in the Spanish forum (in spanish), please tell me if you consider this a misuse of the forums (I'm a newbie here...).

Thanks in advance,


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Escribir parámetros para DVCC desde Node-Red

Hola a todos...

Estoy estudiando cómo comunicar un BMS (de una batería de flujo HydraRedox) con un CCGX, de forma que el BMS pueda gestionar la carga y descarga de la batería usando DVCC.
El sistema está aislado de la red eléctrica, por lo que he descartado usar ESS.

El BMS incorpora un PLC que puede comunicarse vía Modbus TCP, y opcionalmente mediante CAN bus (CANOpen).

Una de las opciones que me parecen más interesantes es comunicarlos mediante Node-Red, usando los nodos "node-red-contrib-modbus" y "node-red-contrib-victron". Instalaría Node-Red en un ordenador dentro de la misma red local, ya que al parecer el CCGX no tiene capacidad suficiente para ello. La parte de Modbus la he utilizado en otros proyectos y no tengo problemas con ella, pero tengo algunas dudas respecto a la comunicación con el CCGX:

¿Es posible escribir los parámetros que utiliza DVCC (CVL, CCL y DCL) desde Node-Red?

Tengo entendido que los nodos "node-red-contrib-victron" utilizan internamente D-Bus, por lo que una pregunta equivalente sería:

¿Es posible escribir los parámetros que utiliza DVCC (CVL, CCL y DCL) mediante D-Bus?

Y en caso de que sea posible, ¿dónde puedo encontrar las rutas ("paths") D-Bus para estos parámetros?

Por si a alguien se le ocurre, he descartado también la opción de comunicación directa vía Modbus porque algunos de estos parámetros no aparecen en la lista de registros Modbus del CCGX, y otros no son escribibles.

Mi otra opción es comunicar ambos mediante CAN Bus (Ve.Can/NMEA2000/CANOpen), pero también tengo algunas dudas al respecto que preguntaré en otro hilo, para no liar éste.

Y si no hay inconveniente (soy novato por aquí), voy a hacer estas mismas preguntas en inglés en el foro general. Por favor, avisadme si se considera un mal uso del foro.

Gracias por todo,


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