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MPPT 100 | 20 Charge controller burnt fuse

The 25A fuse in my Victron MPPT charge controller was burnt—It was not blown. The connection point on the internal circuit board where the fuse plugs in was also burnt. A further point is that only one side of the fuse was burnt; It was the outermost connection, the one closest to the charge controllers casing. It is my understanding that this fuse is used for the “Load Output” feature (I have an older model). I do not use the load output feature and had disabled it through the app. A lot of current went through that leg of the fuse circuit.

I have recently been having problems fully charging my batteries. There has been failures with the charge controller where the PV voltage was 77+ volts, and zero amp. I disconnect the charge controller to reset it. After reconnecting I got normal PV reading of 63.74V and 2.5A. There has never been any error codes indicated in “History.” Also, the controller keep my batteries in bulk charge longer than usual and absorption time higher than I’ve ever seen. The amount of sun/clouds is the same on average as it has been the past 3 years.

Any thoughts as to the burnt fuse and/or recent behavior of the charge controller?

Charge Controller Firmware: v1.59

Charge Controller Interface - Firmware: v2.41; Bootloader: v1.16

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Smartsolar: how often does it scan mppt

Hi All,

I have two parallel strings with 4 panels in series connected to a smartsolar 150 35. The shadow situation is not always super simple therefore one question: how often does the mppt charger search for the perfect spot?

Test: I shadow one of the panels.

  1. If I only have 1x4: Power immediately drops to zero, after around 10 seconds a value of little less than 3/4 is reached => good and as expected
  2. 2x4: power drops to the power of one string (4/8). The mppt scanner does not readjust in 2 min (not. Expected!). After manual restart (activate / deactivate) the power drops to around 6/8 - 7/8 (expected due to voltage drop on one string).

==> it seems as if the mppt scanner is not recognizing power drops in a 2 string environment immediately.

Is there sth I can do about it? Will the smartsolar do regular rescans and if yes in what time period?


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What are the Smart Solar MPPT 150/100 VE.CAN limitations in regard to output current?

Is there a possibility of damaging the unit if say PV voltage is kept below 150 volts at all times but the array size is such that it could output very much more than 100 amps without the limitation? I currently have a 24 volt setup with 2.4 kw panels. The output current can reach 75 amps. If I were to install a second 2.4 kw of PV in parallel, PV voltage is the same but potential output is 150 amps. Does the 150/100 reduce output to 100 amps irrespectice of overreach without damage. The second set of PV is to cover low solar input in winter but in Summer would not be needed. I have not found an answer to other questions which is directly related to this question.

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VE.Direct not working on SmartSolar 150/70 MPPT

SmartSolar MPPT 150/70 Tr

This one is not communicating with GX on the VE.Direct.

Bluetooth is working, and the charger is operating as expected.

I checked in Bluetooth and cannot see an obvious option to turn VE.Direct on/off ????

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SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 (48V capable version) 24V or 48V battery system efficiency difference at low solar input?

I have designed a solar system for my RV that is focused to be as efficient as possible at low sun exposure as I live in Scandinavia and most often sun exposure is not great.

Current setup in short (for my particular usecase):

Solar array:
3x enjoysolar® PERC Monocrystalline Solarmodul 110W 12V connected in serial providing a operational voltage at full sun exposure with an ambient temperature of about 20 degrees centigrade just short of of 70-ish volts. Max voltage I seen is 75-ish volts.

Solar charge controller:
SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 (48V capable version).

Battery system:
95Ah AGM 12V Battery.

This system generates energy even at very low sun exposure and that I'm very pleased with. BUT as I designed the solar system I have done so with the plan to replace the 12V AGM battery, when it have served its purpose which is has at this point, with a either a 24V or a 48V lithium battery system and all the infrastructure around that. Naturally I like to go with a 48V battery for many reason but I believe I have come across a show stopper if l like to have as high efficiency as possible at low sun exposure in the future as well.

Monitoring the solar system today, through the Victorn Connect app, it seems like the solar charger will generate energy down to about 30-ish vols coming from the solar array. The solar array drops to low to no voltage with a quite steep curve when dropping below 30-ish volts. This gives that for a 12V and 24V battery system the solar charger will generate energy until the quick voltage drop below 30-ish volt coming of the solar array. As the solar charger requires a higher voltage coming from the solar array then the battery system it is to charge, a 48V battery system will, as it seems, not be able to gain any energy at low sun exposure and my solar array.

Am my assumption correct that a 48V battery system will not be able to gain any energy from the solar charger as its input voltage from the solar array drops below a 48V battery systems voltage, as it can sit at 58.4V fully charged, quite quick being not fully exposed by the sun? Or will the MPPT algorithm take the battery system voltage into consideration and keep the power point higher in voltage for a longer time before dropping it? I have not been able to test with any other battery system voltages to gain any further understanding on this topic. Hopefully someone here can help me understand this better. :-)

Please note that I do care for this energy generated at low sun exposure with my current system and as I see that a 24V battery system also would be gaining from my current setup. I know that for larger systems this is a no issue but for this small RV system it makes a difference. Another note is that it would be very hard to fit one more solar panel to up the array output voltage close to the solar chargers maximum voltage due to lack of roof space on my RV.

With kind regards


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Problem with SmartMppt 100/50 ...


When i power up my smartmppt 100/50 via the ve-direct input, it goes to abhigh current and back less. So it goes up and down about 5 times and then stabilizes on the actual solar energy. Does anyone know if this is normal or is there something wrong. I have 4 x 12V panels of 175Wp in series.

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Deux Mppt


Mon bateau est équipé de 3 panneaux Victron 215, branchés en série, relié à un Mppt 150/45 sur bâbord.

Sur tribord un panneau de 215 branché sur un Mppt 150/35.

le tout relié au parc batterie de servitude.

J’ai opté pour cette configuration, sur les conseils d’un installateur Victron, car lorsque la bôme et la voile occultent les panneaux d’un bord du bateau l’autre côté est toujours ensoleillé et produit au maximum.

Suite à une panne électrique, un deuxième installateur, me dit que c’est une très mauvaise idée, que les Mppt vont créer des interférences entre-eux et qu´ils ne fonctionneront pas correctement. De supprimer le Mppt 30 et de branchés les 4 panneaux en série Sur le 45.

Quand pensez-vous? Jusqu’à aujourd’hui je n’ai pas décelé de problème.


Merci pour votre réponse.



fox-team asked
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Orion-Tr Smart 12 12 30 Absorption but Smart MPPT is in Float

Trying to understand why the Orion remains in Absorption mode but the MPPT is in Float. Both have identical battery settings configured, the Smart MPPT 100/20 has a Smart Battery Sensor giving it voltage and temp. via VE Networking which of course the Orion can't yet access.

MPPT Battery Settings


Orion Battery Settings


MPPT Status


Orion Status


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SmartSolar MPPT100/50 Documentation Error?

Smart Solar MPPT 100/50 with VE.Bus BMS. The VE.bus BMS charge disconnect, is wired to the MPPT port using the VE.Direct non inverting remote on/off cable.

VE.bus BMS manual says the charge disconnect output becomes free floating in case of cell over voltage or over temperature. But the MPPT manual indicates a free floating condition on the RX pin will switch the charger on. This seems to contradict the VE.bus BMS manual.

MPPT manual reference: section 5.2.5. RX port settings:

  • Remote on/off: This is the default setting. This functionality will switch the solar charger on or off via the RX pin.
    • - RX pin to GND will switch the solar charger off.
    • - RX pin floating or to battery positive will switch the solar charger on.

Is the red text correct?

Appreciate any clarification.

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MPPT User defined

I've a hybrid set up in a motorhome smartsolar MPPT100/30, LA battery 12v 130ah, Lifepo 12v 200ah wired in parallel. My question hoping and relying on BMS taking care of the LI battery what settings are the best settings for MPPT? The EHU/ Shore charger is connected when AC is available.

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Use of excess solar power when batteries are full


This may be asked before but in this case there may be some specialities.


Off grid

MPPT 150/35

Multiplus 24/3000


Venus GX

PV power 2,5kw

Leaf- lithium battery set, round 10kW, 32V with BMS which are not connected to Venus

System starts to use battery energy when charger goes to float mode. I setup float voltage 0,5V (SOC round 85%) below absorption voltage to prevent micro charging. I think there is no way to prevent this? Normally my batteries are full at the afternoon during summertime and I loose 5-8 hours of solar power.

I will add dump load for system later but I assume that situation will be the same: It just use current from batteries until it's hit float voltage.

Any ideas?



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Erdung der Inselanlage

Hallo Zusammen,

mein Setup:

- MPPT Smart Solar 100/30

- Phoenix VE.Direkt 800W/1500W

- 4 PV-Module mit Gesamt 600W

- 6 AGM Batterien, 12V, 120Ah. je 2 in Reihe für 24V und davon dann 3 parallel

Zur Frage:

wie relevant ist denn die Erdung? Im WR Manual habe ich gesehen, ich kann im Gerät zwischen Floating und "echtem" Ground umschalten.

Ich habe in der Nähe einen Brunnen, Material ist unbekannt und Tiefe ebenso, allerdings ist ca. 100cm unter der Erdoberfläche bereits der Wasserspiegel des uns umgebenden Sees (4m Abstand von Ufer zum Brunnen). Den hätte ich jetzt benutzt, um mindestens meine Modulhalterungen zu erden. Naja aber wenn das generell eine gute Sache ist und nicht zuviel Overhead bedeutet, dann würde ich das auch gern gleich richtig machen.

Wonach entscheide ich, ob ich das tun sollte (erden) und eigentlich unabhängig von der Antwort: Hat da jemand mal eine Skizze, wie das aussehen müsste in der Verschaltung?

Achso: das ist keine Anlage auf einem Boot oder sowas, lediglich eine Gartenhütte umgeben von See. Es gibt dort kein Versorgernetz und entsprechend auch keine "richtige" Erde.

Danke euch!

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Historical VRM data after MPPT replacement

I had to replace a defective Smartsolar MPPT RS 450/100. The VRM instance was (0) for this defective device and the replacement device is instance (1). To clean up my dashboard, I would like remove instance (0) from the device list but I want to make sure that the historical data from device instance (0) remains. I realize I won't be able to show graph widgets on the advance page of VRM after I delete it, but I want to make sure the historical data used to show the total historical solar yield and the consumption (kWh data) from this old device are still included. Can I safely delete the old MPPT instance while still keeping the historical data?

Brian Brown asked

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Is IP65 and MPPT 100/50 supposed to show different battery state when connected at the same time?

Since an update two months ago, from an MPPT 75/15 to 100/50, the IP65 and MPPT started to show different states for the battery while connected at the same time. Before that, it always showed the same state.

Can someone explain if this is correct, or if there is something faulty with the setup? (I haven't done the setup).

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MPPT 250/100 maximale Spannung, Anzahl Module

Hallo zusammen,

wie würdet ihr denn entscheiden wie ihr die Anzahl der Module zusammen schaltet?

Modul : DAH-Solar --> DHT-M60X10/FS 460W

Die Leerlaufspannung vom Modul ist 62.4V

Würdet ihr 3 oder 4 Module im String zusammen schalten ?


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