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Connection of two MPPTs to the batteries


The number of solar panels is more , this is just a pictorial representation of the question. For Smart MPPT 100/20 ( 8*60W or 6* 60 W / 3,0 A ,connected in parallel ) not more than 20 A .For Smart MPPT 75/15 ( 8*15W / 1.0A connected in parallel ) not more than 15 A. I will calculate the power of solar panels here, I do not need help in this matter.
The main question is can I connect Smatr MPPT 100/20 and Smatr Mppt 75/15 to such batteries ( connected in parallel )? (see diagram) . Theoretically : The first battery (connected in parallel) is charged with the Smart MPPT 100/20 and the third or fourth with the Smart MPPT 75/15. The 12v/230v converter draws power from the middle battery (connected to the second or third battery). So, the path of current draw to the converter from the batteries is shorter and the path of charging the batteries is optimal.
Is this solution correct? Will there be interference between Smart MPTT? Or what protections should be added to the wires (diodes)?

I don't want answers like "get yourself an inverter or a bigger Smart MPPT, like 5000/500"

Please don't tell me watts and amps,I know how to add Amps or Volts.

The main question is, is it possible to connect two Smart MPPTs to the batteries?
And possibly what diodes to use (reverse current, battery discharge, etc.)

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Cable sizes for SmartSolar 100/50 with 24V 230Ah LiFePo


I have 4 x 380W solar panels, 2 of them in series and these two then connected in parallel. These go into my Victron SmartSolar MPPT Solar Charge Controller 100/50 with a 6mm² cable.

From there I still need cables from the SmartSolar MPPT to my 24V LiFePo 230Ah battery. The cable length is approx. 50cm - 100cm.

What size cable do I need for the connection? (And up to what maximum cable size does the SmartSolar 100/50 support?)

Would you put another fuse between the SmartSolar MPPT and the battery and if so, which one?

The idea is that I can charge the battery in the workshop and then bring it into the house to feed it in later if necessary. I have a feed-in socket in the house. A 3000W inverter is used here (max. 6000W at peak). Here, too, I have the question of which cable size I need (length 50cm) and which fuse.

Many thanks in advance.

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Victron SmartSolar 100/50 pulls nothing from solar panels

I have seen this issue discussed multiple times, but I am still not sure what to do about it. Why is this happening so often? I installed my SmartSolar 100/50 and it worked fine. Lately, it will not pull any power from the solar panels to charge the batteries. Even if I disconnect the solar panels and the batteries, the system does not reboot and start working properly. My history shows that it has been working but now VictronConnects alwayd displays 0 watts from the solar panels.

How do I fix this?

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Added a second battery and now displayed values not adding up

Hi All

Client has a Multiplus II 48 | 5000 with a MPPT 250 | 100 with a Cerbo GX. System was installed with a single Dyness 5.12kWh battery and client has added a 2nd one of these batteries now.

Comms to the batteries seems to be fine but monitoring figures does not seem to add up now:

1356W seems to go missing from looking at the below?

Would greatly appreciate assistance


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SmartSolar MPPTs with VE.CAN not Synchronizing

My 48v system has 2 smartsolar 250/70 MPPTs with VE.CAN daisy chained to a Cerbo GX with the color control. Each MPPT is suplplied by three 400W panels in series. I have not been able to get the mppts to synchronize and enter the same charging state. How should this be accomplished? I have not found an answer searching through the interwebs as of yet.

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ESS - MPPT gets disabled

Hello all,

I have a small solar system with buffer battery:

1 x solar cell 410 W

1x SmartSolar MPPT 100/20

1x SamartShunt 500A/50mV

1x Battery 12V 28Ah

1x MultiPlus 12/800/35

Everything is connected to a RaspberryPi with VictronOS via USB cable

2x Ve.Direct to the SmartSolar and SmartShunt

1x Ve.Bus to the MultiPlus


ESS is selected as configuration on the MultiPlus and DC power supply.

Connected on the MultiPlus:
AC input - Grid supply
AC output - continuous load of approx. 200-400W


The following problem has now come up:
When the SmartSolar is connected to the Raspberry, it switches to state: externally controlled and shuts down. If at all 5W - 20W come through. If I disconnect the VD.Direct and restart the SmartSolar, it delivers the full PV power.

Does anyone have an idea?

If desired, I can also provide RemoteDesktop (AnyDesk) if someone wants to look at it.

Many thanks in advance.

I am grateful for any idea! ;)

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Biogas AC generator to MC4 DC?

I'm currently researching the possibility to use an AC to DC rectifier in order to connect an AC gas generator to an existing Victron ecosystem.

The system is made of a series of multiplus units, smartsolar inputs (with solar PV arrays) and a dozen pylontech batteries. My current idea is to connect the gas generators to the smartsolar inputs via MC4 after converting AC to DC within the 24-48 volts range.

One of the constraints is that I can't connect the generators to the main AC input of the multiplus boxes as biogas production isn't always sufficient to replace the mains - especially when the gas is also used for heating. I can't replace the multiplus with Quattro boxes as the input switching isn't a viable option (on top of the price).

Suggestions, experiences and other ideas are welcome!

REM: I'm aware that a DC generator could help but here I'm looking specifically for biogas generators - and I could only find AC ones.

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Hex Protocol for SmartSolar MPPT RS450

I'm new and inexperienced here in the forum, but I've been using the BMV 712 for 2 years. I read and set the parameters under Linux (C, C++) and the hex protocol. I use the document "BMV700 Series HEX Protocol". There are no problems with this. I have now acquired the "SmartSolar MPPT RS 450" and wanted to integrate it into my system, as with the BMV. However, I can't find any documentation on the Hex protocol for the MPPT RS. Where can I find this documentation? Without it, the device is worthless to me.

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SmartSolar MPPT 150/100 does not seem to be generating well

My SmartSolar MPPT 150/100 was performing nicely when connected to a solar array of 600Wp.

I disconnected the original array and connected a new array of 1,090Wp to this SmartSolar 150/100. However, the best yield was below 100W. The PV voltage was 102V.

Everything seems ok with the SmartSolar MPPT 150/100..

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Is possible to combine Smart Solar MPPT and Smart Solar MPPT RS ?

Hi, currently I have a Smart Solar RS 450/100Tr in my system. I have some remaining solar panels with 20A (I plan for them a new RS 450/200Tr ), and I already ordered a new set of panels that have 30A Isc, so I need multiple Smart Solar MPPTs, is OK to mix it all and connect to Cerbo(s) via VE.Direct. Is it OK or are there any limitations?

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Parallel smart MPPT 75/15 - load output master or all

Hello all,

For my setup I have gone with running 3 (yes, lol) smart MPPT 75/15's (due to different orientation and panel sizes so they can cover my entire van roof)

I have read that they will work nicely in parallel after being linked via bluetooth and the BMV 712 smart monitor/shunt to coordinate them). It seems difficult to see info on what to do with the load outputs. I am wondering if I just select one to be the load output "master", or if I need to link all three of them to my load?

Any additional reading and info is most appreciated,


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75/15 MPPT and insufficient PV error with Firmware 1.59 issue

Hi folks,

I have a victron 75/15 MPPT hooked up to a 160w panel and 200ah AGM leisure battery, the system has been working flawlessly for years, battery replaced when needed but no issues at all, however, suddenly after upgrading to firmware version 1.59 I constantly get the insufficient PV error.

I have tried using a different panel, and different battery to no difference, having discussed this on Reddit in the victron community there,‘I’ve come across two others who also seen the same issue after upgrading to 1.59

Is there anything I can do about this, have victron issued any statements about faulty firmware, or is there a way for me to roll back to previous version which worked without any issue at all?

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Mac VictronConnect doesn't work with SmartSolar 150/35

Here's my config:

MacBook 12,1 - OS X 10.15.7 (Catalina) - VictronConnect 5.77
SmartSolar 100/15 - SmartSolar 150/35

100/15 connects and works fine, 150/35 doesn't (doesn't get past 20%); It doesn't even show the live bluetooth digest when on the devices screen prior to connecting.

Both SmartSolars connect fine to iOS app using bluetooth.

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Multiplus 12/1600/70 chassis ground issue


Mppt 100/50 & Multiplus 12/1600/70 are both fed via the Lynx Distributor which has a 70mm2 cable to chassis ground.

Do I still need to take a cable from the chassis ground point from the Mppt & Multiplus even though the neg it’s connected to the Lynx - which is connected to the chassis ?

Thank you in advance

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SmartSolar 100/50: "Solar Power" drops to 0 for 5 sec, every 39 sec

After switching from a "Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT 75V 15 Amp" to a 100V/50A one, in preparation for a larger Solar panel (from 100W/18V to 400W/36V, with the battery still remaining at 12V), I have noticed a very weird behavior in the Android app, Trends -> Solar Power -> Live view, that did not happen with the 75V/15A version:

Every 39 seconds the "Solar Power" drops to 0 for 5 seconds, and then returns back to whereever it was before.

If this is somehow "by design", then this seems like a good way to reduce the efficiency of the solution (losing 5/39 = 12.8% of the possible available solar power).

Neither a google search nor a quick search here on the forums seem to be referring to the 39 seconds, thus decided to submit a new post.

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