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plusieurs erreurs N°28 sur un MPPT 250/85

Bonjour à tous,

je viens de mettre en service mon installation qui est composée de 2 Multiplus 2 48/5000 raccordés en parallèles, 3 batteries Pylontech US3000C et 2 MPPT 250/85 raccordés à deux champs de PV de 4000Wc chacun.

Tout fonctionne parfaitement excepté des messages erreurs "28" répétitifs sur un de mes MPPT.

quand je prend la littérature des MPPT il est indiqué que cette erreur ne se réinitialise pas automatique hors c'est le cas pour mon MPPT...

voici l'extrait du manuel VICTRON pour cette erreur:

Err 28 - Problème de puissance d'alimentation

Cette erreur ne se réinitialisera pas automatiquement.

Débranchez tous les fils, puis reconnectez tous les fils. Si l’erreur persiste, le contrôleur de charge est probablement défectueux.

Avez vous une idée de la cause de ce disfonctionnement qui ne se produit que sur un de mes deux MPPT? (les champs ont exactement la même orientation et voient le même taux d'ensoleillement).

Dois je déclencher une prise en garantie?

merci d'avance pour votre aide.


le-grand asked
Thierry Cortassa (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

1 Answer

Double voltage, voltage swap and no charge


I have 5 Victron Energy SmartSolar Charger MPPT 100/20. They are charging the same LifePO4 battery. The battery preset is set to Smart Litium preset. They work together in VE Smart networking.

Two of these chargers are not charging now for a couple of days. By checking one of the charge controllers it seems to be a software issue (regarding that two different voltage should not appear in the same moment).

Disconnecting PVs and the battery didn't help. Reset to default didn't help. Leaving the network also wasn't the solution.

The PV voltage is always just under the battery voltage, but if I use a multimeter the voltage should be fine (e.g. 25V in the software instead of 30V measured).

Does anyone has any idea?

Thanks in advance!




Béci Kovács asked
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1 Answer

SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 and LiFePo 24V 200Ah


Is the SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 able to deal with a LiFePo 24V/200Ah battery pack ?
Battery Pack has integrated BMS 8S 200A (also RS485/CAN)
Plan to connect 2 x 395Wp (44.7V) PV panels in series connection.

appreciate feedback

best regards,

alphalinux asked
Alexandra commented ·

1 Answer

How suitable is a Smartsolar MPPT 100/20 controller for handling a (spinbike) generator input?

So the intended application is a spin bike generator - so a 3 phase brushless ac motor (from a skateboard) run off a flywheel of a spinbike with the intention to charge a 12V lead acid battery.

Input voltage is expected in the range of 20 - 40V dc (via a 3 phase bridge rectifier). Don't expect any overvoltage as the flywheel will keep the speed and hence voltage in check.
Will the unit handle the input? I calculate input is likely to be below 200W so shouldn't be close to the 290W max. with a 12V battery. I can't imagine any overspeed, hence overvoltage scenarios like might be the case with hydro generator or combustion engine generator

Battery charging: I'm assuming once the battery is full, will the controller autoamtically ramp up the impedance to reduce current drawn from the generator. (I assume this is how it reduces current drawn form a solar panel?) i.e. Pedalling will become easy
If the battery is very low charge, then I assume the controller will try to draw more current from the input - so pedalling will become heavy.
Does this sound reasonable or have I missed something?

Reason for using the MPPT controller is that I might use a solar panel later as an alternative input

simplesimon asked
Michelle Konzack answered ·

2 Answers

Backing board material for SmartSolar MPPT?


I'm about to install a pair of SmartSolar MPPT 150/60 units for my solar array and wondered if plywood is a suitable backing board material given the operating temperatures of these units? I have my Multiplus-II 48/5000/70-50 mounted on plywood but it doesn't really get that hot and is spaced off the wall somewhat due to the bracket and screw fixings.

I'm not sure exactly how hot the MPPTs get in operation but I've seen suggestions that it can be 70-80C. I'm pretty confident it would take a lot more than this to ignite or even scorch plywood but should I be looking to install a piece of aqua board or similar? Or can I simply install some spacers beneath the fixing points to avoid direct contact between heat sink and wall?



Craig Chamberlain asked
ahtrimble answered ·

3 Answers

VE Smart synchronised charging and low temp cutoff

Without a shared VE smart network temp sensor, and multiple MPPTs with synchronised charging

Does the master effectively set the low temp cutoff for all charging, or does each controller follow it’s own low temp cutoff?

jon-m asked

0 Answers

Remote firmware update

Hi, I did a successfull remote firmware update on a Multiplus II 48/5000. System has Cerbo gx, 2 x smart solar mppt 250/70 and 2 x Revov R9 11.2kwh batteries. After the update the mppt's show no Solar and not charging. Nothing changed on site. Is their something I can do remotely? Everthing was working before the update and no load was connected. The system has a changeover to grid only, so the internet connection stayed on.

blits asked
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1 Answer

mppt 150/85 tr ve can bulk but not charging

hi everyone

i have a problem with a NEW mmpt 150/85 tr ve can mc4 that does nt want to charge goes into bulk but no charge ,in the same configuration i ve put another that instant goes in bulk and charge

any ideas?de7e2257-6ba9-40e4-a6d7-9fdcd41b7d2c.jpg8f253e20-5eca-47f9-acae-24aadddae08a.jpg7dcb2f9a-5ede-42af-889d-52a8c7e536c9.jpgb083598b-e70c-464c-aeef-9cda211a3430.jpg

back-telefon asked

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MPPT 150/35 receiving voltage but not outputting any amps? App says it's in bulk mode?

630W of solar (3 210w panels) 24volt

24v Lifepo4 battery sitting at 26.4volts currently max I charge to is 29volts

incoming voltage is at 119.3volts max is just north of 125volts OC

System was working fine for months it's just setup as an emergency back up for my fish tank as well as my deep freezer and main fridge incase of emergency. It's currently been running everything but my main fridge for about 3 months with no issues. At least it was until today decided to take a look at my battery SOC when I noticed I was getting Zero watts from the panels thought it was odd so went to look out the window to find not a cloud in the sky. Took a look at the wires nothing was warm all connections were tight. Checked with multimeter to confirm voltage, everything checked out but no amps coming out of the charge controller. Went outside double checked all connections from the panels everything was in order. On a whim I shut off power from the panels via the disconnect and rechecked voltage nothing at the charge controller as expected still 119v at the line side of the disconnect as expected. re energized the disconnect and saw voltage at the charge controller via the app but still no amps from the charge controller. At this point figured since it wasn't working anyway I decided to shut off the entire system PV voltage first the cut power from the battery. Plugged in my ac charger to top off the battery while I hit the internet to see if anyone else has had this issue. Found a bunch of old posts here and there but not much info on what it could be just a few mentions about updating firmware or checking the BMS. It was over 30 min since I shut it all down I decided to check for a firmware update since I hadn't updated anything since day one of install. Turned on the battery side waited for it to boot up and checked the firmware only update I found was for the bluetooth so updated that. Figured I'd turn on the panels again and wouldn't you know after about 10 seconds I started getting wattage readings from the charge controller. I still don't know what caused it to stop working or restart . And I can't find any relevant information about this issue.

reggie-grant asked
klim8skeptic commented ·

3 Answers

Different Cable lengths

Hello everybody!

I read through multiple articles and also Victron's documentation about cable length, but I am still not 100% sure, so I decided you bother you here with my questions :-)

I use a setup with 3x Multiplus II, 3x Skylla-i Chargers, 2x MPPT, 4x SmartLithium. Everything by Victron.

Everything (except the batteries) is connected to a generic bus bar and then connected to a Lynx BMS + Lynx Distributor. The batteries are connected to "the other" side of the Lynx distributor - all in parallel.


I am using a CerboGX for managing everything. Everything is connected together. In the "System Setup" I use as "battery monitor" the "Lynx BMS". In "DVCC" I set "SVS - Shared voltage sense" to "Forced on". My idea behind that the voltage at the BMS is the "real" voltage that all the devices (Multiplus, MPPT, Skylla-i) should adjust to.


All batteries have the same cable length (plus and minus). Each of them are connected to the Lynx Distributor. I think this is okay, since the cable length is as it should be.


I currently use a parallel single phase system, but will change it to a three phase system soon. However, they are running as one "cluster". Currently I have the same cable length, but it is pretty messy. I only have about 0.5 meters of length. The cables have 50 mm².

Question #1: Is it possible to have different plus and minus cable lengths between the Multiplus? Example: MP 1: 0.3m, MP 2: 0.5m, MP 3: 0.7m

Question #2: Is it possible to have different length of plus and minus cable? For example: plus cable: 0.5m and minus 0.7m?


The Skylla-i chargers are connected to a small busbar and then connected via a 2.5m cable to the "central" busbar. The three Skylla-i also run in a parallel cluster.

More or less I have the same questions as for the Multiplus, but the main question is: I have a way longer cable to the central busbar, than the Multiplus. More or less the Multiplus and the Skylla show the same battery voltage.

General question:

I currently also have the issue, that the Skylla-i is not charging, when the Multiplus is charging. Right now the Multiplus is Inverting and the Skylla is in Storage mode. I would like them to work in parallel mode. Is this because they see a slightly different voltage?

Sorry for that long explaination and thank you in advance for your ideas/experiences!

Best regards


alexw asked

0 Answers

MPPT power using up power

I have 4 MPPT150/70 devices two of them seem to consume all the power that they generate. Where I see that is in the DC Power used. Our "normal" DC power usage is about 200 -300w, as the sun gets more powerful and the chargers generate more our DC Power goes up to 800-900w. If I turn off the breaker connecting the solar MPPT to the battery it drops back down to 200-300w. This only happens with two of the controllers the other two don't seem to be using up the power. I have no idea what is actually happening here, any suggestions?? There is nothing connected to the loads, and I even have the loads turned off always.

dougkimmerly asked
dougkimmerly answered ·

2 Answers

Can I parrallel my 2 x 100/50 MPPT chargers ?

I've tried to investigate other answers before asking, but I'm not 100% sure. I think this is relatively simply. Can I parrallel my 2 x 100/50 MPPT's so that I don't have 2 separate cable runs to my Lynx ?

jason-edwards asked
ahtrimble commented ·

3 Answers

Upgrading my 75/15 mppt

Hi ! I have a keystone travel trailer with the solarflex package. I have a 200 watts panel on the roof with the 75/15 mppt controller. I also have 6 volts battery of 215amp / hours I want to add a 200 watts panel. Is the 100/30a is the right choice for me ? Thanks !

davkey asked
kevgermany commented ·

2 Answers

How can I limit the battery lifePo SOC to 60% load state, with MPPTs 100/30

Hi !

I have installed a few days Lifepo4 Batteries in my vessel. 2 each 400 Ahm drop in batteries each one with its own BMS. Tewaycell, with bluetooth in the BMS. I can see all the parameters inside.

So I'm searching for some answers, I guess they are easy, but Im a little confused. if you please:

1º Lifepo4 are like litium batteries ( laptop, cellphone..) the way of , Are they must kept under 60% to extend their live? The thing is, they were delivered near 100% of charge. But I don't need that capacity for the daylife, just for emergencies (a long trip in the ocean). I bought this capacity because it was cheaper than 300Ah ones and available.

2º If 1º quesion = YES, in all my MPPTs (there are 4), can I set them to archive the 60% and stop chaging?. Maybe setting Absortion and floating voltage below, maybe 13.2 , or both the same?

3º If 1º & 2º are ok, Do you know if the victron battery chargers 220ac/12v, has the feature to stop to charge batteries up to the choosen SOC?. Mine has no even a Voltage absortion/float or anything to set and reach a certain SOC

Maybe this questions have been answerer somewhere, all and over gainbut I would wish to have a confirmation, because I read something but Im not sure

Thanks a lot

combatdiver asked
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6 Answers

Battery not charging above 54v

I have system that will not charge the battery above 54v. Both the MPPT and charger settinga are set to 56v (absorption) , 55.5v (float).
I've tested the settings with running charge for many hours and tested the MPPT. At the moment I am unsure if the problem resides in the Victron of the Daly BMS?

MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48
Cerbo GX
SmartShunt 500A
SmartSolar Charger MPPT 150/35
Daly 16S BMS - LifePo4 Eve cells

I have checked the settings in VE Configure and the MPPT (VEconnect). is there any thing i can try to get a higher charge voltage?

david-prentice asked
Michelle Konzack answered ·

3 Answers


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