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Rx port control of SmartSolar MPPT 100/30

I have a SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 which I am attempting to control remotely using the relay on a BMV 702.

In the online manual Item 5.2.5 states the following;

Remote on/off:
This is the default setting. This functionality will switch the solar charger on or off via the RX pin.
- RX pin to GND will switch the solar charger off.
- RX pin floating or to battery positive will switch the solar charger on.

However this does not appear to work, when I short Gnd-Rx nothing happens?

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Parallel MP2 at one phase only


Hi, my setup 3phase MP2, 1,1,2, cerbo, shunt, 2xMPPT. After add second MP2, the mppt cant chrge. Must be ESS at all MP2 or in slave MP2 not? Many thanks at answer. L

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Mppt 150/70 staying in “bulk” state

I have two 150/70 mppt’s. One is in “float”, while the other has been in “bulk” for days. One the cerbo screen this mppt (the one in bulk) is showing that it is in “off” state. My battery charge is at 100%. I don’t turn shore power off much. But when I do and the batteries need to recharge it seems to take forever (all daylight) to bring them back to 100% regardless of how much charge was used. I am really at a loss. Can anyone help?

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Mppt 100/20 no output allí conected
I appreciate the help, I am new to this, I would like to know if it is normal for the load output to put 0, when there are cameras, control unit and so on connected to the battery...
The mppt 100/20 is new too, is it broken or am I doing something wrong?

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MPPT todays data Issue?

Hi Guys,

actually i monitored MPPT data to create some Node Red analysis. Due to this i noticed that todays data of e.g. Yield, Max Charge Power a.s.o. is only working right partially. It looks like the data is correctly showed when PV Power is active but if PV power is gone all values showing 0. Checking the same data via Victron Connect Remote shows the same result. Can someone out there confirm my observation? If yes, works it as designed or is this a bug?

Thanks for help and comments

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100/30 SmartSolar Charge Controller measuring wrong solar voltage

Hi everybody,

On our camper we have 4 victron solar panels of 175W (~24V, ~9.5A). We have sets of two panels in series wired to their own 100/30 SmartSolar Charger which are connected to our 12V battery system. This has been working for many months without issues, but since a day or three one of the two charge controllers is not functioning properly anymore. The other one is working just fine.

Instead of the expected 32-48V PV voltage during the day it only measures 16-24V - displaying only half of the voltage that is measured on the PV pins of the controller. And as a result, the controller turns itself on and off because it drops below battery voltage + 5V sometimes.

To test if there is a problem with the MPPT or the array, we have swapped the two controllers - and as expected (by the fact that a different voltage is measured on the pins) it's the controller that is acting weirdly.

The dealer told us there is probably something wrong with the controller and we should get this one tested and replace it with a new one. But I would like to understand a bit better what could have gone wrong. Did anyone experience similar issues with a controller like this?



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MPPT premature float

I have brand new 600ah AGMs and 420 watts solar. BMV has me at 80% SOC but MPPT controller seems to be going into float prematurely. It looks like the battery voltage on the MPPT is quite a bit higher than what the BMV is saying and my guess is that this triggers the Float. MPPT goes from 200 watts down to zero. I then see, within seconds, the voltage drop on the MPPT and the watts cycle up again.

Ultimately the SOC doesn't rise above 80% as the MPPT stays in float.

This can't be normal. Thoughts?


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MPPT not showing solar, battery readings inaccurate

Having problems with our set up, MPPT (100/20) showing 0-1w and battery reading is showing as 13.78, but multimeter showing 12.16.

The wires did get accidentally unplugged, but not working properly since plugged back in.

Sometimes the app doesn't come up with the controller at all.

Please help!


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Amount of solar for Multi RS solar


How to I connect 10 x 355 watt panels on the multi RS solar ?

Does it damage the MPPT if I do connect to much solar ?

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MPPT turns off when battery is switched to absorbtion.

MPPT turns off for 20 minutes when battery switches to absorbtion.

What is the reason for that?



DC power can be sent to grid because DC feeding is allowed.

When I reboot GX, MPPT production resumes earlier that if I do nothing.

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2 MPPT 75/10s. Battery connected in parallel. Both need manual restart of charger when 1 goes to 0 W

I think Victron needs to change the firmware.

This is a new install. 2 75/10 in parallel with the battery. Load outputs are disconneted. No other Victron devices present and the 2 MPPTs are 4 inches apart.

At low load and full battery SOC one of the Mppts will go to 0 W (not always the same one). Now when I add load such as turning on my freezer. The MPPT will remain at 0 W even though the battery is discharging.

The only way to get it working is to disable charging on BOTH MPPTs, Then re enable the one at 0W first.

But then, if I shut off the freezer. Both MPPTs will go into absorption mode even though the battery is 100% SOC.

After a while one or the other MPPT will go to 0W and the cycle begins again where it will never output power until both are disabled and re-enabled.

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Synchronized charging with 2x Blue solar, Venus and Phoenix inverter

I've got the following off-grid setup:

- 1 BlueSolar 75/15 MPPT on PV string 1

- 1 BlueSolar 100/30 MPPT on PV string 2

- Venus running on a raspberry pi

- Phoenix Inverter

- 12V AGM battery bank

- Smartshunt

The MPPTs & smartshunt are connected to the Venus using a cable. The inverter is connected to the Venus using a MK3-USB cable. Both PV strings suffer from occasional shading at different times throughout the day.

Is there any way to enable synchronized charging on both MPPT charge controllers? Either controlled through the Venus, or controlled by an assistant running on the inverter? Right now I get into situations with one controller in float, and the other one still in bulk. One trying to reduce power to reduce voltage, the other doing the opposite...

From the documentation I found so far it seems impossible. networking is not applicable as I'm using Bluesolar instead of Smartsolar. The ESS assistant I can't use because I don't have an AC-in.

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MPPT smart solar not going into absorption

Hi, I have on off-grid system with 3x Pylontech US2000C batteries, Multiplus II GX 48/5000/70 and MPPT smart solar 250/100.

When I initially set up the system I hadn't changed the charging limits advised by Victron ie absorption 52V, float 51V through the VictronConnect App but had set the limits via the VE configure software Charger Settings tab.

I was getting high voltage alarms but the MPPT was going into absorption and float, and recording as such on the VictronConnect App.

I have since updated the settings in the VictronConnect app which has stopped the high voltage alarms but the MPPT now never goes into absorption or float.

Is this a problem and if so, how do I fix it?

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MPPT show State OFF Virtual ON

Just got new TT and MPPT 100/30 show state off virtual on. Attached configuration file

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MPPT state Bulk Protection?

Hi can someone tell me what the bulk protection mode does on the MPPT and why it is active?
Over VRM or the console is nothing apparent but via grafana is the solarcharger/State = Bulk Protection. Now I wonder if something is wrong with the system or if I reach a limit somewhere and therefore lose solar energy.

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