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MPPT todays data Issue?

Hi Guys,

actually i monitored MPPT data to create some Node Red analysis. Due to this i noticed that todays data of e.g. Yield, Max Charge Power a.s.o. is only working right partially. It looks like the data is correctly showed when PV Power is active but if PV power is gone all values showing 0. Checking the same data via Victron Connect Remote shows the same result. Can someone out there confirm my observation? If yes, works it as designed or is this a bug?

Thanks for help and comments

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MPPT 250/100 VE.Can firmware v3.11. I don't seem to have this issue accessing via VRM (not local, so I can't check BT):


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thanks for your answer. Just noticed: the issue happens depending on day time and not on status. Have checked the values at 9:30 pm and they are all 0. Will investigate the exact behavior tomorrow.

Looks like MPPT History used wrong time/date. Yesterday's History showed values of today.


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I wouldn't presume it has an accurate internal clock. I would expect "days" are based on PV activity: PV voltage detected = sunrise. PV voltage to near zero = sunset.

I'd like to think it possibly has an internal timer to prevent false "day" counts if PV is disconnected.

If it doesn't have some kind of timer in place, PV disconnects and restarts of a certain duration might falsely trigger a new day.

Just guessing.

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Maybe but it's the wrong way to do it, a total eclipse, a real bad weather and it goes to the next day.

I observed the same problem, dates are wrongly used and yield are really misleading.

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If data actually means something to you, you should have VRM and be logging 6 months of data as frequently as once per minute.
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Correct afik.

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From the manual for 'MPPT 75/10 thru 100/20' which have a streetlight function. Maybe the others use a similar time algorithm.

MPPT solar charger manual (

The charger has no real time clock, and therefore does not know when it is 12 o'clock at night. All references to midnight refer to what we call solar midnight, this is the mid-point between sunset and sunrise.

Midnight and Sunrise synchronisation:

The solar charger needs to have its internal clock synchronised with the solar cycle so it can set the solar midnight and sunrise anchor points in the timer program. After the streetlight settings have been programmed and the solar charger is powered up, the solar charger will start unsynchronised. It will first assume that midnight is 6 hours after sunset, and that the full night last for 12 hours. Once in operation, the solar charger will check the time between each detected sunrise. After three full day/night cycles, where the detected time is approximately 24 hours (one hour of deviation is allowed), it will start using its internal clock, instead of the fixed 6 and 12 hour timing.

A loss of power (no battery power together with no PV power) will cause the solar charger to loose its synchronisation. It will take 5 days before it is re-synchronised. Note that the streetlight configuration settings and all other settings will never be lost, they are stored in a non-volatile memory.

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