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EasySolar II-GX max power... (48/3000/35)

So commissioned a new system a few days ago, it’s standalone with 4x200ah “cranker” batteries. Has ESS and 4kw of panels ..

Ran a “grid fail” test with a load of 2376w (as according to the console) and it went straight to overload and shut down the ac out for long enough to reset every computer. This didn’t happen at 2100w(ish)...

Ambient temp was 21C and batteries >90% charged.

Thought these units are supposed to handle 3000W for a short time and 2400W continuous at 25C?



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Multiplus 2 as UPS (UK)

I'm planning an ESS system using a Multiplus 2 (48/3000), solar panels, MPPT, GX, Battery etc. All pretty conventional so far. When it's installed in France, where I subscribe to a 9000va service I can reconfigure my consumer unit so critical loads are supplied from AC out 2, and everything else is connected to the AC out 1. So far so good. In this case the Multiplus will boost the grid supply (from PV and battery) if five people decide to dry their hair, boil a kettle, make some toast (or whatever) when the grid is connected, and in the case of a power cut they'll have to suffer wet hair, wait for breakfast and have no tea, but the lights and wifi will still be on. I say its relatively easy because the house wiring there is made up of simple radial circuits, limited by the size of individual breakers, maximum eight sockets on a 16amp breaker, cooker, washing machine, fridge etc on individual breakers and so on and so I know which circuit goes where and can easily choose which circuits are critical and which aren't.

Now for the question: In these unusual times I want to temporarily install some of the equipment (Multiplus, GX and Battery) in a different house (in the UK this time) to provide a grid backup UPS system. Here the entire house is supplied by far fewer ring main circuits, some of which are relatively low demand, lights for example, but other circuits potentially much higher. Here the only source of power is the Grid (no solar), but in this case it's a 100amp supply. Is there a limit to what can be powered through the Multiplus 2? In other words, do I need to constrain what's being supplied by AC1? Or, to put it a third way can EVERY non critical load (potentially up to 100amp) pass through the AC-in and back out again through AC2. (There's no need to use the 'boost' element of the Multiplus system here as I'm paying for the power whether it comes from the grid or via the battery anyway.)

Presumably I'll have to reconfigure this consumer unit and rewire the house to separate what's critical and what isn't to ensure the UPS isn't drained within the first hour of a power cut by teenagers making toast.

BUT can I separate off critical loads to AC-2 and leave everything else to AC-1 - or am I better NOT connecting AC1 at all?

Thanks in advance for everyone's time.

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How does a Quattro decide whether the auxiliary output should be disabled?

Hi there!

Apologies beforehand if this question has been answered before but I couldn't find anything particular.

Our system is sporadically disconnecting our auxiliary AC-out-2 output and we can't really figure out why.

As I understood the AC-out-2 line will only be disconnected should the system be running on battery only (ie, when the grid is found to be unavailable).

However, as far as we can see the system is still sporadically dropping the auxiliary load even though the grid seems to be in tact. In fact, the Quattros are even charging the battery from grid with no apparent problems.

Are there any other reasons why the Quattros would be dropping the auxiliary load apart from grid input issues?

As reference, our system is comprised of:

  • Gateway - Color Control GX
  • VE.Bus - 3x Quattro 48/15000/200-2x100
  • Battery monitor - Generic Can-bus BMS battery (Freedomwon 40/28)
  • Solar charger - SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/100 rev2
  • Solar charger - SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/100 rev2

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UPS with Pylon - Limiting the SOC to 80%

Hi there,

A customer brought a MPII 3000 + Pylon 48v from us, to do a small UPS system, but he wants to limit the upper SOC limit to 80%, to extend the battery lifetime.

Tried lowering the charge voltage, but no luck, keeps charging till it reaches 100%. Tried with ESS, using the "Scheduled charging", limited to 80%, but then, it discharges to 75%, then charges to 80%, then discharges to 75% (....), cycling the batteries.

I dont want to run the system without the CAN cable, any other solution?


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Charge Ultracapacitor Array?

I have a 6 ultracapacitor array with dynamic balancing, which I use to run LED lighting and as a UPS for computers.

Ultracaps unlike batteries can recharge 100,000 - 1,000,000 times, and they avoid the harsh chemicals and metals batteries use.

However, these guys make a lot of current, and they often charge differently from batteries -- for example they typically charge to the open circuit voltage due to the near zero resistance.

The Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 Solar Charge Controller 100V 20A with Bluetooth seems designed for managing and maintaining batteries.

Can it also charge this array safely, from a Canadian Solar 300W panel, 44V open voltage?


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MultiPlus-II 48/3000 and VE.bus Error 1


I have UPS installation with 6xBYD B-Box Pro 2,5 and 3x MultiPlus-II 48/3000.

Few times a day System shuts down for very short time (seconds - after that wakes up) and Color Control indicates that Error #1 then occurs. There is no grid loss then as well.

I have checked what could cause error 1 and didn't find it in the system:

-no overload

-no low battery

-no temperature alarm

What can be the reason of situation described with words "Device is switched off because one of the other phases in the system has switched off "?

Can it be caused by defective Multi which works properly all day but 3-6 times a day turn off itself for a while?

I just installed video recorder to find monitor LEDs an each Multi.

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Does the Victron system perform full UPS function?

I am new to this and my system was only commissioned at my holiday house a few weeks ago. My setup currently runs on solar all day (unless the weather is bad) and battery all night (unless the battery drops below 40%) other than 300 watts per hour of grid power. If the gird fails, my circuits which are designated as critical loads will run from the battery and 40% of the battery will give them around 8 hours. It appears to me (based on a few weeks of monitoring) that the system will be on “grid only“ power for about 10% of the time (presumably more in winter) and probably increasing to about 60% of the time when we are actually using the holiday home.

My understanding (and I may be wrong!) is that the system will protect from poor quality power (surges, high voltage etc.) from the grid when the battery is in use and when the solar is in use but not when the power consumed is “grid only”. Assuming this is correct, is there any way to protect the critical loads from dirty power all the time using the system or does one need a separate stand alone UPS?

Thanks in advance from a real newbie!

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System keeps switching between bulk and inverting

Hi there!

Our Victron system is continuously jumping between inverting and bulk and I'm not sure why this is the case. This happens fairy predictably every 30 or so odd seconds and the GX screen also seems to indicate that the grid is online/offline, while this is definitely not the case. The system was still running fine yesterday, and seems to have started jumping between inverting and bulk somewhere during the evening.

The system is comprised of the following components:

  • Gateway - Color Control GX
  • VE.Bus - 3x Quattro 48/15000/200-2x100 (Freedomwon 40/28)
  • Battery monitor - Generic Can-bus BMS battery
  • Solar charger - SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/100 rev2
  • Solar charger - SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/100 rev2

My electricity provider has also already been at the premises to validate that the line voltage is correct and the power quality is supposedly good.

I can also hear relays switching each time it jumps between bulk and inverting. Is such frequent switching detrimental to the expected life time of the system, or would it be ok to leave the system running as is?

Some of the VRM measurements are as follows. The battery was around 36% during.


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Feed MPPT75/15 with a 48V/7.3A (350W) dc power supply and use 24V battery bank

I read several threads in this forum about using MPPT with a dc power supply.

I want to do this, but have a doubt.

If I put at PV input a switchable dc power supply for example 48V/7.3A (350W) and use 24V battery bank I can get a current of about 14A (calculation without loss)

So I guess limit output current to battery to 10A will be fine and not burn up dc power supply nor the PV input which has a max input of 15A (I have 7.3A input)?

With this constelation I have a efficent UPS for 24V devices, battery low discharge protection and a data logger. Is this not nice?

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How long is the transfer time with the UPS FUNCTION disabled?

UPS Function: (default = enabled)

When the sine wave is of good quality, the Inverter of the MultiPlus will hook up on it, thus allowing a synchronised and fast transfer when the generator stops.

Many generators have more or less ill-shaped sine waves, in particular during sudden load changes. In these situations, the MultiPlus will disconnect frequently or not connect at all. The UPS function must then be deactivated. The drawback is a slightly longer transfer time.

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Is this a good 48DC UPS setup?

Hey I'm looking for a system that keeps the batteries topped off but does not constantly charge them. Does anyone see a problem with this setup? I know its an mppt made for solar, I run mppt from power supplies and no problems. Also i plan to use the mppt load output to turn off the Orion for LVD.


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Quattro's UPS function dose not work, we have often Power cut because of this.

Hi everybody

we have often power cut when Quattro switchs from battery to generator. It takes about 3 to 5 min till the Power current comes back. it happens 2 or 3 times a week.

we have had since the first configuratin , per VE configure software, the UPS function in submenu Grid enabled. but it does not work properly.

we have a 3-phase system with Quattro 24v/5000VA/120.

Could anybody help us please to solve this issue?

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Suggestions of choosing UPS lithium battery?

As a start up company, does any suggestion of ups battery? How much voltage and capacity is necessary to buy?

Thanks a lot.

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Feature request / Help: using excess solar power no feed-in

Hi All,

I seem to be unable to configure what I was told the EasySolar could do. It’s possibly my fault, but if not it’ll be a feature request that I think would potentially sell a lot more victron units in Australia.

If one selects “grid code” of “none” it seems I cannot use PV power unless in powerassist mode, UPS (in Ac-in fail) or batteries need charging mode. Ie under normal operation (grid/generator present) PV power will reduce as the batteries charge, and even though I have 1.6kw of panels I’ll see charging of just 20w etc.

ESS cannot be started with a grid code of “none”

ESS cannot be started using the Australian grid code (it warns that a secondary relay is not present in the product)

Selecting UK (and others) will allow the ESS to start and one can then select “use excess PV power to feed into the grid” which then will use all PV power available (Which majority of the time is lower than the load).. but obviously this would be non compliant (and therefore illegal) if running without an anti-islanding relay.

I have also noticed I have to set “keep batteries 100% charged” for it to work, using “optimized” will cycle the batteries.

Setting “power assist” will work sort of... if I set the limit input to 4.5A it will use a couple of hundred watts to power the load, however it will never use less than 700w no matter if I set the input limit to 0.5A... (it just sets itself back to 4.5 in the GX) ... and worse (for my situation) should the load go over the available PV power it’ll discharge the batteries.

So nothing does what I want to do.

I want to use the easy solar as a UPS and have the PV power reduce grid power. Ie:

I have “cranker batteries” (24v 200Ah flooded flat lead plate) so they should be just used when there is a grid failure. Grid is stable for most of the year but I have a lot of computers hence needing/wanting to use “UPS” mode. I do not want to feed any power into the grid,.. just downstream to the loads. If there is excess PV power after the batteries are charge and the grid consumption hits zero just reduce the output of the MTTP charger. (This is got local regulations compliance... domestic premesies are not allowed to feed in more than 6kw of power.. which I wouldn’t anyhow, but as a consequence no installer will install greater than 6kw without an upstream limiter and non seem to want to do Victron stuff.. so I’m installing them (EasySolars) as UPSs for each power rail in my mini DC.. i’ll End up with >6 of them and 18kw of panels if they can actually do the job I need.)

Thoughts/direction welcome.

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Victron Quattro 8000 48V UPS not working

I have a Victron Quattro 48V, 8000Va 110 Amp UPS in my office server room. The equipment runs through the UPS, but there is no backup when the power supply fails. Further to that, I have a GX Color control screen with the UPS - if i plug this in whilst the UPS is on, everything is fine. But if the UPS is off, it will not turn on whilst the color control is plugged in. Once i unplug the color control, the UPS turns on and power supplied to the server equipment.

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Multiplus II trips earth leakage in house.


I have purchased and setup a Multiplus II in my house as a "Big UPS". I made use of this setup: It has 4 x 12V at 120Ah AGM batteries in series to give the 48V supply needed.

As shown in that link above I have attached a wall plug to the AC Input and is plugged into a 15A wall socket. The output is connected to a new output DB board, which in turn connects to my PC and some stand lamps (Which we use when we have power outages). I have also limited the AC Input current to 10A as it is a 15A circuit.

My problem is, if I power it up, either in charger mode, or in normal mode it runs for a few minutes and then trips the houses earth leakage.

I will later get it integrated before the houses earth leakage, but for now I just need it to charge the batteries and output through the inverter.

Any idea how I can set it up to do this?


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GND relay Quattro


What is the voltage for the GND relay in the Quattro converter?

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Victron UPS with Lithium Battery

Hi All,

Is it possible to set up a ups backup power system using lithium batteries and a multi?

How do you get around cycling the battery regularly to extend the lithium battery life?

Any suggestions

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Add battery UPS with solar to existing grid/generator connected installation (transfer switch) in southern Africa

I appreciate all answers or pointers to relevant topics in this forum! I don’t have an electrical background, so pardon the very basic questions and layman’s terms:

We’ve got a 3 phase domestic installation in southern Africa. It is serving as back office for an NGO school project as well as volunteer housing. It is connected to the grid, with regular occurring power cuts of multiple hours. We’ve got an automatic transfer switch to a 3 phase 5.5KVA Generator for everything except water heaters. It’s a quite old but rugged military genset. While the switchover is automatic, we start the genset manually, once the grid is gone. As soon as the grid is back, it is switched back and the genset is idling until we switch it off manually. We do not want an automatic starting and stopping of the generator, since it needs some “love and attention” once in a while.

In a modernisation of the electrical installation some time ago, we already prepared one circuit in the house carrying all important loads (total 500W…1000W, occasional 1500W). Now, with some money available we want to add uninterrupted power supply to this one circuit. The goal is have time before the genset has to be started, possibly not at all during a normal duration power cut of a couple hours in low load situations.

The first idea was to get a MultiPlus and a couple batteries. On a second thought we would like to extend the system adding some solar (only a couple hundred watts), since most power consumption is occurring during daytime/office hours. *Very* simply speaking it seems that installing 100W solar is cheaper than installing 100W additional battery capacity. Also considering that it is not the end of the world, if power on this uninterrupted supply is running low on a clouded day, since the genset can be started. Solar would also help and could be extended, if longer duration power cuts become normal.

My questions are about what is takes to control the system as described above. Is a grid/generator connected UPS system with solar supplement, containing a MultiPlus, BlueSolar Solar Charge controller (or EasySolar), batteries and solar panels a self regulating system? Or is there any other control unit necessary (battery monitor, CCGX)? We want to keep the system robust and low in cost.

The batteries should always be charged for the time the grid fails.

Solar should always be used. For charging of the batteries and supply to the AC consumers, with grid/generator available or not.

What prevents the inverter from feeding solar/battery power backwards to the generator (one phase only), trying to run it like a motor, if the grid is gone, generator is connected/running, batteries are charged, solar is generating a lot of power and there is low/no consumption in the house? What keeps the battery from being discharged to feed the AC consumers when the grid is available?

Can all this be achieved just by voltage settings in the Charger/Inverter and Solar charge controller or are additional components needed?

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380VAC Output 3 phase quattro 8000


I am setting up 3 phase system using victron Quattro 8000 with UPS function.

As per the manual the output voltage of each inverter is 230VAC, however in a 3 phase system the voltage is 380VAC.

I want to confirm the following points:

1- The inverter will adjust the phase to phase voltage to 380VAC by itself?

2- We have 3 phase motor load connected to the 3 phase inverters, when the power cut off, I am worried that the generated voltage by the inverter will have different phase sequence from the grid before interruption and this may cause the motor to run in different direction.

Please let me know if someone can help.



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Multiplus pulling too much power from AC input and overloading generator

Hi when Im running my generator through my multiplus 3000 it draws around 1700 w from the generator but if I turn something on in the house like a microwave for example the multiplus will start to draw 3000w + then overloads and kicks out, how do I change settings in VE config so I can limit how much power the multiplus will draw from the generator. Also Ive tried disabling ups mode but when I disconnect computer and plug it back in again ive noticed ups mode is enabled again?

Any help would be much appreciated

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Is it possible to use a 3 phase grid tied system used as UPS with AC solar?

We have a 3ph Quattros system that functions as a UPS at the time. I want to connect 2 Fronius Symo Inverters on the system but since i have not obtained the feed in permission yet i want the power produced by the fronius inverters to be consumed in the building and not fed to the grid. The ESS assistant requires that the type of the grid to be determined is there any other assistant or way of system connection to combine the 3 systems all together. The function should be as follows The system shall work on solar power in absence of solar power it will feed in from the grid and in case that the grid goes down it will work as a UPS feeding the system from the batteries or the solar power. Is possible to set up such a system?

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Blue Power IP67 Charger as DC UPS will it charge properly if battery under fluctuating load

Hi i basically want a DC 12v ups, for a sercurity system.

they do exist but thus far seem rare and expensive,

So I had the idea of using a battery Blue power ip67 charger to power the cameras/ led/ alarm system, while also charging a battery.

The charger is a 7 Amp, the systems draws between 1-5 amps, usually less then 2 amps.

Will the battery get properly charged and maintained, or will the fluctuating load mess up the charger's charging capability resulting in poor battery life span?

I think if the charger used volts to determine its status it would be ok but if it uses current than not so.

I plan to use one or two 7AH sealed lead acid battery, would it make any difference if i used lithium?

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UPS not working.

Multi compact 24/800/16

Inverter repeatedly flicking on and off. Very briefly, maybe a quarter of a second, up to 8 times a day.

It is very frustrating as it causes numerous problems. Can it be serviced or am I up for a new one?

I guess the UPS doesn't work.

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UPS mode information for EasySolar


I install my EasySolar 5kw since september 2018 whit 4 x VRLA GEL 220 AH in a 48V system.

Because i use system whit ESS whit mode "Optimized (whit battery life)" and i set SOC on 80% i need some info about what is the best settings for my setup. The GEL battery will be damage if works in this mode? I ask this because daily battery are charged and discharged to SOC 80%. Based on Victron manual this type of battery it's not designed to use in daily cycle so i'm a little confused, because my installer set in this mode.

In ESS is other mode "Keep batteries charged" that works as UPS, but after battery is charged to 100%, and "Feed-in excess solarcharge power" is disabled, all solar power is lose. If i enable this function, solar power is send to grid and also to my home.

Because i don't have 2 way grid meter i can't turn on this function. It's other way to use this system as a UPS and also send all solarpower to my home consumption?

We wait the electricity company to install 2 way meter, but this needs time.

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UPS Driver / OS shutdown (Feature Request)


I just got a new Multi 500VA unit :o) and tested its UPS capabilities, regarding IT equipment.

This works just great and I am wondering, why there is no UPS driver for Windows available for the Multi, reporting the SOC to Windows for triggering OS shutdown.

Did I just miss it? Or has anyone a workaround solution for OS shutdown?

A cool solution would be, to implement a network shutdown feature to Venus, sending shutdown commands over LAN depending on SOC. (and Wake On LAN)

This would be a cool thing to have in my opinion. @mvader (Victron Energy Staff)



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UPS functionality good enough for IT equipment? - does ESS mode influence UPS quality?

Two (possibly simple) questions:

Is the UPS functionality good / quick enough for using a Victron system (3x Quattro 8k) as an uninterruptible power supply for IT equipment?

Does using ESS have effect on this UPS function? (good or bad)

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UPS function in power cuts

We have had many power cuts since install but never any battery power cut-in. How do I ensure this?

Multiplus Compact 24v|1600va|40a

2x 12v 220AH lead acid gel batteries

CCGX firmware 2.22 Hub-4

Installed 24/3/16 by Mobel Technologies (ceased trading within 3 months of install)

Situated Bourne Lincs. UK

No dealer, abandoned by Victron and Meadotech who refuse to adopt any system they did not install!

I have full and online control but little expertise (authorised outside access is possible)

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Powering BMV-712 from 12V UPS

We have an off-grid installation in our RV with LiFePO4 batteries along with a 3kVA Victron MultiPlus, CCGX and BMV-712. The behavior of the BMV-712 is such that if it loses power, it restores to 100% SoC when turned back on. I am aware of the setting so it is set to unsynchronized instead.

Unfortunately neither behavior is suitable for us - the most likely cause of loss of power to the BMV is the BMS temporarily cutting off the batteries due to excessive current. This is a temporary situation which we can restore from within about 1 minute, so the SoC of the batteries does not change meaningfully during this time.

My plan is to install a 12V Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that is kept charged by the main batteries but provides reliable power to the BMV as well as a handful of other low power but key systems such as the TPMS booster and probably the CCGX. I have a Blue Sea Systems split fuse block and the UPS will power the bottom section for these devices.

We have recently acquired the temperature sensor to connect to the BMV-712, and this has two wires - essentially data and positive power. I'd like to connect it such that the data line goes into the BMV but power for the BMV comes from the UPS into the other connection on the BMV. The temperature sensor draws its power from the 12V positive terminal it connects to, but I will remove the fuse and not connect its power line to the BMV.

I have tested this by connecting it up and it all seems to work correctly. However, before I hardwire this in, I wanted to check to see if a) anyone can see any reason this wouldn't work in all cases (I haven't checked all failure scenarios) and b) there are any plans to add a capability to the BMV-712 to restart with the last known SoC.

Thanks in advance.

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