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Help designing modest house system in Mexico (where I have no help)

I am going to have a Victron Inverter/Charger installed in my house in Mexico. What I am trying to do is detailed in the next paragraph, but first an explanation of my challenges here. Where I am I need to make all of the determinations about which unit, there is no one to consult. I will have help wiring from the electrician who rewired my house with new breakers, wires, and grounding. Though he will do this, I must be able to explain the purpose and configuration of this device to him. I am much more educated than when I started researching, but I have so much more to go, which brings me to my questions.

I believe I can achieve what I need with a Multiplus 48v 3000va 230v and a 48v 100ah battery. I need battery backup after storms for about a week, a freezer, fridge and a few lights and fan, recharging with a generator, and I need a UPS function year round. If possible, I may include one 1-ton air conditioner, but not if it will require a more expensive Victron, or if it requires more complicated wiring. Later I will add solar, but for now I just want to do this, and do it with the most budget Victron solution, with the exception of a Victron Pheonix and standalone charger. This has been nixed for a more integrated expandable system.

As you can see from the picture of my breaker box below, I have two 120 legs coming in from the two 120 breakers at the 220v service city meter. The bottom 15 amp breakers are three air conditioners, which I will connect to from AC-2 on the Multiplus to cutoff when battery is used. The 40 amp breaker is for my generator backup in another structure about 7 meters away.

Based on this wiring would the 230v Multiplus be the correct choice? If not, would I require the Quattro because of the 2 AC inouts? Or would the cheaper 120v Multiplus II work with a manual switch for the genny? To this i could add another Multiplus in parallel later to add solar and the air conditioning.

How exactly am I to tell the electrician to wire a Victron to the A/C Input and Output? Does he have to create a 30 or 50 amp main breaker upstream from the other breakers, and have 6 guage Romex with ferrules routed to the Victron and back to the main breaker? Can one of the Air Conditioners be included with a 230v Multiplus, or should i just plan on waiting to have two Victrons in parallel?

Also, does the Victron protect itself from power surges?

These are my main questions. A secondary area of inquiry has to do with the structure 7 meters away. Ideally, the Victron and battery would be in it with the generator. I fear this would create too much extra cost for wiring, and placing conduit. Nonetheless, i wonder if the current wire connect3d to the 40 amp breaker could feed into AC-Out on the Victron mounted in that structure, and then a wire run now running to the house's breaker would be rerouted go in AC-In in the victron. This feels like more of an expensive proposition, but is, like i say, ideal, especially considering solar panels would be installed next to this structure later on.breakers.jpg

I am sure i am not covering everything, so any and all of your expertise and advice is very appreciated.

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