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smart solar charging behaviour

BlueSolar 75/15 -- 12v PV in to 24v bank?

this has been asked before with no satisfactory and definitive answer:

can a 12V PV maintain a 24V bank?

what does one need to do in order to get this to work? connect the battery first, to establish V being 24V, and then attach the 12V PV to show the input current? is there any built-in buck boost in the BlueSolar 75/15?

I have read that a BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 will only start to charge when the PV output V is 0.5V more than the current battery bank V, then stop when it is under 0.1V, but does that mean that it absolutely will not work as 12/24V dependent/congruent system?

will it work from 24V PV to 12V bank? why not versa vica?


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Strange charging behavior, limited power with Pylontech


My system consists of Pylontech US2000B Plus 2.4kWh Li-Ion Battery 8 Modules, Quattro 48V/8000VA/110A-100/100/230V, SmartSolar MPPT Charge Controller 250V/100A-Tr with Pluggable Display, Venus GX and 16x Solar Panels ERA 400W PERC Monocrystalline 24V.

The panels are connected in 4 groups of 4, Then into 2 groups of 8. These groups of 8 are independently switched.

I have a strange situation with charging, I never seem to reach any more than about half of what the panels can produce. So I switched off all the panels until the batteries were at a 30% SOC then waited until the sun was at solar noon. Then I switched on one group of 8 and the charge controller display gave a reading of ~2500w. Switching of this group and then turning on the other group also gave reading of ~2500w. Now this is the strange part, when I have both the groups turned on I still only get ~2500.

Have I missed something in the settings?

Any advice would be gratefully received.


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Switch from solar to AC charging when batteries are low

I am getting a houseboat which has two small solar panels but nothing in the way of land/AC connections, and I would like to charge the batteries with AC/220V when their level is too low while using solar energy as much as possible.

The load is relatively small, mainly a fridge and the lights. There are two separate batteries for the engine starter and the rest.

Is there such a system that would charge the batteries while making the switch between solar and AC source automatically?

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Smart Solar Firmware v2.25 Issues - Going to float too early & not keeping up with demands while in float

Hello, sorry for the long post/question but I wanted to give plenty of information upfront in hopes of a resolution.

I have noticed recently (after the recent firmware update v2.25) that my smart solar mppts are now synchronizing with each other and going into float far too early. Also, while in float, they are not covering power usage like they used to. For example, if a refrigerator compressor kicks on, the solar charge controllers are not compensating for the drop and I see a negative draw on the battery bank in the middle of a sunny day at 2 pm at the equator with full sun on all panels. (I have 5 controllers and one BMV712 battery monitor).

I went into each controller and each said it was networked to the other (NEW), along with the BMV712 using the Battery voltage sense and the external current sense from that monitor (as originally installed). This system was working properly with the connection to the BMV.

Now, while in float, the system is only letting current flow from one solar panel. All of the others were seeing good voltage but not sending any current to the battery bank which should not even have been in float yet. (Yes, I am sure they should not have been in float)

First, for each smart solar controller, I went into settings and in the expert mode, I changed the absorption time to 10 hours fixed. That did not overwrite the floating-issue nor the issue with keeping up with usage.

Next, I went in and turned each charger off and then on again to see if they just needed to be reset for the change to take didn't work

Finally, I un-networked them entirely, they are no longer connected to each other or to the BMV712 and now all controllers are back to absorption. While this is working, I am concerned that they should be still connected to the BMV.

My questions are: Why is the fixed absorption setting not working? Is there some other setting that is overarching and not allowing that setting to take effect?

How can I re-network the BMV without having the float issue return?

Many thanks for any insights,


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Smart Solar MPPT doesn't resume charging after full charge is met


My Smart Solar MPPT 100/50 charges my 4 x 100ah lithium batteries by midday at the moment and solar charging is terminated when the full charge threshold is met.

This is my first season with uprated solar panels (now using 2 x 60 volt 330watt Hitachi panels) and I have never seen full charge characteristics before and I am not sure what the correct behaviour should be, but I am noticing that after several hours, my batteries are discharging and the solar controller doesn't cut back in and resume charging.

If I go into the mppt settings and disable charging and then re-enable it again, I see normal charging resume again.

What is considered normal behaviour once the batteries are starting to become discharged, for example down to 95%?

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End absorb phase based on cumulative AH from shunt

Hi all,

Please forgive me if this question is already answered somewhere, so far I haven't found it.

It is possible in the current firmware to stop charging and go to float based on the cumulative AH that have returned/charged the battery? Is this possible with DVCC? I realize this would not be a perfect solution and would need to have a charge efficiency calculation applied but I'm just wondering if it's possible. This would be perfect for LiFePo4 situations where there is no CANbus communication with the CCGX/Venus GX.

I'm not currently a Victron user however I'm definitely considering for some future projects, especially if this is possible.


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can I use the SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 & 100/50 to charge the starter battery?

I use in the motorhome Can use the SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 to charge the body battery. Can I also use it to charge the starter battery.

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AC and DC coupling - Co ordination

I just watched the webinar for Victron/Fronius Micro grids.

I want to understand what happens when the Fronius inverter is ramped down through the frequency control.

There are two parts to this question which are closely related.

First question is simple.

Can a common PV array feed both the string inverter and the Victron solar charge controller? So they would be connected in parallel and share a common dc energy source.


Let's say the house is only using 200 watts. Let's also assume we are using a 3KW fronius string inverter. The PV array is producing 4KW and the battery is 50% SOC.

Once the fronius inverter ramps lowers its output through frequency control can the solar charge controllers demand more of the PV energy and send that energy to the batteries?

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Dvcc with incompatible firmware #48

Just installed 5.21 beta VictronConnect. It upgraded my mppt smart solar to 1.48. my color control has a notification error

system warning Dvcc with incompatible firmware #48

what should I do about this error message?

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SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 LED‘s flashing while charging after update

After the updates today the corresponding LED flashing in every stage. Charging seems to work normal - just the flashing is new. Connected via to a BMV-7 &BT.

Thank for helping



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Questions about SmartSolar MPPT charging voltage and battery voltages


I would like to better understand more about how the SmartSolar MPPT 85/150 works. Last summer we had a SmartSolarMPPT 85/150 and a BMV-712 installed in our motorhome. We have 5 x 160w panels on our roof, and run 4 6v AGM batteries in a 12v system with a total of 440AH. The settings in the SmartSolar MPPT are custom set to Absorption 14.4v, Float 13.4, Equalization 15.5v.

I am still learning, so please forgive that some of these questions may be very basic. I really appreciate any help or ideas here.

In general, we feel like our batteries don't last as long as they should. So we're trying to test things and figure out if something is wrong with our batteries. We will also try and take better notes so we have something more helpful to share than just a vague feeling.

#1) I was looking at this document... And it says, "With regard to the Solar Panel voltage, note that the Solar charger will only operate once the Panel voltage has risen more than 5V above battery voltage." So do I understand correctly that if for example our battery voltage was 12.4v, and the voltage coming in from our solar panels was 17v, that it would not charge the batteries? In this example would the voltage from the solar panels need to be 17.4v or greater?

#2) I have a screenshot from a sunny day last summer. If I understand correctly, the voltage coming in from the solar array was 16.76v, and the battery voltage was 14.17v, and it says the battery was in Absorption stage. But since the voltage of the solar array was not 5v higher - would it actually be charging?

#3) We disconnected our batteries today. Right after we disconnected them, Battery 1 was at 6.29v, then after 5 hours of being totally disconnected it was at 6.23v. Battery 2 was at 6.30v, then 5 hours later at 6.23v. Battery 3 was at 6.31v, and 5 hours later at 6.24v. Battery 4 was at 6.31v, then 5 hours later at 6.24v. This will sound very silly - but I'm not quite sure what to make of these numbers! :) I am planning on calling the battery manufacturer tomorrow to ask. It seems like it's good that they were all pretty similar. We know the batteries weren't fully charged before we disconnected, and that we may have to do this again. If anyone has thoughts on whether these numbers sound good or bad that would be great. According to the battery manual, these 6v batteries would be considered full at 6.4v or more, and 6.25v is considered 25% depth of discharge.

#4) Is it possible to equalize our batteries too much? In reading the battery manual, it suggests equalizing them at 15.5v for 8 hours. And that you may have to do this 2 or 3 times. Can anyone tell me if it's dangerous to do that too much?

Thank you so much!!

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SmartSolar 250/100 switching off temporarily
Hello. following System: 3 x Multiplus 24/5000/120-100, Acid battery PZs with 24 V and 1550 Ah, battery Monitor BMV-700, 2 x SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/100 and a Color Control GX. On the first Solar Charger are solar Panels with a maximum voltage of 120 Volt and 2010 Wp, on the other SolarCharge are solar Panels with 2680 Wp and a maximum Voltage of 160 Volt. Sometimes, without any reason the second Charger with 2680 Wp is switching off. Then I have do reset the hole System and then it is running sometimes for two or three days, sometimes only for a few minutes. Has anyone a Question where is the reason for this behavior.
Thank you and greetings from Linz - Austria



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Smart home management of the equipments


I have at home a 3.5kwc solar installation with battery, a 3 phase ESS installation and a CCGX.

I use the ESS zero feed-in to avoid sending excess power back to the grid.

Can I use the CCGX relay to control and adjust my consumption regarding the electricity I produce and my batteries.

Something like the SMA SUNNY HOME MANAGER 2.0 or Comwatt solution.

indeed as I use this installation at home I want to limit the energy produced that I could loose for exemple by controlling the water heater, swinging pool filter, heaters, air conditioning... Taking onto consideration my production and the whether

Many thanks in advance



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2 issues have occurred a few days ago.

1. App does not find device until solar panel disconnected and reconnected. Both iOS and android tried.

2. Battery voltage fluctuates widely (5-15v) util light is turned on then it settles.

I have tried 3 min reset. All wiring checked. It all worked for months before.

Any ideas?

Thanks Julian

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Tricking an MPPT 100/20


I would like to use an MPPT 100/20 primarily as a data logger to test the peformance of a new type of panel. I want it to track the maximum power of a single 300W panel and to record the power output of the panel as a function of time. My question is can I just connect a resistive load to the Battery output of the MPPT to dump the energy? I have a resistor bank which can dissipate 300W. I have tried this with some success and the MPPT is in bulk mode for most of the time. It stops periodically and all 3 lights flash (which is not one of the cases explained in the manual). I am wondering is the MPPT searching for a minimum voltage on the battery output? A key thing is that I want the MPPT to remain in bulk charge mode, as if it goes to absorption or float it will artificially reduce the output of the panel. Anyhone ever try something like this?



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Reason for +5v wake-up?

Further to earlier discussions on this forum about the +5V wake-up setting of the Victron SmartSolar: does anyone know why this feature has been included in the programming? Is there a good reason why a charger should not switch on with a voltage difference between battery and solar panel of less than 5V?

Asking this because I am inclined to buy Victron, but supplier suggests to buy other charge controller stating this downside of the Victron as the reason. Was wondering if there is a battery life upside to this feature, or that maybe the 5V has been arbitrarily chosen.

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