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Raymarine Victron App - Can I connect via a network switch?

Hi All,

I am connecting to our new quarto 8kw inverter/charger to our Raymarine Axiom MFD. We have the RayNet connector plugged into the MFD, however the question is can we plug the Raynet cable from the Raymarine into a network switch, then an ethernet cable from the GX colour controller into the same network?

I would like to be able to continue the using the Victron online app and have it run through the Raymarine MFD's if possible.



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Questionnaire: help improving the Marine MFD App

Good afternoon!

Already two years ago, we launched the first version of our Marine MFD App. Sometimes referred to as glass bridges, HTML5 or Chartplotter App.

See the screenshot below for which user interface I mean.

This app is due for improvement. I know that many people have ideas on how it could be better, as do I myself. And I have hired an external company to design the new version, and they’d like to run a questionnaire.

Do note that the scope is very specifically to run it on a Marine MFD. And while well aware that it can also be used for different applications, and run on a tablet, or phone, and as such in an RV or Off-grid or other mobile and stationary application, those uses are out of scope for now. There is another plan going on for those. So please lets keep this focussed on marine use, thank you.

Here is a link to the questionnaire we’d like to be completed by as many boating users as possible:


If you know someone not on community, please share this with them. Its not needed to have a Community user account.

And also welcome to put comments in the answers and comments below. The UX designer will follow this question, its @B_Wltrs.

Thank you and have a good weekend!


Ps. here is a screenshot of the app. And more documentation is here:



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Dummies guide to Cerbo - NMEA - Raymarine

I have read several posts and the manual but I still can't make sense of how to get the Cerbo data to display on either my Raymarine I70 or Axiom display!

i have the app working through the Raynet cable which is nice but I also have the NMEA cable wired from Cerbo to the Seatalk NG network (NMEA2000).

I am looking to get tanks and battery data out.

I can see everything listed on the under the NMEA listings on the Axiom but can find them when i tr to add to a new page.

I have read several posts on here regarding changing Device instances on the Cerbo or having to telnet into the Cerbo and change the Data instances i find the manual rather ambiguous!

has anyone done it and can give me an idiots guide please?

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Unable to connect to Cerbo GX from Raymarine Axiom using the Victron App

When I try to connect to the Cerbo GX using the Victron app on the Raymarine Axiom MFD I get a connection error "no hardware found" and the application does not start.

The Cerbo GX is connected to the NMEA2000 network using a Victron VE.Can to NMEA2000 cable and the Raymarine Axiom MFD is connected to the same NMEA2000 network. The NMEA2000 network works fine and is properly terminated. Since the Axiom is connected to an Quantum 2 rader with cable the Axiom must connect to the Cerbo GX through the NMEA2000 network.

The NMEA network diagnostic screen on the Axion shows not only the Cerbo GX. But also all the devices connected to the Cerbo GX with VE.CAN, VE.Bus or VE.Direct. Attached is the NMEA2000 network diagnostics from the Axiom listing all the NMEA2000 devices as well as the Victron devices that the Axiom can find on the NMEA2000 network.

- The Raymarine Axiom is running the latest lighthouse operating system (v3.13.103 Edgartown)

- The NMEA2000 network is powered separately and the fuse in the VE.Can to NMEA2000 cable is removed

- The Raymarine Axiom can see the Cerbo GX on the NMEA2000 network (and all devices connected to the Cerbo GX, including tanks)

- The Cerbo GX and all connected Victron devices are all running the latest firmware

- All data from the Cerbo GX are visible on the NMEA2000 netowork and can be displayed in other ways such as webguages with yachtdevices wifi gateway

- On the Cerbo GX: one VE.Can port has a VE.Can terminator and the other VE.Can port is connected to the NMEA2000 network using the VE.Can to NMEA2000 cable

- The NMEA2000 network is a Raymarine SeaTalkNG network

- The VE.Can to NMEA2000 cable is connected to a SeaTalkNG<->NMEA2000 cable that is connected to a "white" device port on a Raymarine 5-way

Cerbo VE.Can port settings:
- CAN-bus profile: VE.Can & Lynx Ion BMS 250 kbit/s,
- NMEA2000-out: Enabled

NMEA2000 network diagnostic from Raymarine Axiom


NMEA2000 network diagram


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How to display battery voltage from two BMV-700s on Raymarine Axiom 7?

I have two BMV-700s hooked up via VE.direct to a Cerbo GX. I have the Cerbo GX integrated with a Raymarine Axiom 7 via the network port AND VE.can. I can access both BMV-700s via the Victron App on the Axiom. I can get only one of the BMV-700s to populate the Battery 1 data box on the Axiom. I can't get either BMV-700 to populate the Battery 2 data box on the Axiom. I read the instructions and can change the data instance of each BMV-700, but I can't change the instance to 1. I can change the instance to 2,3,9, or 0, but I can't change it to 1. I used Actisence NMEA Reader and a NGT-1 to change data instances. All equipment and software has been updated to the latest rev.

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Raymarine integration in nk2 network with several Victron devices that send battery data.

I have several devices in nk2 networks that send battery data such as Multiplus, MPPT, rec-bms and smart shunnt. Without modifications, only two batteries will appear on Raymarine instruments. (I have 3 battery banks) Based on testing to display battery data correctly on Raymarine, we have used a programmable interface and changed "device instance" and "data instance" to see how data is presented on Raymarine display. Changing the device instance as described in the Victron GX manual chapter 11.5.4 does not change anything on Raymarine instruments! (Tried this from the venus os menu as well) When we change the data instance, the battery is presented correctly. This was also the case on thread eg posted about 1 year ago about data instance. The question is why device instance is made available in menu on Venus os and manual describe that change of data instance is not recommended?

Anyone have experiences to share that can confirm this? Do other manufacturers use device instance for numbering batteries?

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Raymarine eS LightHouse 3 and Color Control GX?

The eS & gS Series multifunction displays which have been upgraded to LightHouse 3 are not compatible.


Question, can I get the sensordata from my Raymarine-units to my Color Control GX via the Ethernet-network or is this only one way?

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Issues connecting Venus GX connection to Raymarine I am currently trying to connect a Venus GX to the Raymarine MFD display. We have the latest software loaded into the Raymarine unit, the Victron App is loaded, the connection cable is connected, the Venus unit registers it is connected but there is no MQTT aetti g's available on the Venus unit. Any help would be appreciated.

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Multiplus "unknown device" on Raymarine nmea diagnosis.


During diagnosis on Raymarine plotter (nmea), multiplus list as "unknown n2k device" Anyone know about this error and why this occurs?

I have Cerbo gx with Raymarine axiom connected to Ethernet port and in addition VE-can to nmea2000 cable connected. Multiplus 12/1200 with latest firmware 2607469vff.

Attach nmea log from Raymarine plotter for details.


"Unknown n2k device MultiPlus Compact 12": {

"product_name": "Unknown n2k device",

"product_type": "n2k",

"serial_no": "MultiPlus Compact 12"


"Unknown n2k device MultiPlus Compact 12/1200/50-16 0000502": {

"product_name": "Unknown n2k device",

"product_type": "n2k",

"serial_no": "MultiPlus Compact 12/1200/50-16 0000502"


"Unknown n2k device MultiPlus Compact 12/1200/50-16 0000503": {

"product_name": "Unknown n2k device",

"product_type": "n2k",

"serial_no": "MultiPlus Compact 12/1200/50-16 0000503"

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Raymarine Integration with Cerbo GX

My Raymarine network has multiple MFDs and the RayNet ports are connected to an HS5 RayNet switch (basically a proprietary ethernet switch with RayNet ports instead of RJ45 ports), where I also have a Radar connected. This is a "private network" for Raymarine devices and given the high traffic and importance of Radar communications, etc. I would prefer to keep only these devices attached to that network.

The Cerbo GX will be connected to my on-board Ethernet Network, wired to an ethernet switch, so I can have a wired connection (since where the unit is installed won't have a great WiFi signal).

The Raymarine integration documents show connecting the Cerbo GX ethernet port directly to the RayNet port on the Axiom Pro MFD, but since the Axiom Pro (and Cerbo GX) only have a single ethernet port each, this is not possible in my case.

I read a post in the forum about connecting the MFD RayNet port and GX device to the same router, but since the Radar and multiple MFDs connect to the RayNet switch, and the traffic between those devices is critical, I would prefer not to do this (as already explained above). Additionally, RayMarine recommends against this.

I know this integration is fairly new, and perhaps it will improve in the future. For now it seems very limited to "small" systems (single MFD installations, as an example). At least as documented.

Side note if someone at Victron is reading: I would love to help with improving this... have a 20+ years of experience in IT (specifically networking) background!

The MFDs are connected to the on-board via WiFi network (in addition to the private network as explained) so they can have Internet access to check updates, etc. It would be awesome if the Victron Lighthouse App could check for GX devices on all MFD network interfaces (not just the RayNet interface, as it would then find the GX device on the on-board network via the MFD's WiFi connection. When I complete the GX installation next week I will test this to verify (hoping this will work already, but according to the integration document it does not seem likely, which is why I'm posting this and seeking some guidance).

If that does not work, can I use an USB-Ethernet adaption on the Cerbo GX for the additional network connection to my on-board network (for Internet access)? Will there be an easy way to configure it via the management interfaces? Do I need to get into the Venus OS config to set the network routing priorities? If so, the next step will be figuring out how to make this persist after upgrades. :-)

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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How do I connect Cerbo GX Ethernet connection to both Router and MFD?

I want to connect my Cerbo GX with both:

1. a router for remote control via internet and

2. a Raymarine Axiom Pro MFD,

but there is only one Ethernet Plug on the Cerbo.

Is it possible to use an Ethernet Y-Adapter to get both devices connected (and proper working)?

Thanks for answering!



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