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CerboGX NMEA 2000 integration and older Raymarine hardware

I am on a Lagoon 2013 catamaran and was wondering if anybody has configured NMEA2000 integration between a Cerbo GX and an older Raymarine system running Lighthouse II (ie., no Glassbridge software)? If so was it worth the cost and effort? #LighthouseII

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I have digital inputs, tanks and temperature sensors as well as three shunts (two configured as energy meters), two MPPTs, and a Multiplus II.
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Hi @Sarah,

It depends on what you expect. The HTML5 app integration does not work. For that to work you'll need LH3. The HTML5 app alone is worth switching to a more modern MFD like the Axiom.

If it is about PGNs coming from your Victron devices, then they work as long as the Raymarine devices (MFDs and other displays) support those PGNs.

I have it running with a A-series MFD (LH2) at the nav desk and a couple of i70 displays as well as a Axiom+ (LH3). On the A-series MFD I can see both batteries, state of charge, current going in/out of the service battery, temperature and tank volume.
One shunt only, no digital inputs and only one temperature sensor.

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Thanks for the speedy feedback. How well do the Axiom (LH3) and older MFD (LH2) play together? I have two e-series MFDs with LH2 and a couple of i70s.

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You're welcome :-)

If both MFDs have a Raynet port, then you can connect them via an HS5 network switch. The only advantage is that only one of the two MFDs needs a chart, which is then transferred to the other MFD via Raynet and it can also be used, for example, to display the Raymarine Quantum Radar on both MFDs, one below deck and the other in the cockpit area.

From the NMEA2000 and Victron point of view there is no advantage.

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